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The Moloni Republic was a country in southern Africa, which included Lobito Island.

Lobito Island was the location of the Lobito Physics and Chemistry Laboratory.

Lobito Physics and Chemistry Laboratory

The Lobito Physics and Chemistry Laboratory was a massive research complex owned by the company known as BEAGLE.

To the south was the primary check-in gate. It contained two check-in buildings as well as a gate.

To the north was the primary office for the complex. It contained several rooms filled with office space, a reception area, and a control room at the northernmost area.

To the East of the Office was the lower portion of several ruins on the island. It also contained a road to get to the Residential Area, although it was sealed off with new walls by the time of the Lobito Island Incident.

To the West of the Office was a minefield.

To the far East was the Residential Area, which was composed of three buildings. The most secure building contained several security measures, such as a password system and ID recognition system to identify personnel of a higher clearance. Anyone who didn't meet proper clearance ended up enacting a huge amount of security measures against them. It also had trenches between the three buildings.

To the far West was the Armory, which possessed two stories total as well as several rooms containing ammunition of various sorts. The top floor was also guarded by gun cameras.

North of the Residential Area was the BRC-026 building, which was a complex detention center that possessed a warehouse and a security system that required two people to work together to open the gates. It was because of this that it didn't require extensive personnel to guard the prisoners.

To the West of the BRC-026 were the upper portion of the ruins.

North of the Office was the drawbridge. It contained a shack to activate the drawbridge, which led directly to FAR.

West of the drawbridge was the upper portion of the mine field.

Above the Armory was the Ebro tower, a prototype factory building. It contained three floors. The first two were easily accessible, while the third was in a hidden passageway, accessible via elevator. The third floor contained a life-sized board game, which was also rigged to self destruct upon completion of the game.

North of the Ebro tower was a rope bridge.

On the Northwestern portion of the island was the mountains, which contained one shack.

North of the drawbridge, East of the mountains, and West of the power plants was the outer perimeter of FAR.

On the Northeastern portion of the island was the power plant, which powered FAR's security systems.

FAR (Flemming's Assembly Room) was located in the northernmost part of the Plant where Dr. Flemming would command researchers. Only the doctor's research advisers were allowed into the place. It had at least one floor as well as four basement floors.

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