The PTRD-41 is a Soviet anti-tank rifle that was developed in 1941 for use in World War II.


Its design was derived from Model 32 Anti-tank rifles of which hundreds were stolen from the Polish, and from the German Panzerbüchse, which proved to be effective when a hasty order for anti-tank rifles came into effect. However, it suffered from various flaws, namely, the rounds could not actually penetrate the tank, so they tried to fire through the viewing port, which succeeded in little other than giving away their position. It was relegated to Anti-Materiel duties around 1943 because of these issues, and managed to overtake regular vehicles such as non-armored trucks and halftracks. After World War II, the Chinese and the North Koreans used this weapon during the Korean War.

Peace Walker Incident

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During the 1974 Peace Walker Incident, Big Boss and his mercenary unit, Militaires Sans Frontières, procured design specs for the PTRD1941 after successfully sneaking undetected through the Mine Base. Its R&D Team, after creating it with help from members of the R&D Team that were specialized in developing anti-tank rifles, also made some modifications.

Behind the scenes

"An anti-tank rifle adopted by the Soviet military in 1941. It is extremely large, heavy, and powerful, but also incredibly difficult to handle, and so is probably best left behind for sneaking missions.
That said, its ammunition is so powerful it makes most sniper rifles look weak by comparison, easily punching through thick armor even at a considerable distance. A good weapon to have on hand when the situation calls for overwhelming force.
―PTRD1941 weapons description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
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