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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." Its canonicity within the continuity is disputed, therefore reader discretion is advised.[?]

Raiden prepares to use the Ninja Kill on an unwary enemy.

The Ninja Kill was a special technique used by Raiden during the World Marshal Incidents to silently deal with unwary foes.

Behind the scenes[]

The Ninja Kill is one of the special techinques that Raiden can use in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.


There are two types of Ninja Kill, both triggered with Circle / B. The first requires that Raiden approach an unwary enemy from behind, without being seen by any other enemy. When close, an "Action" prompt will appear, allowing Raiden to attack the unwary foe. A successful Ninja Kill will put Raiden straight into Blade Mode to execute Zandatsu on that enemy. In addition, the Ninja Kill itself and all sword strikes in the Blade Mode that follows count as completely silent, whereas normally enemies can hear nearby combat.

A surprisingly large number of enemies can be killed in this way, including the more powerful human cyborgs, Mastiffs, Vodomerkas and even Gekkos.

The second form can be executed when Raiden is above an opponent and the opponent is in view; if he is positioned correctly, an aiming line like the grenade throw indicator will appear with a button prompt. Pressing the button will cause Raiden to grip his sword in one foot and drop on the enemy, with a Blade Mode prompt appearing immediately afterwards. This also counts as silent, and can be executed during a jump as long as the aim line appears.

Certain VR Training missions make Ninja Kills the only available method of killing enemies; since these are timed, it is unwise to attempt Zandatsu and better to slash once and then cancel out of Blade Mode.

In the "Jetstream" DLC, Samuel Rodrigues is unable to perform this move.