This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

One of the suspected Neoteny, No. 104 was killed by No. 16 during the Ritual of Conjuration on Lobito Island, who then became the assumed true Neoteny. No. 104’s spirit, after failing to enter No. 16, instead took over the body of Constance Flemming, the daughter of research scientist Dr. William Flemming. Nonetheless, the brief attempt at her possession of No. 16 left her with the impression that No. 104 had successfully possessed her. Despite having her body destroyed by No. 16, she did not hold any hard feelings towards No. 16, as she had indirectly admitted to No. 16 when attempting to disarm the bomb on Flight 326.

Under the name Minette Donnel, No. 104 assumed the role of a child passenger on Flight 326, during its hijacking by terrorists in 2016. She defused the bomb on board with remote assistance from the psychic Alice Hazel, who was later revealed to be No. 16. Following Alice's death, Minette killed terrorist collaborator Lena Arrow, announcing herself as the true Neoteny.

While speaking as Minette Donnel, No. 104 used a valley girl dialect (using "like" in various places).


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