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The Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Companion App, simply named Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes or MGS:GZ in the App Store, is an app made to be used in conjunction with the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. It is non-canonical and holds no story value. One of its functions is that it allows the player to control the iDroid / start screen in-game from their mobile device. The player can also listen to the cassette tapes they have collected and see their in-game stats. The final mode is a minigame where the player manages Mother Base by expanding their bases struts, building troops and sending them on missions. Passing certain criteria in Ground Zeroes unlocks special units for the app.




  • Common Solider - Level 1 Barracks.
  • Commando - Level 3 Barracks.
  • Heavy Armor Infantry - Level 6 Barracks.
  • Sniper - Level 9 Barracks.
  • Ocelot Soldier - Rescue the Hidden POW in the Ground Zeroes Mission. He's in a makeshift shed in the NW corner of the West Refugee Camp. After contacting Chico, he's moved to the SE and no longer "hidden."


  • Armored Vehicle: Standard - Factory Level 1.
  • Armored Vehicle: Custom - Factory Level 2.
  • Armored Vehicle: Heavy Standard - Complete a set number of missions in Ground Zeroes.
  • Armored Vehicle: Heavy Custom - Factory Level 7.
  • Main Battle Tank: Standard - Factory Level 3.
  • Main Battle Tank: Custom - Factory Level 5.
  • Main Battle Tank: Heavy Standard - Complete a set number of missions in Ground Zeroes.
  • Main Battle Tank: Heavy Custom - Factory Level 9.
  • Attack Helicopter: Standard - Factory Level 4.
  • Attack Helicopter: Heavy Standard - Factory Level 6.
  • Attack Helicopter: Custom - Factory Level 8.
  • Attack Helicopter: Heavy Custom - Factory Level 10.
  • Gekko - 50 Total Knock-Outs, Tranquilizations, or Hold-Ups.

Metal Gears

  • Pupa - Level 1 Hangar.
  • Chrysalis - Level 3 Hangar.
  • Cocoon - Level 5 Hangar.
  • Peace Walker - Level 7 Hangar.
  • Metal Gear ZEKE - Level 9 Hangar.
  • Metal Gear REX - Lethal Headshot (less than 398m).
  • Metal Gear RAY (manned) - Tranquillizer Headshot of 80m.
  • Shagohod - 15 Missions played.
  • Pupa: Custom - Obtain Score of 75,000 points on Ground Zeroes on Hard.
  • Chrysalis: Custom - Score of 60,000 points on Eliminate the Renegade Threat on Hard.
  • Cocoon: Custom - Obtain score 60,000 points on Classified Intel Acquisition on Hard.
  • Peace Walker: Custom - Obtain 24,000 points on Intel Operative Rescue on Hard.
  • Metal Gear ZEKE: Custom - Score 55,000 points on Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements on Hard.


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