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OKB-754, also known as the Sokolov Design Bureau, was a Soviet research facility similar to the OKB-812, and was headed by Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, due in part to his design of the Vostok rocket's multi engine cluster.


The facility was supplied to Sokolov as a reward for his designing the Vostok rocket's multi engine cluster. It was behind the initial development of Dr. Sokolov's revolutionary weapon, the Shagohod. It was located approximately three miles east of Tselinoyarsk.[1] It was also the most secret of the OKB labs, with several Western agencies trying to gain intel on the project that the Soviets were working on in the facility with no avail until some spies planted by The Boss managed to leak out intel about it a month before the Virtuous Mission, and even then, only that Sokolov was sent back to the OKB-754 facility after the Cuban Missile Crisis, and that he was transferred to Tselinoyarsk.[2]

OKB-754 was destroyed in August 1964, during the Virtuous Mission, when Colonel Volgin of GRU launched a Davy Crockett nuclear shell at the facility, which had been given to him by a defecting American agent, The Boss, after they stole the Shagohod. Its destruction acted as the catalyst for the creation of Operation Snake Eater, which was commenced a week later.


The Sokolov Design Bureau contained six smokestacks and three buildings, one of which was dome-like.

Behind the scenes

The OKB-754 is a research facility in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. While it isn't explorable, it is briefly visible in the scene where Volgin fired the Davy Crockett nuclear weapon at it.

In the game ArmA 2: Private Military Company, there is a similar nuclear test facility known as the "Proving Grounds", featuring a very similar vegetation layout, and even being known by the callsign "OKB-754" as well.

When Volgin launched the Davy Crockett at OKB-754, the sun was shown setting behind it. In actuality, the sun should not be visible anywhere near OKB-754 during that time, as the sun sets to the west.

Notes and references

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