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"Les tentacules de la pieuvre pour votre guerre!
<Arms of the octopus, arms for your war!>
―Pieuvre Armement slogan[src]

Pieuvre Armement (English: Octopus Armaments) was a private military company that operated under the mother company Outer Heaven run by Liquid Ocelot. It was based in France, and utilized the SOP system, using nanomachines to enhance and regulate their senses. The name was based on FOXHOUND member Decoy Octopus.


By 2014, Pieuvre Armement employed an armed force the size of Canada and Mexico's populations combined, and manufactured 51.5 million firearms per year.[1]

Pieuvre Armement soldiers open fire on Solid Snake in South America, 2014.

In 2014, Pieuvre Armement was deployed in South America to fight a local guerrilla group. The South American state army fought alongside Pieuvre Armement, setting up ambushes for the rebel forces. At a village in Cove Valley, Pieuvre Armement captured several rebel soldiers and prepared to execute them.[2] Because of the low oxygen at the high-altitudes they were operating at exceeding the limits of their nanomachines, the PMC soldiers also engaged in unusually aggressive behavior, requiring Snake to be extra vigilant about their presence.[3] PMC soldiers later evacuated Naomi Hunter from the research lab in which she was being held, after Haven Troopers entered to confront Solid Snake.

Pieuvre Armement forces later suffered seizures after the SOP system was shut down by Liquid Ocelot. The nanomachines that controlled their behavior became unstable, damaging the frontal lobe of the soldiers' brains, and impairing their speech and emotions. Incapable of feeling pain, the affected soldiers engaged in destructive behavior, acting in a zombie-like fashion,[4] with their brain damage rendering them useless to their employers. [5]


Pieuvre Armement soldiers wore green and olive drab cargo pants and tactical armor. They could be seen wearing green long sleeve tactical jackets under their vests as well as baseball caps, knee pads, neck gaiters, Com-Tac Ballistic headsets, MBITR transceiver radios, and sunglasses.[6] They also wore chest harnesses that contained military glow sticks.

A Pieuvre Armement soldier in South America, 2014.

Their primary weapons were the Mk.17, the M14 EBR, XM320 grenade launchers (a stand-alone configuration with a telescopic stock) and, in some cases, the MP7. Their basic sidearm was the GSR. Pieuvre Armement soldiers who guarded the Vista Mansion and power station in South America used the M60E4 and M2HB machine guns, while wearing slightly different attire.[7] They also utilized custom versions of the M870 Shotgun.

Pieuvre Armement also utilized Strykers and powered suits for heavy combat with attack helicopters being deployed for close air support. They also deployed large numbers of Gekko unmanned weapons.

Pieuvre Armement

""Plonge en moi. Une mort superficielle. Une vie superficielle est la mort.Qu'est-ce que la vie sans la mort ? Qu'est-ce que la mort ? Une vie ennuyeuse. La vie est surfaite. Joue la mort. Pieuvre Armement. Attraction irrésistible." <Dive into me. A superficial death. A superficial life is death. What is life without death? What is death? A boring life. Life is overrated. Play dead. Pieuvre Armement. Irresistible attraction.>"
―Pieuvre Armement TV spot translation[src]

Pieuvre Armement, alongside the other major PMCs during the events of 2014, utilized various advertisements for their company. One form was via billboards, which were given red edges with the Pieuvre Armement logo and slogan on the front.

Another form was a TV advertisement. Owing to the PMC itself being of French origin, the narrator of the ad spoke completely in French. The advertisement depicted several females who are seen using a speargun at the beginning as well as being grasped somewhat erotically by an octopus with a skull-shaped face before being released upon the octopus releasing ink (metaphorically representing death), while the narrator throughout gave a philosophical narration inferring that the entire point of life is to die, or at the very least play dead.

The logo for Pieuvre Armement featured to the left a stylized Skull that had some masses on it, plus numbered tentacles coming out of the skull and the skull-octopus being positioned near an Octopus Pot. Nearing the left "eye" of the skull is the words "Pieuvre Armement" written in cursive.

Unconfirmed history

The following information has been detailed in official Konami-licensed media, written by various external authors. Its status in the Metal Gear canon is unconfirmed.[?]

During their operations in South America, the Pieuvre Armement possessed several Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft for transporting troops. In addition, at least some of them wore Protec helmets.[8]

Behind the scenes

Pieuvre Armement is one of the five subsidiary PMCs of Outer Heaven featured in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Its assistance to the South American state army, coupled with the fact that Laughing Octopus ambushes several rebels, would imply that the PMC is a guerilla warfare-based one. From the map presented in the Act 1 Briefing, its headquarters appears to be located in the heart of continental France, apparently in Limoges or Poitiers.

Still from the Pieuvre Armement TV spot.

Compared with the other Outer Heaven PMC forces in Metal Gear Solid 4, Pieuvre Armement troops are seen to be the most lightly armored, as they seem to wear lighter vests and some are equipped with no knee pads. Helmets are not used either, possibly in order to reduce the overall weight soldiers must carry in the unforgiving climate of South America. Pieuvre Armement's equipment could be imitated by soldiers in Metal Gear Online.

File:Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots PlayStation 3 Video - Konami France Ad

Pieuvre Armement's TV spot featured a female using a spear gun, although it is not known if the troops themselves actually used it. Similarly, the TV spot also showed some underwater mines in the background near the octopus. At the very end of the ad, the Roman numerals "MMXVIII" (2018) appear, as well as some small illegible letters. The TV spot was also shown at Konami France during the game's development.

The Pieuvre Armement logo appears as a custom emblem piece in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


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