This article is about the pet cat of the Militaires Sans Frontières. You may be looking for nuclear weapons, also called nukes.


Nuke was the name of a cat owned by the private military company Militaires Sans Frontières in late 1974.


Shortly after Paz Ortega Andrade arrived at Mother Base under the pretense of having nowhere to go due to her financial backer, Ramón Gálvez Mena (Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zadornov) of the KGB, being arrested in Nicaragua, a dispatch team from MSF got back from a mission and brought along with them a cat. Paz briefly witnessed this while scouting out the barracks, and noted that their behavior to the cat while feeding it made them look like schoolgirls. Although she outwardly agreed with them, she was actually disgusted with their behavior being unbecoming of hard soldiers. She then gave the cat the name "Nuke", justifying the name as being that "our compassion for living things [could] help prevent wars." She eventually fed Nuke a fish, noting it as "a pathetic... feeble creature" and said that it sickened her.

Despite those comments, Paz later became attached to Nuke. After she went fishing with Chico and some soldiers, she fed it the fish she caught. After she caught a cold, she stroke Nuke's back while recovering in bed.

Behind the scenes

Nuke is a character mentioned in five of Paz's diary tapes in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. The character is never actually seen in the game itself, although it was given a design in the novelization of Peace Walker. What happened to Nuke after the events of Ground Zeroes is not revealed. Nuke later appears in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain courtesy of a memento photo that is collectable by extracting one of ten former MSF soldiers. In the photo, Nuke is depicted as a black cat. Also, it is stated that Nuke was the official mascot of Mother Base.



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