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Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack - The Lost Tapes is the fourth soundtrack of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It was released in Japan on March 30, 2016 under the catalogue number: GFCA-418. The soundtrack contains tracks that weren't featured on the first three soundtracks, mostly focusing on the tracks the player can find and play on their iDroid, plus some extra tracks. The soundtrack doesn't include the licensed tracks.

There are two versions of this soundtrack, a standard and a limited edition which comes with a cassette tape mimicking the ones found in the game. The tape itself is playable and contains the same tracks that appears on the same soundtrack it's bundled along with. The limited edition was released on the same day as the standard under the catalogue number: GFCA-416~F.

Track list

# Track Name Artist(s) Length
1. "A Phantom Pain" Ludvig Forssell 3:59
2. "Behind the Drapery" Ludvig Forssell 3:42
3. "Dormant Stream" Ludvig Forssell 1:47
4. "Nitrogen" Steve Henifin 3:13
5. "All the Sun Touches" Ludvig Forssell 2:51
6. "Different State" Ludvig Forssell 3:44
7. "204863" Ludvig Forssell 1:52
8. "Scouting Barren Lands" Ludvig Forssell 2:43
9. "Defiance" Ludvig Forssell 5:07
10. "Planet Scape" Steve Henifin 4:54
11. "Journey to Point C-5" Ludvig Forssell 2:33
12. "Montage" Ludvig Forssell 1:52
13. "The Guitar Says Hello" Ludvig Forssell 2:00
14. "Death Metal Gear - Ground Up Zeroes" Ludvig Forssell 1:34
15. "That Itchy Feeling" Ludvig Forssell 2:10
16. "How 'bout Them Zombies Ey?" Ludvig Forssell 5:21


Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack - The Lost Tapes Limited Edition.