This article is a list of optional Codec conversations in the original Metal Gear Solid and its remake The Twin Snakes.

A star (*) means that the dialogue was omitted from The Twin Snakes.

A double star (**) means the call was dummied out of the original game.


Meryl Silverburgh

Infrared sensors

Meryl: Be careful, Snake. That air lock is set with infrared sensors. 

The Twin Snakes:
Snake: What is it?

Meryl: You probably can't see them with your naked eyes, but there are infrared beams coming out of that wall. Touch any one of them, and the doors will seal off and the place will be flooded with poison gas. Somehow you've got to get through without setting off those sensors.

Wrong Flag 1**

This is used if the player enables contact with Meryl before getting her frequency from Baker.

Meryl: "ふらぐ" (Wrong Flag)

Cardboard box

Meryl: A cardboard box? I heard stories from my uncle, but I always though he was pulling my leg... I... I've got no comment.

Nuclear Warhead Storage building

Meryl: If you go north from there, you'll eventually come to the Warhead Storage Building. I'll go ahead and wait for you there.

Snake: Meryl.

Meryl: What? Are you going to tell me to stay back cause I'm too green again?

Snake:Nope. It's your decision. I can't stop you from doing what you want, but...

Meryl: But?

Snake: Don't do anything stupid, okay?

Meryl: Stupid? Boy...thanks for the great show of confidence...

Snake: Meryl....

Meryl: Anyway...I'll see you there.

Mine field

Meryl: The place is mined? Well, if you use a Mine Detector, you'll be able to see the mines displayed on your radar. If you need a Mine Detector, there should be one on the 2nd floor of the tank hangar.

Noisy floor

Meryl: Snake, if you walk on that floor normally, it'll make a lot of noise and the enemy will hear you. Try crawling.

Hint to defeating the M1 tank

Meryl: I think you might be able to fool the tank's electronic systems with a chaff grenade.

M1 tank

Meryl: No matter how good you are, there's no way you can match up against the M1 tank. All you can do is try to take out the person in the driver's seat. With grenades, you should be able to attack the soldier on top of the tank too.

Snake's incredible

Meryl: You're incredible, Snake! You single-handedly beat an M1 tank.

Snake: No big deal. But I'll bet that VR simulator you trained on didn't have any scenarios that put you one on one against a tank, did it?

Meryl: No. But there was no scenario where I had to work alone with a special forces soldier against a group of terrorists either.

Snake: In real life, things never go the way you expect them to...especially on a battlefield.

Meryl: I'm already holed up in the Warhead Storage Building. It looks like Dr. Emmerich is still fine, but I'm not sure for how much longer... Hurry up this way, okay?

NBC warfare troops

Meryl: Dr. Emmerich should be in the laboratory area in the 2nd-floor basement. Heavy-arms fire in that area is strictly prohibited. An explosion could cause nuclear material to leak from one of more of the warheads, and that would be a very serious problem. Please be careful.
Snake: It looks like they're equipped with gas masks.
Meryl: That's because they are not supposed to use heavy arms.
Snake: Ah. You mean they use chemical weapons, instead.

Gas mask

To initiate this conversation, Snake must be spotted by a Genome Soldier or camera in the Nuclear Warhead storage area. When he is spotted, gas will start filling the area.

Meryl: If you use a gas mask. You should be able to survive that gas for a long time.

Snake: Where is the gas mask?

Meryl: On the 2nd floor basement of that building. So you'll have to go through there without one.


Meryl: Dr. Emmerich is probably being held in his lab in the northeast part of that floor. They've flooded the area with gas to prevent him from escaping. But there should be a gas mask on that floor too. If you use it, you'll be able to make it through easily.

Holes in the walls

Snake: Meryl, what are these holes in the walls for?

Meryl: That's an air cleaner for blowing tiny particles of dust off people's bodies before they enter the lab.

Dr. Emmerich

Meryl: Snake, Dr. Emmerich is being held just north of there.


Meryl: Deepthroat? No, I don't know anyone who calls himself that.

Snake: I see...

Meryl: I wonder why he's trying to help you.

Snake: I have no idea.

Meryl: A trap?

Snake: Could be. But for the time being, I'll have to trust him... Where are the remote controlled missiles?

Meryl: I think the remote controlled missiles are on the 1st floor basement of the Warhead Storage Building.

Pile of corpses

Snake: Meryl, this pile of this your handiwork?

Meryl: No way!

Snake: I didn't think so.

Meryl: Who could have done that?

Snake: You got me. But he must be somewhere up ahead.

Meryl: Then I guess you'll just have to go and find out.


Meryl: Ninja? I've never heard of any member of Fox-Hound like that....but you're going to have to do something about him if you want to save Dr. Emmerich.

Wrong Flag 2**

This is used if the Player enables contact with Meryl after the Gray Fox battle, owing to Snake losing contact with her during that time.

Meryl: "ふらぐ" (Flag is wrong)


The perfect nuke

To initiate this conversation, contact Otacon after he reveals REX's full capabilities.

Snake: How about it? Did you find the override system file?

Otacon: Not yet. I need a little more time. Well, I found lots of information about that new nuclear weapon... There are 4 stages involved in launching a ballistic missile. The first one is the Boost Stage. It starts at the point the missile is launched and ends after all the rocket fuel is burned and the missile is propelled into the exosphere. The next stage is the Post-Boost Stage. It starts after all the fuel is burned and ends after the re-entry vehicle is ejected. Next is the Intermediate Course Stage. It takes place after the re-entry vehicle is ejected and lasts until the missile enters the exosphere. Then comes the Final Stage. It starts when the re-entry vehicle enters the exosphere and it lasts until it reaches its ultimate target on the ground. Missile defense systems use military satellites to detect rocket emissions during the initial Boost Stage of a missile. But this new nuclear weapon employs the rail gun's ability to fire projectiles at ultra-high velocities, instead of using a rocket. That's why it can't be detected by today's missile defense systems! And on top of that, the re-entry vehicle also uses Stealth technology... It's so accurate that its fifty percent zone comes close to 50 meters. That's as good as the best ICBM.

Snake: A highly accurate, undetectable, uninterceptable nuclear weapon. We wouldn't even be able to tell where it came from...

Otacon: And that's not all. A standard ballistic missile uses a 2-stage or a 3-stage solid fuel rocket for its propulsion system. Besides costing lots of money, safely maintaining the solid rocket fuel and readying the missile for launch requires a lot of work. But a railgun-launched nuclear warhead avoids all of those problems. And it's cheap too.

Snake: It's the perfect nuke. A general's dream...

Otacon: And the world's nightmare.

Baker's ulterior motive

To initiate this conversation, answer the auxiliary Codec call when nearing the control room.

Otacon: Snake?

Solid Snake: Did you find it?

Otacon: No, I haven't found out about the override system yet, but I found Baker's ulterior motive.

Solid Snake: He's just looking to get rich, isn't he?

Otacon: That's part of it. ArmsTech is in much worse financial trouble than I thought.

Solid Snake: I know they lost their bid to make the next-generation fighter jet. That plus the reduction in SDI spending...

Otacon: It looks like there was even some talk of a hostile takeover.

Solid Snake: Everything was riding on this project, I guess.

Otacon: And it looks like we were paying a lot of bribe money to the DARPA chief.

Solid Snake: Bribe money, huh.

Otacon: Yeah, and Baker was a big proponent of the nuclear-deterrent theory.

Solid Snake: I see... So anyway, what about the override?

Otacon: Just give me a little bit longer...

REX's joint development

To get this conversation, contact Otacon after Otacon reports on ArmsTech's reason for undergoing the REX project.

Snake: Did you find the file for the override system?

Otacon: Just wait a little longer. I found out a lot about the arms industry though... After the Cold War ended, the United States slashed its defense budget by more than 15%. Naturally, the arms industry was severely affected. It resulted in an orgy of mergers and acquisitions. Some of the big arms conglomerates today are made up of what 10 years ago would have been 20 or more smaller arms companies. ArmsTech is one of those. But we lost our bid to produce the US Air Force's next line of fighter jets. Then we took a stab at civilian applications, but that was a failure too. The company was about to go belly up. Ironically, the Defense Department was in pretty much the same situation. Thanks to big budget cuts, they were forced to turn to the private sector to help fund their weapons development. On top of that, the government began to actively export their advanced weapons technology to the private sector in order to maintain a high standard of quality in the country's defense armaments. Eventually they decided on a joint development project for new weapon systems between the DOD and the private sector. And since both sides were in such bad financial shape, that's where all the backscratching came in. So there was another reason for the joint development of Metal Gear, huh. It wasn't just President Baker trying to keep ArmsTech afloat...

Ladies' bathroom

Otacon: Did you find Meryl?

Snake: Sort of. I'm positive I saw her come into this bathroom, but...

Otacon: There's only one exit, right?

Snake: Yeah.

Otacon: Well then she must still be in there. Is there any place she might be hiding in there?

Psycho Mantis's stealth camouflage

Otacon: Someone else must be controlling Meryl. Do something, Snake! Save her!

Snake: What am I supposed to do? I don't even know where he is.

Otacon: Probably somewhere close by. He's just invisible.

Snake: How?

Otacon: Stealth camouflage. A technology I developed... Stealth camouflage works by bending the light around the user in such a way that they're rendered nearly invisible. But if you had thermal goggles, you'd be able to see him. Anyway, you can't see him with your naked eyes, but there must be some way to make him show up.

Psycho Mantis' waste of powers

Otacon: A psychic soldier...What a waste. I guess fighting was all he ever knew...

Snake: Are you feeling sorry for him?

Otacon: Mantis had incredible power...fantastic power. Maybe that power could have been used to make people happy. ...It's a sad thing when you see all that power being used just for war.

Snake: ..........

The wolf dogs: Part 1

Otacon: Snake, don't kill the dogs...Please?

Snake: What are you talking about. If I don't kill them, they'll kill me.

Otacon: But those dogs are just innocent animals.

Snake: If they were guilty, it'd be okay?

Otacon: ...But keep dogs, don't you?

Snake: So what!? This is war. My private hobbies have got nothing to do with it.

Otacon: ..........

The wolf dogs: Part 2

Otacon: Snake, those dogs...

Snake: Gimme a break...

Sniper Rifle

Snake: Otacon, have you ever seen a sniper rifle anywhere on this base?

Otacon: A sniper rifle?

Snake: Meryl's been an extremely good sniper.

Otacon: Sniper...

Snake: A high quality sniper rifle is the only way I can fight back.

Otacon: I...I saw a PSG-1 in the armory in the 2nd floor basement of the Tank Hangar.

Snake: The 2nd floor basement of the Tank Hangar? I have to go all the way back there?

Otacon: Well...yeah...

Snake: What's wrong with you, Otacon?

Otacon: Oh...nothing.

Snake acquires a PSG-1

Otacon: ..........

Snake: What is it?

Otacon: Wolf...I...just....forget it.

Snake is captured

Snake: Otacon, are you still okay?

Otacon: Yeah. Thanks to the stealth camouflage, that is.

Snake: I have a favor to ask. I need your help.

Otacon: I was wondering when you'd ask. What should I do?

Snake: I've been captured. I'm locked up here in this cell.

Otacon: What cell?

Snake: There's a big torture machine nearby.

Otacon: Okay. I know it. It's close. I'll be there right away.

Otacon takes too long

Snake: Otacon.

Otacon: I'm headed your way now. Can't you just relax?

Snake: I am relaxed. I just don't know how to kill time here.

Otacon: Okay. I'll be there as soon as I can.


Otacon: Did you use the ketchup? It took me a long time to find that. It's exactly the right color and consistency too. Use it wisely, okay?

Cold medicine

Snake: Is there any cold medicine on this base?

Otacon: What's wrong, Snake? You caught a cold? I think there's some in the commander's room. There's a pharmaceutical storage room in the southwest of the 1st floor basement...of the Warhead Storage Building. There are other types of drugs there too. I gave directions to another soldier who had caught a cold.

Snake: Well it looks like he gave the cold to me.

Frozen doorway

Otacon: Snake, that's the door to the walkway.

Snake: It won't open even if I use the card.

Otacon: Huh? Oh, that's right. I totally forgot...

Snake: Do you know something?

Otacon: That door sometimes gets frozen shut 'cause it's so cold outside.

Snake: Next time tell me beforehand. So what should I do?

Otacon: It's impossible to open from the inside. They always use C4 or something from the outside...

Snake: From the outside? You can't open it from the inside?

Otacon: Sorry, it's impossible. But don't worry, you'll get through. There are two walkways that connect Tower A and Tower B. The other one's on the roof. You should just use the walkway on the roof.

Tower A roof

Snake: Otacon, I'm up on the roof.

Otacon: That was a pretty fast climb.

Snake: I wanted to go slowly, but someone there forced me to move faster.

Otacon: Hmm. Well you can't relax 'cause there's an elevator in Tower B. That walkway will take you to Tower B.


Otacon: Wow, Snake. You're like an action movie star!

Snake: Totally different.

Otacon: Huh?

Snake: This is real. Not some prearranged stunt. If I screw up, there are no retakes.

Otacon: Yeah...I guess you're right.

Snake's second battle with Sniper Wolf

Snake: Otacon, where can I find ammo for the PSG-1?

Otacon: I...I can't tell you.


Snake: The elevator is stopped at a lower floor and it won't come up. Is there some way to get to an elevator that will take me down further?

Otacon: Well...there is one, but...

Snake: Where?

Otacon: Can you see to the west of the blast furnace? You see that crane? I think if you go down those steps, you'll get to the other side.

Snake: Did you ever see anyone actually go down there?

Otacon: No, but I've seen mice go there.

Snake: Do I look like a mouse to you?

Otacon: Be careful of that crane, too.

Cargo elevator 1

Otacon: That elevator is for transporting vehicles and building materials to the underground maintenance base.

Snake: So that's why it's so big.

Otacon: The elevator you're on right now is the No. 1 elevator. That elevator won't take you down all the way, so you'll have to switch to the No. 2 elevator at the relay point.

Cargo elevator relay point

Otacon: Snake, that's the relay point between elevator No. 1 and elevator No. 2.

Snake: Why was it set up this way?

Otacon: Well, for a long time it had been set up so that you could take one elevator all the way to the bottom, but I heard that they changed it because of something to do with the structural integrity of the rock. The No. 2 elevator is next to you, right? Transfer to that one.


Snake: What the hell are all these ravens doing around here?

Otacon: Ravens... You got me. There were ravens around from before. But for some reason they started to increase in number around the same time that FOXHOUND came to the base. It's really weird. I wonder what it could mean...

Warehouse containers

Otacon: That room is still under construction because their main priority was to finish Metal Gear's underground base. But the good thing is, with all those containers, it should be easy to hide, right?

Otacon's name

Otacon: I can't really blame Dr. Naomi... I feel sorry for her....Ever since I was a little kid, I always hated my first name.

Snake: Hal, isn't it?

Otacon: Yeah... But I'm not a computer, I'm a human......My grandfather taking part in the Manhattan father being born on the day of the Hiroshima bomb...I hated every part of that. My name, my father, my grandfather. ...It felt like all those things were a ball and chain around my legs, dragging me down.. But now that I think about it, I realize that I was blessed. At least I know who I am...where I came from... But Dr. Naomi didn't even know who her parents were, what her real name was. She must have been a very lonely little girl...

Snake: Otacon...

Otacon: ...Sorry, Snake. I guess right now you should focus on re-inputting those PAL codes.

REX's weak point

Otacon: Snake, Rex's armor is impregnable. You can't do any damage with the weapons you've got. Rex uses the latest advances in compound armor. The only way you can pierce it is with a high-performance HEAT (high-explosive, antitank) round.

Snake: So what do I do?

Otacon: Rex's pilot seat operates exactly like a VR system. It's got multiple sensors connected to a high-tech interface used for the controls. It's completely self-enclosed and shut off from the outside environment.

Snake: He's not using his naked eyes?

Otacon: That's right. So if you could somehow destroy the sensors... Do you see that round plate on Rex's left arm?

Snake: Yeah, that thing that looks like a shield?

Otacon: That's a radome. If you can destroy that thing, it won't be able to use its electronic equipment.

Snake: So he'll be blinded?

Otacon: Yeah. Try to hit that radome with a Stinger missile.

Snake: So will that stop it?

Otacon: No, Rex was designed so it can be controlled manually too.

Snake: Oh, great.

Otacon: The part that looks like a beak is where the pilot seat is. In an emergency it will open up. Rex's armor is perfect. You can't destroy it.

Snake: You told me that already.

Otacon: But the interior is a different story.

Snake: I get it... First I destroy the radome. That will force him to open up the pilot's seat.

Otacon: Right. If you can shoot a missile into the cockpit, you'll destroy the computer control system.

Snake: You intentionally designed it with a weak point?

Metal Gear Solid:
Otacon: It's not a weak point--I like to think of it as more of a character flaw. People and weapons just aren't complete without a character flaw, don't you think?
The Twin Snakes:
Otacon: It's not a weak point--more like a weakness. People and weapons just aren't very appealing without a weakness of some kind, don't you think?

Snake: I guess so. I owe you one, Otacon.

REX's free electron laser

Otacon: I saw it in President Baker's top secret files. Rex has a free electron laser mounted on its belly. It's a laser weapon that discharges a laser beam into an electron beam that's been accelerated using giant magnets. It can generate an incredible amount of energy...pretty close to 100 megawatts. That's ten times greater than any other laser out there.

REX's stomp

Otacon: If Rex steps on you, it'll be all over. Be very careful when he gets close.

REX's missiles

Otacon: Rex is equipped with antitank missiles on both of his knees. They're a laser semi-active homing type that doesn't use wires. The shooter uses a laser illuminator to bounce a laser beam off the target. After that, the missile uses the light reflected off the target to home in on it. Fortunately, the missiles are tipped with HEAT rounds and not antipersonnel warheads. But if they hit you directly, you'll be sorry. Be careful.

REX's rail gun

Otacon: The rail gun uses magnetism to fire projectiles. By perfecting the process of shell acceleration, the rail gun is able to fire a projectile with a muzzle velocity of over 100 kilometers per second. It was originally going to be used, as part of SDI, to shoot down enemy ICBMs outside the atmosphere. It's ironic that now it's gonna be used to deliver a nuclear warhead...

Prototype development

Otacon: Rex is the first actual prototype model, but they've been doing virtual prototyping for a while now. They pop it into a VR simulation while it's still in the design phase. That way they can make improvements to the design while testing it under all sorts of simulated conditions. So even though it's a prototype, it's extremely well designed. Be careful!


To initiate this conversation, contact Otacon after successfully using the ketchup to escape from the prison cell.

Otacon: So you figured out what I had in mind, huh?

Snake: I can't believe it actually worked.

Location of Snake's items

Otacon: If you're looking for your items, they're near where you were being tortured. Why don't you go get them?

Snake: If you knew that, why didn't you just bring them to me?

Otacon: The guard was scary.

Snake: ..........

Boiler room

Otacon: Are you in the boiler room? Those pipes are really old. Once in a while they blow out steam, so be careful.

Snake: You call this "once in a while"?


Otacon: Snake, I don't know anything about fighting. But you've got to beat Liquid!

Roy Campbell/Naomi Hunter

Covert operation

Campbell: Snake, don't forget this is a cover operation. There are lots of bad guys and only one of you. If you're spotted, you'll be surrounded before you know it.

Naomi: If that happens, you're finished.

Campbell: First go to the elevator in the back and take it up to the ground floor. Then look for the DARPA Chief.

Corner View Mode

Campbell: Snake, when you're up against certain walls or obstacles, you can look behind you while you're still hidden. We call that Corner View Mode. Use it skillfully to see the openings in your enemy's actions and avoid being spotted while advancing.

Naomi: In Corner View Mode you can hit the wall and make a noise, by pressing the Action Button.

Snake: So I can trick the enemy and lure him my way, huh.

Naomi: You're good at tricking people, aren't you?

Snake: Only beautiful women like yourself.

First Person View Mode

Campbell: Snake, when you're in First Person View Mode, you can step to the right by pressing the R1 button or step to the left by pressing the L1 button.

Snake: So I can just step out of the shadows and see what's up ahead, huh.

Naomi: Yes. But remember that when you step out of the shadows you'll be easier to spot. So if you're in danger, let go of the button and get back into the shadows in a hurry, alright?


To initiate this conversation, answer the auxiliary Codec call when nearing a ventilation duct.

Campbell: That base must have some kind of ventilation system to recirculate the air. There should be air ducts around there somewhere. They need a lot of power to run the base. There's probably a diesel generator somewhere. And since generating electricity requires oxygen, there must be exhaust openings for that too. You're not going to believe this, but they shot down the F-16s we were using as a diversion...with a Hind D! Then we got a message from Liquid. He said if we try something like that again, he'll launch the nuke! Snake, hurry up and get in there! That Hind will be coming back soon.


Campbell: Snake, your mission is to infiltrate, not to fight. Don't let the enemy see you. First you've got to rescue the DARPA Chief. Infiltrate the building in front. Look for some way to get in.

Dropping down

Campbell: Press the Action Button to drop down.


Campbell: Don't make too much noise or you'll be spotted. Be careful when you're walking on that floor.


Campbell: Use the elevator to change floors. There should be a cargo elevator that you can take down somewhere around here. Try to find it.

Moving the elevator

Campbell: Snake, use the elevator to move from floor to floor. To call the elevator, press the button on the nearby control panel by pressing the Action Button. The elevator should show up in no time.

DARPA Chief's signal

Naomi: Snake! Look at your radar! We've picked up the DARPA Chief's signal.

Mei Ling: Can you see the green dot flashing on your radar? That's coming from the transmitter in the Chief's body. That's where you'll find him.

Campbell: It looks like the Chief is being held in a cell. Find some way to get in there. Hurry up and get him out.

Climbing a ladder

Roy Campbell: Snake, if you want to go up or down a ladder, just press the Action Button by the ladder. Approach the ladder and press the Action Button to climb it.

M1 tank's weakness

Roy Campbell: A tank can't operate by itself. It's actually a fairly delicate weapon. Don't worry. You've got at least a fighting chance. Ask Nastasha what she thinks.

Enemies off screen

To initiate this conversation, call Campbell after being attacked on the communications towers' connecting bridge.

Naomi Hunter: Snake, you're under attack from off screen.

Snake: What should I do?

Roy Campbell: First find out where the enemy is. Use your binoculars, then use your sniper rifle or something with a longer range than an ordinary weapon.

Hurry to the second floor basement

Naomi: Snake, Psycho Mantis has the power to read people's minds. He got the DARPA chief's detonation code. Hurry up or he'll get Baker's code too...

Roy Campbell: That's right. If the terrorists get Baker's code, they'll be able to launch that nuke anytime they want.

Snake: Yeah, they'll use Metal Gear to do it... Colonel, did you know they were conducting a military exercise here using Metal Gear?

Roy Campbell: ...I didn't know.

Snake: Really?

Roy Campbell: Snake, you've got to understand. I'm just the middleman in this operation. Anyway, hurry up and get to the 2nd-floor basement! You've got to save the ArmsTech president before the terrorists find out his code.

Revolver Ocelot


Roy Campbell: If you've got a question about FOXHOUND, ask Dr. Naomi.

Naomi Hunter: Revolver Ocelot is a former member of Spetsnaz. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he apparently served in the Russian Tax Police's elite SWAT team. After that, he joined the SVR, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency, which was formerly a part of the KGB. But according to my sources, he was dissatisfied with the rigid system of the KGB and wanted to get out. That's when he was recruited by FOXHOUND. He's a gun fanatic totally obsessed with cowboy movies and spaghetti westerns.

Metal Gear Solid:
He's also something of a sadist...he learned the most advanced torture techniques while he was with Spetsnaz.
The Twin Snakes:
And he has a well-known taste for torture--when he was with Spetsnaz, he served as a special torture advisor in the concentration camps.

Campbell: Yeah, he had plenty of practice. The Lubianka Prison is located right there inside KGB headquarters. In a gunfight, reloading is usually the most dangerous time. But he loves it. Use that to your advantage. You'll have to take him out when he's reloading. Can you see where his number of remaining bullets is displayed on the screen? Wait for the right moment and then take him out!

Avoid Baker

Roy Campbell: Make sure President Baker doesn't get hurt. If he's killed, it's all over. Try not to cross over that yellow line or you might set off the explosion.

Blinding techniques

Roy Campbell: Blinding him with a stun grenade might also be effective.

Keep distance

Roy Campbell: If you get too close to Ocelot, he'll run away and shoot you from a distance. So be careful.


Roy Campbell: Snake, don't forget that President Baker is there. He's wrapped up in C4, so don't use any type of explosive near him.


Roy Campbell: Snake, shoot the pipe! You can blind him with the steam.

Sleeping Genome Soldiers

To initiate this conversation, contact Roy Campbell while standing next to a sleeping Genome Soldier at the tank hangar.

Roy Campbell: Even though the Genome Soldiers are strengthened by gene therapy, they still need to sleep. You can move safely while they're napping.

Naomi Hunter: The Genome Soldiers were specially trained so they can enter into a light sleep any time and still remain in attack posture. Be careful not to make noise when you're near them.

Campbell: When they're yawning, their eyes are closed, so they shouldn't be able to see you. Be careful with your timing and you'll be okay.

Cardboard box

Roy Campbell: What have you got there? A cardboard box?

Snake: Yeah. Remember that trick?

Roy Campbell: That's the Snake I remember. Those poor fools won't know what hit em.

Deepthroat contacts Snake

Snake: Colonel, I got a Codec call from someone outside this operation!

Roy Campbell: I know. We were monitoring the call. Mei Ling knows everything about the communications system, so let me have her explain it to you.

Mei Ling: Well, if somebody knows your frequency, they can call you. But the question is how did he learn it... it's top secret information...

Snake: So you mean someone leaked the information?

Mei Ling: That's the only explanation I can think of...

Snake: Mei Ling, do you know where that transmission originated from?

Mei Ling: I'm sorry. The radio waves were too weak to locate their source. But I'm sure he's near you...somewhere on the base.

Campbell: Snake, you'll have to go through the mine field to advance.

Pile of corpses

Snake: What's this pile of corpses...!? It looks like they were all slashed by some kind of sword.

Naomi: It couldn't be! ...

Snake: What!?

Naomi: ...uh nothing.....

Roy Campbell: Snake, I'm worried about Emmerich. Hurry up and get to him!

Cyborg Ninja

To initiate this conversation, contact Roy Campbell while fighting the Cyborg Ninja. Naomi's remark at the end of the call foreshadows her knowledge of the Cyborg Ninja's identity.

Roy Campbell: If you have a question about members of FOXHOUND, you should ask Naomi.

Naomi Hunter: I'm sorry, but there's no one in FOXHOUND like that. There are currently only six members of FOXHOUND. Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven, Decoy Octopus, Revolver Ocelot... And finally, Liquid Snake. The Genome Soldiers under his command are Next-Generation Special Forces. FOXHOUND is intended to be a small number of highly elite, handpicked soldiers.

Snake: You're talking about the current FOXHOUND, right?

Naomi: Yes...

Campbell: Snake, who or what is that thing? Is he an enemy or not?

Snake: That's what I'd like to know, Naomi, you really don't have any idea?

Naomi: ...Maybe I should ask you the same thing.

Snake: What?

Naomi: Nothing...forget about it.

Nerve Gas

To initiate this conversation, Snake must be spotted by a Genome Soldier or camera in the Nuclear Warhead storage area. When he is spotted, gas will start filling the area.

Roy Campbell: Snake, it's gas! Hold your breath! Your O2 Gauge should appear underneath your Life Gauge. If you don't breathe, the gauge will decrease. When it reaches zero, your Life Gauge will begin decrease. Try to find a Gas Mask.

Naomi Hunter: The gas that's being dispersed is probably an organic phosphorus-based nerve gas. It destroys the nervous system by interfering with the breakdown of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter. And you don't have to breathe it in for it to kill you. It can enter your body through skin contact as well. Victims die within fifteen minutes of the onset of symptoms such as nausea, perspiration, convulsions, headache, or difficulty with breathing. Your Sneaking Suit will give you some protection. It's made of a material similar to that which the NBC soldiers use. Also, I injected you with nanomachines that contain PAM (protopan chloride), a nerve gas neutralizing agent. But that will only give you temporary protection. You'd better find a Gas Mask!


Metal Gear Solid:
Naomi Hunter: The tranquilizer that Wolf is using is diazepam.
Snake: Diazepam?
The Twin Snakes:
Naomi Hunter: The tranquilizer Wolf uses. It's called pentazemin.
Snake: Pentazemin?

Naomi: It's a benzodiazepam based anti-anxiety drug. It has a strong effect on the central nervous system and it's often used as a psychotropic drug.

Snake: So how does it stop your hands from trembling?

Naomi: Anti-anxiety drugs are also effective as muscle relaxants. They're widely used to treat psychosomatic disorders such as autonomic ataxia or as pre-anesthetics to relax patients before an operation.

The Twin Snakes:
Snake: I see.
Metal Gear Solid:
Naomi: But be careful. If diazepam is used in large doses over a long period of time, it becomes addictive like alcohol. An adult should take no more than one to four doses per day, with each dose being .25 to .5 milligrams each
The Twin Snakes:
Naomi: .But be careful. Pentazemin taken in large doses over a long period of time becomes both physically and psychologically addictive, just like alcohol. An adult should take .25 to 5 milligram dose no more than one to four times a day.

Snake: Jeez, you sound like a doctor.

Naomi: I am a scientist.

Ladies' bathroom

Snake: Colonel, I saw your niece, but...

Roy Campbell: Really? Where?

Snake: She went in the ladies' bathroom. That's strange. I saw her go in, but now she's nowhere to be found.

Campbell:You'll just have to look in the stalls, I guess.

Snake: I guess you're right. I'll take em in order.

Snake finds Meryl

Snake: Colonel, your niece is fine.

Roy Campbell: Thank goodness!

Snake: We can't relax...not yet.

Campbell: I know. Snake...

Snake: She is quite a woman.

Campbell:As commander of this operation, I can't ask you to watch after Meryl, but...

Snake: Duty first?

Campbell: Maybe I was wrong...sending my own flesh and blood to war.

Snake: She understands about duty.

Campbell: I know she does...

Snake: But what I want to know is what was the real purpose of this military exercise?

Campbell: I don't know. Like I said, I'm nothing more than a middleman.

Snake: Is this transmission being monitored by the military?

Campbell: Of course.

Snake: I get it. All the world's a stage and we're merely players, right?

Campbell: Yes, but even players can influence the play.

Snake: I just hope we can prevent it from having a bad ending.

Meryl is acting strange

To initiate this conversation, contact Campbel after the cutscene which shows Meryl becoming possessed by Psycho Mantis.

Snake: Colonel, Meryl's acting kind of strange.

Roy Campbell: Maybe she's just feeling a little tired from all the stress.

Naomi Hunter: Snake, do you hear something that sounds like a song?

Snake: Yeah, I do. I started hearing it a little way back. What could it be?

Campbell: Hurry ahead, Snake. The underground base is to the north, isn't it?

First Person View Mode

To initiate this conversation, contact Naomi while Psycho Mantis is controlling Meryl.

Snake: My First Person View Mode isn't working right.

Naomi Hunter: You're seeing what he's seeing. It's a result of his telepathic powers. Maybe you can use that to find him!

Psycho Mantis

Naomi Hunter: That's Psycho Mantis...former KGB psychic. He has powerful telepathic abilities. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he came to America looking for a job. He worked with the FBI on several cases as a psychic profiler. Five years ago he was working on the case of a multiple serial murderer ...and he got too far into the killer's mind. As a result, he became just like the killer.

Roy Campbell: So he was sort of infected by this serial murderer's thoughts...?

Naomi:In any case, after that he became (a) sort of a psychic spy working for the highest bidder. He travelled all around the world. That's when he was recruited by FOX-HOUND. He can read people's minds. He knows every move that you're going to make.

Snake: What should I do? I've got no chance of beating him.

Campbell: There must be some way.

Naomi: He's a master at controlling people. Snake! Don't let him manipulate you!

Sniper Wolf

Naomi Hunter: Sniper Wolf is FOX-HOUND'S best sharpshooter. Everyone knows that women have more patience than men, but Sniper Wolf can go for a whole week with no sleep, no food... her sights never straying from her target. And on top of that, she takes diazepam, so that her hands never tremble.

Vulcan Raven

Naomi Hunter: Vulcan Raven is half Native Alaskan American and half Inuit. He was raised as a shaman and they say he has supernatural powers. During the Cold War, he trained in Russia with the Bimpel, [sic] the Soviet special forces. In 1993, he was demoted by President Yeltsin following his coup d'etat. So he fled the country and became a mercenary. After that, he joined those rent-a-war bastards at Outer Heaven Inc. He stayed there until he joined us in Fox Hound, thanks to a strong recommendation from Revolver Ocelot.

Roy Campbell: That cannon he's holding is a 20 millimeter Vulcan gun. You usually see them mounted on fighter planes. You can't take him on in a fire fight. He'll make mincemeat of you.

Naomi: He's not just strong, Snake. He's a graduate emeritus from Alaska University, so he's a quick thinker, too.

Campbell: In any case, you'd better not try to attack him from the front. Normal weapons are no match for his 20 millimeter Vulcan. Try to attack him from the sides or behind.


Naomi Hunter: Are you smoking?

Snake: Yeah, so what?

Naomi: Didn't you know that cigarettes contain benzopyrene, a chemical that leads to lung cancer? We now know that when benzopyrene enters the body, it changes to benzopyrene diolepoxide (BPDE) and attaches to the receptors on the P53 gene, the gene that causes lung cancer. The BPDE attaches to the P53 gene in three specific locations and causes precancerous changes to the lung tissue.

Snake: You know a lot about science, but you don't know how good a cigarette tastes in the morning.


To initiate this conversation, contact Campbell after knocking out the cell guard.

Roy Campbell: Great job with the guard, Snake. Now is your chance to escape.

Snake: I plan on it. Next time I meet Ocelot, it's going to be on my terms...

Naomi Hunter: How do you feel Snake? Can you go on?

Snake: Yeah. Don't worry. That sadist can't keep me down.

Hidden bomb

Roy Campbell: That was a close one, Snake.

Snake:'ll pay for that...

If the player waited until being contacted by Deepthroat before disposing of the bomb:

Snake: That Deepthroat's a real enigma. He's definitely from inside their ranks.

Campbell: Is he an informer? Maybe some kind of renegade? I've got the feeling there's some other force at work here.

Blast furnace

Roy Campbell: Snake, that's a blast furnace.

Solid Snake: A blast furnace? What do they use that for?

Campbell: There's no airport on the base, so it's hard to bring in supplies. They must have built a blast furnace so they could make building materials and such.

Snake: That makes sense. Whew, I'm starting to sweat. It's getting kind of warm.

Snake catches a cold

Roy Campbell: Snake, Naomi wants to talk to you.

Naomi Hunter: How do you feel, Snake?

Snake: Well, to tell you the truth, I think I'm catching a cold...

Naomi: I'm monitoring you via the nanomachines...Your body temperature is elevated and your lymph nodes are slightly swollen. But don't worry, it appears to be just a mild rhinovirus.

Snake: I guess I got it from that soldier.

Naomi: I've increased your nutrition and elevated your blood sugar level.

Snake: You can't cure it?

Naomi: Sorry, Snake. The nanomachines don't carry antibiotics.[sic] Maybe you could find some garlic. It contains natural antibiotics, you know. Vitamins and minerals too.

Snake: Uhhh. Raw garlic. Gimme a break.

Campbell: There must be some cold medicine somewhere on the base. That would make you feel better. If not, you'll just have to wait until your body's natural defenses take over.

Out of shape

Snake: Whew...I made it to the roof.

Naomi Hunter: You must be exhausted, Snake.

Snake: It was no big deal.

Naomi: Snake, I'm monitoring you closely. Your heart rate is elevated and your breathing is shallow.

Snake: ..........

Campbell: What's the matter, Snake? You out of shape from all that dog mushing? Then climb down and proceed north.

Hind D

To initiate this conversation, call Campbell during the battle with the Hind D.

Roy Campbell: Liquid means to bring this to an end now. He obviously planned this.

Naomi Hunter: Maybe the broken elevator was all part of the trap.

Snake: You mean he fiddled with the elevator to get me out on the roof?

Campbell: You'll have to destroy that Hind, Snake. You can see the Hind on your radar screen. Even if you lose visual contact, you can always check his position by radar.

Mono TV

Roy Campbell: You'll have to destroy that Hind, Snake. Use your ears, Snake. You should be able to tell where he's coming from by the sound of his rotor blades. Huh? Snake, you're not using a stereo TV!?

Mei Ling: It can't be!

Naomi: A Mono TV...

Campbell: Hmmmmmm....

Naomi: Well Colonel...there's nothing we can do about it....

Campbell: ...I guess you're right. Snake, don't worry about it. There's more to being a good person than just having a stereo television. You can do it just the way you are!

Mei Ling: A mono TV...


To initiate this conversation, look at the parachute in First Person View Mode.

Solid Snake: Colonel, listen to me. I found a parachute near the wreckage of the Hind.

Roy Campbell: A parachute? You don't think that Liquid survived.....?

Metal Gear Solid
Snake: Impossible. As soon as he jumped out of the pilot's seat, he'd be sliced up faster than an onion on an infomercial.
The Twin Snakes
Snake: No way. He'd be mad to try to escape by parachute. As soon as he jumped out of the pilot seat he'd be cut to ribbons by the rotor blades.

Naomi Hunter: ...So what's that parachute doing there then?

Snake: I have no idea.

Naomi: A trap?

Snake: Either that or a me.

Campbell: ...Meaning "I'm not dead", I suppose...

Snake: Maybe...but I think it's more like "I'll string you up!"

Naomi: ..........

Campbell: Well, in any case, don't let your guard down.

Snake: I won't.

Sniper Wolf's choices

Roy Campbell: A sad story. We shouldn't have turned our backs on the Kurds after the Gulf War...

Snake: Listen. We're not responsible for her choices. Everyone decides their own fate, no matter where they were born. Words like fate,'s just an excuse for giving up if you ask me....

Naomi Hunter: I don't agree with you. Maybe if she hadn't been born on a battlefield, she might have had a happier, more fulfilling life. She might not have turned into a killer...

Snake: ..........

Blast Furnace

Roy Campbell: Snake, that's a blast furnace.

Snake: A blast furnace? What do they use that for?

Campbell: There's no airport on the base. So it's hard to bring in supplies. They must have built a blast furnace so they could make building materials and such.

Snake: The entrance to the underground base is further below. There should be a cargo elevator that you can take down somewhere around there. Try to find it.


Roy Campbell: Watch out for the steam. It's dangerous. Use your First-Person View to see where the steam is coming out and then avoid it.

Snake: Yeah. I like a sauna now and then, but this is too much.


Roy Campbell: Snake, if it's about Naomi, I'm looking into the matter right now. Give me a little more time.

Snake: Where is she?

Campbell: She's still sleeping.

Snake: I can't believe it... First, the DARPA Chief turns out to be an imposter and now Naomi... What the hell is going on here? I suppose you're going to tell me you don't know anything, right?

Campbell: I'm sorry, Snake.

Snake: A madman is threatening the world with a nuclear weapon. I guess that's what I should worry about now...


Snake: Colonel, what's new with Naomi?

Roy Campbell: She's being interrogated, Snake. Leave her to me. You just worry about stopping Metal Gear.

Snake: ..........

Campbell: Please, Snake. I consider you my friend. Please believe that.

Snake: ..........

Campbell: Snake, we're just about out of time! Get to the Control Room!


Roy Campbell: Metal Gear is straight down. Better move it! There's no time. The terrorists are ready to launch.

Snake: Negotiations are all finished?

Campbell: The government can't cave in to terrorist's demands.

Snake: But they're threatening to launch a nuclear weapon!

Campbell: They've made their final decision.

Snake: ...Why is the White House being so inflexible? Colonel, is there still something you're hiding from me?

Campbell: Snake, please...just concentrate on stopping them, okay?

Last option

Roy Campbell: Destroy Metal Gear! We're out of time! If you can't do it, I'll have to resort to my last option.

Snake: Last option?

Campbell: We have a submarine prepared to deliver a full nuclear strike on the base.

Snake: What the hell!?

Fox's death

Snake: Colonel, Fox is dead...

Roy Campbell: I know..... God rest his soul. Even a soldier needs more to live for than just fighting. Maybe if he had found something else, he wouldn't have been so haunted...

Snake: He was too simple... too pure. There was nothing in this world for him to believe in... so he chose to believe only in himself.

Campbell: I guess you're right. A man like Fox is really only looking for his death...

Snake: Yeah. But if you ask me, there's no happiness to be gained in death... no peace either. I'm gonna leave here alive.

Campbell: Good. I want that too.

Wrong Flag**

This was used in case the player enables contact with Roy Campbell despite him being under arrest. In some versions, only "ふらぐ" is used instead of the full message.

Roy Campbell: "[...]ふらぐ (Wrong Flag)

Look around**

This call was meant to be used in the transition period between Metal Gear REX's destruction and Liquid Snake's speech. However, it ended up cut.

Roy Campbell: Snake, great job! You stopped Metal Gear…

Solid Snake: No…it’s not time to celebrate yet. I can’t move.

Campbell: Snake, can you turn your neck? Take a look around.

Master Miller


To initiate this conversion, call Master Miller while running on a noisy floor. This particular conversation is a reference of Roy Campbell's advice on noisy floors in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Master Miller: Snake, that floor is designed so that your footsteps echo. Listen, Snake. There's a way to walk so that your footsteps won't be heard. I call it stalking. Here's how you do it. First, put your weight on the opposite foot that you're going to step with. Then take a step so that your heel makes contact with the ground first. Then as you slowly lower the tip of your foot to the floor, gradually shift your weight onto that foot. Use your knees to maintain the subtle balance. Try it.

Metal Gear Solid:
Snake: I...I can't do it...
Master Miller: Another way is to wear your socks over your shoes... If you crawl on your stomach, you won't make any noise either...
The Twin Snakes:
Master Miller: In practical terms, you should be moving the Control Stick very gently.
Snake: it...
Master Miller: You can also try crawling, as well... If you move by crawling, or by gently pushing the Control Stick, you won't make any noise.

Alaska's weather

Master Miller: The weather in Alaska is very hard to predict. It can change on a dime. A lot of people say it's the worst weather in the world.

Wait after a meal

Master Miller: It's never a good idea to fight on too full a stomach. It'll make you groggy...maybe even sleepy. You should wait thirty minutes after eating before you play.


Master Miller: Where I come from, a soldier who loses his head in combat is called a "target."

Reaction speed

Master Miller: People's reaction speed is slowest around three o'clock in the morning, and so is their judgment. If you're feeling drowsy, you should get some sleep.

Bodily functions

Master Miller: It's also important to be able to control your bodily functions. You never know when a long demo is about to begin, so make sure you're prepared to sit in front of the monitor for a long time if necessary.


Master Miller: Military C-rations place an emphasis on calories. That's why it's best to use them along with some other type of nutritional supplement such as vitamins or minerals.


Master Miller: Soldiers who have learned their trade in the heat of real combat know how to sleep whenever and wherever they can. There's a big difference between them and the kids who have only been exposed to VR-simulation training. After playing for a long time, you should get some rest too.

The mind

Master Miller: Snake, you've got to think. Your mind is your most dangerous weapon. If things are getting too complicated, try to simplify your thoughts. You can also try calling Campbell for advice.

Gun velocity

To trigger this conversation, call Master Miller during the fight with Revolver Ocelot.

Master Miller: The muzzle velocity of a bullet fired from a revolver is slower than one fired from an automatic. That's bad for you. The slower a gun's muzzle velocity, the more damage it does. That's 'cause the bullet will tend to lodge in the body instead of going right through. Those kinds of wounds take a long time to heal. Sometimes they never do. I think that's part of the reason he likes that gun. He's a real sick puppy, that Ocelot... The biggest drawback to a revolver is the reload time. That's your chance!

Cardboard box

Master Miller: A cardboard box, huh. Just like Zanzibar.

Snake: It saved my skin more than a few times in Outer Heaven, too.

Master Miller: Getting the maximum use of ordinary on-hand objects is the first principle of survival. It's especially important for covert operations.

Snake: I haven't forgotten what you taught me.

Death of the DARPA Chief

Master Miller: You say the DARPA Chief is dead!?

Snake: Yeah...According to Naomi, it was a heart attack.

Master Miller: looks like all you can do now is find Kenneth Baker, the president of ArmsTech. He's in the 2nd floor basement, isn't he?

Snake: Yeah, on the other side of the wall that was cemented over.

Master Miller: Okay. Good luck, Snake. You can do it...

Suspicious deaths

Master Miller: First the DARPA chief and then President Baker die of a heart attack?

Snake: Yeah. Smells pretty rotten to me. Master, do you know anything?

Master Miller: No... But there's definitely something going on. Keep your eyes open out there.

Sixth Sense

Master Miller: People who have been through war and survived develop a kind of sixth sense to warn them of danger. Trust your instincts as a soldier... As a gamer...


Master Miller: In war, a split second can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Don't ever hesitate. The slower you react, the greater the chance that you'll be beaten.

Inner voice

Master Miller: That inner voice that warns you when danger is nearby... You can't learn that in training. You've got to have survived a few firefights...seen a few friends blown away...before you learn that trick.


Master Miller: When you're trying to hide, avoid places that look like the enemy might search. Think about how your enemy is going to move and then sneak in there. It doesn't matter how smart you are, just use your head out there.

Divide and conquer

Master Miller: Snake, divide and conquer. Try to take your enemies on one at a time.

Nerve gas

To initiate this conversation, Snake must be spotted by a Genome Soldier or camera in the Nuclear Warhead storage area. When he is spotted, gas will start filling the area.

Master Miller: Snake, that's probably some type of nerve gas. It's extremely lethal. Use a gas mask.

Throwing away weapons

To initiate this conversation, contact Master Miller while fighting Gray Fox.

Master Miller: He's just playing with you. Why don't you try throwing away your weapons?

Women's restroom

Master Miller: Meryl must be hiding somewhere in there. Search around.

Can't go north**

This codec is used if the player proceeds to try and skip the Psycho Mantis battle and calls Miller.

Master Miller: (Snake, you can't go north unless you defeat Mantis first.)

Wolf dogs

To initiate this conversation, contact Master Miller in the Cave after encountering a wolf dog.

Master Miller: Those are wolf dogs in there. Just like their name, they're a cross between huskies and Alaskan wolves. They were bred to be used as sled dogs.

Snake: They were trying to create an animal that would combine the gentleness of a dog with the endurance and ferocity of a wolf. But they didn't get the stamina and power they were hoping for. On top of that, their personalities wound up closer to wolves. Most of them won't even let you get close. That's why they never caught on.

Master Miller: Oh that's right. You're a musher.

Snake: Yeah. And after they outlawed the use of hybrids in dogsled races in 2002, no one even wanted to breed them anymore. I heard that most of them were put to sleep after that...

Master Miller: Yes, but some of the wolf dog pups that were thrown away went wild. I've heard that wild wolf dogs hunt in packs just like wolves. Better be careful.

Fighting in the dark

Master Miller: When you're fighting in the dark, you need to use your sense of hearing and smell. Don't trust your eyes; use your ears. Feel the flow of the air with your whole body. That's the way to tell where your enemy is.

Seeing in the dark

Master Miller: Don't suddenly look into the dark. Look slowly from a light area to a darker area. If you do that, your eyes will gradually adjust, and you'll be able to see better in the dark. Try not to play in the dark either.

Keeping cool in the dark

Master Miller: People sometimes panic in the dark. Try to stay cool.

Most important tool for a sniper

Master Miller: The most important tools you need to be a good sniper are the senses that you were born with. No amount of training can change those. If your senses are dull from the beginning, you'll never be a great sniper.

SWAT manual

Master Miller: According to the SWAT manual, the longest a shooter can stay adequately focused on his target is fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, the observer and the shooter change places. Sniping is usually a two-man job.

Stationary target

Master Miller: It looks like your target is stationary. If you've had enough practice, it shouldn't be a difficult shot.


Master Miller: The scope of a sniper rifle is extremely powerful. On the other hand, it's got a very narrow field of vision. If you're searching for your enemy's position, it'd be better to use your binoculars.


Master Miller: You're as good as ever, Snake. Not only are you an expert at infiltration, but you're a skilled marksman, too. But never relax until you confirm a kill with your own two eyes.

Big Four

Master Miller: Normally, when a soldier is taken prisoner, he should only give up the "big four." That's name, rank, serial number, and date of birth. But you're not any old soldier, Snake. I don't want you to tell them anything. Fortunately, you're strong enough to resist.

Don't anger the torturer

Master Miller: Don't say anything to tease or anger the person torturing you. If you make him mad, it'll be that much worse for you. You'll need to save your strength.

Meals in prison

Master Miller: If you get a chance to eat, don't pass it up. A prisoner can't be choosy. You need to get your strength back so you can escape when the opportunity presents itself.

Take the chance

Master Miller: Snake, you'll get a chance to escape. Make sure you take it.

Continuing empty handed

To initiate this conversation, contact Master Miller after escaping from the cell but before reacquiring Snake's items.

Master Miller: Snake, what happened to your items? You're not going to try and finish this mission bare-handed, are you? Get your items.

Take a look through your belongings

Master Miller: Now that you've got your stuff back, you should take a good look through it. If you're slow equipping an item in battle, it could mean death.

Enemy positions

This particular conversation is another reference of Roy Campbell's advice in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Master Miller: Plan your strategy based on the enemies' positions. Try to think like the enemy commander will think. If you can put yourself in the map designer's mind, a lot of doors will open for you.


Master Miller: You need to make snap decisions. In war, the difference between living and dying is counted in milliseconds.


Master Miller: The basic law of CQB (close quarters battle) is to take your enemy out as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining your own escape route.


Master Miller: Once you give up hope, it's all over. That's when you can't do anything right. Despair leads to death, you know.


Master Miller: You've got to believe. If you believe with your whole heart, you will succeed.

Seeing things

Master Miller: Sometimes in combat or when you're near the end of your rope, You can see things that normally aren't there or shouldn't be there. Relax. It's not a bug. It's just the mysteries of the human mind.

Terrible memories

Master Miller: Think about something terrible that happened in your life. Everyone has had something bad happen to them. It'll help take your mind off the misery of the battlefield.

Coping with change

Master Miller: A real master of warfare alters his strategy to cope with changes in the battlefield conditions. If you always follow the book, you'll be transparent to your enemy.

Gun use

Master Miller: Don't use your gun unless you need to. If you can get out of a jam using just your hands and feet, then do it. If you can't, then go for the gun.


Master Miller: Soldiers who lose their heads on the battlefield usually lose their heads on the battlefield. Get my meaning? Always have your next action planned.


Master Miller: Think carefully about your hiding spots. You might find a place where you can hide perfectly, but if you can't get your mission done, it's meaningless.

Appropriate weapons

Master Miller: Always use the most appropriate weapon for the situation. If you use a weapon that's not really doing the job, not only are you wasting ammo, but you're also putting your life in danger.

Magazine usage

Master Miller: One way of letting yourself know when to change a magazine is to make the last few rounds of the mag tracers. You're probably already doing that, huh?

Cruelty of man

Master Miller: War brings out the cruelty of man. No matter how the soldier was brought up, they all turn into animals when they're thrust into the heat of combat.

Small chances

Master Miller: Sometimes, even though you know it's a losing battle, you just have to fight or be damned. A narrow chance is still a chance.


Master Miller: Foresight is important in war. In times of extreme danger, people's latent sixth sense often awakens. When that happens, throw logic to the wind and trust your instincts.

Conquering fear

Master Miller: The only way to conquer fear is to stare it straight in the face and laugh at it. Never let fear control you.

No guilt

Master Miller: Don't feel guilty about the soldiers that died from your bullets. They knew the risks they were taking, just like you.


Snake: I want to ask you about Naomi.

Master Miller: I'm looking into the details now, but it doesn't look good. Weren't you ever suspicious of her, Snake?

Snake: ..........

Master Miller: ...Snake, keep your guard up.

Ravens diet

Master Miller: Ravens will eat vegetables, meat, garbage...pretty much anything. It seems dirty to us, but that's what allows them to live even in a climate like this.

Crow/Raven lifespan

Master Miller: Legends say that crows have three times the lifespan of a man, and that ravens have three times the lifespan of a crow. That's just an old wives' tale, but it's true that crows live longer than many types of birds. Northern Ravens can live pretty close to 70 years.

Control room

Master Miller: Snake, isn't the detonation code input system in the Control Room? Hurry up and get it in there!

Cold Sound

Master Miller: Sound travels better in cold environments. If you're going to use a handgun, you should equip a suppressor.

Ice Fogs

Master Miller: When the temperature falls down to minus 30 or minus 40 degrees Celsius, you start to get ice fogs. That's when the moisture in the air freezes. It may look pretty at first, but it'll severely limit your visibility. Be careful.


Master Miller: Kipling, an English poet who also won the Nobel Prize, said that once you go beyond 65 north, you're beyond the reach of divine protection and human law. To survive in such surroundings, you have to be strong enough to not rely on God or anyone else.


Master Miller: In cold like this, over 70% of your body warmth is lost through your head. Put on some kind of hat.

Snake: I hate hats. Is a bandanna okay?

Master Miller: Well, I guess it's better than nothing...

Changing underwear

Master Miller: In an arctic environment, it's important to change your underwear if you're sweating a lot. Dawdle around too much and you'll not only waste your strength, but you could even catch pneumonia. Gaming after a bath should be avoided.


Master Miller: It's easy to dehydrate in subzero climates, so make sure to replenish your fluids. But don't ever try to do it by eating snow. You'll freeze your stomach, and your body temperature will drop. Always melt the snow and then boil it before you drink it.

Cold meals

Master Miller: No cold foods or cold liquids for you. That stuff causes a temperature imbalance that actually drains your body of energy. A golden rule in arctic environments.

Mysterious contact

Snake: Master, does the name Deepthroat mean anything to you?

Master Miller: Deepthroat? What? You mean the guy from Watergate?

Snake: No. But he uses the same name. Whoever he is, he's not part of our operation, but he's been giving me advice by Codec.

Master Miller: What?

Snake: On top of that, he wasn't using burst transmission. It seems he was transmitting from somewhere on this base.

Master Miller: Somewhere on the base?

Snake: Yes.

Master Miller: ...I have no idea who that could be.

Snake: I see...

Psycho Mantis

Master Miller: Psycho Mantis...what a pathetic man. He was born with all the right tools, but he never knew how to use them...

Sniper Wolf

Master Miller: So you beat Wolf, huh. She was a fool to use the same tactics that failed her in your first meeting. But remember. Don't let down your guard until you've got a confirmed kill.

Mercenaries being dogs

Snake: Master, you and I...we're nothing more than dogs, are we?

Master Miller: That's not like you, Snake...Don't let what Sniper Wolf said bother you.

Snake: ..........

Master Miller: Listen. There's not a soldier alive that doesn't question himself. And if there is one, he's nothing more than a murderer. But someone like Wolf...a soldier who's looking for nothing more than their own death is no good to anyone either. Once she started to look for death, it was all over. That's how you'll end up too, Snake...

Snake catches a cold

Master Miller: You caught a cold, Snake? In battle you need to be in top physical condition. Do you have any cold medicine?


Master Miller: That place is right in the middle of the permafrost. Just like the name says, it never melts. I've heard over 85% of Alaska is permafrost. It's extremely cold there, Snake. If you don't hurry, your rations will freeze. One way to prevent your rations from freezing is to hold them close to your body by equipping them.

Frozen rations

Master Miller: It's extremely cold there, Snake. If you don't hurry, your rations will freeze.

Vulcan Raven

This conversation takes place during the boss fight with Vulcan Raven. Snake's comment foreshadows "Master Miller's" true identity.

Master Miller: A Native Alaskan American, huh? Probably Athapaskan. They're originally from the same tribe as the Apaches and Navajos of New Mexico. Anthropromorphically, they're related to the Japanese. There are even linguistic similarities between Athapaskan languages and ancient Japanese. You and he probably share many of the same ancestors.

Snake: ...Master, I don't remember telling you that I was part Japanese...

Master Miller: ..........

World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

The Twin Snakes:
Master Miller: Vulcan Raven competes in the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics in Fairbanks every year. He's so strong, he's won the Stick Pull and the Four Man Carry three years straight.
Snake: Yeah, he told me about that Stick Pull thing.

Master Miller: The Four Man Carry is a race where you have to run with four grown men hanging from a long stick that you carry on your back. Apparently Raven does it with six men.

Don't trust the Colonel

Master Miller: Snake, I'm sure that woman calling herself Naomi is some type of spy. And now I'm starting to think that Campbell might be hiding something too. Don't trust him.

Dirty trick

To initiate this call, contact Miller after throwing away the timer bomb and upon exiting the medical room.

Master Miller: That was too close, Snake.

Solid Snake: Yeah. That was quite a surprise, all right.

Master Miller: Hiding a bomb in your items... That's a despicable act. He should never...well, forget it. You'd better hurry to the underground base. You're almost out of time.


Master Miller: Snake, did you find the key?

Snake: No, it's not here.

Master Miller: Don't be ridiculous. You saw it fall into the drainage ditch, didn't you? The drainage ditch...Isn't there something odd about it?

Snake: No. There are a lot of big rats though...

Master Miller: That's it, Snake! A rat must have eaten it!

Snake: Now, who's being ridiculous!

Master Miller: No, I'm right. There's no other possibility. Rats eat all sorts of things. There's nothing unusual about that.

Master Miller is excited

Master Miller: The key changed shape. Hurry to the Control Room! That's the last key!

Snake: Master, I've never heard you so excited.

Master Miller: ..........

Nastasha Romanenko


Nastasha Romanenko: This is Nastasha Romanenko. A pleasure to work with you, Solid Snake.
Solid Snake: You're the nuclear specialist that the colonel mentioned?
Nastasha Romanenko: That's me. You can ask me anything about nukes that you want. I am also a military analyst, so I have an extensive knowledge of weapons systems as well. They asked me to participate in this operation as a supervisor from the Nuclear Emergency Search Team. I was happy to accept. We must not allow terrorists to get their hands on nuclear weapons on any kind. I hope I can help you to stop them.
Solid Snake: You're a tough lady.
Nastasha Romanenko: Those terrorists are serious about launching a nuclear weapon. The world cannot stand by idly and allow that to happen. And neither can I... Unfortunately, all I can do from here is provide you with information...
Solid Snake: Hopefully that'll be enough. Another soldier here wouldn't make a difference anyway. It's good to work with you, Nastasha.
Nastasha Romanenko: Same here, Snake.

Nuclear storage estimate

Nastasha Romanenko: Over 200 tons of plutonium and over 1,000 tons of high-grade uranium have been removed from nuclear weapons so far. And on top of that, nuclear reactors all over the world continue to produce and leak spent nuclear fuel. According to one estimate, as of the year 2005, America alone was storing over 50,000 tons of nuclear material. There is no room left in our nuclear material storage sites. That is why we need nuclear weapons disposal facilities.

Shadow Moses Island facility history

Nastasha Romanenko: The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island was built at the beginning of this century. It was made only to temporarily store the nuclear warheads.
Snake: Why? If they wanted to dispose of them, why wouldn't they just dismantle them right away?
Nastasha Romanenko: They cannot do that. You see, when you dismantle a warhead, you still have nuclear materials that must be stored. At this point, all of the nuclear material storage facilities are way past capacity. But they could not stop dismantling weapons while at the same time pushing START-2...
Snake: So, you're telling me that this base was built so they could temporarily avoid being in conflict with START-2?
Nastasha Romanenko: Most people think that we live in a safer world now. But with all the dismantled nuclear weapons and waste around, the threat of nuclear terrorism has increased tremendously.
Snake: It's ironic, isn't it?

Warhead dismantling

Nastasha Romanenko: The warheads are supposed to be dismantled at Pantex or some other dismantling facility, but there are limits to how many warheads they can process. We just don't have the capabilities to dismantle all the warheads that are out there.


Nastasha Romanenko: After the START-2 Accord was signed on January 3, 1993, Russia and the U.S. reduced their strategic nuclear warheads to between 3,000 and 3,500 warheads each. They completely dismantled all of the ICBMs which contained MIRVs (multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles). As a result of that, there are over 15,000 dismantled nuclear warheads waiting to be disposed of.

Nuclear deterrence

Nastasha Romanenko: As long as the strategy of nuclear deterrence continues, nuclear weapons may be reduced, but they will never be eliminated. If you think about it, nuclear reduction does not mean much without elimination as the ultimate goal. I used to work in the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), I figured the only way to achieve nuclear elimination was to work from the inside to convince them of the ineffectiveness of the deterrence theory.
Snake: Seems like you're pretty focused on that issue.
Nastasha Romenenko: ...Victims of nuclear radiation are a sad thing to see...and I have seen a lot of it. ...I have seen more than enough of it...
Snake: ?
Nastasha Romanenko: I was born and raised in Prypiat, Ukraine. I was ten years old on that day...April 26, 1986.
Snake: You don't mean...
Nastasha Romanenko: Yes. Chernobyl. That is the day that changed my life and thousands of other lives. I lived just three kilometers north of there.
Snake: ..........
Nastasha Romanenko: 600,000 to 700,000 people were evacuated. Over 650,000 children suffered the effects of radiation poisoning. Between 1986 abd 1993, 12,000 children died... My parents, and many others like them who helped in the cleanup, died a few years later from radiation sickness. We must rid this world of all nuclear weapons...before they cause more misery. Before they destroy the delicate environment that keeps us alive. I will not allow this pain and anxiety to pass on to yet another generation.

Metal Gear and PAL system

To initiate this conversation, contact Nastasha Romanenko after the "DARPA Chief's" death and aiding the female soldier.

Nastasha Romanenko: They were conducting exercisess with this new Metal Gear prototype. Is that what the DARPA chief said?
Snake: Yeah.
Nastasha Romanenko: What the hell!?
Snake: So you know about Metal Gear?
Nastasha Romanenko: Just rumors. I heard it is some kind of walking tank that can deliver an accurate nuclear strike from any terrain... Mountains, deserts, swamps...wherever. But you are the real expert on Metal Gear, aren't you, Snake?
Snake: Yeah, I guess I am. But what about the PAL system that the DARPA chief mentioned?
Nastasha Romanenko: It is a device attached to a nuclear-weapon system to prevent the missile from being armed or launched. Usually a secret detonation code or combination is necessary to launch the missile. According to the chief, there are two codes, and the terrorists already know one of them. The other code... if the terrorists find out about that one too...
Snake: Yeah... I've got to hurry and rescue President Baker...

PAL definition

Nastasha Romanenko: PAL stands for "permissive action link." It's a safety system attached to nuclear-missile systems. The missile cannot be fired without the insertion of a special electronic code. But if the terrorists have found out the detonation codes, they can launch the missile anytime they want.

PAL destruction

Snake: Is it possible to destroy the PAL system so that the missile can be fired even without inserting the detonation code?
Nastasha Romanenko: I do not believe so. It is set up so that the warhead will become automatically inactive if any attempt is made to remove, deactivate, or destroy the PAL.
Snake: So unless the terrorists either learn the detonation codes or get their hands on the detonation-code override keys, there's no way they can launch...
Nastasha Romanenko: Don't be too sure. Any system can contain bugs or malfunctions. We cannot relax yet.

Metal Gear history

Nastasha Romanenko: I do not know much about Metal Gear. Just the little I have heard. I know it appeared in Outer Heaven in 1995 and then again in Zanzibar Land in 1999... Both were Third World countries led by military regimes. They secrety developed Metal Gear to increase their military and political power throughout the world. But both were stopped by a lone hero... You, Solid Snake.
Snake: .......... That was a long time ago....

Metal Gear capabilities

Nastasha Romanenko: All the ICBM silos are closely monitored by military satellites. SLBM-equipped submarines can move secretly, but naturally they are limited to launching from the water. Finally, there are ALBMs which can be launched from aircraft. They allow for excellent mobility, but they are somewhat unreliable... Metal Gear was developed to solve all those problems. It can move freely over any terrain and independently launch a nuclear missile at any target in the world. It completely changes the nature of the strategic-arms race and destroys the delicate nuclear balance... It is a weapon to be feared, believe me.

Metal Gear development

Nastasha Romanenko: The development of Metal Gear is a cynical attempt to consolidate and increase our military dominance while at the same time maintaining the pretense of disarming ourselves. Now that the SLCM zero option, allowing for the sneak inspections of submarines in international waters, has been concluded, the value of submarines as strategic weapons has greatly diminished. With Metal Gear, governments of the world will be able to avoid this type of inspection and, at the same time, stay in compliance with international nuclear treaties.

Three nuclear elements

Nastasha Romanenko: It is just like Baker said. We are facing increasing danger from stored nuclear materials. You see, there are three elements necessary in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Nuclear materials, nuclear engineers, and manufacturing technology. All three of them can easily be acquired by either legal or illegal means. If you have enough money, that is.

Nuclear engineers

Nastasha Romanenko: They say that there are 500,000 nuclear engineers in the world. But after the end of the Cold War, the demand for nuclear engineers dropped precipitously. In the Eastern Block countries, in particular, there is a tremendous brain drain. They cannot keep their scientists in the country, and each year more and more nuclear engineers go to work for the highest bidder.


Nastasha Romanenko: Just like Baker said, each year there are more and more cases of MUF coming from the nuclear material storage facilities. That stands for "Material Unaccounted For." It means that someone is stealing nuclear materials and probably selling them on the black market.

Bomb-sized nukes

Nastasha Romanenko: After the fall of the Soviet Union, the nuclear management program fell to pieces. In the late 1990s, there were rumors that nearly a hundred Suitcase-sized nuclear bombs mysteriously disappeared from the Soviet arsenal. We still do not know whether it is true or not, but it is possible that they fell into the hands of terrorists...

A "Strong America"

Nastasha Romanenko: Both the DARPA chief and President Baker still embrace the ideal of a "Strong America." They are enthusiastic advocates of the nuclear-deterrence policy. The idea behind a nuclear standoff is that both countries would be too afraid to use a nuclear weapon for fear of a nuclear reprisal. In other words, the only thing preventing a country from totally devastating another country with nuclear weapons is the fear of a nuclear counterstrike. Those two probably feel that Metal Gear will further promote that security...

The need for a counterstrike threat

Nastasha Romanenko: The conservatives believe that as long as other countries have nuclear capability, they must maintain a credible deterrent. They are therefore opposed to the elimination of nuclear weapons. And with each new country that acquires nuclear capabilities, the need for maintaining that counterstrike threat increases. As long as the nuclear-deterrent policy continues, we'll never be rid of nuclear weapons...

Nuclear deterrence

Nastasha Romanenko: The theory of nuclear deterrence was born during the Cold War, at a time of great suspicion between the U.S. and the USSR. The great gulf between the ideologies of East and West caused a dramatic escalation in the arms race. And this escalation of the arms race in turn fueled mutual distrust and fear between the world's two great superpowers. The last half of the twentieth century was shaped by the policy of nuclear deterrence. But the world has changed. The Cold War has ended, and we are now living in a world where small, regional conflicts are breaking out all over. Things are not so simple anymore, and the policy of nuclear deterrence is obsolete. Most of these regional conflicts are the result of age-old enmities between different ethnic groups and religions. In those cases, the hatred often runs so deep that rationality is thrown out the window. For people such as them, the fear of a counterstrike often means little, and that is why the nuclear-deterrence policy has lost much of its efficacy. A nuclear standoff is not a sufficient deterrent in the current world climate.


Nastasha Romanenko: I see you found the grenades. Antipersonnel hand grenades. They produce a burst of shrapnel on detonation. Explosive power is provided by Composition B, consisting of a mixture of 40% TNT and 60% RDX. Needless to say, you do not want to stand too close when one detonates.

Chaff grenades

Nastasha Romanenko: That is a chaff grenade. It is a special grenade that dispenses thin, narrow metallic strips of various lengths and frequency responses. It can also confuse electronic equipment. It will be useful against machines, which depend upon electronic sensors. Naturally, for it to be effective, you must use it before you are attacked. If you are expecting an attack, spread the chaff beforehand.


Nastasha Romanenko: That is C4 explosive. A plastic explosive with a texture similar to clay, so you can shape it in almost any way you want. Although it has 1.4 times the destructive power of dynamite, it is highly stable and will not explode without a detonating device, even if it is shot, burned, or beaten. You are using a wireless detonator. The detonator is equipped with a scrambler so you don't have to worry about interference from any other radio source. Make sure you are sufficiently far enough away when it goes off. Also, as you know, the sound of the explosive will alert your enemies, so be careful.


Nastasha Romanenko: Harasho...good! You found a SOCOM. That's a Special Operations Command pistol. It's a .45 caliber pistol with plenty of stopping power. It's also equipped with a LAM (Laser Aiming Module) for nighttime combat. If you find a SOCOM suppressor, you can equip that, too. That pistol was designed specifically for use by special forces, so I think it will be useful. Some people find it a little heavy and hard to use, but it shouldn't be a problem for you.


Nastasha Romanenko: Nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, hazardous waste... We're constantly being exposed to plutonium and other radioactive materials. Compared to that, smoking seems not so bad, huh?

Single Action Army

Nastasha Romanenko: He's using a Single Action Army? The first model of that gun was made in 1873...over 130 years ago. Today they're still being made in small numbers, but that's just for collectors and such. Nobody uses them in combat anymore... Biggest drawback to revolver style handguns is the reload time. That's your chance.

Cardboard box

Nastasha Romanenko: A cardboard box. A cardboard box usually consists of a thin pasteboard with a corrugated paper center. They are usually made of recycled paper. It was first invented in Europe over one hundred years ago. It was originally used to absorb one's sweat when wearing hats. With the same amount of wood to make one wooden box, you can make six or seven cardboard boxes. And since it's recyclable, it's highly economical. In addition, it is strong and easy to store. That is why it is widely used for packing. But to avoid damaging weapons and other delicate instruments when shipping them, they should be packed in stronger boxes, like... wood or something. Also, the crevices should be filled with Styrofoam to prevent them from moving around. ...So anyway, what's with the box?

Snake:...Oh big deal.

SOCOM suppressor

Nastasha Romanenko: Good. You found a suppressor for the SOCOM pistol. If you equip that, you won't have to worry about being noticed by the enemy when you fire. It will greatly reduce the sound and flash from your muzzle. It uses a multilayered chamber to lower the velocity of the gas emissions and thus reduce the sund and flash when you fire your weapon. The suppressor is narrow enough so you can still use the gun's original sight even when it is equipped. It shouldn't change the feel when you fire it.

Mine detector

Nastasha Romanenko: That is a mine detector. It works by searching for metal objects. It will even find Claymores that are hidden with optic stealth technology. It is set so that the position of the land mines will show up on your radar. All you have to do is equip the mine detector and keep an eye on your radar. Use it carefully.

M1 tank

To initiate this conversation, contact Nastasha Romanenko when fighting Vulcan Raven's tank.

Nastasha Romanenko: That M1 tank is equipped with advanced vetronics. Once it locks on to a target, it automatically tracks it, and its main gun is effective up to 3,000 meters. To get close, you'll have to confuse its tracking system. Use your chaff. If you can jam the system and get close enough, it won't be able to use its main gun. Use your chaff at a long distance to fool its electronic systems.

M1 velocity

Nastasha Romanenko: Even if you can get close, the M1 tank's maximum speed is 45 miles per hour. First, you'll need to slow it down. Go after its caterpillars with C4 or grenades. Once it slows down, toss a grenade in the commander's turret. The M1 has exceptionally strong armor. With your weapons, the only way to beat it is to attack the soldiers inside through the hatch. Try to aim at the upper hatch with your grenades.

Nikita missiles

Nastasha Romanenko: Those are remote-controlled miniature reconnaissance missiles, sometimes called Nikita missiles. They've got CCD cameras in their nose cones. After you fire them, they'll transmit their visual data to your monitor. You can control their flight freely in all directions. But the missiles have a limited amount of fuel. Watch the gauge carefully.

Nerve Gas

To initiate this conversation, Snake must be spotted by a Genome Soldier or camera in the Nuclear Warhead storage area. When he is spotted, gas will start filling the area.

Nastasha Romanenko: The area is filled with gas. Probably an organophosphate nerve agent like Soman or something similar. Well, your Sneaking Suit gives you some protection. Also, your nanomachines contain anti-BC neutralizing agents, should be okay for a short time. But what you really need is a Gas Mask. An organophosphate nerve agent is a gas which invades an animal's nerves. It was first used as a weapon in World War II, and the casualties resulting from it were tremendous. In its pure form, it is a colorless, odorless gas. That gas was probably colored yellow to make it easier to detect in the case of a leak.

Gas Mask

Nastasha Romanenko: You got a Gas Mask. Good. That is a double-eyepiece type. Be careful, unlike the transparent-shield type, it will restrict your field of vision. It is equipped with a voice emitter, so do not worry about not being heard. The outside is made of reinforced plastic, and the inside is made from an acetate weave. Also, the eyepieces are specially treated so they won't fog up. You will be able to stay in a gas-filled area for a long time with that mask. Use it wisely.

Powered exoskeleton

Nastasha Romanenko: Look at him move! ...He must have some kind of powered exoskeleton.

Snake: Powered exoskeleton? You mean like prosthetic arms and legs?

Metal Gear Solid:
Nastasha Romenanko: No. Prosthetics are intended to replace original body parts. That ninja's exoskeleton makes him far stronger than any normal human. He is a true cyborg... a cybernetic organism.
Snake: So he's half machine, huh...?
Nastasha Romanenko: I heard rumors about the experiments, but I had no idea that such a creature really existed...
The Twin Snakes:
Nastasha Romanenko: No; there is a fundamental difference. Prosthetics are intended to compensate for lost body limbs. The exoskeleton replaces human flesh with machinery to produce a weapon more powerful than a mere human.
Snake: A war machine, huh?

Nastasha Romanenko: I heard rumors about the experiments, but I had no idea that such a creature really existed...

Nuclear weapons virtual simulation

Snake: Otacon said that now it's possible to design and test new types of nuclear weapons in a virtual simulation without ever exploding a nuclear device. Is that true?

Nastasha Romanenko: Yes, it's true. Since the establishment of DARHT, the Dual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test Facility, and NIF, the National Ignition Facility, early in the twenty-first century, there's been a wealth of data concerning nuclear fission and fusion. There is also much data accumulated from the nuclear tests conducted over the last four decades. With the processing speed of today's supercomputers, they can design a new nuclear weapon through virtual reality computer simulations.

Subcritical tests

Nastasha Romanenko: In order to collect data for the simulation experiments, they're doing subcritical tests underground. Those are experiments in which they detonate high explosives in proximity to plutonium without setting off a critical chain reaction. They then measure the effect that the shockwave has on the plutonium. By measuring the particles which fly off the surface of the plutonium, they can learn the mass, speed, and distribution of the plutonium particles. The politicians insist that whether it is aboveground or belowground, a nuclear test which does not cause a nuclear explosion is not a nuclear test and therefore does not violate the CNTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty). A lot of people do not agree with that interpretation.

Subcritical test history

Nastasha Romanenko: The first subcritical test was performed on July 2, 1997, at the Nevada Nuclear Testing Facility. After that, subcritical testing became extremely common, not only in America, but in Russia and other countries too. They say that the reason for the tests is to ensure the safety and reliability of the existing nuclear stockpile, but that's nothing more than a flimsy cover story. In reality, the danger of a nuclear weapon exploding accidentally decreases over time. It is clear that the real reason for these tests is to aid in the development of new types of nuclear weapons. Even the government admits that the data collected from those tests is used in virtual reality simulation tests.

Manhattan Project

Nastasha Romanenko: That is amazing. Dr. Emmerich's father [sic] participated in the Manhattan Project? That was the secret World War II project responsible for the creation of the first atomic bomb. It had a huge budget, something like two billion dollars. They brought in 120,000 of the best and brightest scientists and engineers to work on it. And we all know how that story ended. In July of 1945, they exploded the first nuclear device at Trinity, followed shortly thereafter by Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Trinity... The world was changed forever that day. Scientists and researchers could no longer pretend that their hands were clean of blood. Afterwards, the leader of the Manhattan Project, J. Robert Oppenheimer, said: "The physicists have known sin, and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose."

Theater Missile Defense

Nastasha Romanenko: When Dr. Emmerich designed the new Metal Gear prototype, he thought he was creating a mobile TMD system. He is a very naive man. TMD stands for "Theater Missile Defense." They represent a shift in defense priorities from dealing with the threat of ICBMs from the former Soviet Union, to dealing with small-scale regional conflicts in the Third World. Current TMD systems work by a combination of THAADs, theater high altitude air defense, which intercept missiles outside of the atmosphere, and Patriot-type missiles which intercept missiles within the atmosphere. Dr. Emmerich was planning on them using Metal Gear as a low atmosphere mobile missile interceptor unit.

Debate over TMD

Nastasha Romanenko: There are many in Russia as well as America who are opposed to TMD systems because they say it undermines the spirit of the ABM, the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. And there are also those who say that the ABM Treaty is a dinosaur left over from the Cold War. They argue that the strategy of MAD (mutually assured destruction) should be maintained by limiting missile defense systems. There was a big debate over it, but ultimately, under pressure from the defense industry who was looking to expand into new markets, TMD systems were accepted as an integral part of a modern military arsenal.

Woman's bathroom

Nastasha Romanenko: Snake, that is a woman's bathroom. You should not be in there!

Snake: But I saw Meryl go in here.

Nastasha Romanenko: Even so, Snake!

Snake: This is our only chance to talk alone together. I was sure she was in here...

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

To initiate this conversation, contact Nastasha after Meryl succumbs to Psycho Mantis's mind control, prior to the boss battle.

Snake: Meryl is acting kind of strange...

Metal Gear Solid:
Nastasha Romanenko: It could be the stress of battle. ...I have [sic] a friend who had Chechan Syndrome. He became depressed six months after returning from Chechnya and took his own life. He was forced to fight people who spoke his own language...people with his own culture. He couldn't live with the guilt of it...
The Twin Snakes:
Nastasha Romanenko: It could be stress. Caused by exposure to the battleground and extreme situations. An acquaintance of mine was a victim of Chechnya Syndrome. For six months after his return from Chechnya he suffered from constant delusions and insomnia. He was forced to fight a war, the reasons for which he did not understand. Against a people who spoke his own language, who were citizens of his own country...

Snake: It sounds like PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. A lot of veterans returning from Vietnam suffered from that...

Metal Gear Solid:
in fact, many still do.

Nastaha Romanenko: Yes, it is also similar to the Afghan Syndrome. In Meryl's case, it is probably a much more short-term condition...

Metal Gear Solid:
Try to cheer her up. She'll come out of it.
The Twin Snakes:
She is a rookie. Please take care of her.


To initiate this conversation, contact Nastasha after Meryl succumbs to Psycho Mantis's mind control, during the boss battle.

Nastasha Romanenko: Meryl is definitely not herself. Could she be dragged? [sic]

Can't go north**

This codec conversation only activates if the player managed to skip the Psycho Mantis battle and call her.

Nastasha Romanenko: (Metal Gear's maintenance base is located in the northern area, isn't it? You can't go ahead until you've defeated Mantis.)

Psychic soldiers

To initiate this conversation, contact Nastasha after knocking out Meryl during the boss battle with Psycho Mantis.

Nastasha Romanenko: A psychic soldier... Yes. Although they won't admit it. Many countries have paranormal programs and use psychics in their special-ops. Psychics range in power from those who can bend spoons to those who can cause natural disasters. But Psycho Mantis is one of the most powerful. Be careful.

Sniper skills

Nastasha Romanenko: Most soldiers can hit a target at 300 meters. I have a friend who can hit one at 520 meters.

Zero your rifle scope

Nastasha Romanenko: The most important thing is to zero your rifle scope. If you do not zero your sight correctly, you will never be able to hit your target. Your sight might be slightly off, so it would be a good idea to hit your target. Your sight might be slightly off, so it would be a good idea to try a test shot. If it is off, you will have to take some lead for that when you shoot.

Snake: Don't worry. This was Sniper Wolf's rifle.

Nastasha Romanenko: Da. In that case, you had better not mess with it.

Magnus Effect

Nastasha Romanenko:' Have you ever heard of the Magnus Effect? Normally, a rifle bullet rotates and curves slightly to the right. That is called the Magnus Effect. Think about comrade Magnus when you are rising up your crosshairs.

Advice on escaping

Nastasha Romanenko: Just because you are locked up does not mean there is no chance of escape. Keep your eyes and ears open and when you see a chance, take it.

Weapons funding

Nastasha Romanenko: The enormous costs for the development of military weapons are obviously paid for by the public. Our lives keep on suffering financially because of weapons that we know will not be used.

Cold War aftermath

Nastasha Romenenko: At the end of the Cold War, the old conflict patterns collapsed and tension and controls were relieved, leading to an overflow of weapons, their technology, and their parts. No longer is economic power the equivalent of military power. Now even economically weak countries can acquire military strength.

NATO doctrine

Nastasha Romanenko: According to the military doctrine which is the basis for NATO expansion, a preemptive nuclear strike may be undertaken if there is a sufficient threat of a regional conflict spreading to a large-scale war. In the face of all this NATO expansion, Russia might feel the need to flex their nuclear muscles... if only to show NATO that, even with their aging arsenal and diminished army, they are still a major power.

Shift of power

Nastasha Romanenko: Russia could no longer pay enough money to its leading scientists, so they sold their weapons and weapons technology to the highest bidders. The result was that, starting with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, Russian-made weaponry flowed to developing countries and terrorist organizations. The world's military balance was thrown into disarray. The world has never seen the balance of power shift so quickly and dramatically.

Terrorists' deadline

Nastasha Romanenko: So the terrorists intentionally set their deadline to coincide with the signing of the START-3 accord... According to the terms of START-3, both Russia and the U.S. are to reduce the number of their nuclear warheads in deployment to between 2,000 and 2,500 missiles. The current president has not yet had any major foreign policy successes. His term will be up soon, and the word at the White House is that he desperately wants this one for the history books.

Snake: Typical politician...

Nastasha Romanenko: It's a big concern for him and his supporters.


Nastasha Romanenko: The signing of the START-3 was dependent on ratification of the START-2. But MIRVs were the most important weapon in Russian arsenal. Naturally, the conservatives in the Russian Parliament were greatly opposed to disarming them. The expansion of NATO, along with tension caused by disagreements over the application of the ABM Treaty with regards to TMD systems, made ratification in the 1990s difficult. It took a tremendous amount of pressure and secret negotiations to get the Russians to sign the START-3 tomorrow. But the political situation in Russia is tenuous at best, and one small incident could bring the signing to a crashing halt. If the Russians learn that America has secretly developed a new type of nuclear weapon, there is no telling how they might react. World opinion will be strongly against us too. That Liquid Snake is a smart one... He knows the political climate. His actions were obviously very well calculated...

START-3 nuclear reduction

Nastasha Romanenko: It's true that the signing of START-3 would mean a reduction in nuclear missiles, but it would still leave between 4,000 and 5,000 missiles between the U.S. and Russia alone. That is more than enough to destroy every living thing on this planet several times over. There is a big difference between nuclear reduction and nuclear elimination.

START-3 history

Nastasha Romanenko: Negotiations for START-3 began in the late 1990s. The Russian president had actually been pushing for a much more ambitious arms reduction pact, but it was rejected by the Americans. America was the sole rremaining superpower on the earth, and they were not too eager to give up the title. The fact is, in the history of the world, no dominant power has ever willingly given up the reigns of that power... In the case of the U.S., that means nuclear superiority.

The true nature of nuclear reduction

Nastasha Romanenko: There has been a lot of effort to reduce the number of nuclear weapons, but even today, there is no treaty limiting tactical nuclear weapons. It may look from the outside that the world is disarming, but in fact nuclear weapons are not going anywhere soon.

Ocelot's boobytrap

Nastasha Romanenko: That was a close one. I didn't think they would go so far as to booby trap your equipment. ...sneaky bastards.

Nuclear Age

Nastasha Romanenko: The Nuclear Age is not over yet. As long as one country in the world has nuclear weapons, they will never go away.

Dark places

Nastasha Romanenko: When you're in a dark place, you should use night-vision or thermal goggles.


To initiate this conversation, equip the Rope and contact Nastasha on the roof of Communications Tower A, prior to the Hind D attack.

Nastasha Romanenko: Rope? If it is at least 12 millimeters thick, lightweight, and hard to cut, you should be able to rappel with it as well. It is not a hemp rope, is it?

Snake: No. It looks like it's made of nylon fibers.

Nastasha Romanenko: Good. When hemp rope gets wet, it loses its flexibility. It would not be good for rappelling. But that rope sounds like it will not be a problem.

Cold medicine

Nastasha Romanenko: Cold medicine? I don't know. It looks like regular old cold medicine to me.


Nastasha Romanenko: A tranquilizer? Yes. I heard that Sniper Wolf uses them to prevent her hands from quivering. Maybe you should try the same thing.

The Twin Snakes:
If you want more information, why don't you ask Dr. Naomi?

Body armor

Nastasha Romanenko: You found the body armor. The armor is constructed of a special fiber five times stronger than steel. Wearing that will considerably reduce damage from enemy fire. It is designed to prevent bullets from penetrating, but you will still feel the impact of the bullets. Don't rely on it too much.

Snake catches a cold

Nastasha Romanenko: It sounds like you have a bad cold. You had better try to shake it off.

Stinger vs. Hind

Nastasha Romanenko:You have Stinger missiles. Now you have at least got a chance against the Hind...

Snake: Only a chance?

Nastasha Romanenko: Well you are not exactly evenly armed. That Hind is a monster. You have only a small chance to win, but at least it's better than no chance...

Metal Gear Solid:

Snake: That's a pretty grim analysis, Nastasha.

The Twin Snakes:

Snake: Analysts are a coldhearted bunch, huh?

Nastasha Romanenko: To shoot down that Hind, you will have to get to a place with good visibility. Do not try to fight in that walkway. Get up on that roof where you will have a clean shot at him.

Hind defeated

Nastasha Romanenko: My God, you actually shot down that Hind...

Snake: You're the one who said I could do it with a Stinger. ...You didn't really think I had a chance, did you?

Nastasha Romanenko: It's not that... Well after all, that Hind shot down two F-16s. It is hard to believe that after going that it got taken out by just one man...

Metal Gear Solid:
nice going, Snake.


Nastasha Romanenko: You found Stinger missiles. Stingers are portable SAMs (surface-to-air missiles). They are equipped with a thermal homing device, so once they've locked on they will automatically pursue the targer. To lock on, all you have to do is line up the crosshairs. In Afghanistan, the Mujahideen terrorized Soviet pilots with their U.S.-supplied Stingers. They were used to such effect that the Soviet Alliance was forced to overhaul its tactics. One of my favorite horror books is called Stinger, and my favorite cocktail is a Stinger. I guess you could say I've got a thing for Stingers.

Core-deterrent force talks

Nastasha Romanenko: If we do not drastically reduce he number of stockpiled nuclear weapons, it's going to become easier and easier for terrorists to get their hands on them... That means more terrorist attacks like this one. There was some talk about both sides reducing their nuclear stockpiles to a "core-deterrent force" of less than 500 missiles each, and declaring that there would be no nuclear counterstrike in the event of the use of conventional or chemical weapons. But talks fell through. It seems that America is unwilling to relinquish its position as the most powerful country in the world.

Local use of nuclear weapons

Nastasha Romanenko: There is no doubt about it. After the Cold War ended, the chance of a full-scale, worldwide nuclear conflageration was diminished. But on the other hand, the chances of local, tactical use of nuclear weapons greatly increased. Civil wars, revolutions, regional disputes... It seems like there is a new war popping up somewhere every day, and many of them are the result of centuries-old hatred between different ethnic or religious groups. These people do not think rationally or logically. In such conflicts, there is no concern for the high civilian casualty rate, and international criticism means little. A nuclear deterrent is meaningless because emotions run so hot. Furthermore, unlike strategic nuclear missiles, the decision to use tactical nuclear missiles is in some cases left up to the battlefield commanders. It is pretty scary. As long as nuclear weapons continue to proliferate, the chances that someone is going to use them will also continue to grow...

Legal manipulation of nuclear weapons

Nastasha Romanenko: Ironically, the policy of nuclear deterrence has prevented the elimination of nuclear weapons. The entire basis for determining them to be illegal has been undermined by this military policy. In other words, nuclear weapons cannot be declared illegal because we have an entrenched policy which makes them legal, ipso facto.

Other countries with nuclear weapons

Nastasha Romanenko: America and Russia aren't the only countries with nuclear weapons. During the Cold War, the UK, France, and China publicly declared the existence of their own nuclear arsenals. Since we entered the twenty-first century, we have confirmed the existence of nuclear weapons programs in countries throughout Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Asia. Nukes are steadily proliferating. The twenty-first century is paying for the twentieth century's failure to plug the holes in the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and for IAEA's failure to tighten nuclear control measures.


Nastasha Romanenko: The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) was established in 1957 to oversee peaceful as well as military applications of atomic power. But the IAEA can only investigate those countries which request an investigation. Furthermore, the timing of the inspection must be approved by the country in question. They are not allowed to do sneak inspections. The country that is being investigated can even dictate the nationality of the inspectors that they will allow in. In the late 1970s, Iraq would only allow inspectors from Bulgaria and Russia to enter the country. The IAEA does not even have the authority to level fines against countries who have committed infractions. After the Gulf War, they discovered that Iraq had been developing nuclear weapons in secret, right under the investigator's noses! Unfortunately, as an organization, the IAEA just did not have the eeth to effectively stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology.


Nastasha Romanenko: In 1970, all five nuclear powers--America, the Soviet Union, France, England, and China--signed the NPT. The treaty provided that the non-nuclear-equipped countries could receive assistance for peaceful applications of nuclear power. But military applications of nuclear power were strictly prohibited, and the IAEA was given the responsibility of investigating countries who were suspected of being in noncompliance with the NPT. But the IAEA could not stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons either. Not only could the IAEA not levy any penalties against violating nations, but it became impossible to distinguish between technologies which would lead to military development and technologies which were for civilian applications.

Sniper position

Nastasha Romanenko: You have a good view, though your movement is limited... It might be a good place to take out your enemy with your sniper rifle.

Drainage ditch contents

Nastasha Romanenko: That stuff that is flowing in those ditches on the 1st floor must be radioactive nuclear wastewater. You had better stay away from it. You are already exposed enough just by being in that area. Any further exposure could be fatal. That place does not have a nuclear processing facility. It must be some other kind of nuclear material that is leaking besides the dismantled nuclear warheads... Probably spent fuel or something.

Spent fuel

Nastasha Romanenko: Anytime fuel is burned in a nuclear reactor, it will always produce, as a waste product, some spent fuel mixed with highly toxic, radioactive compounds. Spent nuclear fuel stays radioactive for 300 years. In other words, this material will remain lethal for the next three centuries.

Burying nuclear waste

Nastasha Romanenko: There was a time when we thought it was safe to seal the nuclear waste in special containers and bury it in a layer of rock salt without much exposure to underground water. Even though we now know there are big problems with that, we still don't have an effective disposal solution. Most of the nuclear waste we produce is just shoved underground with no intention of ever processing it. It's like an ostich with its head in the sand.


Nastasha Romanenko: There is a process which involves mixing the nuclear waste with low-grade uranium to convert it into a mixed oxid (MOX) fuel for burining in light water reactors, usually in the form of glass logs. But MOX contaminates a nuclear reactor more quickly than low-grade uranium. It is also highly toxic. It is economically unfeasible unless the price of uranium is more than four times what it currently is. Not only that, but you cannot ignore the danger inherent in transporting the MOX from the processing factories to the nuclear reactors. An accident could lead to radioactive contamination, or the materials could be hijacked by terrorists... No, I do not think MOX could be called a viable solution to the problem of plutonium disposal.

Nuclear waste in military applications

Nastasha Romanenko: There is only one effective use for nuclear waste. Military applications. You see, after chemical reprocessing, they can separate plutonium from the nuclear waste. Nuclear weapons normally use military-grade plutonium 239 with a purity of 93-94%. It is made in special nuclear reactors designed for military applications. On the other hand, the plutonium in spent nuclear fuel only has a purity of about 60%. But that does not mean that spent nuclear fuel cannot be used for military applications. America has been successful in tests using eapons made from nuclear-reactor-grade plutonium. That means that eventually everyone will be able to make nuclear weapons from plutonium separated from spent nuclear fuel.

Uranium rounds

Nastasha Romanenko: Spent nuclear fuel can also be used to make depleted uranium (DU) bullets or shells. They are armor-piercing antitank rounds. With a very high density and armor-piercing capability, DU explodes after penetrating the target's armor. DU ammunition demonstrates a 10% increase in efficiency over munitions made of heavy metal alloy such as tungsten. Unfortunately, when a DU round explodes, it spreads a fine dust which, when absorbed into a body, supposedly causes terrible health problems such as renal disease. During the Gulf War, Americans as well as Iraqi soldiers were exposed to DU dust and suffered from radiation poisoning and other illnesses. The American government and public organizations undertook medical studies, but no clear casual link was established between exposure to DU and the occurrence of cancer or genetic damage. Some people think that this type of radioactive contamination is what is behind the "Gulf War Syndrome," but the government will not admit it...

Mass transmission

Nastasha Romanenko: Researchers are now attempting to use high-speed neutron foundries and particle accelerators to transform highly toxic metals with long half-lives, such as neptunium and americium, into short half-life nuclides. It's called mass transmission, but it's not being used much due to all the technical and economic problems with it. A serious program for nuclear waste treatment has yet to be established.

The difference between conventional weapons and WMDs

Nastasha Romanenko: There is a big difference between conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Conventional weapons are intended for use against military targets, but nuclear weapons are used against noncombatants. Nukes are designed to kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians in a flash. That is why nuclear weapons are so evil.

Don't forget the past

Nastasha Romanenko: Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. That is why the world must never forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Destructive power of a nuke

Nastasha Romanenko: Nuclear weapons possess lethal destructive powers that extend through time as well as space. They have the power to not just annihilate humans, but every living thing on the planet.

Nukes cannot be discounted from being used

Nastasha Romanenko: Build a weapon, and some day it shall be used. And when the weapons are nuclear, it means the end of this world. Consider Hiroshima: we cannot say that they will not be used. While they continue to exist, we cannot eliminate the possibility of their use.

Stun grenades

Nastasha Romanenko: Those are stun grenades. They are often used in sensitive operations such as feeeing hostages and that sort of thing. Sometimes they are called "flashbangs" or "sound and flash grenades." They make a big flash and lots of noise, which will temporarily disorient and disable your opponents. They will not cause fatal injury, but they can make enemy soldiers unconscious. Use them wisely.

Infrared sensor room

Nastasha Romanenko: Snake, that room is set with infrared sensors. You should be able to see them if you had some smoke--cigarette smoke or something.

Solid Snake: Sorry, but these are smokeless cigarettes.

Nastasha Romanenko: You mean those cigarettes that are designed to cut down on secondhand smoke? Oh well, don't worry... If you blow the smoke in the direction of the infrared sensors, you should be able to see them. That was a good idea bringing the cigarettes. But don't smoke too much. Cigarettes make you weak, in mind and body. They're bad for you.


Nastasha Romanenko: It looks like Raven's holding an M61A1 20 mm multi-turreted machine gun. They're usually mounted on F16's. With its six rotating turrets, it can fire 4,000 20 mm rounds per minute. And it's accurate, too. If you come at him from the front he will turn you into borscht.

Defeating Vulcan Raven

Nastasha Romanenko: Stay out of his way. You have got to hide and attack. Try a remote-controlled missile or your C4 explosives.

Get out of there!

Nastasha Romanenko: Snake, you are in danger! Get out of there!

Snake: Yeah, but how?

Nastasha Romanenko: Isn't there someone who knows this base? ...Dr. Emmerich! Maybe he can do something.

Nastasha's final conversation

To initiate this conversation, contact Nastasha Romanenko during Snake's fist fight with Liquid.

Nastasha Romanenko: Snake, it is just you and Liquid now. There's no advice I can give you. Trust yourself! You have got to win!!

Mei Ling

Warning shouldn't be here**

This is used if any of Mei Ling's branches in Codec underwent a glitch after the first call to her. It is also the only debug Codec call that is given in English (albeit poorly translated) instead of Japanese (not counting Otacon's wrong flag call due to the dialogue box being left blank)

Mei Ling: This warining [sic] should not appear!!

De Gaulle

Mei Ling: Snake, remember what De Gaulle said "The graveyards are full of indispensable men." Snake, you're all alone and surrounded by bad guys. Try to be careful and avoid getting into a fight whenever you can.

Solid Snake: You're right. Wow. You know all sorts of great quotes, don't you?

Mei Ling: Well, both my parents are from Guangdong, China, but I was born and raised in America. I've always liked reading literature from both sides...kinda keeps me in touch. I'll share some more quotes with you if you like.

Snake: I'm looking forward to it. But to tell you the truth, I'd like to know more about you.

Mei Ling: Well...I'll think about it.


Mei Ling: Snake, listen to what Lao-Tze said: "He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough." Just cause you see an item doesn't mean you always have to get it. If you don't really need it, think twice before you stick your neck out. It might not be worth it.

"You must cross the river..."

Mei Ling: Snake, in China they say, "you must cross the river before you tell the crocodile he has bad breath." You know what that means? It means the wise man avoids danger first. Use your brain to avoid traps and stay away from the enemy.


Mei Ling: Snake, like Shakespeare said "Nought's had, all's spent, where our desire is got without content." Basically, it means that your desire can get you in trouble if you're not careful. That goes for items too. Don't get too greedy or you might be sorry. Be careful, Snake.

24 hour monitoring

Mei Ling: How's it going, Snake? Have you gotten used to using the radar yet?

Solid Snake: Yeah. It's a great system. Not only can I read the topography, but I can monitor the movement of the bad guys too.

Mei Ling: Pretty convenient, huh. It also makes it easy for us to see everything that you're doing.

Snake: You're watching everything?

Mei Ling: Of course. If you were my boyfriend, you'd never be able to cheat on me.

Snake: Being monitored 24 hours a day...that would be like hell.

Mei Ling: Don't think of it like that. At least you'd never get lost.

Friendly counsel

Mei Ling: Snake, have you ever heard the saying "Friendly counsel cuts off many foes"? It means that a little bit of advice from friends can save you a lot of trouble. You should think about it. If you're in trouble or if you need some information about something, please contact Colonel Campbell or someone else. Okay?

Wolves and people

Mei Ling: In my parents' homeland they say "if there are more wolves, the people are eaten; if there are more people, the wolves are eaten." That means the side with the greatest numbers is usually the winner. You're badly outnumbered Snake...try not to let them see you.

Rashness and consequences

Mei Ling: In China, they say "Rashness brings success to few, misfortune to many." Snake, go forward when it's safe, but retreat when there's danger. You'll just have to play it by ear depending on the circumstances.

Don't get careless

Mei Ling: The Chinese say "It is the strong swimmer who most often drowns." It is because the strong swimmer overestimates his abilities and underestimates the strength of the river. You are probably quite used to the mission now, but don't get careless.

Two places at once

Mei Ling: There's a Chinese proverb "the mind cannot be in two places at once." Make sure that you're not thinking of something else during the mission, okay?

Be happy

Mei Ling: "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is still aflying, and this same flower, that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying." Snake, laughter is the best medicine. You should be happy you've got enough free time to play a game. Enjoy yourself, okay?

Paradise Lost

Mei Ling: In Paradise Lost, Milton wrote "Solitude sometimes is best society, and short requirement urges sweet return." Is that why you came back, Snake? You got tired of your "short retirement" in Alaska, huh?

Proud man

Mei Ling: "The proud man does not eat rotting meat even when hungry, nor steal water from another man's well when he thirsts." But...on the other hand, you were forced to steal or find every item you got, so I guess I shouldn't say that.

Adapting to your situation

Mei Ling: In China, they say "Once the fox gets his nose in, he'll soon find a way to make his body follow." That's a perfect description of you. You can do it, Snake. But you've got to be flexible...adapt to each situation uniquely.

Fighting games

Mei Ling: Snake, what does it feel like to fight ?

Snake: Why do you ask ?

Mei Ling: I like... to play fighting games.

Snake: Games ?

Mei Ling: Yeah, fighting games. Since I started this job, I've seen so many people kill each other, but I always see it on a monitor or in burst transmission.

Snake: Not a very good job, huh ?

Mei Ling: I'm not sure. When you watch on a monitor, it starts to feel just like a video-game.

Snake: This is no game. There are no start-overs if you make a mistake.

Mei Ling: I'm sorry.

Snake: Killing's not fun. It's not pretty, either, like it looks in those video-games.

Mei Ling: Ok, Snake. I understand. War's not a game.

Snake: Listen, Mei Ling: after this operation is over, I want you to go back to being a normal student. You should be having fun, playing real video-games instead of playing war.

Strong will

Mei Ling: "He who is firm in will molds the world to himself." Don't forget what you're here to do. You've got to seize any opportunities that present themselves. But I guess I don't have to tell you that, do I?

Save memories*

Mei Ling: Don't forget to save your memories of me too.

Solid Snake: You can't save memories even on that system of yours. Memories are fragile things. After you reduce them to binary numbers and send them through the air, they're not memories anymore.

Mei Ling: I wouldn't be so sure of that. There's nothing that my systems can't do.

Snake: Memories aren't just sounds and pictures. They exist somewhere between the sounds, between the pictures.

Mei Ling: I don't get it. Anything can be done digitally.

Snake: If that's true, why don't you go ahead and try to save what I'm thinking right now.

Mei Ling: I can't save that type of thing. You have to put it into words, at least...

Snake: That's right. And that's what memories are...wordless.

Mei Ling: I don't know about that...

Snake: No matter how far data technology advances, you'll never be able to penetrate the human heart.

Mei Ling: You're wrong. It's just a matter of time...

Snake: But first you have to understand human emotions, Mei Ling.

Mei Ling: And how do I do that?

Snake: You have to allow yourself to fall in love with someone.

Nice guys finish last

Mei Ling: Snake, Leo Durocher said "Win any way you can. Nice guys finish last." What about you, Snake? Is that what you think? Is there anything that you wouldn't do to stay alive? You should think about that, Snake.

Don't adjust your sandals

Mei Ling: Snake, in China they say "When walking through a melon patch, don't adjust your sandals." That means that when things get really bad, you have to try and remember what's important. Keep things in the proper perspective, okay?

The Snake strikes swiftly

Mei Ling: In China, they say "The Snake, knowing itself, strikes swiftly." It means that if you have confidence that what you're doing is part of your true nature, there should be no hesitation. I don't know whether your orders are in your true nature or not. But Snake... believe in yourself!

Live ugly

Mei Ling: In China they say "It's better to live ugly than to die beautiful." I think it's true. Once you're dead, you'll never have another chance to be happy. I can't understand people who want to die before their time. Please Snake...promise me that you'll come back alive.


Macbeth, Act V, Scene 3

Mei Ling: Snake, don't give up. Remember Macbeth, act V, scene 3. "I'll fight, till from my bones my flesh be hack'd, give me my armor." Everyone is counting on you, Snake....You've got to do it!

Honor an empty bubble

Mei Ling: "War he sung, is toil and trouble; honor but an empty bubble." What about you, Snake? Is your honor just an empty bubble, too?


Solid Snake: ...Naomi wasn't acting strangely or anything?

Mei Ling: No...I just can't believe that Naomi's an enemy spy. I refuse to accept that.

Snake: I don't want to believe it either, but...

Mei Ling: Don't say it, Snake.


After saving the game

Mei Ling: ..........

Hurry up

Mei Ling: Snake, "Come, what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day." We're almost out of time, Snake. Please hurry! You're the only one who can stop them from launching that nuke.

Elizabeth Barett Browning

Mei Ling: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." Have you ever heard that? It's Elizabeth Barett Browning. Oh uh...don't think too deeply about that one. I'm not sure why I said it...

No Save 1

Mei Ling: What is it, Snake?

After refusing to save the game

Mei Ling: Good luck, Snake.

No Save 2

Mei Ling: You called, Snake?

After refusing to save the game

Mei Ling: C'mon, Snake. Don't call me for no reason.

No Save 3 and on

Mei Ling's portrait reaction in response to not saving will vary.

Mei Ling: ..........

After refusing to save the game

Mei Ling: ..........

Mei Ling's past: Part One

Solid Snake: Mei Ling, how did you get into this line of work?

Mei Ling: The truth is...I always wanted to become a fighter pilot. I fell in love with jets watching them in the movies.

Snake: You'd be surprised how many people say the same thing.

Mei Ling: But I didn't want to kill people. That's when I heard that the US Air Force needed people to do BDAs, battle damage assessments.

Snake: Those are the guys whose job it is to confirm how successful a bombing run was.

Mei Ling: Yeah. So I started to do research into aerial photography and air intelligence. I made it my major.

Snake: But there are no pilots who only do BDAs...

Mei Ling: That's right. But by the time I learned that, I was already an expert in my field.

Mei Ling's past: Part Two

Solid Snake: Mei Ling, you said that you wanted to become a pilot. Did you take an aptitude test?

Mei Ling: Well, I've got bad eyes. You probably didn't know it, but I'm wearing contact lenses.

Snake: So you failed your aptitude test, huh?

Mei Ling: Yeah, it's ridiculous. We're not flying around in biplanes anymore, y'know.

Snake: That's right. Today's pilots fly jets that go several times the speed of sound.

Mei Ling: Exactly. At those speeds, the naked eye isn't that useful. You need sophisticated electronics to see what's really going on.

Snake: So is that why you developed your radar system?

Mei Ling: Yeah. I wanted to develop a radar system that would help soldiers make better, more informed decisions.

Snake: So your radar shows what's really going on, huh?

Mei Ling: It depends on how you interpret it. Like beauty, truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Snake: You can say that again.

Mei Ling's past: Part Three

Mei Ling: Snake, there's an old Chinese saying "A scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar." Einstein said it another way. He said that only a life lived for others is worth living. That's why I entered MIT instead of Princeton or Vassar like my friends. I wanted to do applied physics, not just theoretical stuff. I wanted to make things for people. The Soliton Radar System or the Codec System...I just wanted to make something that would be useful for people. I think that it was the same for Dr. Emmerich too. But he was used like a tool...used to make a horrible killing machine. Maybe it would be better if engineers like us just stopped making things... I don't know.

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: ..........

Soliton radar won't work in a narrow space

Mei Ling: Sorry. The Soliton radar won't work in a narrow space. Too much harmonic resonance. The radio waves produce interference and we can't analyze the topographic fata. Try to hang on until you get to a more open space, okay?

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: Don't give up, Snake!

DARPA Chief's location

Mei Ling: You found out where the DARPA Chief is! With his nanomachine transmitter, he should show up as a green dot on your radar when you get close. Try to find him.

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: C'mon Snake. You can do it.

To initiate this conversation, answer the auxiliary Codec call when exiting the elevator on B1. This part is the only Mei Ling conversation to not require the player to save at all.

Mei Ling: Look at the radar! It's picking up the DARPA chief. He's the green dot. Hurry and rescue him.

DARPA Chief's death

Mei Ling: The DARPA Chief. Poor man..he has a heart attack right after you save him... I'm getting a bad feeling about this, Snake. Maybe you should let me save your mission.

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: ..........

Electronic jamming

Mei Ling: Snake, you can't use your radar in that area. There's some kind of electronic jamming coming from there...I wonder what it is. Anyway, be careful

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: Be careful, Snake.

Radar jamming

Mei Ling: Snake, you can't use the radar because something's jamming it. And whatever's doing it is very close to you. Be careful!

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: Be careful, Snake.


Mei Ling: Snake, you can't use your radar. It's confused by all of the radio interference. That ninja is giving off some kind of electrical energy!

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: Win Snake! Win!


Mei Ling: Snake! Are you smoking a cigarette!? Cigarettes are poison...they kill people. Didn't you hear what Dr. Naomi said? "He that cuts off twenty years of life cuts off so many years of fearing death." Is that why you smoke, Snake? You're too afraid of life?

Ladies' bathroom

Mei Ling: Snake! That's a ladies bathroom!

Snake: I know that. I saw Meryl come in here.

Mei Ling: So you went in after her!? Are you some kind of pervert!? I won't let you save your mission now!

Snake: Listen Mei Ling, this is the only place on this base that I can talk to Meryl alone!

Mei Ling: Whatever, weirdo! Don't call me again!

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: ..........

Greatest masterpiece has its flaws

Mei Ling: Snake, your Soliton radar...

Snake: I know. I can't use it in a narrow space like this, right?

Mei Ling: Right. I'm sorry.

Snake: No reason to apologize. Even the greatest masterpiece has its flaws.

Foreshadowing of torture

Mei Ling: Snake, wouldn't now be a good time to save your mission?

Snake: What's going on?

Mei Ling: I'm not sure...I'm getting a bad feeling.

Snake: A bad feeling? Something you ate?

Mei Ling: No, I'm a premonition or something...

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: Snake, it's all up to you.

Snake catches a cold

Mei Ling: O, he's a limb, that has but a disease; mortal, to cut it off; to cure it easy. Snake. You caught a cold, didn't you? Don't you think you'd better take some cold medicine at least?

Cold medicine

Mei Ling: Snake, "This sickness doth infect. The very life-blood of our enterprise." That's from Henry IV. Snake, you'd better take that cold medicine and start feeling better. The success of this mission may depend on it.

Don't want to go through that again**

As with Campbell above, this was intended to be used for the transition period between Metal Gear REX's destruction and Liquid Snake's speech, but was cut.

Solid Snake: Mei Ling, I don’t think I can go through all that again. Please save the mission.

Mei Ling: Okay, Snake, I’ll take care of it.


Mei Ling: Snake, they've placed the Colonel under arrest. I don't know what I should do. This will probably be your last save.

Snake: I'm going to miss those proverbs of yours.

Mei Ling: Snake...

Snake: Mei Ling, I have a favor to ask you. Make a hard copy of all the Codec conversation data up to this point. I want some insurance.

Mei Ling: Okay, Snake. Leave it to me.

After saving the game.

Mei Ling: Snake, please. Be safe...for me.

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