Metal Gear Solid Original Game Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for Metal Gear Solid. The album was released on September 23, 1998, by King Records bearing the catalog number KICA-7895. A total of three versions of the soundtrack were released, with the "Metal Gear Solid Control Mix" track missing from the earliest version. Limited print editions of the Japanese copy and the standard European copy have cardboard sleeves accompanied with the discs jewel case (albeit with slightly different design). The current edition of the Japanese print does not come with the cardboard sleeve. The booklet for this album has the words "Adenine", "Thymine", "Guanine", and "Cytosine" written on it, which are all elements of DNA.

The soundtrack provided a style which would be re-visited in future installments of the Metal Gear series. A synthetic feel, often similar to ambient music, which increases pace and begins to introduce strings during the more tense moments, was used for the in-game moments with a distinctly video game style looping nature. Cut scene music, however, is more overtly cinematic, with stronger use of orchestral and choral elements.

The album contains the musical tracks from the game, composed and performed by the KCE Japan Sound Team. "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme" appears three times on this soundtrack, during "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme" (Track 1), "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (1997 E3 Edit)" (Track 20), and "Metal Gear Solid Control Mix (Mixed By Quadra)" (Track 21).

The majority of the soundtrack was composed by TAPPY and Kazuki Muraoka, who also composed songs for Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The ending theme was composed by Rika Muranaka, titled "The Best is Yet to Come", and covers the game's end-credits sequence and features Irish lyrics sung by Aoife Ní Fhearraigh. The music used during the VR Missions is a reworking of the main theme from the original MSX2 version of Metal Gear. Added music from Metal Gear 2 is included in the VR Missions expansion as well.

Two hidden tracks from the original game did not make it into the soundtrack: "Zanzibar Breeze" and "Theme from Solid Snake." These tracks can be heard in the original Japanese release by listening to the hidden codec frequency 140.66.

The track "Metal Gear Solid Control Mix (Mixed By Quadra)" was not included on the European version of the soundtrack.

Track list

# Track Name Length
1. "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme" 2:43
2. "Introduction" 0:57
3. "Discovery" 5:05
4. "Cavern" 3:12
5. "Intruder 1" 2:05
6. "Encounter" 2:21
7. "Intruder 2" 1:57
8. "Warhead Storage" 3:39
9. "Intruder 3" 2:56
10. "Mantis' Hymn" 2:57
11. "Hind D" "2:01
12. "Duel" 2:22
13. "Enclosure" 2:15
14. "Blast Furnace" 3:00
15. "Colosseo" 1:54
16. "Rex's Lair" 3:06
17. "Escape" 3:11
18. "The Best Is Yet to Come" 5:47
19. "VR Training" 2:38
20. "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (1997 E3 Edit)" 5:23
21. "Metal Gear Solid Control Mix - Mixed by Quadra" 6:53


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