The Navy Captain was among the government-sponsored tour of the Big Shell in April 2009. He accompanied President James Johnson in an inspection on the progress of Arsenal Gear, and had a black briefcase containing the "football" handcuffed to his wrist.

The Captain was later caught up in the armed takeover of the Big Shell by the Sons of Liberty. He was eventually killed in the Strut B transformer room by Dead Cell member Vamp, who slit his throat and stole the football from him. SEAL Team 10 "member" Lieutenant Junior Grade Iroquois Pliskin and FOXHOUND member Raiden later discovered his corpse. Although Raiden was unaware of the significance of the severed handcuff, Pliskin quickly realized what he had been carrying, although he fainted due to blood loss from his encounter with Vamp moments beforehand.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Navy Captain's character model was reused for the character of O'Brien in the Snake Tales scenario "Dead Man Whispers," included in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. The script included in the Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 calls him a Navy Colonel, even though "Colonel" is not a rank used in the United States Navy.[1]

Notes and references

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    Raiden ends the call. In the meantime, Pliskin has gathered his gear and walked over to the node to the southwest. The arm wounds from Vamp’s attack have been bandaged. Pliskin is looking at the body lying in front of the node. It is a Navy colonel. Raiden walks up to Pliskin. // Raiden: What's up? // Iroquois Pliskin: Take a look. // Pliskin points to the dead colonel's right wrist. A broken handcuff, the lock damaged, dangles from it as though whatever was on the other cuff was removed. The Black Case (aka the Football), containing the nuclear launch sequence, had in fact been tethered to the man, but Raiden does not realize that. // Raiden: What the hell...? // Pliskin: A Navy Colonel... (he realizes what the man must have been carrying) // Pliskin: Aghh... // Pliskin sits down on a stair dizzy and pale with blood loss.
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