This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Nick Myer was an explosives expert and leader of the Nitroglycerin Division at FOXHOUND. A former United States Marine, Myer served as the team's firearms and explosives expert.

Nick Myer (right) at the jungle drop zone, during Operation 747.

During Operation 747, Myer infiltrated the main enemy complex but went missing. He also harbored some suspicions of John Turner, and had a prisoner warn Lt. Solid Snake to be wary around him. Myer was later mortally wounded and was dying when Snake found him. With his dying words, he revealed that Jennifer, their double agent, had her cover compromised, and that Big Boss was hooked up to a life support system, and that the only way to defeat him was to lure him out of the command room.

After the mission's success, Myer was posthumously awarded with a promotion of three ranks.

Behind the scenes

Nick Myer is a supporting character in Snake's Revenge. Although Myer is African American, his sprite's skin tone is yellow in-game. Due to the coloring of the sprite's pixels during Myer's death scene, the animation for his heavy breathing appears as though he has a wagging protrusion on his back.

According to the game's manual, Myer graduated magna cum laude at Harvard and originally worked on Wall Street, but he found that their cutthroat attitude was "too tame." He was also nicknamed "La Bomba."


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