This article lists the secrets in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


Secret Weapon & Items


This gun can be bought from Drebin for 1,000,000 DP, 800,000 DP on Wednesdays or Sundays in Acts 1 through 4, or 500,000 DP in Act 5. When fired outdoors or a headshot is scored, there is a chance that a vicious wind will blow. The wind kills anyone in its path except Snake, and countless items drop from the wind. The gun only carries one shot, and takes a significant amount of time to reload. The wind effect will also not happen on Act 4 (Shadow Moses) despite it being very windy (blizzard) outside.

Once the trophy patch is downloaded, the player will receive the trophy "Divine Wind" upon managing to summon said wind.


The Bandana can be obtained by finishing the game without killing any humans (beast forms are allowed to be killed but not beauty forms during boss fights) or by buying it from Drebin for 5,000,000 Drebin Points (4,000,000 DP on Wednesdays or Sundays) or 2,500,000 DP in Act 5 (no discount on Wednesdays or Sundays though). When worn, Snake will have infinite ammo.  Using it will count against your "Special Items" score.

Once the Bandana is obtained, the player will unlock the trophy "Infinite Ammo."

Stealth Camouflage

The Stealth Camouflage can be obtained by finishing the game without entering an alert phase (cautions are allowed) or by buying it from Drebin for 5,000,000 Drebin Points (4,000,000 DP on Wednesdays or Sundays) or 2,500,000 DP during Act 5. When worn, Snake's camo index will always be 100%. However, Gekkos will still be able to see Snake and PMC soldiers will still hear his footsteps. Also, during an alert phase and bossfights, the camo index will be 95%, allowing PMC soldiers to see Snake.  Like the Bandana, using it will count against your "Special Items" score.

Digital Camera

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The Digital Camera can be found behind Sunny's desk during Act One, Two or Three's mission briefing, or in the kitchen during Act Four's Mission Briefing. The camera allows you to take pictures in-game and access them from the photo album in the main menu which can then be exported to the PS3s HDD. If you pick it up during Act 4, you will find pictures of Sunny and Naomi on the camera.

Scanning Plug S.

After clocking up 10 hours of play time on Metal Gear Online, the scanning plug can be purchased from Drebin. Used the same way as the syringe, injecting an enemy soldier with the plug hacks into the SOP system and reveals the location of all soldiers. If you had not played for 10 hours prior to MGO's shutdown, you can enter the password on the Extras menu skynytktjp.


Weapon How to unlock
Long Barreled Desert Eagle Earn the Fox emblem or use the password.
The Patriot Earn the Big Boss emblem or use the password.
Race Gun A.K.A. Ricochet Gun Beat the game once.
Rail gun Defeat Crying Wolf.
Type 17 (EVA's Mauser gun) Earn the Hound emblem or use the password.
Solar Gun Collect the five dolls hidden throughout the game.
THOR .45-70 Earn the Fox Hound emblem or use the password.

Ammunition and Smoke Grenades

Completing the game once will allow Snake to purchase all new kinds of ammo and smoke grenades from Drebin.

Item Effect
Emotive Ammo (Crying) People who are shot with this ammo will drop their weapon and cry.

Compatible with: Mk. 2 Pistol, Mosin-Nagant

Emotive Ammo (Laughing) People who are shot with this ammo will laugh and try to kill their comrades nearby.

Compatible with: Mk. 2 Pistol, Mosin-Nagant

Emotive Ammo (Raging) People who are shot with this ammo will become angry and fire recklessly at the enemy.

Compatible with: Mk. 2 Pistol, Mosin-Nagant

Emotive Ammo (Screaming) People who are shot with this ammo will drop their weapon, scream, and run from place to place.

Compatible with: Mk. 2 Pistol, Mosin-Nagant

Smoke Grenade (Blue) When used, blue smoke will replace the normal colored smoke.

After the smoke clears, anyone who was in range of the smoke will begin to Cry, as Blue is the associated color of the Cry emotive ammo.

Smoke Grenade (Green) When used, green smoke will replace the normal colored smoke.

After the smoke clears, anyone who was in range of the smoke will begin to Scream, as Green is the associated color of the Scream emotive ammo.

Smoke Grenade (Red) When used, red smoke will replace the normal colored smoke.

After the smoke clears, anyone who was in range of the smoke will become angry, as Red is the associated color of the Rage emotive ammo.

Smoke Grenade (Yellow) When used, yellow smoke will replace the normal colored smoke.

After the smoke clears, anyone who was in range of the smoke will begin to Laugh, as Yellow is the associated color of the Laugh emotive ammo.


OctoCamo [Manual]

OctoCamo How to unlock
Corpse Camo Use more than 51 Continues (if Snake is playing dead while using this camo, PMC troops and even unmanned weapons will observe him and foolishly believe that he really is dead).[1]
Digital Red Download from the "Extras" menu (no special effects).
Digital Blue Download from the "Extras" menu (increases Camo Index when in or near water).
Crying Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (makes enemies in chokehold cry and adds to enemies' Cry Emotion when spotted).
Laughing Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (makes enemies in chokehold laugh and adds to enemies' Laugh emotion when spotted).
Raging Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (makes enemies in chokehold enraged and adds to enemies' Rage emotion when spotted).
Screaming Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (makes enemies in chokehold scream and enemies that spots the player will become slightly afraid).
Beauty Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (absorbs enemy Psyche in chokehold; raises Stress in sunlight).
Snake Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (knocks out enemies with one CQC punch or one roll; Camo index will be decreased by 10%).
Metal Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (damage taken by Snake will be cut in half; however, Camo index will be decreased by 20%)
Gear Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (causes Psyche Gauge to decrease at only half the normal rate; retains a higher Camo Index than normal).
Fly Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (causes normal soldiers to be knocked out instantly when grabbed with CQC because of the stench; increases stress while worn and causes flies to gather around Snake).
Haven Camo Download from the "Extras" menu (99% Camo Index when still, but causes Life and Psyche Gauges to decrease at twice the normal rate).
  • Ending an ALERT status while wearing the Corpse Camo will unlock the trophy "I Just Don't Fear Death."


Costume How to unlock
Altair Obtain the Assassin emblem (see below) or use the code.
Middle East Militia Disguise Can be found in the northeast section of the safehouse in Act One in one of the lockers.
South American Rebel Disguise At the start of Act Two, rescue the rebels by taking out/tranquilizing the PMC members. They will then open the door to the house beside them, where the disguise can be found.
Suit Complete the game once.


FaceCamo How to unlock
Laughing Beauty
Raging Beauty
Crying Beauty
Screaming Beauty
To obtain the FaceCamos of the Beauty and the Beast Unit members, defeat their "Beauty" forms non-lethally.
"Big Boss" Earn the Big Boss emblem. While wearing this camo, upon seeing Snake, PMC enemies will crouch, grab their heads & scream in fear (for obvious reasons). It's a different matter when speaking about the Big Boss's FaceCamo on FROGS, as they immediately faint after seeing Snake. This FaceCamo is not compatible with the stealth camoflauge and only works in close range therefore enemies who spot Snake from a distance will not be affected until he approaches them close enough to see his face.
Roy Campbell Ram Roy Campbell with the Metal Gear Mk. II during the pre-game mission briefing (accessed from the menu). Wearing this in Act 3 causes PMC patrols to ignore the player as long as they're unarmed and wearing their civilian clothes.
Drebin 893 Purchase and keep 60 weapons from Drebin, or use the code DNTKKHKTMM.
MGS1 Snake Obtained when the player completes Snake's Metal Gear Solid dream sequence at the beginning of Act 4.
Otacon Ram Otacon with the Metal Gear Mk. II during any mission briefing. This FaceCamo can also be used during Act 3 to bypass the PMC patrols.
Raiden (Visor Down) Ram Sunny with the Metal Gear Mk. II during any mission briefing.
Raiden (Visor Up) Ram Naomi Hunter with the Metal Gear Mk. II during Act 3's mission briefing. The player will have to be patient and wait for her to get out of her chair.

iPod Songs

Main article: iPod


There are five dolls that can be obtained in the game. Each is obtained by defeating a respective boss non-lethally (for the Beauty and the Beast unit, specifically the Beast form). When all 5 dolls are collected, the player will unlock the Solar Gun.

The dolls that you have collected can be seen in the Nomad's kitchen.

Doll Location
FROG doll Act One, Advent Palace garage, after helping Rat Patrol Team 01 without killing any FROGS. In front of Snake on the side by the wall when the player takes control of him, near a car tire sitting against the wall.
Octopus doll Act Two, Research Lab, on a bed when the player fights the Beauty form of Laughing Octopus. KILL THE BEAST FORM NONLETHALLY
Raven doll Act Three, on the very top of the tower when the player fights the Beauty form of Raging Raven. See Laughing Octopus
Wolf doll Act Four, behind Snake when the player fights the Beauty form of Crying Wolf. See Raging Raven
Mantis doll Act Five, near the door Snake entered through in the cinematic when the player fights the Beauty form of Screaming Mantis (due to the unique way to fight this boss, the player can still collect this doll while using lethal action against her in Beast form).


Act 4 passwords

When Otacon tells Snake to input the code in his old office at Shadow Moses Island, enter one of these codes to get its corresponding reward. If entered correctly, Little Gray will squeak to confirm the code was entered correctly. Note that only one code can be entered per run-through. Also note that Snake's Psyche Gauge will decrease if the player chooses to enter one of the codes below.

Code Result
14893 100,000 DP
78925 iPod song "Old L.A. 2040"
13462 iPod song "Policenauts End Title"

Extras Menu passwords

These passwords are entered at the Extras screen under Password after beating the game once on any difficulty. The items will be made available upon loading the player's save game or starting a new game (only after Snake meets with the Mk. II).

Code Unlockable
abraham iPod Song "Mobs Alive"
george iPod Song "Gekko"
theodore iPod Song "Midnight Shadow"
thomas iPod Song "Desperate Chase"
mgo2play iPod Song "Subsistence Action"
mnsoymsyhn Mosin Nagant
mekakorkkk Mk 23 SOCOM
deskyhstyl Desert Eagle Long Barrel
1aytmmymhk M1911 Custom
dntkkhktmm Drebin Mask
aottrykmyn Altair Camouflage
jmsotsynrn Type 17 Mauser
tshsniammr Thor .45
pkhhnwhsjt Patriot
skynytktjp Scanning Plug S


There are 40 emblems available in total, allocated depending on performance (or by fulfilling certain criteria). Some will unlock hidden secrets.

Emblem Requirements
Ant Shake 50 enemies for items.
Assassin Beat the game with 50+ knife kills/stuns, 50+ CQC holds, and 25 alerts or fewer.
Bear Grab 100 enemies with CQC.
Bee Use the Scanning Plug S or Syringe on 50 enemies.
Big Boss Beat the game on the Boss Extreme difficulty with 0 deaths, 0 alerts, 0 kills, 0 recovery items used, 0 special items used, and in under 5 hours.
Blue Bird Give militia/rebels 50 items.
Centipede Get fewer than 75 alerts, fewer than 250 kills, and over 25 continues.
Chicken Get over 150 alerts, over 500 kills, over 50 continues, use over 50 recovery items, and finish the game with over 35 hours of play time.
Cow Activate over 100 alerts.
Crocodile Have over 400 kills.
Eagle Get 150 headshots.
Fox Beat the game on Solid normal or higher with 0 deaths, 5 alerts or fewer, 0 kills, 0 recovery items used, 0 special items used, and in under 6 hours.
Fox Hound Beat the game on Big Boss hard or higher with 0 deaths, 3 alerts or fewer, 0 kills, 0 recovery items used, 0 special items used, and in under 5.5 hours.
Frog Dash or roll 200 times.
Gecko Press against walls for a total of 1 hour.
Giant Panda Finish the game with more than 30 hours of play time.
Gibbon Hold up 50 enemies.
Hawk Be admired by 25 militia/rebels.
Hog Get 10 combat highs.
Hound Beat the game on Naked Normal or higher with 0 deaths, 3 alerts or fewer, 0 kills, 0 recovery items used, 0 special items used, and in under 6.5 hours.
Hyena Pick up 400 dropped weapons.
Inch Worm Crawl on the ground for a total of 1 hour.
Jaguar Get over 75 alert phases, fewer than 250 kills, and fewer than 25 continues.
Leopard Get over 75 alert phases, fewer than 250 kills, and over 25 continues.
Little Gray Collect all 69 weapons.
Lobster Spend a total of 2.5 hours crouching.
Mantis Beat the game with 0 alerts, 0 continues, 0 recovery items used, and in under 5 hours.
Octopus Beat the game with 0 alerts.
Panther Get over 75 alerts, over 250 kills, and fewer than 25 continues.
Pig Use more than 50 recovery items.
Pigeon Beat the game with 0 kills.
Puma Get over 75 alert phases, over 250 kills, and over 25 continues.
Rabbit Look at 100 Playboy pages.
Raven Beat the game in under 5 hours.
Scarab Perform over 100 sideways rolls.
Scorpion Get fewer than 75 alerts, fewer than 250 kills, and fewer than 25 continues.
Spider Get fewer than 75 alerts, over 250 kills, and over 25 continues.
Tarantula Get fewer than 75 alerts, over 250 kills, and fewer than 25 continues.
Tortoise Spend more than 60 minutes in total inside the drum can or cardboard box.
Wolf Beat the game with 0 continues and 0 recovery items used.


Name How to unlock
The Boss Extreme (difficulty level) Complete the game once.
New Combat Vests Complete the game once.

Mk. III Gekko Destruction

After getting the power to work in Shadow Moses, where the player has to enter a series of numbers for Otacon, approaching the exit that leads to the electric floored hallway will cause a Gekko to appear inevitably. The player can use the Mk. III to activate the power board near the entrance of the elevator to completely destroy the Gekko, assuming that they get there fast enough to leave the Gekko on the electric part of the floor. Approach the power board and when prompted with an icon denoting an image of the Mk. III's action, press triangle. The Gekko will be electrocuted and will be instantly destroyed, and the player will get extra Drebin Points.

This is easier to do if they player causes the Gekko to collapse by shooting both of its legs.

Easter eggs

Boss fights

Name Details
The White Room During the "Beauty" phase of every fight with a BB member, going roughly two or three minutes without defeating the Beauty will send you to a "White Room", where they will continue to pursue you and you cannot use the codec. Whilst in this room, pointing a camera at the Beauties will cause them to pose for you, and playing "Oishii Two-han Seikatsu" on the iPod will make them dance. Running out of time means instant death for the beauty, however. This does not count as a kill, but you won't get the FaceCamo if you let her die. If you also want the FaceCamo you have to use tranquilizer or other form of non lethal combat on them.
Psycho Mantis The conclusion of the Psycho Mantis battle is slightly different depending on whether or not you have a DualShock controller. If you have a Sixaxis, then Mantis will go mad over the fact that the vibration is gone. With a DualShock 3, Mantis will cheer as he finds out that the controller's vibration is back before disappearing.  You can also hear his Sixaxis conclusion by turning off the DualShock.
A Present from Liquid Ocelot During the final battle with Liquid Ocelot, when he does his signature gesture, press and hold triangle to replenish Snake's life gauge. Be careful, though, as Liquid's life gauge will also be replenished (though not quite as much).
You're pretty good During the final battle with Liquid Ocelot, when Liquid gets Snake in a headlock, press nothing. He will kiss Snake on the cheek. This will unlock the "You're Pretty Good" trophy.
Snake hesitation to fire During Act 4 when Raiden and Vamp are fighting on top of REX, if you try to shoot the railgun up at REX's head Snake won't do it and say things like "it's no good!" and "I can't do it!" Just like in Metal Gear Solid.
Codec fun with Mantis Calling Rose or Otacon during the Screaming Mantis battle will allow you to enjoy a number of Codec conversations referencing the Psycho Mantis battle in Metal Gear Solid (see "Codec" below).
The Sorrow Try pressing X after seeing Psycho Mantis in the battle with Screaming Mantis, or L1 when The Sorrow's voice is heard.

The Nomad

On board the Nomad, there are many easter eggs that can be seen during the Briefing segments.

  • A PlayStation 3 console can be seen in the kitchen and a PlayStation Portable can also be seen during the Act 2 Briefing. Sunny will pick it up and play Penguin Adventure, the first game Hideo Kojima ever worked on.
  • An artwork of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner can also been seen on one of Otacon's monitors.
  • While in control of the Mk. II, the tendril can be used to mess around with various objects.
    • Pressing the remote control in the cargo hold will change the viewscreen to a photo slideshow of Akina Minami.
    • Pressing the dial of the radio in the kitchen will play random songs. The songs are different in each briefing segment.
    • The player can tease the chicken in their cages. Their names are Solid, Solidus, and Liquid.
  • If the internal clock of the PlayStation 3 is set to 12/25, a Christmas tree can be seen in the center of the cargo hold when the game is paused.
  • If the internal clock of the PlayStation 3 is set to 10/31, a pumpkin can be seen on the table in the cargo hold when the game is paused.
  • During Act 4 briefing, Naomi's necklace hangs on the leftmost monitor of Sunny's workstation. A picture of Gray Fox is in it.
  • During the Act 3 intermission, when Raiden is injured, one of Sunny's monitors is blue as if it has no input. In the top right corner of this monitor, it reads "Hideo" instead of "Video."


Main article: Metal Gear Solid 4 conversations


  • When in the canyon before entering the Warhead Storage Building on Shadow Moses, the player can call Otacon to hear a somewhat funny conversation. It starts out with Otacon asking Snake how he defeated Raven and his tank during the first Metal Gear Solid. After Snake responds with "Grenades," Otacon says he asked an officer in the Army what you had to do if you were a single infantryman and you had to take out a tank. The Army officer responded with "Don't." It is then that Otacon professes what a badass Snake is, going so far as to call him "the shit."
  • Before heading into the Blast Furnace, Snake receives a funny Codec call from Otacon.

Otacon: Hold it Snake. Time to change the disc. I know, I know… It's a pain. But you need to swap Disc 1 for Disc 2. You see the disc labeled “2”?


Otacon: Huh? Oh, wait! We’re on PS3™ system! It’s a Blu-ray Disc. Dual-layered too—no need to swap.

Snake: Damn it, Otacon, get a grip!

Otacon: Yeah, what an age we live in, huh Snake? Wonder what they’ll think of next!

  • After encountering the rats in the vents on Shadow Moses, call Otacon to hear Snake talk about how they helped him in Metal Gear Solid.
  • During the battle with Screaming Mantis, change the controller settings to another port to hear a Codec conversation between Snake and Otacon about Snake's inability to move.
  • Otacon has a story about virtually every room in Act 4 that Snake encountered in the original Metal Gear Solid. Sometimes the player will have to call him twice to hear it.
  • After beating Crying Beauty, a pack of wolves will appear. If the player hurts one of them and call Otacon, he will be disgusted.
  • In Act 3 kill the resistance members one by one and call Otacon each time and see how he goes nuts. Be warned, however, that doing this too many times will result in game over.
  • In Act 4 call Otacon before walking up to the hibernating Gekko. He will tell the player that he's never seen this kind of operational mode from a Gekko. Next, walk up to it and let it jump up. Run away then call Otacon again. Snake will be surprised and say he almost had a heart attack. Then they will joke about the creator of the Gekko being a real bastard.
  • If you kill the ravens in one of the rooms that contains Dwarf Gekkos, Otacon will tell you to stop hurting them.
  • During Codec calls Otacon will still push his glasses up even when he isn't wearing any.
  • During the Laughing Octopus battle, she will disguise herself as the Mk. II, and call the player over; instead of following the "Mk II", and setting off the octobombs that she drops, call Otacon on the Codec and a conversation will initiate between the two on why Otacon is calling him over. Call him after setting off the bombs and Snake will yell at Otacon for leading him into a trap.


  • Shaking the controller during a call with Rose will cause her breasts to bounce, depending on how the player shakes the controller.
  • After defeating Crying Wolf, use CQC or shoot at one of the wolf dogs and call Rose. She will then tell Snake that antisocial behavior and animal cruelty has been linked for a long time, and warns him that he will go through a thorough psychological evaluation if Snake ever tries to harm any animals again.
  • During the battle with Screaming Mantis, Campbell (through Rosemary's codec) calls Snake to tell him to change controllers like in Metal Gear Solid. However, Rosemary then tells Campbell that it will not work.
  • While fighting Screaming Mantis, call Rosemary to hear Colonel Campbell's suggestion to shoot the Psycho Mantis bust.
  • When Psycho Mantis tries to show the player his abilities, if he fails to both read their memory card and vibrate their controller, a female voice over appears, saying, "No more massages for you, then." This is a reference to the original Metal Gear Solid, when Snake was put in captivity, Naomi helped the player by making them put the controller against their arm, and vibrate, giving them a massage.
  • If the player calls Rosemary several times, they will hear a funny story between Rose and Campbell about how terrible Rosemary's food is.
  • Call Rose after dying and continue. Snake will tell Rose about how he keeps having dreams about dying. The player can do this multiple times, and get different responses. If the player does this after drowning or being strangled, Snake will say he is suddenly more aware of his O2 gauge.
  • Call Rosemary too many times and she will ask Snake "What has gotten into you?"
  • Each day the player plays the game, Rosemary wears different sweaters.


As with some Metal Gear Solid games, there are 49 ghosts that can be seen in certain places using the in-game camera. Some are characters from Metal Gear Solid, whilst some are members of the Metal Gear Solid 4 development team. In order to see the ghosts, unlike in Metal Gear Solid, a photo does not need to be taken in order to see the ghost; they can be seen through the camera's viewfinder, as long as the "Sorrow" doll is equipped.

For a comprehensive lists of all the ghosts, see the Ghost page.

Audio flashbacks

In certain situations during normal gameplay, dialogue audio from previous titles will playback. Many of these occur at Shadow Moses Island, where audio from Metal Gear Solid will playback, in the form of Snake's memories. Note: these flashbacks will not occur during Caution mode. If the player listens to whole of the flashback (which can be canceled by using the Codec, the START menu, or by moving too far away), Snake will be awarded Drebin Points. Activating most of the flashbacks unlock trophies.

What to do What happens
Kill 100 people during Acts 1, 2, or 5.

Flashback to Liquid's voice insisting that Snake "enjoy[s] all the killing".

Doing this will unlock the trophy "You enjoy all the killing, that's why".

(Note: if this is heard, Snake will vomit and the Psyche Gauge will become greatly depleted, with no Drebin Points being awarded)

(Note: You can actually pause to stop Snake from vomiting)

Find the crop circle in South America near the river while tracking Naomi in Act 2.

Flashback to one of the AI Colonel's conversations about being abducted by aliens from Metal Gear Solid 2. When the flashback ends, the player will be awarded 1,000 Drebin Points.

Doing this will unlock the trophy "Crop Circle".

Walk up to the elevator at the Helipad. Flashback to Snake's conversation after coming up the elevator.
Walk up to the middle of the Helipad. Flashback to Mei Ling's introduction.
Walk up to a security camera near the Helipad and press X. Flashback to "A surveillance camera?" Only works if music is still playing.
Enter through either the vent on the ground level or the vent on the second level in the Helipad rather than entering through the door. Flashback to "Master Miller's" introduction.
Walk up to the cargo door exiting the Tank Hangar. Flashback to Snake calling Meryl after meeting President Baker.
Walk down the hallway to Otacon's office. Flashback to the screams of the soldiers being killed by Gray Fox.
Walk up to the locker in Otacon's office. Flashback to Gray Fox's second introduction.
Walk around in the filled-in trench leading up to the Comm Towers. Flashback to what Meryl says after she's been shot by Sniper Wolf.
Climb to the top of one of the Comm Towers and walk around. Flashback to Liquid attacking Snake with the Hind.
Walk in front of the other Comm Tower near the exit. Flashback to Otacon's dialogue with Snake after Wolf's death.
Walk to Liquid's crashed Hind on the Snow Field to the side of the Comm Towers Hear Liquid screaming as his Hind crashes and Snake muttering "see you in hell."
Go down the Service Elevator in the Blast Furnace after Otacon tells you to do so. Flashback of Master Miller telling Snake that Naomi is a spy and Naomi telling Snake she vowed revenge on Snake over Gray Fox.
Stand near the cargo door in the underground base leading to REX's hangar. Flashback of Raven's final speech to Snake.
Aim the Mk.23 (SOCOM) after acquiring it. Snake will comment, "Just like old times."
Move the camera directly overhead and move around. Snake will say, "Overhead view - just like old times. Now we're talking."
Stand next to the center of the path after just entering the Canyon from the Tank Hangar. Flashback to "Deepthroat's" first CODEC call warning of mines.

Hidden First-Person Views

Some cutscenes allow Snake to look in first-person view even if the L1 icon does not appear in the corner of the screen, while others have little hidden scenes that happen quickly when the L1 icon is displayed.

Cutscene What Snake Sees
When you hold L1 to see Screaming Mantis in the Middle East. ..Move the camera to the left, and Snake can see the ghost of Psycho Mantis in the sky mind-controlling Screaming Mantis.
During one of the L1 sequences when Snake first meets Naomi.. ..Laughing Octopus quickly leaps away outside a window.
When Naomi is talking to Snake and when he drops his cigarette.. ..Snake tries to get an upskirt shot of Naomi. However, Naomi quickly realizes this and closes her legs completely.
When Naomi tells Snake how long he has to live in in Act 2.. ..Snake will look at Naomi's chest. This will refill Snake's psyche gauge.
When the disguised Scarabs are seen during Snake's first meeting with EVA in the church in Act 3.. ..You will see the robot's point of view, spying on Snake.
When Raging Beauty stands up from her nightmare of birds eating her flesh.. ..Snake will check out Raging Beauty's body from behind.
After Psycho Mantis's ghost disappears, The Sorrow will say what he said to The Boss..

..To see The Sorrow, press X and you will be shown some flashbacks of The Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3.

(Note: Pressing and holding L1 instead of X will show The Sorrow floating above the second floor of the room.)

As Raiden is falling into the sea at the end of Act 4, he will recall his last conversation with Rosemary.. X whenever the screen goes blank and you will see flashback images from the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2.


Name Details
Screaming Mantis' Strings If you die, look closely and you will see the gossamer strings attached to Snake.
Akina Minami Posters

Akina posters appear in the Vista Mansion in Act 2. Two Akina posters can also be found in Act 3, the first one in Midtown S Sector and the other one is in Midtown Central Sector near a bridge. If you aim at the posters or view them in first person, Snake will say "Akina!", "It's Akina!" If the player viewed all model posters, they will obtain the trophy "Are you an Otaku too?"

Distracted Resistance Member If you wear any of the 4 Beauty & The Beast Face Camos and run up to a Resistance member in Act 3, he will try to examine you closely, talk dirty to you and hearts will dangle over his head. Strange enough, putting on the Raiden, Campbell or Otacon Face Camo will trigger a similar response, minus the hearts and flirtatious talk.
Refill Psyche During Cut-Scenes If during a cut-scene something causes Snake's psyche gauge to decrease, press X rapidly to replenish it.
Show Me Your Motions When a character is introduced and their name comes up onscreen, press R2 to see the motion capture artist's name rather than the voice actors.
Statue in Act 1 When disguising Snake as a statue in Act 1, Snake can break the other statue's penis by repeatedly pressing on it, blowing his cover if he's seen by a PMC soldier. Doing so after the trophy patch unlocks the "Handle with Caution" trophy.
Changing the channel When starting a new game, you will see a variety of commercials and shows playing. You can press buttons to change the channels. There are seven in total, five showing different shows, fictional advertisements, two blank extras which simply say "HIDEO1" and "HIDEO2", and one featuring David Hayter wearing the Solid Eye, one talking about survival cooking, one talking about sea creatures, a game show and some workout commercial by someone called the Sergeant. After each program, a commercial will be shown for one of the PMCs owned by Liquid Ocelot, depending on which channel you are on. Also, the channel numbers are Hurley's lottery numbers from the TV show, LOST.
Hand Camo On the Mountain Trail, when you encounter a soldier laying a claymore mine, take the North-East path(there should also be a set of handprints on the ground, visible with the NVG). The metal plate you find in a clearing contains signatures and handprints of several MGS4 crew members. By lying on it, you can acquire the unique "Hand Camo".
Calling Campbell During any briefing in which Roy Campbell calls over the viewscreen, use the Mk II/III to "attack" the remote control sitting on a table in front of the screen.
Shooting Gallery Shoot at or knock over glass bottles almost anywhere to recover psych. You can also recover psych by shooting other kinds of objects, such as the flower pots in Naomi's lab.
Otacon's Secret Webcam In Act 3, Mission Briefing, if you look at Otacon's laptop, you'll see that he is viewing Naomi's breasts from a secret webcam, but she blocks out her arms to cancel the view. The webcam can be seen between Otacon's computer monitors.
Being followed In Act 3 you can see dwarf gekko following you through the stage. Just after meeting the resistance member in the corner before the first two PMC soldiers look where you came from and you will see its hat. Also in the park after the resistance member takes a pee in the statue, look towards the fountain and you'll see the scarabs behind the bush. It appears as well under the bridge next to the sewer before the resistance member enters in the tunnel. If you try to confront the scarabs, they will vanish.
Bringing out a soldier's true feelings Equip Solid Eye and examine a soldier. In the soldier's information should be a lightly colored icon which displays which emotion they carry into battle. Assaulting them with CQC or non-lethally shooting them will fill out the icon until it is fully colored. You can also hold them up on the ground and keep shooting a loud weapon near them. When this happens, the soldiers emotions take over their actions until they pass out.
Otacon's Codec Moments Otacon always seems to have a conversation no matter what the situation. You can literally go through hundreds of bonus conversations by calling him in different stages (see "Codec" above for some notable examples)

Female denial

After holding up one of the FROGS, you can do a body search while they're standing. If the player presses the action button when prompted on the crotch, the FROG will kick Snake, knocking him down. This can be avoided by switching weapons quickly, as it cancels the animation.


In Twin Suns, when you reach the Heliport, go onto the helicopter landing platform to find a chaff grenade in the exact same place a chaff grenade was found in Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear?

In Eastern Europe, there is an area where the Alert Theme from Metal Gear can be heard.

In the later acts of Metal Gear Solid 4, if you die, wait a while. The screen will cut in and out; then the Exit option will flash Exist. When it does, select it. You will hear Liquid shout, "Snake! It's not over yet!" The cursor will then rehighlight Continue.

No Smoking

Almost every time Snake has a smoke in a cutscene there is a No Smoking sign and a stationary ashtray (not Snake's portable one.)

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