In various games, the player can overhear various NPCs, including enemies, engaging in dialogue. The player doesn't need to directly interact with them to encounter the conversation if they are enemy soldiers, although some conversations do require specific actions from the player beforehand. For some characters, the player needs to recover them to overhear them.

Usage in the Metal Gear series

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

  • GRU soldier: Move! (fires AK-47 into the air) On the double! (This is only heard when revisiting Groznyj Grad NE during the second visit to Groznyj Grad with one soldier running back and forth and the other barking orders, which is implied to be a drill)

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Soviet Patrol Base

  • Soviet soldier: Those bastards from FOX, thinking they're so high and mighty... (near the main building; first operation)
  • Soviet officer: I'm scared... I want to run away... But I can't. What is that "power" the Commander has? (inside the main building; first operation only)
  • Soviet soldier: American and Soviet soldiers, here, working together... (near the main building; first operation)
  • Soviet soldier: I was just talking to my comrade. Why'd he have to blow his top like that... (near the main building; second operation)
  • Soviet soldier: I swear, I'm the only one actually doing any work around here.(near the main building; second operation)
  • Soviet soldier: Who do they think we are? This base used to be ours! (near the main building; second operation)
  • Soviet soldier: Don't tell me they stole the classified documents!? What did they expect, putting HIM in charge. (inside the main building; second operation)
  • Soviet soldier: Damn it. Those bastards think they can get away with anything. (on the roof of the main building; second operation)


  • Female doctor: Don't look at me. I just work here.

Research Lab

  • Soviet soldier: That construction on the helipad must be rough... Working up that high on the ground... You'd never catch me up there! (Soviet soldier near the starting point, right near the vertical path to the lab, first visit)

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Middle East

  • Militia soldier 1: They need backup. Move out! On the double! // Militia soldier 2 and Militia soldier 3: Roger!
  • Militia soldier 1: Hey, they need reinforcements up top. You ready to roll? // Militia soldier 2: Yeah, I'm good. // Militia soldier 1: Great. Let's go. // Militia soldier 2: Right behind you!
  • Militia soldier 1: Hey, you. Come with me! // Militia soldier 2: Why? What's going on? // Militia soldier 1: Things look bad up top. They need more bodies. // Militia soldier 2: You serious? OK! Let's go! // Militia soldier 2: Follow me!
  • Militia soldier 1: Hey! Check this out! // Militia soldier 2: Hey, isn't that an enemy gun? // Militia soldier 1: The very latest model. Much better than those popguns they give us! // Militia soldier 2: What, it was just...lying around? // Militia soldier 1: Someone musta left it behind. // Militia soldier 2: In any case, it's gotta be locked. You can't use it. // Militia soldier 1: You'd think so, wouldn't ya? But not this one! This one I can fire. // Militia soldier 2: How'd you manage that? I thought all their weapons were locked out. // Militia soldier 1: Normally, yeah... I wonder if that gun merchant's still hanging around that building up the road. He can take these guns and unlock 'em for you. You just have to bring a bunch of spares. // Militia soldier 2: How's he do it? Get the locks off, I mean. // Militia soldier 1: Hell if I know.
  • Militia soldier 1: You there! Our buddies up top are in deep shit! We're gonna go help them. // Militia soldier 2: What? They can't be losing the fight! // Militia soldier 1: It looks that way. They need backup, fast. // Militia soldier 2: All right, let's go!
  • Wounded Militia soldier: (Agonized grunts) It hurts.... // Militia soldier: You're gonna be OK. It's not that bad. Just hang in there. // Wounded soldier: (Agonized grunts) Oh man. It hurts bad. // Wounded Militia soldier: We'll getcha patched up. Just hold on a little longer. // Wounded soldier: Damn it! What the hell... were those freaks!? // Militia soldier: What's that? // Wounded soldier: You didn't see 'em? Those four... weird-lookin'.... // Militia soldier: What are you talkin' about? // Wounded soldier: The way they moved. It wasn't human. More like... Beast. They slaughtered us. // Militia soldier: Beasts? // Wounded soldier: Some new weapon or something? (screams in pain) // Militia soldier: OK, OK, take it easy! Just don't try to talk. Hang in there!
  • Militia soldier 1: Intel indicates the enemy's deployed... Some sort of special unit, outfitted with unknown gear. // Militia soldier 2: You mean those four ugly sons of bitches? //Militia soldier 1: Yes sir. Their appearance may seem strange, but they demonstrated incredible combat abilities. We already lost several units to them. // Militia soldier 2: I hear one of 'em even flies. // Militia soldier 1: One of them does indeed seem capable of flight, sir. At the same time, it also maintains control over several UCAVs, increasing its air attack capability. // Militia soldier 2: One of my men recovered what he claims to be one of those UCAVs. // Militia soldier 1: Now they appear capable of working together or acting independently. My guess is that they're building an aerial network, sir. // Militia soldier 2: I see. The more intel they have on the area, the more affective their ground units are in battle. // Militia soldier 1: Exactly. And we can tell by the way they're placing their snipers that they've got an edge. They must be getting full terrain data on the entire area. // Militia soldier 2: In other words, we're in deep shit. // Militia soldier 1: You said it.
  • Militia soldier 1: Look, it's the enemy. // Militia soldier 2: Yeah, I can see 'em! // Militia soldier 1: Perfect. We can pick 'em off from here. // Militia soldier 2: We've been spotted! // Militia soldier 1: Damn it! Return fire!
  • Militia soldier: Over here! Form up!
  • Militia soldier 1: Damn it! Sniper! High ground! Hey! The rendezvous point is just up ahead. Back me up! // Militia soldier 2: Roger that. // Militia soldier 3: OK. // Militia soldier 1: Let's get out of here! Move!
  • Praying Mantis soldier: Hey! We've got company. I'll put the heat on 'em from below. You pick 'em off from here. No survivors.

South America

  • Pieuvre Armement soldier: Stand up. // (POW stands up) // Pieuvre Armement soldier: March. // (Forces POW to walk) // Pieuvre Armement soldier: Move. // (Eventually forces POW down) // POW: No! // Pieuvre Armement soldier: Say "Good night." // (shoots the POW)
  • POWs: Get the weapons and let's move! (Said if the player neutralized all Pieuvre Armement soldiers without a single POW being executed)
  • Pieuvre Armement soldier 1: There's too many of 'em! // Pieuvre Armement soldier 2: Kill 'em all! // Pieuvre Armement soldier 1: Below! Let's go! // Pieuvre Armement soldier 2: Roger!
  • Pieuvre Armement soldier: This is perfect. He'll never spot me here!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  • Desperado soldier 1: What are you doing here? // Desperado soldier 2: This area's off limits! // Civilian: What? No! I am not doing anything! // Desperado soldier 1: Can we just kill 'em? It will be easier. // Desperado 2: We're supposed to have driven them all away already. // Desperado soldier 1: So... self-defense, right? Easy. // Civilian: No, please! I have family!
  • Desperado soldier 1: You gotta be pretty stupid to try and hide here... // Desperado soldier 2: Looks to me like Russian spies. // Hostage: I... We are just... // Desperado soldier 1: Well we can't let 'em give away our position... // Desperado soldier 2: Waste 'im. We'll fill out the paperwork later. // Hostage: No! Please! I will do anything!
  • Citizen: ...But you're supposed to be cops! What'd I do?! // Cop 1: Some things World Marshal does not appreciate. Cop 2: You're on the company blacklist. We're here to check you off. Civilian: Oh. I see... And on the report, I got caught in the crossfire. Just a random casualty, is that it?! // Cop 1: Yeah, pretty much. All just part of the job... You understand? // Civilian: Fuck you! If you're going to kill me, then do it! Do it!
  • Civilian: P-Please, don't kill me... // Cyborg: Hey, now, nobody's said anything about killing anybody... Answer me: why'd you disobey the evacuation order? // Civilian: I, I was... // Cyborg: ...Yeah? You were what? Forgot your cover story? // Civilian: No! No, I just... // Cyborg: All right, I don't have time for this shit...

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

XOF Trojan Horse Operation

  • Marine 1: All quiet? Those new guys - you see their choppers? Who are they with? // Marine 2: Beats me, man. Green Berets... SEALs? // Marine 1: Those ain't no jarhead birds. I can tell you that. Some kind of paramilitary setup? // Marine 2: Well, some of the guys were saying... You know what? Best we just drop this, all right? // Marine 1: Uh, sure.
  • Marine 1: All quiet? You know those choppers? I saw the marking on the side - "XOF." // Marine 2: "XOF"? That some kind of unit name? // Marine 2: Hell if I know. Maybe I saw it wrong. Any way, they're gone now. Guess we'll never find out.
  • Marine 1: All quiet? I didn't get a good look, but their boss's face, man... // Marine 2: Yeah, you didn't need to get close to see that was no mask, either. // Marine 1: I tell you, I am glad they're outta here. It was like rubbing shoulders with dead men. // Marine 2: Yeah... Their boss, his crew... like phantoms, every last one.
  • Marine 1: (Hey.) You hear about the special shifts guys have been pulling at the old prison area the past two weeks? // Marine 2: Yeah, some "high-value prisoners" or something. You get that duty and kiss your break time goodbye, man. My buddy was crying on my shoulder about it. // Marine 1: But that place has been dead for years. Now we got these I-don't-know-who's bringing in "enemy combatants" from stateside. // Marine 2: Right. And the CO is tearing his hair out. // Marine 1: Feel like I'm livin' in a prison, man.
  • Marine 1: All quiet? What was that crew up to going back and forth between admin and the old prison area all the time? // Marine 2: (Yeah) One of the guys on gate duty was saying the same thing. They kept taking a prisoner with 'em... // Marine 1: And then they'd go down into the boiler room. // Marine 2: The area was off-limits while they did their questioning. Or "interrogation." // Marine 1: My buddy said he heard screams coming out... and music. // Marine 2: Music? That's some creepy shit.
  • Marine 1: All quiet? They said to stay away from part of admin for now, right? // Marine 2: The boiler room. // Marine 1: Right. I hear they were doing some kind of questioning in there. // Marine 2: Questioning? // Marine 1: That "enemy combatant" in the prison area got taken down there every day.
  • Marine 1: (Hey.) That gear they're asking for, I loaded it into the truck. // Marine 2: Thanks, man. // Marine 1: What the hell do they need that for? // Marine 2: Apparently it knock you out cold - just like that - no fatality. // Marine 1: Knocks you out? Like a stun gun? // Marine 2: I guess, I couldn't get 'em to tell me anything else.
  • Marine 1: Where's that recording? There should be one left here. // Marine 2: That tape? Uh, I tossed it already. It's, it's in the trash up top. // Marine 1: Get that garbage truck around ASAP. If that tape gets out, we'll be in deep shit. // Marine 2: Got it. // Marine 1: Right, it's time. (enter the Admin Building from the left side before rescuing Chico, either before or after retrieving the tape from the trash beforehand)
  • Marine 1: Hey, we get confirmation on that garbage disposal yet? // Marine 2: Yeah, they just took care of it. // Marine 1: All right, I'm heading back up top. Stay here and keep watch. // Marine 2: You got it. (enter the Admin Building after rescuing Chico).
  • Marine 1: All quiet? Hey, did you see those guys' unit patch? // Marine 2: Yeah, a fox, facing right, right? // Marine 1: That's it. You know, it looked just like... // Marine 2: You've seen it before? Where? // Marine 1: I can't remember. I know it had a fox in it too...
  • Marine 1: Not a damn thing. // Marine 2: Only so many places to hide around here. // Marine 1: Where we got left? // Marine 2: West refugee camp. // Marine 1: Let's move. // Marine 2: Roger that.
  • Marine 1: Not a trace. // Marine 2: How many places could you hide here? // Marine 1: Has to be somewhere close by... // Marine 2: Dammit! We are leaving no stone unturned! // Marine 1: Roger that.
  • Marine 1: All quiet? Seems they tracked down the prisoner that got out. // Marine 2: Ah, that guy. // Marine 1: Execution order's been given on the down-low. They're about to do it now. // Marine 2: Right. I'll go. // Marine 1: Tell him from me, man - It's nothing personal. // Marine 2: Right.
  • Marine 1: Sorry I kept you waiting. // Delta 4: Yeah. Well, let's get on with it. // Marine 1: (sigh) Right. All yours. // (Delta 4 walks over with the soldiers to the escaped prisoner, then proceeds to fire a few rounds before the prisoner dies. Delta 4 then takes out his radio) // Delta 4: CP, this is Delta 4. Situation resolved. Returning to posts. Out. // (The first marine proceeds to inspect the deceased prisoner's corpse to make sure he's dead, then walks back with the other men) // Marine 1: Your men can return to your posts. I'll wait here until the meat wagon turns up. // Delta 4: Roger that.
  • Marine 1: When those choppers left, did you see them drop some stuff? // Marine 2: Yeah, looked like a bunch of leaves or something. // Marine 1: Right. // Marine 2: Yeah, I saw at least one of 'em land by the windsock.
  • Marine 1: (Hey) You see that costume party those guys saluted to? // Marine 2: Yeah... Trench coat, and a ten gallon hat, and to top it off, that piece he's carrying is a sawed off old lever-action // Marine 1: Their CO's got style... for a bad guy in a western. // Marine 2: Nah man, he's just a Republican. // Marine 1: (And) Either way, he didn't look like no soldier to me. // Marine 2: And his bodyguards are all special forces ball-busting heavy operators. Last time I saw that, I was reading a comic book. // Marine 1: (Clicks tongue) I'm gonna have nightmares about this shit.
  • Marine 1: Hey, shouldn't the guy doing the check have been here by now? The outer gate's open and everything. // Marine 2: Leave the gate open. He must be running late. // Marine 1: Should we do something? They gotta check the vitals of that prisoner, don't they? // Marine 2: Got nothing to do with us. Forget about it. // Marine 1: ... Yeah, sure.
  • Marine 1: (Yo!) I'm soaked to the bone. // Marine 2: Forecast says we got this until morning. // Marine 1: Looks like they're right - for once. Can you believe that crew taking their choppers out in this storm? It's pitch-black too. I knew they were crazy. // Marine 2: Either that, or they got some stone-cold rotorheads at the control. And they flew a tight formation - I guess they got a lot of trust. // Marine 1: Trust, my ass. You'd have to drag me onto one of those. // Marine 2: Yeah, no shit.
  • Escaped prisoner: I'm guessing you didn't come here just to save my ass, am I right? Maybe this'll help with whatever you're doing. If you want inside the admin building, use the drainage channel... (rescue the prisoner, alluded to by the Marines, then hoist him by the shoulder).
  • Prisoner: Please... Someone.. (One thousand, two hundred-sixty one. One thousand, two hundred-sixty two. One thousand, two hundred-sixty three one thousand, two hundred-sixty four.) Help... I need help... Help... (this rigging of wave function through observation … forces electrons to escape their probability … and bring sensation to our existence.) Please... Someone... Help.. I need Help.. Help. (Note: the player can hear this from the prisoner near the back cages)
  • Prisoner 1: ... Who... Who are you...? ... You're not one of them, are you...? You came to... rescue me...? ... Words aren't enough... ... I owe you my life.
  • Prisoner 2: Hey... are you...? I never stopped believing... ... Somebody would come. ... No way I'm gonna die here... ... Whatever you do, don't leave me behind...
  • Prisoner 3: It hurts... ... It hurts all over... ... Thank you. ... I can see her face again...
  • Prisoner 4: ... Where are we going...? ... Hey, can you get me to a phone...? Want to hear my family's voices again... ... Want to let 'em know I'm ok... ... Want to tell 'em I'll be home soon...

Eliminate the Renegade Threat

  • Marine 1: What's going on? You did an inventory of the armory day before yesterday, right? // Marine 2: Yeah, hadn't been in there for 6 months. // Marine 1: If you're not the gunny, you ain't seeing much of that place. // Marine 2: Couldn't believe it's still just an ordinary little lock on it. // Marine 1: Right, you would think they'd be more careful with firepower like that. // Marine 2: It's right in the middle of the base, though. Nobody's getting in there. // Marine 1: Still, you never know, man. // Marine 2: No way - end of story.
  • Marine 1: (Hey.) So I hear we got new recoilless rifles in the armory? // Marine 2: Yeah, armor penetration's way better than before. One clean shot and boom stop an AV right in its tracks. // Marine 1: Kick-ass! // Marine 2: Good thing we're on the right side of the trigger.
  • Marine 1: You think these "enemy combatants" are really combatants? // Marine 2: Best not to think about it. // Marine 1: They look like civies to me. // Marine 2: No, they're terrorists. // Marine 1: What did they do? When's the last time you heard of a terrorist attack on Americans? // Marine 2: There's lots of things you don't hear about - doesn't mean they don't happen.
  • Marine 1: Sorry, got held up. // Marine 2: What happened? They want this resupply going full speed. If we don't get going, it's my ass. // Marine 1: That gear in the back, huh? When do we get our super guns? // Marine 2: The big hitters get the big hitters, man. // Marine 1: We've got big hitters over these days. // Marine 2: Whaddya mean? // Marine 1: You see those two came in the other day? // Marine 1: Yeah, inspecting the base. // Marine 1: More like keeping tabs on it. They act like they own the place. Who are those guys? // Marine 2: Word is they got their start here. Guess you could call it a homecoming. // Marine 1: So that's how it is. ... Shit, we better move. // Marine 2: Yeah.
  • Marine 1: After chow I got a poker game with some boys from second squad. You in? // Marine 2: Nah, man, not today. I'm totally wiped after these special shifts they got us pulling lately. // Marine 1: OK, some other time.
  • Glaz: Any reports I should know about? // Palitz: No sir, I haven't heard anything. Is something wrong? // Glaz: I just have this feeling. Remember the LRRP in the mountain region of Laos... // Palitz: Yeah, the enemy scouts were set up, just waiting for us... // Glaz: I had the same feeling then. // Palitz: Sir, I... // Glaz: It's stinging in the corner of my eye. I've got a bad feeling about today. // Palitz: The only reason I was able to make it out alive then was because of you, sir. // Glaz: Let's get out of here. Come on. // Palitz: Sir!

Classified Intel Acquisition

  • Bald Marine: Are we on? // Undercover Agent: He made contact, and I told him to head to the central control tower. // Bald Marine: He had an eyepatch over his right eye? // Undercover Agent: Yeah, just like you guys said. It was him. Am I done now? // Bald Marine: We're all set up on our end too.. Now we just wait for this "Boss" to show. // Undercover Agent: So you're not gonna touch my family, right? // Bald Marine: Hmph, depends on how it goes. Better start praying. (Stick around after "interrogating" the Undercover Agent the first time around while unseen to overhear this exchange)

Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements

  • Prisoner 12282: Boss… I never expected you would come… This place is full of “enemy combatants” renditioned from all over the world. But I couldn’t believe how many groups were asking the questions. They gotta have some kind of secret agreement. At a guess, I’d say there were MI6, BND, ISI… I even heard one guy speaking Russian. Yeah, they’re making deals with the East too. Local agencies will snatch dissidents who’ve defected to the West and then send ‘em back across the Iron Curtain… after a stopover here. They’re dealing in “leverage” on foreign administrations. Backdoor money. Scandals. Financial fraud. By sharing information that governments want to sweep under the rug, they, they gain leniency for their agencies. They’re trying to create some kind of HUMINT network without borders. Sorry, that’s all I know. Can't believe I got captured... I should have known I wasn't up to your standard... The torture was... was beyond anything I ever imagined. They were breaking guys left and right... I came pretty close too. But don't worry, Boss. I, I didn't tell them a thing. But... just one time... I was questioned by this other guy. He was different from the rest. I'll never forget him... or what he said. It cut right into me. "Nothing to be ashamed of. Pain gets the better of us all." "Let the words comfort you." "Now what did your boss tell you?" I nearly talked. This guy was so... so weird. I know I saw his face. I, I just... I can't remember it... The administration here knew about the operation. There was a leak. The brass are long gone. All that's left are the grunts kept out of the loop and us "enemy combatants"... Dunno why they left witnesses like us here alive. Mind if we stop a minute, Boss? I gotta rest. Let's get outta here. I wanna go home. Our home... (rescue Prisoner 12282 from the boiler room and carry him non-stop for the entire thing while he is hoisted onto the player's shoulder)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Dialogue given in italics indicate that the speaker is giving dialogue in a different language.

Phantom Limbs

This exchange only occurs if the player is surrounded with Miller during an alert and a soldier sees Miller inside.[1]

  • Kazuhira Miller: You sure about this? The Boss is on his way! Go ahead... I won't hold it against you. My hatred is reserved for someone else! (If Venom Snake is nearby) Boss, it's up to you.

A Hero's Way

  • Spetsnaz commander: Word is that the Hamid fighters at Da Smasei Laman have been annihilated. It seems there were civilians among them, too. There are rumors within our forces that it was our handiwork. These rumors are utterly false. My comrades. The orders we receive are absolute. We stay true to the mission. If they tell us "Burn the village," we burn it. To crush the dushman, for the Motherland. But remember this: Never does that include murdering civilians. If we drag them into this, their resentment will only worsen this conflict. If a superior told me to kill a civilian... I would kill him instead. For that I am prepared. And I hope you all are, too. If you agree with me, make yourself known.

Over the Fence

  • Soviet Bionics Engineer: That prosthetic... You are wearing one of my creations, my masterpiece. My speciality is not humdrum mechanics. My field is bionics. I create hybrids of organisms and artifacts. You can think of that prosthetic as a "bionic arm." I made countless artificial limbs in the service of the Motherland. Many of them I presented to the Kremlin. And this is the thanks I get. "Make giant hands for our new weapons platform," they tell me. I am a bionical engineer! Yet they waste my time on wind-up toys. I could not stand it, so I ran... but got caught. Now it is a lager for me. You saved me - now hire me. I can upgrade your bionic arm, eh? Let me continue my research.

Where Do the Bees Sleep?

  • (Patrol Soviet soldier gets the mute Mujahideen on his knees, then pours a canteen's content on his face). // Soviet soldier: Hey. Hey. // (Soviet soldier lifts the mute Mujahideen's head with his rifle). // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Where's the "Bee?!" We know you hid it at the stronghold! Tell us what you know! // (Soviet soldier hits the mute Mujahideen in the stomach with his rifle). // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Talk! // (Soviet soldier lifts the mute Mujahideen's head up and gets face to face with him) // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Son of a pig! Want to join your friends?! // (Soviet soldier throws the mute Mujahideen on the ground. The Patrol Soviet soldier gets the mute Mujahideen back on his knees, and the Soviet soldier crouches down). // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Do you know how many of our comrades your "Bee" has killed?! // (Soviet soldier lifts the mute Mujahideen's head up). // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Pretty brave for one who ran and left his comrades to die...! // (Soviet soldier kicks the mute Mujahideen twice in the stomach, throwing him on the ground. The Patrol Soviet soldier gets the mute Mujahideen back on his knees, before pouring a canteen's content on his face again). // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Where are your American masters now, lapdog? // (The mute Mujahideen coughs) // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Answer us, or we'll burn your village down! // Patrol Soviet soldier: Command, this is search unit. We moved the captured Hamid survivor to the relay base. He is now under interrogation. // Soviet CP (radio): Search unit, command. Understood. Break him quickly. // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Hey... hey... // (Soviet soldier lifts the mute Mujahideen's head up and gets face to face with him). // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) Pretending you can't talk?! Huh? // (Soviet soldier lets go of the Mujahideen's head, then crouches). // Soviet soldier: (In Pashto) I'll kill you! // (Patrol Soviet soldier pours a canteen's content on the mute Mujahideen's head once again, making him cough).
  • Soviet soldier: (Back into Russian) Maybe he... really can't talk? // Patrol Soviet soldier: The dushman may... really be mute? // Soviet CP (radio): Make him write it down. // Patrol Soviet soldier: He can't. His hands... // Soviet CP (radio): Understood. Take him to the stronghold - make him show you himself.
  • Soviet Soldier: Is this it? This is the "Bee?" Well? // (Kicks mute Mujahideen over) // Soviet Soldier: Is this the "Bee"? // (Upon getting confirmation, the soldier shoots the mute Mujahideen in the back). // Soviet Soldier: Command, this is search unit. We have the it [sic]. // Command: Search unit, this is CP. Understood. Sending a chopper from HQ. Proceed to the landing zone. // Soviet Soldier: Copy, on the move. (This is only if the player fails to find the Honey Bee before the Soviets).

Red Brass

  • Wialo Company commander: Aleksei, Mikhael. // ???: Captain. // Captain: Thank you for coming this way. // ???: Not at all. I've been wanting to seek your advice face-to-face. //???: Me as well. You never know who may be listening over the radio. // Captain: Indeed. And there's no end to these rumors of infiltrators and moles. // ???: The enemy [Venom Snake] has a knife to our throats, and we can't even see him. // Captain: Most of all, I keep getting reports of men disappearing into thin air. // ??? We assumed they were deserters... // Captain: No. This is just speculation for now, but they may be getting abducted by the dushman. // ???: To be tortured for information on us... // ???: Those animals... // ???: If this continues, it will affect morale. // ???: Psychological warfare. // Captain: I want to strike at the source, but all we can do for now is plug the gaps with reinforcements. // ???: So we're getting new units from Russia? // Captain: Exactly, our battalion has been given priority in the assignment of new men. Your outposts will be getting reinforced too. (pause) You'll be able to hit back harder when your men spot the enemy. // ???: That's great news, Captain. // Captain: But the question remains of how in hell the enemy could take so many men without a trace...! // ???: There was a report of a... a comrade floating. Tied to a balloon [Fulton device]. // ???: A balloon? Some new Western weapon? // Captain: Do not lend credence to daydreams and rumors. Facts are what will yield a solution. // ???: Captain, if I may, I have a suggestion. // Captain: Very well. // ???: It is something of a stopgap solution, but I would like to place minefields around our more vulnerable locations for now, to obstruct the enemy. // Captain: Yes... Mines will help with the blindspots and back ways around outposts, and in the trees where visibility is bad. // ???: Precisely. // Captain: Very well. Do it. // ???: Thank you sir. I'll have the mines placed as soon as I return to base. // ???: I will do the same. // Captain: Good. That is all today, tovarischi. And get those minefields set up quickly. The enemy is still out there. Stay alert!

Backup, Back Down

  • Prisoner: Thank you... You saved my life... This might help you out. I saw enemy vehicles here. It's some secret - it was all hush-hush.
  • Escaped prisoner: You're... the legend, aren't you? The guerrillas were planning this... assault for weeks. Right now they should all be off attacking a Soviet frontline base. Apparently the Soviets are going to deploy some new weapon. They say that once it's in service, the guerrillas don't have a hope. This is their last chance. One battle to change the course of history... Your actions can change the future...

Angel with Broken Wings

  • Truck driver: We got a destination yet? // Soviet officer: Yes, it's all in the orders. The prisoner Malak is to be transferred to Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. // Truck driver: Got it Yakho Oboo supply outpost. And the other prisoners? // Soviet officer: I'll be disposing of them here. Repeat the orders back to me. // Truck driver: Transport Malak to Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. Other prisoners remain here. // Soviet officer: Good. Now get going. // Truck driver: Understood.
  • Soviet soldier: How's Malak doing? // Truck driver: How should I know? The doctor will look at him when we arrive. // Soviet soldier: I heard he'll be sent for an autopsy. // Truck driver: An autopsy? But he's still alive. // Soviet soldier: Talk is, they all get autopsied, dead or alive. Just as long as the body is intact. // Truck driver: News to me. All they told me was "deliver him to Yakho Oboo." // Soviet soldier: Uh-huh. Listen... Don't tell anyone I told you this, OK? // Truck driver: All right. // Soviet soldier: Some strange disease was going round that Malak's village lately. // Truck driver: A disease? Soviet soldier: And, apparently the village had already burned down before the airstrike... Hm? Who goes there?! // Truck driver: What is it? // Soviet soldier: I heard a noise... It came from the latrine. Is someone there? // Truck driver: Guess it was nothing. Don't scare me like that. // Soviet soldier: Sorry. You better get going. // Truck driver: Hey, so if the village wasn't bombed, why'd it burned down? // Soviet soldier: I don't know. It's just a rumor. These are all rumors - the fire, the disease, the autopsies. All right, now go. // Truck driver: Yeah... // Soviet soldier: Drive carefully. Watch for ambushes. // Truck driver: Got it. Returning to mission.
  • Truck driver: You alive back there, pal? Still halfway to go. You can do it.
  • Armored vehicle driver: This is as far as I go. Orders. // Truck driver: Got it. // Armored vehicle driver: The prisoner... His name's Malak? // Truck driver: That's what the dushman called him. // Armored vehicle driver: I was at his village not that long ago. // Truck driver: Before it burned down? // Armored vehicle driver: No, right after. The fires were still going. // Truck driver: But it was an airstrike, right? // Armored vehicle driver: No way. There was no smell. // Truck driver: Smell? // Armored vehicle driver: Of the oil. And all the buildings were still standing. // Truck driver: Meaning it was an ordinary fire? // Armored vehicle driver: Who knows what happened. I heard there were no survivors... // Truck driver: But everyone was killed? What the hell? // Armored vehicle driver: And that a man on fire attacked the village. // Truck driver: Man... on fire? // Armored vehicle driver: There's been all kinds of weird rumors lately. With the war dragging on, everyone's gone a little crazy. You'd better watch yourself, too. // Truck driver: Yeah. Well, thanks for the help. // Armored vehicle driver: Some angel if God lets his village burn down, huh? He has no one left now. All alone in the world... So long. // Truck driver: Your name's Malak, right? You have any family? Did they live at your village? (sigh) I haven't seen my family in a long time either. Well, we're almost there. We'll get the doctor to look at you. Stay strong
  • Truck driver: Prisoner transport from Lamar Khaate. // Soviet officer: I heard. Good work. Any incidents? // Truck driver: Same as the reports, otherwise nothing of note. // Soviet officer: And the prisoner? // Truck driver: He's pretty weak... // Soviet officer: What is it? // Truck driver: Nothing. So, um, is the doctor going to look after him? // Soviet officer: The doctor? Not that I heard. // Truck driver: I see... So where am I taking him? // Soviet officer: West wing. // Truck driver: They're going to keep on interrogating him? // Soviet officer: That's none of your business. Now take him to the west wing. // Truck driver: He's going to die. // Soviet officer: So what if he does? // Truck driver: What? // Soviet officer: We have our orders. Hurry up and take him to the interrogation room. Do it. Or I'll report you. // Truck Driver: Understood.
  • Truck driver: Hey there, pal. Trip's finally over. Hey, uh, the guard was saying your family survived. They escaped to another village. Really. So when they interrogate you, you've got to hang in there too. You're a soldier. Keep your head high.
  • Interrogator: What happened at your village? You must know something! Talk already! Your village went up in flames - why? You were hiding weapons, weren't you? Fuel?! While you waste my time, prisoners are dying. Talk, and you will live. Your choice. I will ask you again... What happened at your village?
  • Malak: Are you... here to rescue me? Who sent you? My father...? My father is dead. My whole family is dead. Hey, who hired you? Who told you to bring me to them? Why are you doing this?! Stop. Don't hand me over to someone I don't know. Please, take me with you. Outer Heaven? I see... My name is Malak. Hah, guess I'll have to give up that name now... Those bastards... I couldn't understand them, but... Just insulting my people like usual, I suppose... It hurts so bad... Thank you...

Pitch Dark

  • Child soldier instructor: OK. You - raise your weapon. In your shoulder, like a man! Come on, lean into it! That's it. Next! You try it. Keep your gun up! And aim for the heart. Good. Now you are a soldier.

Lingua Franca

  • CFA soldier: Reporting with prisoner. // Afrikaner interrogator: Good work, private. // CFA soldier: Well, uh... what should I do with him? // Afrikaner interrogator: Put him in with the woman. I'll interrogate them together. // CFA soldier: Yes, sir. Move it.
  • Afrikaner interrogator: Get up. // (British POW gets up) // Afrikaner interrogator: I'll give you one last chance. // Afrikaner interpreter: This is your last chance. // Afrikaner interrogator: The MPLA's oilfield rights - where did this information come from? // Afrikaner interpreter: The MPLA's oilfield rights - where did you get this information? // British POW: I told you, I only know it was an anonymous source... // Afrikaner interpreter: It was from an anonymous source. // Afrikaner interrogator: Who do you think you are fooling?! // Afrikaner interpreter: You're not fooling anybody. // British POW: Ask any of the others. Nobody knows anything. // Afrikaner interpreter: He says try asking the others. // Afrikaner interrogator: So they made up a story together. This is why you can't trust the British. You know how much the Afrikaners suffered because of you in the Boer War? // Afrikaner interpreter: You made up a story with the others. You British are all liars. You know how much the Afrikaners suffered because of you in the Boer War? // British POW: That wasn't me. // Afrikaner interpreter: He said "that wasn't me." // Afrikaner interrogator: But it was you that betrayed us. // Afrikaner interpreter: But it was you that betrayed us. // British POW: It wasn't me, it was the viscount...! // Afrikaner interrogator: Enough. (swats the soldier with his rifle) If you do not know anything, we're done here. // Ocelot: So, our rescue target was behind some kind of plot.
  • Afrikaner interpreter: All right, now you can both talk to me. Where did you get the information on the MPLA's oilfield rights? // Afrikaner interpreter: Now you will both talk. Where did you get the information on the MPLA's oilfield rights? // Male POW: We don't know anything, I swear! // Afrikaner interpreter: He says he swears they don't know anything. // Female POW: Believe us... // Afrikaner interrogator: You expect me to believe you attempted to contact the MPLA based on information from an unknown source? // Afrikaner interpreter: You mean you attempted to contact the MPLA based on information from an unknown source? // Male POW: We thought it was suspicious, sure. But we stood to make a lot of money out of it. // Afrikaner interpreter: It was suspicious, but they wanted to make a profit. // Male POW: We're businessmen... // Afrikaner interrogator: We're businessmen. // Afrikaner commander: Businessmen - what a joke! Failed mercenaries trying to skin this country. // Afrikaner interrogator: You're a joke, not businessmen. Failed mercenaries trying to skin this country. // Female POW: We didn't... we didn't try to hide anything... The viscount said to keep quiet for now, that's all... // Afrikaner interpreter: She says they didn't mean to hide anything, but the viscount made them keep quiet. // Afrikaner interrogator: Hah! So it's all the "viscount's" fault. Fine, the viscount can tell us the rest. // Afrikaner interpreter: Then the viscount can tell us the rest. // Male POW: W-wait! She had nothing to do with this! // Afrikaner interrogator: (swats the POW with the butt of his rifle) Don't worry. Hell has room for both of you.
  • Afrikaner interrogator: We've kept you waiting. // Afrikaner interpreter: Sorry we kept you waiting. // The Viscount: You're gonna kill me anyway... // Afrikaner interpreter: He says you're going to kill him anyway. // Afrikaner interrogator: Perhaps not - depending on what you tell me. // Afrikaner interpreter: Perhaps not - depending on what you tell me. // The Viscount: We don't know the informant's identity. // Afrikaner interpreter: He says they don't know who the informant is. // Afrikaner interrogator: I find that hard to believe. // Afrikaner interpreter: He does not believe you. // Afrikaner interrogator: But if you want to die so much, we will oblige. // Afrikaner interpreter: If you want to die, we will make it happen. // Afrikaner commander: We never should have worked with the Brits. // Afrikaner interpreter: We never should have worked with the Brits. // The Viscount: You're a nationalist? // Afrikaner interpreter: You're a nationalist? // The Viscount: Apartheid's on its last legs already - get with the times. // Afrikaner interpreter: Apartheid is coming to an end... // Afrikaner interrogator: That's some attitude coming from a traitor. // Afrikaner interpreter: That's some attitude from a traitor. // The Viscount: What am I supposed to say? Trust me? // Afrikaner interpreter: He doesn't expect you to trust him. // The Viscount: But how about we make a deal? // Afrikaner interpreter: He wants to make a deal. // Afrikaner interrogator: That door is already closed. // Afrikaner interpreter: That door is closed already. // The Viscount: W-wait! // Afrikaner interrogator: Shut up!

Traitor's Caravan

  • Soldier: You ready to set off? // Truck driver: Anytime. // Soldier: What is it under the canvas, anyway? // Truck driver: You're better off not knowing. Besides, you'd violate our contract if you look. // Soldier: I've heard rumors... You think it's true that anyone who you looks under the canvas will be possessed by Nzambi? // Truck driver: Do not look under the canvas. // Soldier: Right. So you're driving to the Munene River? // Truck driver: Yeah. Do me a favor and contact the outpost there. // Soldier: You got it. // Truck driver: Watch my back out there, guys.
  • Soldier: What's up? // Truck driver: You notice anything odd? // Soldier: Nothing really. But... // Truck driver: But what? // Soldier: A lot of guys have gone missing around these parts, lately. // Truck driver: Gone missing... Like, abducted? // Soldier: Beats me. But, you ever hear this rumor? There's this jungle around the Zaire border, full of ghosts. And anyone- Truck driver: Anyone who goes in there never comes out. // Soldier: So you know about it? // Truck driver: Listen, don't go talking about that stuff, OK? // Soldier: What do you mean? // Truck driver: I owe you guys out there. So just take my advice.
  • Truck driver: Something wrong? // Soldier: Need to inspect your cargo. // Truck driver: Hey, cut it out! You know the rules. Open that canvas and my client will go berserk. // Soldier: You think I give a shit? // Truck driver: We have an agreement. You'll be charged with a breach of contract! // Soldier: Tell your boss to send a bill. // Truck driver: What the hell, man? // Soldier: There's an infectious disease going around our post downstream. It's likely it was set loose by another PF. // Truck driver: And you're blaming us? // Soldier: I never said that. But right now we're all a little touchy about outsiders. Just one look and we can clear this up. // Truck driver: I ain't taking the fall for this...! // CP: (Via soldier's radio) This is CP. Let the convoy through. HQ has just contacted us. The message is: "We have a collaborative relationship with Zero Risk Security in this matter. Unilateral actions in the field will not be tolerated." "Unilateral actions in the field will not be tolerated." Those were HQ's orders. We have no choice.
  • Truck driver: Arriving shortly. All ready to accept the cargo? // HQ: This is HQ. Preparations are in order. // Truck driver: Transport confirms. (This conversation only occurs if you fail to reach the truck before it reaches its destination.)

Rescue the Intel Agents

  • Intel Team member Boss... our other man... is here. I never told them a thing. I have intel on them... I swallowed it.
  • Intel Team member They kept saying the disease was our fault. Just shouting it at me... over and over... Kept saying, "You think we're angry? The poor bastards from Masa Village will... will bleed you all dry for this."

On the Trail

  • Subordinate: I'm ready to report, Major. // Major: Just give me the broad strokes. // Subordinate: The CFA haven't figured out how the mercs in Bwala ya Masa died either. Only thing they got is the men they hired locally talking about "evil spirits." // Major: Just like them. // Subordinate: Uh-huh. But there's a rumor that you passed on the job because you knew about the sickness... And now somebody's putting together a payback squad. // Major: Of all the... Sure, I get my hands dirty sometimes, but I'm an angel compared to some of these bastards. Slave trading going on right under their noses, and they wanna come after me? // Subordinate: Well, I'm no boy scout myself, but right, none of us deserves a price on his head. // Major: Anyway, put the rest on a written report. What's more important is your next assignment. ZRS is trying to waste some old man. It's got to do with the... "nuclear arms trading," but I got no idea who this old guy is. // Subordinate: Understood. I'll look into it. Getting into nukes, though... That's a dangerous road to go down... // Major: I dunno... Might be what this place needs. A little deterrence between the countries could stop a lot of blood being spilled. // Subordinate: You think Mobutu and the rest would see the sense in that? // Major: Maybe they have plans to keep their tyrants happy, too. For now, find out what ZRS are up to. // Subordinate: Roger that, sir.


  • Rogue Coyote officer: Haven't seen you before. You new? // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Yes. I'm transporting provisions. Is the riverside guard post up ahead? // Rogue Coyote officer: Yeah, but you can't make it to the river by vehicle. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: So it's true that the last driver died there...? // Rogue Coyote officer: What? No.. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Should I be worried about those burned-up bodies at the station? // Rogue Coyote officer: Enough questions. That happens all the time on the battlefield. The route map is in the tent over there. Better study it. Rogue Coyote truck driver: Yes, sir.
  • Rogue Coyote officer: HQ has new orders for you [truck driver]. Relieve the guard up ahead. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Huh? // Rogue Coyote officer: His shift is over, and we're short-handed. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Understood. Where am I going? // Rogue Coyote officer: The guard post before the tunnel. Once you get to the riverside guard post, head into the forest. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Right. // Rogue Coyote officer: Keep your eyes open. That mist up ahead never clears. Then there's the stories of... "them." // Rogue Coyote truck driver: "Them?" // Rogue Coyote officer: Evil spirits. "Devils" who whisper curses at you and whatnot. The last guy, he went into the tunnel and... Look, just be careful. Now go. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Yes, sir.
  • Rogue Coyote soldier: You here to take over? Just remember this... That tunnel is off-limits. Do not go in there. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Is there something special on the other side? // Rogue Coyote soldier: Don't get curious. You want to end up like the last driver? // Rogue Coyote truck driver: So something did happen to him. // Rogue Coyote soldier: He went through the tunnel, and saw inside the factory on the other side. Then maybe his conscience got the better of him, 'cause he tried to free the people inside. I was on duty at the station and stopped their truck... I didn't know what to do, so I reported it to command, and then... Before I knew it, this crew I had never seen before showed up and shot him on sight. They then burned the truck with everyone in it, and were gone just like that. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Who were they? // Rogue Coyote soldier: What difference does it make? You just watch yourself. Stay the hell out of that tunnel. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Right...

The War Economy

  • CFA executive: A visit from the president! It's an honor, sir. We owe all our successes in Central Africa to SANR. That Mfinda Oilfield incident really was a shame. // Arms dealer: Shame is right. Now a bunch of mercenary dogs've gotten wind of us. Phantoms of a dead age. // CFA executive: Sir, I've been hearing that man at the oil field was Big Boss. The legendary mercenary. I was never told we'd have to face someone like him. Our contract only specified protecting the facility from the local villagers and militias. Protection against PFs backed up with modern tech is a different deal altogether. // Arms dealer: I've heard it all already. For now, we have an inspection to do. Show me around. // CFA executive: Understood. Let's start with the south hangar. Step this way.
  • CFA executive: This is the south hangar. The roof has seen better days, but we can fix it up in no time. // Arms dealer: Lots of space - that's good. Is the north hangar as big as this? // CFA executive: Yes, they're of the same design. It's a little far for walking. Let's take the car. // Arms dealer: Sure. // CFA executive: It's just over there.
  • CFA executive: This here is the north hangar. // Arms dealer: Same size... this'll do fine. We've got all the space we need here. // CFA executive: What do you need hangars this big for? Isn't it about time I knew? // Arms dealer: Sure, why not? You and your men will be crucial to the next phase. We're gonna use this airport as a trading point for selling nukes. // CFA executive: Selling... nukes? You're... that's... // Arms dealer: That's what we're doing. Of course, distributing actual nuclear warheads is a big bag of problems. But what if you could assemble a nuke anywhere? Without specialized facilities. Without high-grade yellowcake. That's the new business model. Just imagine the market we'll be cornering. // CFA executive: You're not serious... // Arms dealer: I'm always serious. Your sales are going to be indispensable. And think - once UNITA has a nuke - the MPLA'll want one too. Payment will end up being more mining rights and the like... But ever since the oil barons crushed America's rail systems, there'll always be a market for oil. UNITA's diamonds will be quite a payday too. A girl's best friend, right? Ha! Now that's PR - every sucker's whining girlfriend is our marketing team. And the Africans are just wasting all that money, buying weapons to kill each other. The real world. Funny shit, right? // CFA executive: ... Tell it to whoever takes my place. We're warmongers. I'll admit that. We make a living on blood money. Without war, my men are out of a job. But we only got this way because all other industries were driven out of the region by colonial powers muscling in. I've had all I can stomach. // Arms dealer: Hypocrite. // CFA executive: Have you seen enough? Once the inspection is over, take me to Kinshasa like we agreed. // Arms dealer: So you wanna pass up the biggest business you'll ever see? Fine by me. Somebody'll take your place. It doesn't matter what you or I do. Nothing stops the tides of economy. Not as long as the big powers keep squabbling over all the wealth. // CFA executive: ...The control tower is this way. // Kazuhira Miller: They feed off the conflict, then turn around and blame the colonial governments? Now that's hypocrisy.
  • Arms dealer: Almost forgot to ask. I hear there was some sort of disease going around Bwala ya Masa? // CFA executive: Yes. A very strange disease. That region was in UNITA territory. On paper, they were signed up with us too, but in reality it was "Gunsmith" running the show. But then they all died... Now that area's occupied by a bunch of brats that "Gunsmith" scraped up. Apparently they don't get sick. Why do you ask? // Arms dealer: Just curious. // CFA executive: I see... Look, don't bullshit me! You know something. It's got something to do with those "experiments" your people are doing at the Devil's House, doesn't it? Even we can find out that much. // Arms dealer: Knowing too much is bad for your health. You're leaving Africa anyway. Just go on and live a life of luxury on the pennies you've saved up selling guns. Cool down and forget about hot places. Let's go, the chopper's waiting.

Close Contact

  • American technician: So... You're here to save me. I was called here to... Transport and set up equipment at a medical facility... And examine the patients there. But never did I imagine... What was that? I never seen those symptoms before. And that "treatment" was no treatment at all. It was like we were cultivating the pathogen. Are you from around here? You don't know anything? You never seen that disease before? Yeah, I escaped by myself. Left her behind... I had myself to think about. And besides... It was too late for her anyway. During an examination, her protective suit's seal was broken, ever so slightly. Yeah, no doubt about it. There's nothin' I could do for her. I'm still not sure how the disease is transmitted, but... She's probably already just like... Yeah, she must be. Forgive me...
  • American technician's assistant: You've come to rescue me...? I was asked to show that man around here. Dangerous work. I hated every second. I wish I'd said now, but I was the only one on the team who spoke English. So we went to that factory... Bodies don't scare me, I'm used to seeing them, but... What could thatbe? Bullous pemphigoid... dermadromes... Dermadromes? But what's the cause? Who would do such a thing...? Hey... Are you researching it as well? Better quit while you can. I've been here five years, but I've never seen anything like that. That coward ran off without me. Not that I hold it against him, really. He'd suspected that I was infected for quite some time. Obsessed over it. That place must have really spooked him. But I always wore full protective gear during the examinations. There's no way I could be infected. So you needn't worry. I'm alright. Please... get me out of here...

Aim True, Ye Vengeful

  • Child soldier: We still got enough to eat? // Commander: Yeah. But we're gonna have to hit a village again soon. // Child soldier: Oh man, again? // Commander: Huh? I can't wait. We get to point our guns at grown-ups and watch them jump out of their skin. // Child soldier: You really hate them, huh...?
  • Child soldier: Commander! We're back. // Commander: Well? Anything to report? // Child soldier: Nope, nothing new. What should we do? // Commander: Good question... Keep an eye on this area for awhile. The general will come after us... I know it. Stay alert. // Child soldier: OK, you got it.
  • Child soldier: Hey, commander, how's the XO doing? // Commander: Collapsed on the ground. // Child soldier: I guess he didn't like the kicks I put in him! I'll do the same to all the grown-ups... Better yet, why don't we just kill him? Come on, commander! // Commander: No. // Child soldier: Why not? // Commander: He'll be our bargaining chip. // Child soldier: But... they made us kill our own families... // Commander: ... I remember. // Child soldier: That's it? It doesn't bother you?! // Commander: Calm yourself! If we're going to survive together, we need to keep our cool! // Child soldier: All right. If you say so. // Commander: Anyway, your report! // Child soldier: All clear. What should we do next? // Commander: Keep an eye on this area for a while. The general will come after us... I know it. Stay alert. // Child soldier: Understood...
  • XO: You... You came to bring me back? Let me go... If I return, they'll kill me. I'm not the brother of the general. To avenge my parents. I was waiting all my life for the chance, fighting for his side the whole time. You don't believe me? I will show you his head. I convinced the children to rise up against the general. They were born on the other side - the Buta side - anyway. I was born in a Buta village as well. The general showed up in my village when I was a boy, and took us away. They blindfolded me and made me pull a trigger. Theen they showed me that I had shot my mother and father. The one who hired you is the general's real brother. If you give me to them, they will torture me for days. And then they will appoint a new general. The general's brother...? Haha... My great-grandfather once told me about him... The Buta and Mbele share the same ancestors... We were all brothers. But there's no going back to that time now. Blood is thicker than water? Well revenge is thicker than blood.

Hunting Down

  • Mbele prisoner: I was held at Nzo ya Badiabulu. Part of their inventory. That trafficker captured me. They used my friends... as their guinea pigs... When the trafficker got a look inside the factory, it really put the fear of the devil into him. After that, there was some ruckus at the factory. That was my chance, so I ran. I thought I could kill him myself if I just caught up, but... Whatever's making people sick, they made more of it at that factory. The sickness at the village downriver. They called it the "curse of the forked tongue." Because the talkative ones were the first to die. Only thing that doesn't make sense... none of the children got sick. Malira didn't make it. They're still... Using children for... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...

Root Cause

  • Intel Team member: I know... Where they got their pathogen... Code... Talker... They have the "mansion" surrounded... The "old man..." will die... If you find him, you gotta - Our other men got me out of that "mansion..." Acted as human shields... Told me, "Get this intel to the boss..." They have them now... Somewhere...

Code Talker

Note, the first conversation only occurs when gameplay returns after accessing the cutscene where the player meets Code Talker. Restarting at a checkpoint will have gameplay occur normally with the conversation being absent.

  • Code Talker: He claims they are the dream of every ruler since the dawn of time. Teach them your enemy's words, then unleash them on his lands. Destroying only those who speak his tongue. He calls them his "ethnic cleansers." // Kazuhira Miller: "Ethnic cleansers..." That's what Skull Face is after...? Then Nzo ya Badiabulu was... Boss! He's going to wipe every language besides English off the face of the earth!! // Code Talker: Ironic, isn't it? They gave us language, and now they take it away. It was thanks to them that man first learned to speak. But now, the hands of their clock turned back, they've been warped by the hands of man.

This conversation only occurs if the player passes by burial mounds usually used for mass graves while carrying Code Talker.

  • Code Talker: Victims of the experiments. They were implanted without my knowledge. Even had I known, there is nothing I could have done. // Kazuhira Miller: Are the MIA Intel Team members buried there too? Bastards... they're gonna pay for this.

Side Ops 1: Extract the Russian Interpreter

Note: the following exchange cannot be translated during the game due to most side ops being rendered non-replayable after completing them. The following was instead translated by Piggyback Guides.

  • Soviet soldier: You do speak English, right? Interpretation section for Western information must be pretty hard. I see the light turned on until late in the evening. // Interpreter: Yes, we read their newspapers or magazines the whole day. I also dream in English. // Soviet soldier: Really? Tell me something interesting that I can tell an American someday. // Interpreter: Alright, then repeat after me. // Interpreter: I spent... // Soviet soldier: I spent... // Interpreter: ...last night... // Soviet soldier: ...last night... // Interpreter: ...with your girlfriend. // Soviet soldier: ...with your girlfriend. // Interpreter: Not bad. // Soviet soldier: Fine. What does this mean? // Interpreter: It means, "I'm a good friend of your friend." // Soviet soldier: Nice sentence! Even in the Cold War, nothing is better than to be friends. // Interpreter: Yeah, so that we can exchange blows. // Soviet soldier: Ha ha, indeed! Teach me more someday. // Interpreter: Sure. Bye. // Kazuhira Miller: That Soviet soldier in the green beret is speaking English... must be a language specialist. With him on our side, we'd be capable of Russian interpretation support. Try and extract him.

Random conversations

Note: This section is for conversations that randomly appear regardless of whether the player is on a mission or not. In some cases, they can be heard from truck drivers when disembarking from a truck.

  • Soviet Soldier 1: So it seems like HQ is finally listening to us foot soldiers. We can call in gunships now if we need to. // Soviet Soldier 2: That's fantastic news. Having chopper support will make a world of difference out here. // Soviet Soldier 1: Right, there's a limit to what you can do with ground forces alone. Anyway, the rest is yours. // Soviet Soldier 2: Understood.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: How long do you suppose this war will go on? No matter how many of the dushman we kill, they continue to appear. I expect that they're getting help from the CIA imperialists, but think of the cost just to feed them. // Soviet Soldier 2: Lately I've been hearing of support from those millionaires in those oil countries. MAK has popped up now, and you've got money coming in from the ISI in Pakistan and the GIP in Saudi Arabia... Did you know that in the West, there's a theory that oil comes from the remains of ancient animals? // Soviet Soldier 1: Rotted down animal corpses? // Soviet Soldier 2: Yes, and because of that it'll all dry up soon. People say they're using that to drive up the price. // Soviet Soldier 1: Capitalism... everything has a price. // Soviet Soldier 2: I'd better be off. // Soviet Soldier 1: Later.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Hey, do you know anyone in the Strategic Rocket Forces? // Soviet Soldier 2: What's this, all of a sudden? // Soviet Soldier 1: I just heard about that lieutenant colonel, the one who saw through the malfunction in the nuclear arms early warning system. He got an official reprimand. // Soviet Soldier 2: Reprimand? But he was right - there was no strike! // Soviet Soldier 1: It's protocol. If the system goes off, you have to launch a retaliatory attack without hesitation. // Soviet Soldier 2: If he'd followed protocol, there would have been a counterattack from the Americans. // Soviet Soldier 1: Yes. It would have meant nuclear war, no doubt about it. // Soviet Soldier 2: Then this lieutenant colonel, he saved the world. // Soviet Soldier 1: That's right, but protocol comes first, not whether or not his judgment was correct. // Soviet Soldier 2: Unbelievable... // Soviet Soldier 1: What would you have done in his shoes? Me, I might have pressed the button. // Soviet Soldier 2: I hear you. You break the rules, they break you right back. // Soviet Soldier 1: No use thinking about it. Okay, all yours. // Soviet Soldier 2: You got it.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: ...I got a letter from Grigoriy. Sasha is dead. // Soviet Soldier 2: So he didn't make it... Damn it! And last week, the new guy lost it and got pulled out. It never stops... // Soviet Soldier 1: We're doing better than others. A comrade at the regimental headquarters told me a third of the platoon at Panjshir is replaced every six months. // Soviet Soldier 2: That many? // Soviet Soldier 1: Across the whole force, we lose over 100 men every month. It's been that way since the past three years. // Soviet Soldier 2: But we're killing more of them! // Soviet Soldier 1: I hear you, comrade. Calm down. // Soviet Soldier 2: It feels like we're getting nowhere... // Soviet Soldier 1: Maybe I'll be next... // Soviet Soldier 2: Stop it. Ne karkat.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Are they done setting up those surveillance cameras? // Soviet Soldier 2: Every last one of them. But there are more blind spots than I thought. Not sure how much we can count on them. // Soviet Soldier 1: You can say that for a lot around here. But they should fill the gaps for our security, right? // Soviet Soldier 2: I guess. We won't know until we've seen the security feeds ourselves. // Soviet Soldier 1: Yeah, we should take a look soon. All right, it's all yours from here.
  • Soviet soldier 1: So you said that you lived in Ukraine, right? // Soviet Soldier 2: Just when I was a kid. What's up? // Soviet Soldier 1: My cousin is going to be sent to one of those ZATO. He wouldn't tell me where exactly, but it's somewhere in Ukraine. He's very bright, much smarter than me. He studied nuclear engineering at university. Honestly, I'm jealous now, you know? Here I am waiting every day for the dushman to cut my throat. // Soviet Soldier 2: Do you think he'll be OK, though? You hear all sorts of rumors about those cities. Radioactive leaks and such... // Soviet Soldier 1: That's just the nuke testing sites. They say Soviet reactors are the safest in the world. // Soviet Soldier 2: I hope you're right. // Soviet Soldier 1: See you.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Have you seen those decoys they distributed a few days ago? // Soviet Soldier 2: I sure did. But I don't know if something like that will actually fool the enemy. // Soviet Soldier 1: It's not so easy to spot the difference from a distance. I think we'll get a lot of use out of them. // Soviet Soldier 2: I hope so. // Soviet Soldier 1: Anyway, your watch now. // Soviet Soldier 2: Yep, No problem.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Hey, did you see the new board they put up at the relay base? // Soviet Soldier 2: Yeah. "Ethnic Solidarity." Who are they kidding? // Soviet Soldier 1: Right. And now the brass is prioritizing sending in more Russian-born guys instead of Central Asians. Those guys don't have the morale because ethnically they're close to the Afghans. // Soviet Soldier 2: Makes sense. // Soviet Soldier 1: Well, catch you later. // Soviet Soldier 2: Sure.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: You've been hearing stories of the man with one eye? // Soviet Soldier 2: Yeah, that he's killed a lot of our boys... Is he dushman? // Soviet Soldier 1: No, but I heard he was sent here by American imperialists to support them. Someone who survived says that he has a horn in his head, and fights like a man possessed by a demon. // Soviet Soldier 2: A man with a horn? Sounds like he panicked and lost his mind. // Soviet Soldier 1: Perhaps.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: I just heard about the landmines. // Soviet Soldier 2: The what? Nobody told me. // Soviet Soldier 1: We got a communiqué from HQ ordering landmines planted in areas of low security. So don't go strolling around just anywhere. // Soviet Soldier 2: Ha, yeah. What'll they tell my folks if I step on a Russian landmine. // Soviet Soldier 1: Yeah, right. OK, it's your watch. // Soviet Soldier 2: Roger that.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Hey, they've just begun deploying armored vehicles equipped with the multiple launch rocket system. // Soviet Soldier 2: Just begun? Those have been around forever. // Soviet Soldier 1: They've never been deployed in this area before. And they may be old, but they still pack a hell of a punch. // Soviet Soldier 2: True, laying down fire over a large area will be a huge plus. // Soviet Soldier 1: Exactly. The dushman will be like rats in a trap. // Soviet Soldier 2: I can't wait. // Soviet Soldier 1: All right, the rest is yours, comrade. // Soviet Soldier 2: OK.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: You notice how many of our men are MIA recently? // Soviet Soldier 2: You bet. And I heard there are American agents behind it. // Soviet Soldier 1: Here? No way. // Soviet Soldier 2: I'm serious. There have been multiple sightings of our comrades being lifted up by balloons and pulled away by helicopter. That's no dushman tactic. It's the Americans' Fulton recovery system. //Soviet Soldier 1: What...? But how many American spies would it take to do that...? Soviet Soldier 2: Anyway, HQ is trying to think of ways to combat the threat. You be careful. OK. I have to get back. // Soviet Soldier 1: Yeah...
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Hey, remember the guy who left with the refill platoon? // Soviet Soldier 2: Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanov. Quiet type - some kind of science fiction nut? // Soviet Soldier 1: He left a book behind, this British novel called "Nineteen Eighty-Four." // Soviet Soldier 2: What, it's published this year? // Soviet Soldier 1: No, no, it's written, I dunno, 30 years ago. // Soviet Solider 2: What's it about? // Soviet Soldier 1: I couldn't read it. It's in English, but it's about a utopia where the entire world has been communized. // Soviet Soldier 2: Woah, seriously? // Soviet Soldier 1: It's a British author. I don't think we're the heroes. More "communism is evil" dressed up in fiction, you know? // Soviet Soldier 2: What, they think a capitalist world would be so much better? Pah. // Soviet Soldier 1: Mmm. I'm no die-hard communist, but that... // Soviet Soldier 2: Anyway, I'd better get going. // Soviet Soldier 1: Roger that.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Did you hear the talk of the woman near the power plant? // Soviet Soldier 2: No. What kind of woman? // Soviet Soldier 1: We don't know who she's with, but they say she's naked. // Soviet Soldier 2: Naked? No shit? // Soviet Soldier 1: No shit. Meaning there's no way she's from around here. // Soviet Soldier 2: Hey, if you see her, tell me, too. // Soviet Soldier 1: That's the thing - she vanishes just as quickly as she appears. // Soviet Soldier 2: What do you mean "vanishes?" // Soviet Soldier 1: No one's gotten close enough to hear her speak. // Soviet Soldier 2: Almost sounds like a ghost? // Soviet Soldier 1: Hey, ghost or not, I wouldn't say no. // Soviet Soldier 1: Ha Ha, OK... Later, muzhik.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: How do you like the new rifles? // Soviet Soldier 2: They're all right. I thought they might be too heavy with the modifications, but they're just as easy to carry. // Soviet Soldier 1: Yeah, we weren't lied to for once. // Soviet Soldier 2: I can't wait to do some target practice on the dushman. // Soviet Soldier 1: Don't forget the rules of engagement, comrade. All right, I'm going. // Soviet Soldier 2: OK. Good work.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: HQ has said that all the outposts are going to be getting armored vehicles. // Soviet Soldier 2: Took long enough. Hopefully they don't take forever to get here, too. // Soviet Soldier 1: I agree, but they have to come from Russia through the Salang Pass. So it's going to take some time. // Soviet Soldier 2: I give you that, but... That isn't the only issue. The terrain here isn't like the Steppe. If they're not tracked vehicles, then... // Soviet Soldier 1: Look, we just have to deal with it. // Soviet Soldier 2: ...I guess so, comrade. // Soviet Soldier 1: You're on watch. // Soviet Soldier 2: Right.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Know what I just heard? We weren't even supposed to be in this stinking place. // Soviet Soldier 2: What do you mean? // Soviet Soldier 1: Originally, the DRA forces were meant to mop up these guerrillas. But when the moment comes, their morale goes to shit and they desert. Totally useless. // Soviet Soldier 2: So we have to pick up the slack... // Soviet Soldier 1: Sending us all the way out to this wasteland to wipe their asses. // Soviet Soldier 2: Don't say that. It's an honor to fight. Besides, we'll be out of here next month, right? // Soviet Soldier 1: Yeah, at least the half-yearly rotation is there to save our skins. Anyway, I'd better get back. // Soviet Soldier 2: See you.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: Well, I guess I'll head back. Only a few of these watch duties left... // Soviet Soldier 2: Another dembel. My time is just getting started! // Soviet Soldier 1: Look forward to the winter, little molodoy. The cold is like nothing on earth. // Soviet Soldier 2: Old Man Winter is our friend. He makes life difficult for the dushman. // Soviet Soldier 1: I grew up in Crimea. You're from Belarus. Two very different places. Besides, I finally get to see my daughter. Of course I'm excited. // Soviet Soldier 2: All right, all right, get lost. // Soviet Soldier 1: Be seeing you.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: The commissariat just sent a communiqué about their plan for night combat. Everybody is going to get flashlight weapon mounts. // Soviet Soldier 2: Gun lights... Wonderful. Better be careful they don't give away our positions. // Soviet Soldier 1: It comes down to how you use them. You could flash them to lure the enemy, or shine it in their eyes. Blind them. // Soviet Soldier 2: Hmm... yeah... // Soviet Soldier 1: Anyway, you're on watch now. // Soviet Soldier 2: OK.
  • Soviet Soldier 1: You know, I heard something interesting the other day. This scientist, he said he isn't afraid of Reagan's announcement. // Soviet Soldier 2: You mean that Star Wars program? // Soviet Soldier 1: The Strategic Defense Initiative. It's supposed to be able to shoot down nuclear missiles. // Soviet Soldier 2: And why is he not afraid? // Soviet Soldier 1: He said it wouldn't be able to shoot down a missile that doesn't show up on radar. // Soviet Soldier 2: A missile that doesn't show up on radar? How is that possible? // Soviet Soldier 1: Don't look at me. But he said the Motherland has been researching such a thing for over 20 years. // Soviet Soldier 2: So what, the government wants to launch a strike? // Soviet Soldier 1: Surely not... Unless we were attacked first. Imagine if there was a nuclear strike on the Motherland while we're out here. // Soviet Soldier 2: Would be horrible. Not having a home to go back to. // Soviet Soldier 1: Well, it would mean all-out nuclear war. Who says we'd survive? And even if we did make it, they say food would run out in a nuclear winter. // Soviet Soldier 2: How often do we get fed out here anyway?
  • Soviet Soldier 1: That's right, they've started deploying tanks to every outpost. // Soviet Soldier 2: Those are some good machines. // Soviet Soldier 1: Yes, they're beasts. They've been in official service for a while, but they're still the best main battle tank around. Easy to control, easy to produce. They'll have no trouble against the likes of dushman weapons. // Soviet Soldier 2: Right. Long live the tank. // Soviet Soldier 1: OK, I need to get going. // Soviet Soldier 2: Understood.
  • CFA soldier 1: So I hear you're into some high-paying stuff recently. Escorting that trafficker, right? // CFA soldier 2: Yeah. Why don't you get in on it? // CFA soldier 1: I don't want to get involved in any kidnapping shit. // CFA soldier 2: Whoa, cool it. I thought you needed the money! Didn't you just have a kid? // CFA soldier 1: That's why, man. I heard about him. Some of his "products" get delivered to the Devil's House. // CFA soldier 2: Where did you hear that? // CFA soldier 1: Uh... you know, just a rumor. // CFA soldier 2: Listen, if you don't want in, fine. Just don't go shoving your nose in where it doesn't belong. // CFA soldier 1: I don't know anything, and I don't care. // CFA soldier 2: Smart man. // CFA soldier 1: See ya, I guess.
  • Rogue Coyote soldier 1: You know that merc? Looks pretty likely he's Big Boss. // Rogue Coyote soldier 2: That lone merc people have been talking about? I heard he has his own organization. // Rogue Coyote 1: Yeah, Diamond Ducks or something. And they have this huuuge base, though no one knows where it is. Guys who've gone up against him and survived are scared shitless, saying he's unstoppable. // Rogue Coyote soldier 2: The higher ups are doing everything they can to shut him down, but with a guy like that... // Rogue Coyote soldier 1: Yeah... // Rogue Coyote soldier 2: Anyway, I'm heading back. Watch yourself. // Rogue Coyote soldier 1: Roger that.
  • CFA soldier 1: Word from HQ is that every outpost is gonna be getting armored vehicles. // CFA soldier 2: Finally. Hopefully sooner rather than later. // CFA soldier 1: I know, but they're coming in from South Africa. // CFA soldier 2: So it's not gonna happen overnight. // CFA soldier 1: Mmm... Yeah, but... That's not the only problem. Most of the terrain here isn't flat. If anything, we need tracked vehicles... // CFA soldier 1: Beggars can't be choosers. // CFA soldier 2: Guess not, comrade. // CFA soldier 1: You got watch. // CFA soldier 2: Yeah.
  • CFA soldier 1: They finished installing those surveillance cameras? // CFA soldier 2: You better believe it. But they've got more blind spots than I expected. Dunno if we can count on 'em too much. // CFA soldier 1: Well, you can never see everywhere. But they should be good for plugging holes in the security, right? // CFA soldier 2: I suppose. Won't know how well till we've seen the monitors ourselves. // CFA soldier 1: Yep, let's take a look sometime. // CFA soldier 2: All right, you got watch now.
  • CFA soldier 1: What do you think of the new rifle? // CFA soldier 2: Not bad. I was worried the mods would make it too heavy, but it's no more difficult to carry. // CFA soldier 1: The rumors were true. I am dying to try this thing out. // CFA soldier 2: Just remember the rules of engagement. // CFA soldier 1: All right, I gotta go. // CFA soldier 2: Take it easy.
  • CFA soldier 1: The MPLA sure have calmed down a lot these days. // CFA soldier 2: Only because we're keeping them that way. Getting all that American weaponry has made a big difference. UNITA's getting better equipped too. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah, the MPLA must be on the verge of giving up. But if they do, what happens to our jobs? // CFA soldier 2: They're not finished yet. The MPLA are backed by the Soviets. I hear they get a mountain of funding as "military assistance." // CFA soldier 1: So we just keep on doing the Americans' and Soviets' dirty work for them. // CFA soldier 2: Yeah, all that crap about "pax atomica," this war being "cold," it's all fantasy. Our war's red hot right here. // CFA soldier 1: You said it, bro. // CFA soldier 2: Anyway, you got this next shift? // CFA soldier 1: Sure, leave it to me.
  • CFA soldier 1: Man, I'm exhausted. Why did I ever become a merc? // CFA soldier 2: Like you had anything better going. // CFA soldier 1: I wonder if I dug around here, I'd turn up any diamonds... // CFA soldier 2: Forget it. There's a little more to it than that. One diamond shows up, and you've got the government and warlords all fighting over the territorial rights. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah, I guess so. Why the hell do developed countries buy the things anyway? If those fat cats guessed their money was financing civil war... // CFA soldier 2: It's ridiculous, huh? If they watch enough TV, they'll even believe a blood-soaked rock is the symbol of everlasting love. // CFA soldier 1: You could go mad thinking about it. // CFA soldier 2: Well, later. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah.
  • CFA soldier 1: The brass has finalized that plan for night combat. They're going to hand out flashlight weapon mounts to everyone in the unit. // CFA soldier 2: ...Lights, huh? Might as well hold a big sign saying "shoot at me." // CFA soldier 1: It depends on how you use 'em. You can turn yours on to lure a hostile to you, or blind them with it up close. // CFA soldier 2: Yeah... // CFA soldier 1: Anyways, you got watch now. // CFA soldier 2: Right.
  • CFA soldier 1: So, what do you think of the biped? // CFA soldier 2: It's not bad. Whatever the terrain, you can just charge right in. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah, but riding it is hell on your knees. // CFA soldier 2: How did a PF get the money to buy the things, anyway? // CFA soldier 1: Rumor is, it's kind of a scam. They sell the units cheap, but then rack up the price on the optional on-board weaponry. // CFA soldier 2: Like what? Surface-to-air missiles or something? // CFA soldier 1: Well, that's the thing... This is just a rumor, but I heard it's a nuke. Ultra-compact. // CFA soldier 2: Are you kidding me? Mercs like us with nukes? Nuke tech is a nuclear power's biggest secret. No way we could just buy 'em. Even the South African government's having trouble developing nukes. // CFA soldier 1: Hey, it's just a rumor. I gotta go. // CFA soldier 2: Sure...
  • CFA soldier 1: So... when did they draw up the border around here anyway? // CFA soldier 2: Say what? // CFA soldier 1: Last week, we went off-road and ended up on the wrong side of the border - just like that. // CFA soldier 2: What, do you expect them to put up checkpoints in the middle of nowhere? // CFA soldier 1: But it's not like there are any rivers or mountains to go by. We never even knew when we'd gone across. // CFA soldier 2: Well, it's just a line drawn on a map, that's all. Go back a hundred years, 1884 - European nations come in, divide up the land for colonies, and the lines get drawn. I actually know where they made the final decisions - at a conference in Berlin. So there are some river or mountain borders here and there, but a lot of it's just dawn out with a ruler. // CFA soldier 1: With no thought for the locals, huh? // CFA soldier 2: Right. But the lines have stayed the same ever since. Even if the names and governments of the countries haven't. // CFA soldier 1: Well... I gotta go, man. // CFA soldier 2: Yeah, take it easy.
  • CFA soldier 1: Finally, someone I can actually talk to. // CFA soldier 2: What do you mean? // CFA soldier 1: The other day, I suddenly get surrounded by these armed kids, right? And they don't understand a word I'm saying... // CFA soldier 2: Man, that's some bad luck. But you know, Afrikaans as a language is probably on the way out anyway. Ever since the Soweto Uprising, it's gotten all kinds of bad press. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah, everybody's calling it the language of segregationalists. // CFA soldier 2: It's not even African - it's based on a version of Dutch that the colonists spoke. But somebody had the bright idea of calling it "Afrikaans," and tried to force the people to learn it. // CFA soldier 1: That was the uprising, right? Protests against learning the language. // CFA soldier 2: Yeah. It hurts to see Afrikaans hated so much, but I reckon it'll fade away along with apartheid. That said, I guess it'll be around as long as people speak it to each other. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah. // CFA soldier 2: OK, I'm finished here. // CFA soldier 1: See ya.
  • CFA soldier 1: Hey, you see those decoys they rolled out the other day? // CFA soldier 2: Ha, sure. You think they'll really fool the enemy? // CFA soldier 1: Hey, you see 'em from a distance, it's hard to tell if they're fakes. I think they'll come in pretty handy. // CFA soldier 2: I hope you're right. // CFA soldier 1: Anyway, you got watch. // CFA soldier 2: Yep, no sweat.
  • CFA soldier 1: You getting the hang of the job? // CFA soldier 2: I guess so. You've been in the business long? // CFA soldier 1: Yeah, ever since 5 Commando. // CFA soldier 2: No way! Back when Zaire was still the Congo? // CFA soldier 1: Almost 20 years now. I replied to an ad in a South African newspaper, and that was it. // CFA soldier 2: In South Africa? // CFA soldier 1: Back then I was just interested in a quick paycheck. Never thought I'd still be doing it. Life's funny. The industry's changed a lot now, though. // CFA soldier 2: Changed how? // CFA soldier 1: It used to be, the nation gathered the mercs together for a specific cause. Nowadays, mercs form their own organzations, sell themselves to the nations and warlords. // CFA soldier 2: Thanks to Big Boss? // CFA soldier 1: Yeah. The legendary mercenary - he set these times in motion. Well, I've got to get back. // CFA soldier 2: Hey, you mind if we talk some more later on? // CFA soldier 1: No problem. Keep your powder dry.
  • CFA soldier 1: Hey, can you understand my Afrikaans? // CFA soldier 2: Sounds fine to me... but I'm having trouble too. // CFA soldier 1: How did we end up like this? We, UNITA, were the ones hiring the CFA. // CFA soldier 2: No use compaining about it. UNITA can't even pay its men these days. We're lucky CFA let us sign up. // CFA soldier 1: I know... I know, but how do you stand on those white CFA Afrikaners looking down on us the whole time? It drives me crazy. // CFA soldier 2: They were raised in South Africa. Apartheid's in their blood. // CFA soldier 1: It's the same for the guys in Rhodesia. // CFA soldier 2: But come on, some of them treat us as real brothers in arms. Focus on them. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah, you're right. // CFA soldier 2: That pronunciation sounded great! // CFA soldier 1: Thanks. // CFA soldier 2: Take it easy. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah.
  • CFA soldier 1: Hey, listen to this. You know I visited the Republic of Bophuthatswana two weeks back? // CFA soldier 2: One of the South African Bantustans. // CFA soldier 1: Yeah - nations within the nation. The U.N. doesn't recognize them, but it's clever politics. Get all the blacks together in one place and force them into independence, or in other words, make 'em give up their rights as South African citizens, right? // CFA soldier 2: What's so clever about it? The whole world's outraged over it, not just the U.N. // CFA soldier 1: But that Sun City is the place to go, man! They're exempt from South African laws, so they got casinos, strip shows, the works. You ought to go yourself. // CFA soldier 2: Screw that. I ain't gonna support that exploitative bullshit. Apartheid will end before you know it. The South African government can't hold up anymore under the economic sanctions. // CFA soldier 1: You're a boring son of a bitch. // CFA soldier 2: Yeah, keep talking. // CFA soldier 1: I got things to do.
  • CFA soldier 1: By the way, they've started sending tanks to all the outposts. Those ones that were used in Lebanon, right? // CFA soldier 2: Yeah. And crushed those Soviet tanks. // CFA soldier 1: That's only 'cause the TT77 was a monkey model - export crap. These tanks we're getting are fitted with a fire-control system, so they've got the goods. // CFA soldier 2: I sure as hell hope so. // CFA soldier 1: All right, I'd better get going.. // CFA soldier 1: OK.

Mother Base conversations

Note: These are the only soldier conversations that are given in English in The Phantom Pain, not counting the Russian interpreter side-op or the interrogations with the CFA British personnel in Lingua Franca

  • Mother Base soldier 1: That puppy the boss brought back is so cute. // Mother Base soldier 2: Yeah, too cute. // Mother Base soldier 1: Man, I wanna pet him. // Mother Base soldier 2: Yeah, just once. // Mother Base soldier 1: I wanna touch his paw pads. // Mother Base soldier 2: Yeah, ju- wait, what? // Mother Base soldier 1: You don't... wanna touch 'em too? // Mother Base soldier 2: No, that, uhh... never really occurred to me. // Mother Base soldier 1: You don't know the awesomeness of a puppy's paw pads? // Mother Base soldier 2: I guess not... But yeah, I bet they would feel nice. // Mother Base soldier 1: Right?
  • Mother Base soldier 1: (heh) That dog's all grown up now. // Mother Base soldier 2: You mean DD? // Mother Base soldier 1: Yeah. Didn't seem to take that long, did it? // Mother Base soldier 2: You think he's really even a dog? // Mother Base soldier 1: Mm? Of course he's a dog. What's wrong with you? // Mother Base soldier 2: Well, I mean he just looks more like a wolf to me. // Mother Base soldier 1: That's crazy talk! He's a dog, you hear me, a dog! // Mother Base soldier 2: So you think he's a dog, I get it. Keep a freakin' lid on it. What's important is that he's one of us, regardless if he's a dog or a wolf. // Mother Base soldier 1: He is a dog, though. // Mother Base soldier 2: (sigh) ...Why do I even bother?
  • Mother Base soldier 1: I heard the boss has been going to that area under construction a lot lately. // Mother Base soldier 2: Yeah, saw him myself. // Mother Base soldier 1: There's something in there... // Mother Base soldier 2: He's... probably just keeping tabs on the building work. I've seen him watching us too. Don't let him catch you slacking off. // Mother Base soldier 1: Ain't that the truth.
  • Mother Base soldier 1: Hey, you know why the boss is called Big Boss? // Mother Base soldier 2: (tsk) Everybody knows that. There was this unit in World War II called the Cobras, and their commander was a woman called The Boss. They say she was the mother of modern day special forces. Anyways, so she defects to the Soviet Union. America's afraid she'll leak all kinds of military secrets, so... they assign a man to kill her. // Mother Base soldier 1: Yeah, our boss, Big Boss. And once The Boss was dead, he was given the name to signify that he had surpassed her. // Mother base soldier 2: He carried out a one-man infiltration of the Soviet Union, even though he was injured. He's one tough son of a bitch. // Mother Base soldier 1: Yep. But I also heard that The Boss was his mentor, and that they were... involved. And that was why he turned his back on America. // Mother Base soldier 2: He really has been through hell...
  • Mother Base soldier 1: So why'd the boss's old organization get taken out? Just because the U.S. didn't like having a threat like that on its doorstep? // Mother Base soldier 2: You hear all kinds of stories... but from what Commander Miller says, there's more to it than that. They had a feud with this American covert intelligence agency called Cipher. During the Peace Walker incident, the boss built a merc outfit that fought alongside the Sandinistas. An army without a country - by mercs, for mercs - something with no government holding the reins. Cipher wanted their military muscle, but the boss said no. // Mother Base soldier 1: So they moved on the Caribbean base and massacred them. Huh... // Mother Base soldier 2: I hear you...
  • Mother Base soldier 1: So... who's that woman who doesn't talk that the boss brought back? // Mother Base soldier 2: No idea. I wonder if she's even human? // Mother Base soldier 1: You what? Come on, if she isn't human, what is she? // Mother Base soldier 2: An alien? Some kind of bioroid? I dunno... the way she moves, disappears... I wouldn't count anything out. // Mother Base soldier 1: Gimme a break. I'm pretty sure it's technology from that Cipher group. There's no such thing as miracles or the supernatural - only cutting-edge technology. // Mother Base soldier 2: I don't know much about Cipher, but even science has its limits, right? And how do we even know she's connected to them anyway? // Mother Base soldier 1: You're asking the wrong guy. // Mother Base soldier 2: Well whoever she is, boy does she creep me out. // Mother Base soldier 1: I hear you...
  • Mother Base soldier 1: Things aren't so cozy around here these days, huh? // Mother Base soldier 2: Yeah, every chance they get, they're telling us not to trust anyone. // Mother Base soldier 1: Commander Miller's gone a little cuckoo ever since that Skull Face guy died. // Mother Base soldier 2: All that phantom pain talk... I'd say all he's fighting is phantoms. // Mother Base soldier 1: Well, revenge was his only reason for getting up in the morning. Then he got his revenge, and it didn't bring back anything he lost. Now he's left with this rage he doesn't know what to do with. // Mother Base soldier 2: Yeah... Just wish he wouldn't direct it at us. // Mother Base soldier 1: You got that right.
  • Mother Base soldier 1: I guess the boss is weaker than I thought. // Mother Base soldier 2: You mean kicking that scientist out? // Mother Base soldier 1: Yeah. Bastard like that... // Mother Base soldier 2: You don't let live? // Mother Base soldier 1: ...Y-yeah, damn right. You know how many of us died 'cause of that prick? // Mother Base soldier 2: I can see why people would be out for blood... But look at Commander Miller. Skull Face is dead, and he's still looking for someone to go after. // Mother Base soldier 1: Yeah, wouldn't want to end up like him. // Mother Base soldier 2: The boss keeps his composure... not like Miller. // Mother Base soldier 1: But you know, I think the commander calmed down a bit after the incident. // Mother Base soldier 2: You could be right.
  • Mother Base soldier 1: So, uhh... who do you like? // Mother Base soldier 2: Huh? What do you mean? // Mother Base soldier 1: Are you Team Miller, or Team Ocelot? // Mother Base soldier 2: Oh, that. No preference. // Mother Base soldier 1: Oh yeah? Most of the girls here go for one or the other. Mother base soldier 2: Wouldn't that be the boss? Mother Base soldier 1: The boss is... well, the boss. Mother Base soldier 2: I... don't really follow... But anyway, h-honestly the commander kind of scares me. And Ocelot? You can never tell what he's really thinking. Mother Base soldier 1: Mm-hmmm, picky type, huh? Mother Base soldier 2: I'm not interested in a relationship right now. And if you are, I don't suggest working in a place like this. Mother Base soldier 1: I guess you're right...

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