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Miranda was formerly a nurse who ultimately became a castaway at the alternate dimension of Dite.

She had formerly worked at the Dhekelia SBA Memorial Hospital in Cyprus. However, during a routine drive, the comms at the hospital went offline, so she and a fellow doctor drove back to the hospital. Upon arrival, she discovered that the hospital was on fire. Shortly afterwards, however, their ambulance got sucked into a wormhole into Dite, with the doctor succumbing to the Death Dust and becoming a Wanderer, she ultimately was passed out, ultimately being rescued by the Captain (who had arrived at the location to investigate a chopper crash they had witnessed earlier). After explaining how she got there, she also told Reeve to take off his shirt because she needed to inspect him due to his injured status. She also voiced a desire to cure the Wanderers, although Reeve strongly suggested against it.

Miranda had been to a lot of conflict regions as a nurse, treating wounded soldiers. She also owned pets and expressed concern for their well-being while at Dite.

Behind the scenes

Miranda is a character who appears in Metal Gear Survive. She is voiced by Marisha Ray.

In the scene where she explains what happened prior to being sucked into Dite, she mentioned that when she arrived back at the hospital, it was on fire, implying that she worked at the Dhekelia SBA Memorial Hospital, and that she was sent to Dite during the events of the Hospital Escape from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

It's implied that Miranda has feelings for Reeve, with Dan even sarcastically calling the two "lovebirds." In real life, Marisha Ray is married to Reeve's voice actor Matthew Mercer.

The cutscene where she is rescued is reused with various female castaways the player can rescue in side missions.

She has a similar appearance to an unnamed nurse who was present in both the intro mission and the Truth mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (both missions feature her as among the people in the way of Venom Snake before being gunned down by XOF, and the latter mission had her being present at the hospital at the Barranquilla Coast in the beginning cutscene trying to resuscitate Big Boss). However, that nurse possessed a slightly different hairstyle from Miranda.[1]

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