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This article is a list of weapons and equipment that appear in Metal Gear.


Handgun (Beretta 92FS)[]

MG1 M92F


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A semi-automatic pistol that is the standard-issue sidearm of the United States Army. Can be equipped with a suppressor.

MG1 submachine gun

Submachine Gun

Submachine Gun (Ingram MAC-11)[]

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An American submachine pistol. Can be equipped with a suppressor.

MG1 Grenade Launcher

Grenade Laucher

Grenade Launcher (M79)[]

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Used to fire grenades, this weapon is used to defeat the Hind D on the roof of Building 1 in Outer Heaven, as well as the bulldozer in the sewers.

MG1 rocket launcher

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher (RPG-7V)[]

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A man-portable anti-tank rocket launcher that is used in the battles against Bloody Brad and Big Boss.


Plastic Explosive (C4)[]

MG1 plastic explosive

Plastic Explosive

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This can be placed on the ground or on walls and is detonated shortly thereafter. It can be used to destroy weakened walls, in order to find certain equipment or alternate pathways.

RC Missile[]

MG1 RC missile

RC Missile

A remote controlled missile that travels at ground level. Solid Snake uses it to disable control panels that are connected to electrified floors. It can be used in the battles with Machinegun Kid and Fire Trooper so that Snake can attack from a safe location.


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MG1 mine


A mine that is set off by a proximity sensor. Once primed, it cannot be retrieved, and will explode if Snake walks too close to it. Equipping a mine detector, will reveal its location to the user. A maximum of three mines can be set in the same screen.



MG1 antenna


Allows the user to send and receive communications within enemy jamming zones.

"You can send and receive communications using the antenna, even when you are in an enemy jamming area"
―Antenna description in Metal Gear
MG1 antidote



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Used to counteract scorpion venom.

MG1 Binoculars



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Allows surveillance of the surrounding area. Used to look out at distant terrain and check enemy positions. Cannot be used in small spaces.

MG1 Body Armor

Body Armor

Body Armor[]

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Halves the damage caused by enemy weapons.

Bomb Blast Suit[]

MG1 bomb blast suit

Bomb Blast Suit

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Protects the wearer from strong winds and explosive blasts. Protective clothing for bomb disposal work.


MG1 card


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Used to open doors. The required card number depends on the door’s security level.

Cardboard Box[]

MG1 cardboard box

Cardboard Box

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Used to hide from cameras and other enemies in plain sight.


SnakeLucky Strikes


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Surgeon General's Warning: Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health. It does have a limited use in revealing the location of infrared sensors.


MG1 compass


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"Use this to cross the desert."
―Compass description in Metal Gear

Allows navigation through uncharted deserts.


MG1 flashlight


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"Useful when walking down subterranean passageways."
―Flashlight description in Metal Gear

Illuminates underground passages.

Gas Mask[]

MG1 gas mask

Gas Mask

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Required for survival in gassed areas.

Infrared Goggles[]

MG1 infrared goggles

Infrared Goggles

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"Wear these to discover the location of infrared sensors"
―Infrared Goggles description in Metal Gear

Used to detect infrared alarm sensors.

MG1 mine detector

Mine Detector

Mine Detector[]

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Identifies the location of enemy mines.

O2 Cylinder[]

MG1 O2 cylinder

O2 Cylinder

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"Oxygen Cylinder
Using the oxygen cylinder in the water will preserve your LIFE gauge.
―O2 Cylinder description in Metal Gear

Allows the user to breathe underwater.


MG1 parachute


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Allows the user to safely descend from elevated locations.


MG1 ration


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Emergency food supplies that replenishes the user’s health.


MG1 silencer


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Reduces the noise generated by firing a gun. Can be attached to the handgun and submachine gun. Snake will immediately attach this item when obtained.

Enemy Uniform[]

MG1 uniform


Used to successfully bypass enemy checkpoints.

Ammunition Cache[]

Contains ammo for all four of Solid Snake's firearms. Contains 20 handgun bullets, 20 submachine gun bullets, 6 grenade round, and 2 rocket rounds.


Gives the user infinite ammo for all weapons when equipped. Unlocked by completing the game.