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This article is a list of optional radio conversations in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, some of which are humorous, or contain additional information that is not revealed during normal gameplay.


Major Zero

Expecting something different

To initate this conversation, the player must pick "I like MGS3" and contact Major Zero at the beginning of the Virtuous Mission.

Major: What's wrong? You were expecting something different? Now go and find Sokolov and get him out of there.

Snake finds food

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major: Snake, did you find food?

Snake: Yeah.

Para-Medic: You sound happy.

Snake: I am!

Para-Medic: Do you know how to eat it?

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: Then let me explain. To eat food, press the START button to enter the Survival Viewer then select FOOD. Select the food you want to eat, and press the Enter Button. Select EAT and you will eat the selected food. When you eat, you will eat the selected food. When you eat, you will recover your stamina, but the extent of recovery depends on what you eat. When your stamina is down only slightly, you should save your tastier morsels for later. But don't leave food for too long, or it'll rot. This is where a little planning ahead goes a long way.

Major: Besides eating food, you can throw it at enemies to confuse them. So remember, food is not just for eating. Be creative.

Snake eats food

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major: You ate some food?

Snake: Yes.

Major: You aren't expecting food to recover LIFE, are you?

Snake: Of course not. Food alone doesn't heal wounds. Food only recovers stamina.

Major: Good.

Snake: Why do you ask?

Major: I once had a guy who thought that eating canned food would recover his LIFE.

Snake: What was he? Some kind of idiot?

Major: Of sorts, yes. But in the 21st century they'll probably come up with something that does just that.


To initiate this conversation Snake must equip the Raikov mask and contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major: Snake, are you wearing that mask again?

Snake: Yeah. For some reason it feels kind of... nostalgic.

Major: Yeah well... for some reason I don't like it.

Snake: Why not?

Major: Something about that face just rubs me the wrong way.

Snake: It looks fine to me... but if you hate it that much, why did you give it to me in the first place?

Major: Well... that mask was originally created for use in another mission. An agent was supposed to disguise himself as a Soviet officer and sneak into an enemy installation. We had it all set to go, but certain circumstances forced us to abort the mission. With the mission cancelled, the mask was going to be thrown away... but the guy at the CIA's tech division who created it pitched a fit...

Snake: Why'd he do that?

Major: He said it was too good to throw away.

Snake: ...

Major: According to him, that mask is a revolutionary new design that lets the wearer blink, something that wasn't possible up until now.

Snake: I'd think you'd want to make the lips move before bothering with the blinking.

Major:Yeah, I thought so too, but for some reason he's obsessed with making it blink...

Snake: Whoever he is, he sounds like a crackpot.

Major: Mmm. Well, he does good work. But I spend three days a month just dealing with the complaints we get about him... ah, well, never mind... Anyway, I decided to put this mask we had in storage to good use by hiding your identity from the gunship crew.

Snake: I get it... so this mask is based on a model somewhere.

Major: That's right.

Snake: What do I do if I meet that guy?

Major: That's not going to be a problem.

Snake: Why not?

Major: The man the mask is based on is a GRU officer. You're in the KGB's sphere of influence. Chances are you won't run into him.

Snake: If I do?

Major: Beat the crap out of him.

Origin of Zero's second codename

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Naked Snake: Major?

Major Tom: What is it?

Naked Snake: It's about your codename...

Major Tom: Major Tom?

Naked Snake: Yeah, where did you get that name?

Major Tom: From a tunnel.

Naked Snake: A tunnel?

Major Tom: That's right. Snake, have you seen the movie "The Great Escape"?

Naked Snake: No.

Major Tom: It's a movie about a determined group of allied POWs trapped in a German POW camp who plan an escape. The POWs dig three tunnels for their escape. They named them Dick, Harry, and Tom.

Naked Snake: I see. So Tom was an escape tunnel. Did they make it?

Major Tom: Out of the camp? Of course. One of the tunnels was even discovered before it was finished, but eventually, they do make it out.

Naked Snake: I get it now. So Tom was the tunnel they used to escape.

Major Tom: ... Uh yes, that's right.

Naked Snake: What is it?

Major Tom: Mmm, actually, I'm not sure if I remember correctly...

Naked Snake: Major...

Major Tom: It's all right. It's Tom, Snake. Tom is the escape tunnel. Yes, no question about it.

Naked Snake: ...

FOX Unit history

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Tom: In the two years since Sokolov's asylum operation, I've spent all my time making preparations. And now is the time to show some results. FOX is a next-generation espionage organization designed to update us for 21st century operations that I proposed to the CIA. FOX sends individuals who excel in espionage and special tactics on solo sneaking missions like this one... ...A next-generation unit that combines the skills of special forces units like the SAS and Green Berets with the know-how of an infiltration and espionage unit. Military politics was never my strong suit... What I'm trying to say is...stealth. This is a stealth mission. Crucial to the coming cold war. The CIA director has always frowned upon FOX, but if this mission succeeds, FOX will be added to the CIA as an official unit. I intend to make FOX the leader in special operations. And to that end, this mission must succeed.
Snake: Right.
Major Tom: I'm counting on you, Snake.


To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Snake: Major, what kind of place is this secret Design Bureau that Sokolov is heading?

Major Tom: Mmm. The Soviets have a number of secret Design Bureaus like this one, each engaged in cutting-edge research. OKB-1, the bureau where the Vostok spacecraft was developed and which plays a leading role in the Soviet space program, is one of those installations. Most of them are located in secret cities built in isolated areas, and we don't even know their exact locations, much less the nature of their research. And Sokolov's OKB-754 is the most secret bureau of them all. The intelligence communities of the West have tried time and time again to find out what they're working on, but they've failed consistently.

Snake: So you have absolutely no idea what Sokolov is developing?

Major Tom: We've got nothing.

Snake: Then how did you get the information for this mission? It can't have been Sokolov...

Major Tom: From The Boss.

Snake: The Boss?

Major Tom: That's right. She has her own intelligence channels that she cultivated during the last war. She shared what she learned with us. That we were able to get the green light for this mission at all is thanks to her pull with the powers that be at the CIA. In other words, this mission would never have come together without The Boss' help in a number of respects.

Multi-cluster engine

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Naked Snake: Major, tell me about Sokolov's past work.

Major Tom: Mmm. I assume you already know that Sokolov was the developer of the multi-engine cluster. The multi-engine cluster is exactly that - a system for fitting a single rocket with multiple engines. The Vostok rocket, for instance, had 32 engines. With the technology they had, it was difficult for the Soviets to develop large engines with massive thrust. So instead, they decided to focus on using multiple smaller engines to achieve the desired thrust. With this method, though, maintaining the fuel balance between the various engines was a major problem. Sokolov was the man who provided the solution.

Snake: And that's what earned him the job as head of the Design Bureau?

Major Tom: Apparently so.

Snake: So this secret weapon is some kind of ballistic device?

Major Tom: "That's my best guess. We don't know for sure, but...

Snake: You'll find out soon. As soon as I get Sokolov out of here.

Major Tom: I'm counting on you.

Bag it

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Tom: Part of your mission is to demonstrate to the brass the core concepts behind FOX. Leave no evidence. That's the essence of FOX. And avoid engagement with the enemy.

Naked Snake: Understood.

Major Tom: Not only that. I mean leave NOTHING behind, including weapons, equipment, footprints, sweat...even bodily waste.

Snake: Yeah. When I do my business, I bury it good.

Major Tom: What!?

Snake: What's wrong?

Major Tom: That's the American way?

Snake: American way for what?

Major Tom: To handle defecation. You're going to BURY it?

Snake: Yeah.

Major Tom: Bring it home with you.

Snake: What?

Major Tom: That's what we did in SAS.

Snake: ...

Major Tom: The U.S. army is sloppy. They do things well, but not perfectly. Here in FOX, we're doing things my way. Got it?

Snake: ...Yes, sir...

The Boss in the SAS

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Naked Snake: Major, didn't you say that The Boss was in the SAS with you?

Major Tom: Yes. We formed the 22nd SAS Regiment together. When the SAS, the British Special Air Service, was first established, they invited The Boss on board as a special advisor. In fact, you might say that it was The Boss who put together Rayforce and L Detachment, which laid the groundwork for today's SAS. You won't find her name in any history books, but her contributions were many and great. The real heroes are never made public. Not in our line of work, anyway. The dummy run on Heliopolis and the nighttime raids on German air bases in North Africa were her idea as well. Yes, she was always one step ahead of the rest of us, both in thought and action. It's true what they say: 'Who Dares, Wins.'

Snake: The motto of the SAS.

Major Tom: Precisely. The motto itself is a tribute to her service. Needless to say, the SAS has become a model for special forces unites all over the world. In that sense, The Boss really is the mother of special forces.

Coffee and tea

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Tom: Listen up, snake. Keep in mind that this operation is strictly covert. Engagements must be avoided. If you must dispose of an enemy, do it with the tranquilizer gun.

Naked Snake: Yup, sweet dreams, boy scout.

Major Tom: That's right. And by the time he wakes up, you and Sokolov safely out of the country.

Naked Snake: Sipping hot coffee on a plane back home.

Major Tom: ... What did you say?

Naked Snake: ?

Major Tom: WHAT did you say?

Naked Snake: Sipping hot coffee on a...

Major Tom: You're going to drink that foul mud? On the victory flight home?

Naked Snake: Okay, then what would you drink?

Major Tom: Tea, of course!

Fulton Recovery System

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Tom: Snake, I've completed the double-check on the Fulton Recovery System.

Naked Snake: Any problems?

Major Tom: None. Leave your recovery to us.

Naked Snake: Excellent.

Major Tom: I suppose I should explain the procedure once more before the actual maneuver?

Naked Snake: No...

Major Tom: I see. Well, the Fulton recovery system allows for rapid recovery of personnel from enemy territory, and is perfect for these kinds of special operations.

Naked Snake: ...

Major Tom: Basically how it works is the plane flies by and snags a nylon lift line that the soldier has grabbed onto and that has been elevated by a balloon. The Fulton recovery system was first designed in the 1940s as a method of picking up mail for the American postal service. During the Korean war, that system was redesigned to recover personnel. JACK, an ancillary organization to the CIA... Yes, good ol' JACK...It stands for Joint Advisory Commission, Korea. Isn't that something?

Naked Snake: ...

Major Tom: So, JACK first used the Fulton Surface-To-Air Recovery System to extract agents from North Korea and mainland China. Let's go over the procedure once more - to be on the safe side. First, the plane drops a canister about the size of a coffin to you. Inside, you'll find a balloon, a 1500-foot cable, and a harness that attaches to your suit. Take the items out, attach a line to your suit, fill the balloon with helium, and send the line up. The plane will approach at 125 miles per hour, snag the cable just below the balloon with a hook on the nose of the aircraft, and whisk you away. Assuming the pickup is successful, you'll be reeled in with a winch, and pulled to safety into the rear of the aircraft. Got it?

Naked Snake: ...

Major Tom: Snake?

Naked Snake: Yeah, I got it. I got it real good.

Major Tom: Were you listening?

Naked Snake: Yeah.

Major Tom: Alright then.

HALO jump

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Tom: You did an excellent HALO jump.

Naked Snake: Not really. I didn't land in the right spot. A jumper who lost his pack on the first real HALO jump - that'll make a good story for you.

Major Tom: Who cares? There are no records of your operations.

Naked Snake: I know, but...

Major Tom: What, you're embarrassed?

Naked Snake: No, I'm not embarrassed.

Major Tom: It's The Boss, isn't it?

Para-Medic: What about The Boss?

Naked Snake: Nothing, Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: Doesn't sound like nothing.

Naked Snake: Nothing to do with The Boss, I mean.

Para-Medic: It has something to do with The Boss, but you don't want to say so?

Naked Snake: ...Yeah, kinda...

Para-Medic: ...I understand, Snake.

Major Zero: The Boss has done a lot of work on the military study of HALO jumps. And Snake here wanted to give a perfect performance on the first real perfect performance on the first real jump, you know, to show respect to the mother of the technique.

Naked Snake: Major!

Major Tom: Snake!? I thought you were over and out?

Naked Snake: ...

Para-Medic: Wow, is that right?

Naked Snake: You got something to say?

Para-Medic: No.

Naked Snake: I bet you do.

Para-Medic: Not really. I just think it's kinda sweet of you to think like that.

Naked Snake: I don't know whether to take that as a compliment, or an insult.

Para-Medic: It's a compliment, Snake! So tell me, is it true?

Naked Snake: What!?

Para-Medic: Not that. Is it true that The Boss really worked on research for HALO jumps?

Naked Snake:' Oh, that...

Major Zero: Yes, it's true. HALO stands for High Altitude, Low Opening. It's a jump technique developed for covert insertions into enemy territory, just like the area you're in. A plane flies at 10,0000 feet or above to avoid detection by ground forces, and the jumper free falls until he's within a 1000 foot altitude above the target area, when he finally opens his chute. By using this technique, the chances of revealing the parachute landing to the enemy are marginal. The HALO technique was originally developed in France. This was partly due to popularity of parachuting as a sport since the end of World War II. And The Boss was an instructor for the research that was carried out there. In 1957 at the JFK Special Operations Center at Fort Bragg, The Boss was invited to instruct at the first ever U.S. Military HALO School. Of course, none of this is on the record. But she's the mother of modern-day special forces.

Space Race

To initiate this conversation, Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Naked Snake: Major, tell me a little more about the space race.

Major Tom: In 1957, the Soviet Union succeeded in launching their first artificial satellite, Sputnik, into orbit. Having been beaten to the chase by the Soviets, the U.S. government accelerated its own space program in an effort to catch up. The following year, the space development programs of the various service branches were united to form the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA. That same year, the Mercury program was launched with the goal of putting a man into space. Seven candidates were chosen from the military as the first astronauts. These were the men with the 'right stuff.' But as you know, it was a Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, who made the first successful manned space flight three years ago. NASA's first successful ballistic flight came one month after Gagarin's mission, with the Freedom 7 carrying Alan Shepherd into space. After that, with America still lagging behind the Soviets in orbital flight, President Kennedy made a momentous decision. That America would put a man on the moon before the end of the decade.

Snake: Yeah, I heard that speech. But a lot of guys I knew weren't real happy about it... They said no one was gonna make them go on a mission to blow up some damn moon base.

Major Tom: But rocket research and missile research are closely related. Imagine, if you will, a Soviet Union able to send wave after wave of nuclear missiles raining down on Washington from a base on the surface of the moon. Even if that's still a long way from reality... If we lose the initiative, we may never get it back. We're left with no choice but to keep moving forward, one step at a time. The Gemini program launched two years ago represents the initial step forward establishing a moon base. And yet... I don't want to call President Kennedy a liar, but I simply can't imagine that in six years, man will have reached the moon.

Snake: I don't know. I never even thought we'd make it up into space. Guess it all depends on whether you have the will to make it happen.

Major Tom: Perhaps you're right.

Dangerous swampland

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero while in Dremuchij Swampland during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Tom: Snake, be careful of that swamp.

Snake: What's dangerous about it?

Major Tom: It's a bottomless swamp.

Snake: A bottomless swamp?

Major Tom: Yes. The mud in that swamp is highly viscous. It will stick to your body like tar. It will be impossible for you to swim. If you get swallowed by the bottomless swamp, you won't be able to escape on your own. Once you sink down to about head-level, you'll be trapped for good. Make sure you get out before that happens.

Snake: So, I have to make sure I don't sink too far. Got it.

Major Tom: Snake, wait.

Snake: There's more?

Major Tom: Yes.

Snake: What?

Major Tom: Crocodiles.

Snake: Crocodiles?

Major Tom: Yes.

Snake: Crocodiles? Like the reptile...

Major Tom: That's correct. More accurately, they're Indian Gavials.

Snake: What are crocs doing deep in this forest?

Major Tom: You'll have to ask Para-Medic about that one. Para-Medic?

Para-Medic: Yes. The Indian Gavial is a crocodile that originally lived in freshwater regions in India and Nepal.

Snake: Why are Indian crocodiles way out here?

Para-Medic: They're captive crocodiles that were brought here for research purposes, but escaped and became wild again. Indian Gavials are large creatures - adult males grow to over six meters in length. You'll never catch one alive. Even if you use the tranquilizer gun.

Snake: Got it. So, how do they...

Para-Medic: Taste? Yes, I did look into that. You know what they always say - tastes like chicken!

Snake: Sounds delicious.

Para-Medic: But be careful when capturing an Indian Gavial. Normally, they're cowardly creatures, but the ones in the forest there are belligerent. Apparently they attack humans.

Snake: What do you mean?

Para-Medic: They weren't the direct subject of any serious research, but some think they may have become violent as a side-effect of the atomic research that was conducted nearby.

The KGB Unit guarding Sokolov

To initiate this conversation, contact Major Tom when arriving at Rassvet before meeting Sokolov during the Virtuous Mission.

Snake: Major, you said the enemy was KGB, right?

Major Tom: I did.

Snake: What unit are they from? The Sixth Directorate?

Major Tom: No, the Ninth Directorate.

Snake: The Ninth?

Major Tom: Yes.

Snake: But I thought it was...

Major Tom: Exactly. It's the unit that protects the Kremlin and provides bodyguards for high-level VIPs.

Snake: But they're assigned to protect 'Party and government' figures. I thought that meant high-ranking officials and their families. And now they're being sent out to watch over a field exercise?

Major Tom: That's the idea.

Snake: What's really going on?

Major Tom: I don't know.

Snake: ...

Major Tom: What I do know is that the director of the Ninth Directorate is a well-known protégée of Khrushchev. The premier may have wanted to assign this mission to someone he knew he could trust.

Snake: So he can't trust any other units?

Major Tom: Ever since the withdrawal from Cuba, Khrushchev's position has been getting weaker day by day. This secret test is an act of desperation by a cornered man. If nothing else, the completion of Sokolov's new weapon in this test should help reestablish Khrushchev's authority in Moscow.

Snake: So what you're saying is, there's also a good chance that whoever doesn't want to see that happen is going to try and interfere?

Major Tom: Most likely. Khrushchev must have anticipated this and sent his most loyal unit - his trump card - to make sure all goes well.

The Major is not strange

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Tom: Your sensors and other electronic devices cannot be used indefinitely. Once they are activated, they consume battery power. Remember, all items draw power from a single battery. Once your battery runs out, all electronic gear becomes inoperable. You can check your remaining battery power with the icon of any item that uses electricity. Take care not to waste power. The battery recharges when not in use. When you want to recharge the battery, unequip all electronic devices and give it some time. The higher your Stamina Gauge, the faster your battery recharges. If you want to recharge faster, eat food and recover your stamina. Also, if you run, roll, or do other dramatic actions, the battery will recharge faster.

Snake: Wait a second.

Major Tom: What is it?

Snake: The higher my stamina, the faster my battery recharges?

Major Tom: That's what I said.

Snake: But what does my stamina have to do with the battery?

Major Tom: Oh, I see what you're getting at. Let's have Para-Medic explain that. Para-Medic?

Para-Medic: Yes, sir. It's because Snake's battery uses bioelectricity.

Snake: Bioelectricity?

Para-Medic: Bioelectricity is electricity emitted from cells. When the cells of living things are stimulated, sodium and potassium ions move rapidly through the cell membrane's ion channel, creating a difference in electric potential. The battery uses that energy to recharge. So, unless your cells have plenty of nutrients, the recharge won't work well.

Snake: Amazing the kind of machines that are available now...

Para-Medic: But this machine has not been made public. It was designed by a scientist at the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology.

Snake: What kind of person was he?

Para-Medic: The person who designed it?

Snake: Yeah.

Para-Medic: I heard he was pretty strange.

Snake: Stranger than the Major?

Para-Medic: There's nothing strange about the Major.

[In the background, Major Tom's voice is heard:]

Major Tom: My tea is gone! Who drank it!? How am I supposed to have teatime without tea!?

Para-Medic: Well, not too strange, at least.

Snake: ...

Major Tom: Hey, my scone's gone, too!!

Origin of Snake's codename

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Naked Snake: Major, what about my code name?
Major Tom: You mean, Naked Snake?
Snake: Yeah. What does it mean?
Major Tom: It's because snakes slither through the grass, unnoticed to those around them...
Snake: No, I mean the 'naked' part.
Major Tom: It means without embellishment, devoid of a specified quality - in other words, basic.
Snake: Why's that my code name?
Major Tom: I explained that the Virtuous Mission is designed to test the effectiveness of FOX, right?
Snake: Right.
Major Tom: And the procedure used for this mission will represent the modus operandi of FOX for future missions. In other words...
Snake: The essence of FOX, naked and pure?
Major Tom: Exactly. And there's the fact that you went in practically naked - no weapons, no equipment.
Snake: I see. Means more than I realized.
Major Tom: Yes, clever isn't it? But don't leave yourself naked to the enemy.
Snake: Roger that.


To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Tom: Snake, stay alert. The KGB and GRU both have their sights set on Sokolov. GRU is a military espionage outfit, the intelligence wing of the Soviet Defense Ministry's General Staff Office. It competes with the KGB, which is under the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and the two are always watching each other.

Naked Snake: Never let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

Major Zero: Exactly. Now, added to that rivalry, there's a vicious power struggle going on between the Khrushchev faction and the anti-Khrushchev faction.

Naked Snake: So Khrushchev is using the KGB, and Volgin and the anti-Khrushchev forces are using the GRU?

Major Tom: That's the idea. The two factions are fighting over Sokolov. We're in an extremely dangerous situation here.

Naked Snake: Yeah. I'm aware of that.

Major Tom: Get Sokolov out of there safely. He must not be turned over to the KGB or to the GRU. Sokolov took off in the direction of the rope bridge. Get after him. Hurry!

Unable to contact The Boss

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Naked Snake: Major, have you been able to contact The Boss?

Major Zero: No.

Naked Snake: You really think it's bad reception?

Major Tom: We're looking into it.

Naked Snake: Major...

Major Tom: Snake, you've got more important things to worry about than contacting The Boss. Right now, Sokolov is out there wandering around the jungle alone. What are you going to do if he gets caught by the enemy?

Naked Snake: ...

Major Tom: We're still looking into why we lost contact with The Boss. I'll let you know as soon as we find anything out. In the meantime, it's your job to find Sokolov and get him to safety. Got it?

Volgin's background

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Naked Snake: Major, do you know anything about this GRU colonel Sokolov was talking about?

Major Tom: Yes.

Naked Snake: Who is he?

Major Tom: A most dangerous man indeed. His name is Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin. His codename in the West is "Thunderbolt." He's gained a reputation as the most brutal and cold-blooded of the Soviet spymasters. During the war, Volgin was assigned to the domestic branch of the NKVD. He was stationed in the rear of the Soviet line to catch and punish any troops who tried to retreat or desert. He's also notorious for his "accomplishments" in anti-guerilla operations in the Ukraine and the Baltic states. Apparently, he likes to boast that he "disposed of" over 100,000 anti-Communists. We also know that he was instrumental in putting down the 1953 insurrection in East Germany and the 1956 uprising in Hungary. He is truly a fearsome man. There's no telling what he might be plotting. Be careful.

Naked Snake: I will.


To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission.

Naked Snake: Major, what's this Granin Design Bureau Sokolov was talking about?

Major Zero: OKB-812. It's the same type of top-secret facility as Sokolov's own OKB-754. The director is a man by the name of Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin. He's Sokolov's archrival, and the two have competed fiercely against each other since the days of the war. To hear Sokolov tell it, though, the rivalry was really all in Granin's head. In any case, Granin seems to harbor an unusually intense hatred for Sokolov. Knowing that Sokolov was protected under the aegis of Khrushchev, Granin threw in his lot with Volgin, the vanguard of the anti-Khrushchev movement. Apparently, Granin meant to use the funds provided by these opposition forces in order to defeat his old foe. Volgin, for his part, was intrigued by the possibility of using the high-tech weapons Granin created in the fight against Khrushchev. Thus, the two formed an alliance, and Volgin took the Granin Bureau under his control.

Naked Snake: But now Volgin's got his sights set on Sokolov?

Major Zero: Yes, it would seem he and Granin aren't getting along so well after all.

Operation Snake Eater

Major Zero: Operation Snake Eater is different from the Virtuous Mission in that you won't be able to complete it in just a few hours. The time limit set by Khrushchev is one week. Within that time, you'll have to rescue Sokolov, defeat Volgin, destroy the Shagohod and...

Snake: I know.

Major Zero: ...Good. In any event, you will not be allowed to return until you've accomplished your objectives. Survival in the field will be critical in this mission. And the most important survival technique of all is, of course, finding food. You can get food in the same way you did during the Virtuous Mission - by capturing it. The enemy presence in that area is still light. You should try and get as much food as possible while you can."

Defcon 2

Major Zero: Thanks to last week's nuclear incident, the Soviet Union is now on secondary alert. We're one step away from a nuclear war.

Snake: Defcon 2, huh.

Major Zero: In American parlance, yes. From what Western intelligence has been able to gather, the radical elements in the Soviet command are showing signs of impatience. They'll say we're on the brink of World War III here. And with Khrushchev's position getting weaker every day, I worry whether he'll be able to hold them back...

Snake: ...One week.

Major Zero: Yes. America must eliminate The Boss by its own hand to prove its 'innocence.' There is no other way to resolve the crisis. Everything rests on your shoulders, Snake. Failure is not an option.

Snake: ...I know.

Reason for leaving the drone

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero during Operation Snake Eater.

Snake: Major, what should I do with this wreck of a drone?

Major Zero: Just leave it there.

Snake: Are you sure?

Major Zero: Yes.

Snake: But isn't this thing top secret?

Major Zero: Yeah, it is. After the U2 spy plane incident four years ago, plans were laid out for future spy missions in Soviet airspace to be carried out by an unmanned craft. That craft was the D21 spy drone, the basis of the one you came in on. The D21 is launched from a craft called the M21. The M21 itself is a derivative of the A-12, a supersonic long-range spy plane currently being developed as the successor to the U2. However, for this mission we used a modified YF-12A, a long-range interceptor version of the A-12. After being released from the mother ship, the drone can achieve speeds upwards of Mach 3 at high altitude using its ramjet engine. It can't be shot down by ground-to-air missiles, and it's nearly undetectable by radar. With Tselinoyarsk in such a high state of alert after our last escapade, this was the only reliable way to get you in.

Snake: This is all top-secret military technology. Are you telling me I'm supposed to just leave it here?

Major Zero: That's right.

Snake: Why?

Major Zero: The purpose of Operation Snake Eater is to send an American agent into the field in order to eliminate a defector and traitor - namely, The Boss. Part of that mission involves making sure the Soviets find out what we're doing.

Snake: So we have to leave behind some kind of evidence that the U.S. was involved.

Major Zero: Don't worry. The technologically sensitive components of the craft were rigged to self-destruct when it landed. The only thing the Soviets are going to find is a pile of American-made scrap metal.

Snake: Got it. Just one thing, though.

Major Zero: What is it?

Snake: I think they'd better redesign the landing impact buffer. People are gonna get hurt landing that thing.

Major Zero: I'll let them know.


Snake: Major, I appreciate you allowing me to use weapons, but shouldn't I be carrying some rubles?

Major Zero: You mean fake currency?

Snake: Right.

Major Zero: Snake, do you remember the Francis Gary Powers incident back in 1960? Powers was flying a U2 on a spy mission for the CIA in Soviet airspace. He was shot down and taken prisoner. His confession brought to light the fact that the CIA was spying in Soviet airspace. As a result, the U.S.-Soviet summit scheduled for two weeks later was canceled.

Snake: Yeah, I remember.

Major Zero: U2 pilots are required to carry items that mask their identity. Powers was carrying ruble, mark, and lira coins as well as French gold coins. He was also carrying two gold watches and seven women's rings. All of these objects were meant to conceal his national origins. But for this mission, we've got to demonstrate to Khrushchev regime that America is involved. There's no need to conceal your origins. And besides... All you need to do is complete your mission. As long as you're not captured or killed, the details will take care of themselves.

Snake: OK.


Major Zero: The Soviet intelligence community must be up in arms about The Boss' defection. The great Voyevoda has abandoned America and embraced the Soviet Union.

Snake: Voyevoda?

Major Zero: Apparently, that's what they call The Boss behind the Iron Curtain. It means 'warrior' or 'mighty soldier' in Russian. When used to refer to a women, it means something like 'lady knight.' In Russia, where they've had a number of female emperors throughout their history, it's a term of great respect. Well, poetic, in a way. The Boss' exploits have made her name famous in the East as well.

Major Zero's reaction to The Boss's defection and the government's reason for wanting The Boss killed

Snake: Major, why did The Boss defect?

Major Zero: I don't know. But I will tell you this. America is all too eager to get rid of her.

Snake: What do you mean?

Major Zero: She knows too many of our secrets. If she were to relay all the top-secret information she knows to the Soviet bloc, it would put us at a severe disadvantage. It might even lead to the downfall of the West. Even if we survive, The Boss is still too much of a hero to us. With her in the Soviet camp, we'd suffer a fatal loss of morale at home. There are even whispers that some of the less stalwart elements of the military might follow her example and defect themselves. I assume you're aware that since your last mission, several key figures within the CIA have been placed under house arrest.

Snake: Yeah.

Major Zero: The loss of The Boss has been a painful one indeed.

Snake: What about you?

Major Zero: Me? I still can't believe it. As a comrade, I would have placed my trust in her before my own family. But now that I think about it, The Boss always seemed to have an aura of mystery about her. I never would have expected it to manifest in this way, though.

Snake: ...

Major Zero: Ah well, it won't do to get all misty-eyed about it. She's an enemy now, worthy of nothing more than our contempt.

Snake: Understood.

EVA was right

Major Zero: EVA was right when she said that operating in an unknown jungle at night is extremely dangerous. In my former outfit, the SAS, we'd always be sure to set up camp before sunset and wait until daybreak before setting out again. Being able to stay in that abandoned factory made things a lot easier for you. You ought to be thanking EVA.

The Origin of Zero's codename

Snake: Major.

Major Zero: Yes?

Snake: I was just wondering...why do they call you 'Zero'?

Major Zero: What do you mean?

Snake: We go back a long ways, but I just realized I never asked you why you're called 'Zero'.

Major Zero: You want to know where it comes from?

Snake: Yeah. If that's all right.

Major Zero: ...that's a bit nostalgic, really.

Snake: Nostalgic?

Major Zero: The first British intelligence outfit was established in 1909. The head of the foreign intelligence division was a man named Mansfield George Smith Cumming. He was referred to simply as 'C,' after the first letter in his last name. Since then, out of respect for Cumming, the heads of the SIS have traditionally taken the name of 'C.'

Para-Medic: And James Bond's boss is called 'M.'

Major Zero: That's right. I myself was once known as 'O.'

Snake: And that's where 'Zero' comes from?

Major Zero: Precisely. In another sense though, it signifies a ghost - one whose true identity must remain a mystery. The primogenitor of the solo sneaking operation.

Snake: Is that so...


Major Zero: You just heard a horse?

Snake: Yeah.

Major Zero: You're sure it wasn't something else?

Snake: I know a horse when I hear one.

Major Zero: Para-Medic, are there any wild horses in Tselinoyarsk?

Para-Medic: Do you really expect me to say "yes"?

Major Zero: No.

Snake: So what should I do?

Major Zero: There's only one way through that area. All you can do is move forward. Head towards the sound of that horse. It came from the north. Be careful.

The Boss is the enemy

Snake: Major...

Major Zero: Snake, The Boss is your enemy. You've got to accept that reality.

Snake: ...

Major Zero: ADAM is waiting for you at the abandoned factory to the north of your current position. Head north.

Drone explosion

Major Zero: The enemy must have seen the drone explode. They've probably already sent out patrol units. You never know when you'll encounter the enemy. Use your camouflage wisely and proceed with caution.

The Boss knowing about Snake's infiltration

Snake: Major, why was The Boss there...did they detect my infiltration?

Major Zero: That's impossible. The drone shouldn't have been picked up by their radar at all.

Snake: Then how did she know? It couldn't have been...?

Major Zero: That's also out of the question. We've taken all measures to ensure this mission stays secret.

Snake: ...Then what's going on?

Major Zero: I don't know.

Snake: ...

Major Zero: It won't do you any good to dwell on it, Snake. Hurry to your rendezvous with ADAM. Head for the abandoned factory to the north. Watch out for enemy patrols. Stay alert at all times. OK?

The Boss' betrayal

Snake: Major...

Major Zero: What is it?

Snake: ...Why did The Boss betray us?

Major Zero: Leave it alone, Snake.

Snake: But...

Major Zero: We've been through this before. Besides, asking for reasons now won't change anything.

Snake: I thought I'd find out if I met her face to face. I thought for sure she'd tell me. But...

Major Zero: Then you'll have to find your own answers.

Snake: ...By completing my 'mission'?

Major Zero: Yes.

Snake: ...


Snake: Major, what's this temptation EVA was talking about?

Major Zero: In the Old Testament of the Bible, Eve was seduced by a snake into tasting the fruit of knowledge. By eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve disobeyed God's command and were cast out from the Garden of Eden. Thus, it was the snake who led mankind into original sin.

Snake: Come to think of it, I did break a rib in the Virtuous Mission. Maybe that's where EVA came from.

Major Zero: But the one who tempted Adam into eating the forbidden fruit was Eve. You may be working together, but she's still a KGB operative. Don't let your guard down.

Snake: I don't intend to.

Scientist disguise

Major Zero: Snake, I heard you got a scientist disguise from EVA.

Snake: Yeah.

Major Zero: Go to 'UNIFORM' on the 'CAMOUFLAGE' screen and choose 'SCIENTIST' to disguise yourself as a scientist.

Snake: 'SCIENTIST', huh.

Major Zero: But it won't do you any good to go around the jungle wearing scientist disguise.

Para-Medic: No one would be that stupid.

Major Zero: You're right. No one would think of going around the jungle in a scientist disguise. If they did, they'd have to be a fool. No, more than a fool -- a complete dumbass. Don't you think so, Snake?

Snake: Yeah...

Croc Cap

To initiate this conversation Snake must equip the Croc Cap and contact Major Zero.

Major: Snake, what in God's name...

Snake: How does it look?

Para-Medic: It looks cool!

Snake: Huh?

Para-Medic: It looks cool on you.

Snake: It does?

Para-Medic: Yeah!

Snake: I don't think "cool" is the right word.

Para-Medic: Why? What's wrong with it?

Snake: What's wrong... Don't you think it looks silly? Doesn't it make you laugh? Aren't you going to ask me what the hell I was thinking?

Para-Medic: No.

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: I think it really does look good. It reminds me of "The Alligator People."

Snake: Oh... the what?

Para-Medic: "The Alligator People." It's a science fiction movie. You've never heard of it?

Snake: No.

Para-Medic: Oh... well you should see it sometime. It's about this guy who gets hurt in a car accident and tries to heal his wounds by injecting himself with a crocodile serum, but then his head turns into a crocodile head. You look just like him with that mask on. That's awesome.

Snake: Right...

Para-Medic: ???

Major: Ah, never mind. I suppose you might be able to disguise yourself as a crocodile by wearing that cap and sticking your head out of the water.


Major Zero: Snake, are you OK? Snake!!

Snake: Major...

Major Zero: Snake...

Para-Medic: Are you all right? You're not hurt?

Snake: No. That was a hell of a drop, but I'm fine. ...Looks like there's no way back up though.

Major Zero: I see... Well, anyway, it's good to hear you're not injured. Slipping and falling may not have been part of the plan, but getting into that cave was. Proceed further into the cave. The cave seems to be structured like a maze, but there's an exit somewhere. Find a way out of the cave and head for the aqueduct.

Snake: All right. But it might take me a while to get through this cave.

Major Zero: Are you hurt?

Snake: No.

Major Zero: Is it the enemy? Did they set a trap for you?

Snake: Not that, either.

Major Zero: Then what is it?

Snake: It's dark in here.

Major Zero: Dark?

Snake: Yeah. There's no light anywhere. I should have brought a flashlight with me...

Major Zero: So what you're saying is that it's going to take you a while because you don't have a flashlight?

Snake: Right.

Major Zero: Snake, if you don't have a flashlight, you should be looking for a substitute. I tell you, American soldiers these days rely too much on ready-made equipment.

Snake: Here we go again...

Major Zero: What was that?

Snake: Nothing.

Major Zero: American soldiers rely too much on ready-made equipment. And not only that, they can't seem to grasp that one piece of equipment can have multiple functions. Back when I was in SAS, we never had that problem. We were trained to use every piece of equipment in as many ways as possible. If you don't have a flashlight, look for something else. You need to develop flexible innovative thinking if you want to... Hey, are you listening to me?

Snake: Yeah, of course I am.

Major Zero: First, take a look at what you're carrying with you now. Don't you have anything that can provide you with some light?

Foreshadowing of The Pain

Major Zero: Snake, those hornets that attacked you while you were fighting Ocelot...

Snake: I know. They look familiar - like the ones I saw during the Virtuous Mission.

Major Zero: So it was one of the Cobras?

Snake: That's what Ocelot was saying, too.

Major Zero: ...Keep your guard up.

Snake: I will.

A ritual dance

To initiate this conversation, Snake must contact Major Zero while positioned in front of the eastern door of the exterior wall in Graniny Gorki.

Major: Snake, the enemy appears to be using that door to enter and exit the lab. Think you can sneak in?

Snake: I can't open the door.

Major: That door appears to be locked from the inside. You won't be able to open it from the outside. But there must be some way to use the door to sneak inside.

Snake: And what do you propose?

Major: Well I...

Para-Medic: How about if you stand in front of the door and perform a ritual dance?

Snake: A ritual dance?

Para-Medic: That's what they do in Japan when they find a door that won't open.

Snake: Are you serious?

Para-Medic: Of course.

Major: She certainly seems to know a lot about Japan.

Snake: Yeah. But this is the Soviet Union. I don't think doing a dance is going to make the door open...

Para-Medic: Then YOU think of something.

Graniny Gorki's inner security

Major: Good, you've infiltrated the lab. The security on the inside is very tight. You'll find it difficult to look for Sokolov unless you're disguised as a scientist. Use the clothes that EVA gave you to disguise yourself as a scientist.

Alarm systems

To initiate this conversation, simply contact Major Zero while inside either Graniny Gorki or Groznyj Grad.

'''Major:''' Snake, enemy soldiers who operate indoors aren’t equipped with radios. To communicate with command, they’ll have to use the radio-equipped alarm systems on the walls. If you’re spotted by an enemy, you can avoid going into the Alert Phase by taking him out before he can use the alarm system.

Old age

To initiate this conversation, the player must wait over a week without playing, during the fight with The End.

Snake: Major, I found The End. He's dead.

Major: What the hell happened?

Para-Medic: Maybe... it was from old age.

Major: You mean he kicked the bucket in the middle of a battle?

Para-Medic: Maybe...

Major: Well Snake, the victory is yours.

Snake: ...No, I don't think so.

Major: What do you mean?

Snake: It was his dying wish to fight me. But I disappointed him...

Major: Snake, listen to yourself. This is a mission. It's not a game, it's not a sport. You think you're competing for the gold at Tokyo or something?

Snake: ...I guess you're right...

The other side

To initiate this conversation, the player must contact Major Zero after the fight with The Sorrow, but before meeting EVA behind the waterfall in Tikhogornyj.

Major: Snake.

Snake: ...

Major: Snake!

Snake: Wh-what...oh, Major...what do you want?

Major: What happened? You've been acting strangely ever since you were washed down the river.

Snake: I'm fine.

Major: I disagree.

Snake: Really?

Major: Yes.

Snake: ...

Major: Did something happen to you in that river?

Snake: No...

Major: Don't lie, Snake. I'm trying to help you.

Snake: All right. But you might not believe me when I tell you.

Major: I'll believe you. I trust you.

Snake: Ok then. When I was in that river...

Major: Yes?

Snake: I saw...the other side.

Major: The other side?

Snake: Yeah.

Major: And by the other side you mean...?

Snake: Well the world of the dead...I guess.

Major: ...

Snake: And the Sorrow was there. He was, more than that. He said I was a part of his sorrow...

Major:, Snake, would you excuse me for a moment?

Snake: Huh? Sure...

(Major walks away, following conversation sounds distant)

Major: Para-Medic, what in the hell is wrong with Snake?

Para-Medic: Beats me... Maybe he got a nasty bump on the head.

Major: You really think that’s all?

Para-Medic: What are you implying?

Snake: Major?

Major: I mean, he's always been a little bit...different...I thought maybe...

Para-Medic: Good point... I was just thinking that myself.

Snake: MAJOR!

Major: Wh-what is it, Snake?

Snake: I can hear you.

Major: !! W...well, in any case, I'm glad you're all right.

Para-Medic: Y...yeah. Me too. It's good to see you're back to ah...normal...

Snake: ...

The forest traps

To initiate this conversation, Snake must contact Major Zero while standing near any of the dead scientists in Graniny Gorky South.

Snake: Major, I found a...

Major: I know. It's probably a scientist who fled from the lab. I'd wager that the traps in those woods are set up more to deal with would-be escapees than to keep intruders out.

Snake's a bully

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Major Zero after attacking EVA in Zaozyorje.

Major: Snake, why are you attacking EVA!?

Para-Medic: What were you thinking!? I thought you were better than that!

Sigint: I can't believe you, man!! You got a lot of nerve pulling something like that!

Major: Pull yourself together and focus on the enemy! That's an order!!

The legend of the Cobra Unit

To initiate this conversation, contact Major Zero after killing any of the Cobra Unit members. Also, depending on who was killed, the conversation will vary slightly.

The Pain killed

Snake: Major, why did The Pain explode like that...?

Major Zero: It's part of this legend.

Snake: Legend?

Major Zero: The legend of the Cobra unit. I'll let Sigint explain. Sigint?

Sigint: Yeah, that. That's a microbomb.

Snake: A microbomb?

Sigint: Yep. During World War II, the Cobra unit was used for the nastiest kinds of wet works, the kind that could never be let out into the open. Their missions were so top secret that not only were they forbidden to be taken prisoner, they couldn't even leave their corpse behind. Because of this, or so the legend goes, they carried a microbomb with them on their missions in case they needed to commit suicide. I always thought it was just a rumor... I never expected it'd turn out to be true.

Snake: ...

Sigint: But why would they be carrying bombs this time around? It's not like they're in hostile territory.

Snake: ...Maybe they're ready to die.

Sigint: Ready to die?

Snake: Yeah... They've got no unit to go back to. Not even a country.

Sigint: So they've got no place to die except the battlefield, huh?

Snake: Yeah, no turning back for them... I wonder if The Boss feels the same...

Any other Cobra Unit member killed

Snake: Major, why do they keep exploding...?

Major Zero: It's part of this legend.

Snake: Legend?

Major Zero: The legend of the Cobra unit. I'll let Sigint explain. Sigint?

Sigint: Yeah, that. That's a microbomb.

Snake: A microbomb?

Sigint: Yep. During World War II, the Cobra unit was used for the nastiest kinds of wet works, the kind that could never be let out into the open. Their missions were so top secret that not only were they forbidden to be taken prisoner, they couldn't even leave their corpse behind. Because of this, or so the legend goes, they carried a microbomb with them on their missions in case they needed to commit suicide. I always thought it was just a rumor... I never expected it'd turn out to be true.

Snake: ...

Sigint: But why would they be carrying bombs this time around? It's not like they're in hostile territory.

Snake: ...Maybe they're ready to die.

Sigint: Ready to die?

Snake: Yeah... They've got no unit to go back to. Not even a country.

Sigint: So they've got no place to die except the battlefield, huh?

Snake: Yeah, no turning back for them... I wonder if The Boss feels the same...

Barracks area

To receive this conversation, you have to call Zero after both the end of the Ocelot chase cutscene and after calling Zero at least once beforehand

Major Zero: It looks like the Shagohod's fallen quite far behind. You're in the barracks area now. In just a few moments, you'll come upon Groznyj Grad's northern runway. Keep going! You're almost there!

Hind (Bolshaya Past Base)

To receive this conversation, call Zero near the Hind after contacting Sigint about it.

Major Zero: The Hind you see parked at the heliport must not be ready to fly. You don't need to worry about it taking off. If you're going to destroy it, now might be your chance.

Underground tunnel

To initiate this conversation, call Zero upon reaching the door to the tunnel, but before getting to EVA.

Major Zero: That's the entrance to the underground tunnel EVA was talking about. Can you open it?

Snake: I'll give it a try.


Snake: Major, EVA was right. I can't get the door open.

Major Zero: I see. It looks like EVA was right - the door to the underground tunnel won't open without a key. Rendezvous with EVA and get the key from her. Head for the ruins at the summit.


Major Zero: The Cynthia that EVA mentioned was a famous lady spy who worke for Britain during the Second World War. Her real name was Amy Elizabeth Thorpe. She was a lovely, intelligent woman, and she used those charms as a weapon to extract numerous secrets from the enemy. They say her most brilliant achievement was getting the French Vichy government's naval ciphers. But don't let yourself be taken in by EVA's charms.

Snake: I'll be careful.

"I'll be your eyes"

Major Zero: 'I'll be your eyes'... ...makes me want to cry.

Snake: "Why's that?"

Major Zero: It reminds me of something a certain spy once said. His name was Oleg Penkovsky, a Western spy who worked inside GRU. He was arrested by the KGB and executed last year. They say he sent a letter to the DCI at the time, saying, 'I must remain on this front line in order to be your eyes and ears.' His code name was 'Hero.'

Snake: A hero whose name will never be known.

Major Zero: Yes. That's the world we live in.

Sokolov's failed escape.

Snake: Major, Sokolov's been hauled off.

Major Zero: Yes. They probably caught him trying to escape from the lab... Didn't Volgin say they still needed to perform the final test?

Snake: Yeah.

Major Zero: Then Sokolov must have been taken back to the lab. Get to the lab and get Sokolov the hell out of there. Pass through that warehouse and you'll come out south to the lab. Make your way inside the warehouse. Watch out for enemy sentries.


Snake: Major, do you know anything about this Tanya?

Major Zero: No.

Snake: Nothing?

Major Zero: Not a thing.

Snake: Why not? You must have checked up on Sokolov when he defected two years ago. If he had a lover...

Major Zero: Make no mistake, we conducted a thorough investigation, but there was nothing about him having a mistress.

Snake: Maybe you didn't notice.

Major Zero: That's impossible.

Snake: Then he must have become involved with her after he was taken back to Russia.

Major Zero: I wonder...

Snake: What is is, Major? Something wrong?

Major Zero: I don't think Sokolov would take a lover.

Snake: Why not?

Major Zero: I still remember him two years ago. After we got him across the border, the first words he spoke from his hospital bed after he regained consciousness were, 'Are my wife and daughter safe?' And right up until he was taken back to Russia, he kept begging me over and over to take care of his family, almost as if he was delirious. Sokolov is a man who loves his family. Betraying his wife is something he'd...

Snake: Major.

Major Zero: What is it?

Snake: People change.

Major Zero: ...Maybe you're right.

Snake: Yeah, maybe...

Tatyana again

Snake: Major, I saw that Tatyana woman again.
Major Zero: Hmm. We've been analyzing our data, but so far we've been unable to find anyone matching that description. Maybe her posting was so obscure that we simply overlooked it...
Snake: Or maybe she's a VIP that all the data on her has been classified.
Major Zero: That's a possibility. But I'd be tempted to go with the first explanation. We'll keep going over the data.
Snake: Thanks.

Snake doesn't have any brothers

Major Zero: What a strange coincidence, though.

Snake: Coincidence?

Major Zero: Well, Raikov's full name is Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov.

Snake: And?

Major Zero: Ivan is the Russian equivalent of John. And a common nickname for John is Jack.

Snake: ...

Major Zero: You know, in Russian folklore, the youngest son in the family often receives the shabbiest treatment, but is actually cleverer than his brothers and has the happiest ending of all. That son is usually named Ivan.

Snake: I don't have any brothers.

Major Zero: Really? I could have sworn you had several.

Snake: ???

Snake is captured

Major Zero: Snake!

Snake: ...Major...

Major Zero: You're all right...

Snake: I wouldn't say all right...but at least I'm alive.

Para-Medic: That's good enough...

Snake: But they took all my weapons and equipment from me.

Major Zero: Well, you've still got your radio and medical items with you.

Snake: Yeah.

Para-Medic: I wonder why that is?

Major Zero: Perhaps Volgin's not finished with you just yet.

Snake: Yeah, well, I'm not finished with him yet, either.

Major Zero: Snake, you've got to escape from that cell somehow. There must be a way. Use your head.

Single Action Army

Major Zero: The Boss gave you a gun?

Snake: Yeah. A Single Action Army.

Major Zero: For what?

Snake: ...I'm not sure.

Major Zero: Hmm... Anyway, why don't you use that gun to shoot...

Snake: I can't.

Major Zero: Why not?

Snake: No bullets.

Major Zero: I see...well, you'll be able to get some once you're outside. First, you've got to escape from that cell. There must be a way. Don't give up.

Fake death pill

Snake: Major, I dug out the bullet The Boss shot into me...

Major Zero: Yes?

Snake: There was a fake death pill?

Major Zero: A fake death pill?

Snake: Yeah. What does it mean...?

Major Zero: I haven't a clue. But if it's the work of The Boss, then it probably means something...


Major Zero: Snake, you say you've discovered a transmitter?

Snake: It was buried in a wound. I think Ocelot did it. He must be expecting me to get out of here...

Major Zero: Then you musn't disappoint him.

Snake: All right.


Snake: Major, I'm sorry... Sokolov, I couldn't...

Major Zero: Don't say it.

Snake: ...

Major Zero: You weren't able to rescue him. But that doesn't mean your mission has failed yet. EVA said they've completed Phase 2. There's no time left. You must destroy the Shagohod at all costs. ...That will be our final tribute to him.

Snake: Right.


Major Zero: Snake, I see you've recovered your weapons and equipment.

Snake: Now I can finally go on the offensive.

Major Zero: Time to pay Volgin back for what he did to you.

Snake: Yeah. And then some.

Major Zero: But first you've got to destroy the Shagohod. The Shagohod is in the hangar in the main wing of the weapons lab. Go back to Groznyj Grad, make your way into the hangar, and destroy the Shagohod. You can get back into Groznyj Grad by going to the end of the cave behind the waterfall. Head back to Groznyj Grad.

Why the Shagohod failed to be destroyed

Snake: Major.

Major Zero: Snake, are you all right!?

Snake: Yeah.

Major Zero: The explosion went off successfully.

Snake: Yeah, but the hangar is still standing.

Sigint: The explosion was smaller than what we had hoped for because the fuel tanks didn't catch on fire.

Snake: But the fuel tanks were definitely...

Sigint: Remember how the enemy spotted the C3 while you were busy with Volgin? They must have called in the EOD to remove the fuel from the tanks then. But still, the C3 alone should've been enough to take out the manufacturing line. That'll probably be the last one they'll ever make. You succeeded in preventing its mass production.

Major Zero: Snake, if you can take out the Shagohod that Volgin is in, the world will be safe from that monstrosity of a weapon. But you won't be able to take it down with the weapons you have on you. You have to come up with something else. It's time to rethink your plan off attack. First, get out of there. You need to shake your pursuers. Snake, leave the driving to EVA. You concentrate on fending off your pursuers and clearing the way for her. Don't worry about running out of ammunition - the sidecar seems to be loaded with plenty of it. Use First Person View to eliminate your attackers!


Reticulated Python

To initiate this conversation Snake must capture/kill a Reticulated Python, then contact Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: I see you caught yourself a Reticulated Python. The Reticulated Python is said to be the longest snake in the world. The biggest ones can grow up to 10 meters in length. Although they're not poisonous, they're still very dangerous, so be careful around them. They have a highly ferocious temperament, and they can swallow whole even large animals like deer and pigs. Their most distinguishing feature is the mesh pattern of their scales. This pattern acts as a highly effective natural camouflage. If you think there might be a Reticulated Python about, pay close attention to your surroundings. Otherwise you could get bitten before you even know it's there. It's a huge snake, but you should be able to capture it alive by using the tranquilizer gun. I'll bet if you capture one and throw it at an enemy, it'll give him a good scare.

If the player hasn't actually tasted it yet:

Naked Snake: Right. But - how do they taste?

Para-Medic: Huh?

Snake: Do they taste good?

Para-Medic: You're actually going to eat one?

Snake: Why else would I be asking?

Para-Medic: Cannibal.

Snake: What was that?

Para-Medic: Nothing. Let's see what the guide says... Ah, you're in luck. It says they taste pretty good.

Snake: Good. I can hardly wait.

Para-Medic: ...

If the player has already tasted it:

Giant Anaconda

To initiate this conversation Snake must capture a Giant Anaconda, then contact Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: Snake, that area is inhabited by the Giant Anaconda. The Giant Anaconda is believed to be the largest snake in the world in terms of weight and diameter. It's not poisonous, but its large size makes it extremely powerful. They say it even eats crocodiles. Its only natural predator is man.

Naked Snake: And snake.

Para-Medic: ...And snake. The Giant Anaconda is a very large snake, but you should be able to capture it alive using the tranquilizer gun.

If the player hasn't tasted it yet:

Snake: Got it. So how does it taste?

Para-Medic: I knew you were going to ask me that.

Snake: Glad I didn't disappoint you. So?

Para-Medic: Well, the guide says it tastes all right...

Snake: Good. I'll have to try some.

Para-Medic: ...

If the player has already tasted it:


To initiate this conversation Snake must capture a Magpie, then contact Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: Snake, that area is inhabited by Magpies. Magpies are members of the crow family. They're distinguishable by their beautiful dark blue and white bodies and their long tails. Their favorite food is insects, but they'll also eat small fish, acorns, and fruit. They're omnivores, which means...

Naked Snake: They'll eat anything.

Para-Medic: Right. Just like you, huh. If you use the tranquilizer gun, you should be able to capture Magpies alive.

If the player hasn't tasted it yet:

Snake: Okay. So, how do they taste?

Para-Medic: You always ask me that.

Snake: Naturally. So?

Para-Medic: I've never heard of anybody actually eating a Magpie, but I suppose there's no reason you couldn't.

Snake: You don't say.

Para-Medic: ...

If the player has already tasted it:

Tree Frog

To initiate this conversation Snake must capture a Tree Frog, then contact Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: Snake, that area should be inhabited by Tree Frogs. The Tree Frog is a green frog that's found throughout Asia. Its arboreal, spending most of its time in shrubs and bushes. Use the tranquilizer gun to catch one alive. I bet you could scare an enemy good if you toss one at him. But the tree frogs that live in that jungle are a lot bigger than ordinary tree frogs.

Naked Snake: They've got a good appetite, huh?

Para-Medic: You've got a one-track mind, don't you. But seriously, that is one theory. However, there are people who think it's a mutation caused by nuclear testing and waste from the research facility.

Snake: Do you think they're safe to eat?

Para-Medic: Is that all you ever think about?

Snake: What else is there?

Para-Medic: Lots.

Snake: Like what?

Para-Medic: Like why a frog would get so big in the first place. Whether it's a temporary phenomenon caused by a unique environment, or a permanent mark of evolution, or a product of the toxic waste coming out of the research facility. If it is the waste that's causing it, then it means humans are interfering with the ecosystem. It really makes you think about the changing relationship between...

Snake: This isn't interesting.

Para-Medic: Oh fine, be that way...

If the player hasn't tasted it yet:

Snake: So? How is it?

Para-Medic: You mean is it edible?

Snake: Yeah.

Para-Medic: Hmm. I guess it's probably OK...

Snake: Probably?

Para-Medic: I don't know. The guide doesn't say anything.

Snake: Pretty useless guide if you ask me.

Para-Medic: Well, try one for dinner and you can help improve it.

If the player already tasted it:

Russian Oyster Mushrooms

To initiate this conversation Snake must procure Russian Oyster Mushrooms

Para-Medic: You should be able to find Russian Oyster Mushrooms in that area. The Russian Oyster Mushroom is an edible variety that belongs to the Shimeji family. It's known to be particularly rich in vitamin B1 and Niacin. Apparently, it's usually found growing on tree stumps and hollow logs. So look there if you want to eat some.

Calorie Mate

Para-Medic: I see you have a Calorie Mate.

Naked Snake: Calorie Mate?

Para-Medic: The thing you're holding now.

Snake: Oh, the little block that looks like a cookie?

Para-Medic: Try it. It's pretty good.

Snake: Okay. But what is this thing? I've never seen anything like it.

Para-Medic: Calorie Mate is an energy supplement that contains all the proteins, liquids, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals needed for a balanced diet. It is a well-balanced food. Because of that, it's just perfect for giving your body the nutrition it needs in combat.

Snake: It sounds like a space-age food.

Para-Medic: Real astronaut food is not very good, but that should taste fine.

Snake: Yeah, and it will help balance out all this jungle food I'm eating.

Para-Medic: It's easy and quick to eat, so it's perfect for when you are running late for an important mission in the morning.

Snake: I've never been late for a mission.

Para-Medic: Really? Aren't you always keeping people waiting?

Snake: ?

Para-Medic: It's easy to keep track of your calorie intake and receive the nutrition your body needs, so it's good for losing weight too. All of the geisha girls in Japan use it for watching their calories.

Snake: Is that why they're all so slim?

Para-Medic: Right. And any diet where you eat nothing at all is bad for the body.

Snake: I see. You seem to know a lot about Japan don't you?

Para-Medic: Yes, I love Japan.

Siberian Ink Cap

Para-Medic: You should be able to find Siberian Ink Cap mushrooms growing in that area. The Siberian Ink Cap is a mushroom from the ink cap family. Its life cycle is transitory. As soon as the spores mature, the cap starts to turn black, liquefy, and melt away.

Naked Snake: And that's why they call it an ink cap?

Para-Medic: That's right. It doesn't really turn into liquid, but you get the idea. In its immature state - before it melts away - it's valued as a source of food. Just be sure not to eat them while you're drinking alcohol.

Snake: Why's that?

Para-Medic: Ink caps contain coprine, which inhibits the function of aldehyde dehydrogenase. This prevents the body from breaking down alcohol, causing a buildup of acetaldehyde.

Snake: ...Meaning?

Para-Medic: Meaning it will give you the hangover from hell.

Snake: Oh.

Para-Medic: Wait a minute...

Snake: What? You think I'd drink alcohol in the middle of a mission?

Para-Medic: Wouldn't you?

Snake: Hell no.

Para-Medic: Well, I'm kicking a shot back now.

Snake: What!?

Para-Medic: Just teasing you.

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: Oh, come on, where's your sense of humor?

Snake: ...I need a drink...


To initiate this conversation Snake must equip the cigar, then contact Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: Snake!

Snake: What?

Para-Medic: Are you smoking a cigarette?

Snake: Nope.

Para-Medic: Yes you are.

Snake: It's not a cigarette, it's a cigar.

Para-Medic: Same thing.

Snake: Not at all. In fact, there's a world of difference. There's nothing quite like the rich smell and mellow flavor of a cigar. And that thick, luxurious smoke is almost sensual when it...

Para-Medic: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. You know something?

Snake: Probably not, but I don't want to hear it.

Para-Medic: Well, you don't have a choice.

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: Cigarettes are bad for you.

Snake: It's not a cigarette, it's a...

Para-Medic: Quiet, you!

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: Smoking is bad for you. In a recent study, scientists found that tobacco smoke is full of carcinogenic substances, like nitrosamines. You know what that means? It means you're going to give yourself lung cancer if you keep on smoking.

Snake: But that's just what some scientists think, right?

Para-Medic: Oh, give me a break.

Snake: I heard it was just a bunch of hu-hah.

Para-Medic: Do you really believe that?

Snake: Sure.

Para-Medic: God, you're gullible. You ought to read this year's report from the Surgeon General. It proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that smoking causes lung cancer. Pretty soon the whole world will know that smoking is bad for you. Better quit now before it's too late.

Snake: But...

Para-Medic: And don't tell me cigar smoke is harmless because it doesn't go down into your lungs. It just means the cancer shows up in a different place.

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: Got it?

Snake: Yeah, yeah...

Russian Glowcap Part 1

To initiate this conversation, Snake must find a Russian Glowcap, then contact Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: I see you've found some Russian glowcaps. The Russian glowcap is kind of luminescent fungus - a mushroom that glows in the dark.

Snake: Why would a mushroom glow in the dark?

Para-Medic: It's bioluminescent, just like a firefly. It uses the so called luciferin-luciferase reaction. To put it simply, luciferin reacts with luciferase in the presence of magnesium two plus ions, breaking it down into oxyluciferin and carbon dioxide. The carbonyl groups in the oxyluciferin are initially in an electrically excited state. When they return to their base state, they give off light. Did you get all that?

Snake: Not really.

Para-Medic: Oh.

Snake: By the way, does that mushroom recharge your batteries when you eat it?

Para-Medic: Huh?

Snake: I mean, it seems like if you ate a glowing mushroom, it might recharge your batteries or something.

Para-Medic: Snake, your batteries are organic batteries. They produce electricity by utilizing the potential difference between cells. Organic batteries are known for their highly efficient energy conversion, but they still rely on chemical reactions between proteins and enzymes to...

Snake: So you're saying they'll get recharged?

Para-Medic: Believe what you want.

Snake: Great!

Russian Glowcap Part 2

To initiate this conversation, Snake must contact Para-Medic again after eating the Russian Glowcap.

Snake: Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: What's up?

Snake: You were right.

Para-Medic: About what?

Snake: I ate a Russian Glowcap and it charged up my batteries.

Para-Medic: Huh!?

Snake: What's wrong?

Para-Medic: I, uh... that's... that's great! Um, Snake, could you excuse me for a second?

Snake: Sure.

Para-Medic's voice sounds more distant for these next lines.

Para-Medic: Did you just hear that?

Sigint: Yeah. There's no way eating a bioluminescent mushroom would cause your batteries to recharge.

Para-Medic: What do you think it means?

Sigint: Beats me... maybe it's all in his mind.

Para-Medic: You mean like a placebo effect?

Sigint: Why not? You've seen how gullible he is.

Para-Medic: I guess there's no harm done. Should we let him keep believing it?

Sigint: Sounds good to me.

Normal volume

Para-Medic: OK, Snake, I'm back. Yes, the Russian glowcap is a glowing mushroom, so it'll recharge your batteries when you eat it.

Snake: ???


To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Para-Medic during the Virtuous Mission.

Snake: Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: What's up?

Snake: Are you a medic, or a doctor?

Para-Medic: I'm a well-respected physician. Or I was, until I joined the CIA.

Snake: How was your reputation?

Para-Medic: My what?

Snake: Your reputation.

Para-Medic: Oh, that.

Snake: How was it?

Para-Medic: Why? Don't you trust me?

Snake: That's not what I meant.

Para-Medic: Fine, then.

Snake: Mm-hmm... So?

Para-Medic: So what?

Snake: Your reputation - how was it?

Para-Medic: My! You're relentless!

Snake: Hey, I'm a snake. So?

Para-Medic: My reputation was spotless. I'm highly skilled, patient, and good-looking to boot. Everybody wanted to see me. What else would you expect?

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: No, seriously.

Major: Incidentally, her nickname back then was "Quack."

Para-Medic: Major!

Snake: ...Is that true?

Para-Medic: Mm? Is what true?

Snake: About your nickname.

Para-Medic: No! ...Well, maybe a few people did call me that...

Snake: So you were a quack?

Para-Medic: No! ...Well, yes and no. I mean, in a sense I was, but then again I wasn't...

Snake: ???

Major: Snake, her skills as a doctor are beyond reproach. You have my word on that.

Para-Medic: Yes! That's exactly what I was trying to say, Snake.

Snake: Then why did they call her "Quack"?

Major: It's because she...

Para-Medic: Never mind that! It doesn't matter. We've got a job to do, and we have to stay focused. Besides, my past doesn't have anything to do with the mission and...

Snake: Because she never shuts up?

Major: Yes, that's it.

Para-Medic: No, that's not it! Snake, tell him that's not true!

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: Say something!

Snake: I'd better get back to the mission.

Major: Yes, you do that.

Para-Medic: Just a minute! Snake! Don't you hang up on me!

The Fly

To initiate this conversation, you must contact Para-Medic after commencing the Virtuous Mission before proceeding to the next area after having the conversation with her about her nickname.

Para-Medic: Say, Snake, about that helmet and oxygen mask you took off right after you parachuted in...

Snake: Oh those? Those are the assembly and oxygen system assembly I used to make the HALO jump. The helmet is fitted with a bayonet fastener that attaches to the oxygen mask. It's also got earphones and a boom mike...

Para-Medic: I'm not interested in all that stuff.

Snake: So why did you bring it up?

Para-Medic: It reminds me of something.

Snake: Reminds you of something?

Para-Medic: Yeah.

Snake: The mask?

Para-Medic: Yeah. But I can't remember what it is, and I can't stop thinking about it...

Snake: ...That's what you've been thinking about?

Para-Medic: Yeah. Everytime I'm about to remember it, it slips away from me again. Don't you just hate that?

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: I know I've seen it somewhere before...any Ideas?

Snake: How would I...

Para-Medic: That's it!

Snake: What!?

Para-Medic: The Fly!

Snake: The Fly?

Para-Medic: Yeah, it finally came to me. You looked just like him. Aah, I feel so much better...

Snake: ...The Fly?

Para-Medic: From the movie "The Fly". You've never seen it?

Snake: No.

Para-Medic: Geez, where have you been? It's about this scientist who's conducting teleportation experiments when he gets mixed up with a fly and ends up with the fly's head attached to his body.

Snake: Never heard of it.

Para-Medic: That's too bad... It's a good movie...

Foreshadowing of Codec

Para-Medic: If you have any questions about stamina or healing, just ask me. I'll tell you everything you need to know. It'll have to be over the radio, though.

Snake: So you won't be able to see me naked, then.

Para-Medic: Yeah, I'm devastated. But I'll bet that 50 years from now, you'll be able to see who you're talking to on the radio.

Snake: I'll be retired from active duty by then.

Para-Medic: I don't know. Somebody somewhere might just decide to give you a call.

Snake: Wouldn't surprise me. Let's both pray that never happens.

The guide is only wrong once

To initiate this conversation, Snake must eat a Ural luminescent mushroom, then contact Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: I see you found some Ural luminescent mushrooms. The Ural luminescent mushroom is a mushroom only found in Tselinoyarsk. It looks like a shiitake mushroom and it's often found growing on the trunks of trees.

Snake: If it looks like a shiitake mushroom then it must be edible right?

Para-Medic: Yup. I can't guarantee it'll taste like a shiitake mushroom, though.

(Snake eats mushroom. Calls Para-Medic.)

Snake: By the way, Para-Medic, I tried that Ural luminescent mushroom you were talking about.

Para-Medic: So, how does it taste?

Snake: It was poisonous.

Para-Medic: What?

Snake: It was a poison mushroom.

Para-Medic: Really?

Snake: Yeah.

Para-Medic: That's weird... the guide says it's...

Snake: Are you sure that guide is reliable?

Para-Medic: Don't worry, it's fine. It just happened this one time.

Snake ...


To initiate this conversation, the player must contact Para-Medic during the Virtuous Mission while wearing the Raikov mask.

Para-Medic: Snake, I... Ah!

Snake: ?

Para-Medic: H... hello there.

Snake: Para-Medic, it's me.

Para-Medic: Snake? Oh, it's you. For a minute there, I thought you were someone else...

Snake: Why are you so nervous? You've seen this mask before, right?

Para-Medic: Yeah, but it looks so cool...

Snake: Huh?

Para-Medic: Cool. You know? Kind of like a Venusian.

Snake: A Venusian?

Para-Medic: I mean, not the crab kind... the other kind.

Snake: Para-Medic, do you really think a guy you've never seen before would suddenly call you on this frequency?

Para-Medic: I know it sounds ridiculous. But still... what if it was a being from another planet? You can't rule out that possibility.

Snake: ...

The Major likes 007

To initiate this conversation, the player must contact Para-Medic to save the game.

Para-Medic: Snake, have you seen 007: From Russia with Love?

Snake: I don't like those movies. Real spies are nothing like James Bond. It's pure fantasy.

Para-Medic: Snake, I don't think the Major's going to like you saying that.

Snake: And even though it's fiction, I can't help but comparing myself to Bond.

Major: What exactly don't you like about James Bond? Is it the fantastic gadgets? The cars? The guns?

Snake: Major...!

Major: Snake, wouldn't you like to have a gun shaped like a pen?

Snake: What good is a pen going to do me in the jungle? I'd look like a fool.

Major: Then what about a snake-shaped gun? You could make it look like you're grappling with a giant snake and then get a shot in on the enemy while they're distracted.

Snake: OK, now you're being ridiculous.

Major: We'll make you a snake-shaped gun that folds up and fits into an attaché case.

Snake: Will you give it a rest?

Major: Oh, I get it. You're worried about how to handle the ladies, aren't you?

Snake: No...

Major: I knew it. Hmm...To tell you the truth, I don't like the idea of playing hanky-panky with enemy femme fatales, either. But that's part of Bond's appeal. You could learn a thing or two from him. What about this EVA? What are you planning to do with her?

Snake: I...I don't even trust her yet.

Major: That's not what I mean. You can't let yourself get involved. This is a game of spy versus spy. She's using you just as much as you're using her.

Snake: I realize that.

Major: You've got to grab the initiative. And to do that, you have to get the upper hand in the relationship. That's what a spy is supposed to do.

Snake: Get the upper hand...I don't think I'm cut out for that mission.

Major: Maybe if you changed your code name to Double-O-Snake?

Snake: Major...

Major: 007 is the biggest thing to come out of England since the Mayflower. I wouldn't be surprised if they made 20 more of those movies.

Para-Medic: Didn't you know? The Major is a huge James Bond fan. Don't get him worked up like this.

Snake: Worked up?

Para-Medic: Maybe you don't realize this, but now that you've got him started talking about Bond, I'm going to have to listen to him lecture for a whole hour after he gets off the radio.

Snake: You have my sympathy.

Para-Medic: It's too bad you can't enjoy such a great movie, though.

Snake: I guess I'm just one of those people who can't enjoy spy flicks.


Para-Medic: Snake, whatever happens to you, make sure you leave a descendant, OK?

Snake: Are you saying you want to have my baby?

Para-Medic: No. I’m saying that in the 21st century, the genes of soldiers like you are going to be in high demand.

Snake: Genes?

Para-Medic: Uh huh. Remember when Watson and Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA back in 1953?

Snake: No.

Para-Medic: You know, they won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for it the year before last? Of course, you have to feel sorry for Pauling and Franklin. They were researching the exact same thing.

Snake: Sorry. I don’t follow.

Para-Medic: Inside every living creature are little blueprints called genes. Through the union of the sperm and egg cells, these blueprints are transformed and inherited by the next generation. That’s why parents and children resemble each other. The concept of genes was first proposed over a hundred years ago by Mendel, but he didn’t know what they were exactly. For a while, it was thought that chromosomes were composed not of deoxyribonucleic acid, but of proteins called polypeptides. Later, it was shown that deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA was a biological macromolecule. Then, 11 years ago, Watson and Crick discovered that DNA had a double-helix structure

Snake: This is all fascinating stuff, but what exactly does it have to do with me?

Para-Medic: The inherent characteristics of any given individual are determined by his or her genes. By duplicating a set of superior genes, a separate body with the same set of characteristics – a clone – can be created.

Snake: But genes don’t control a person’s fate.

Para-Medic: That’s true. But having an offspring that’s genetically identical to the parent is more efficient, right? You can expect better results that way.

Snake: More efficient? You can’t mass-produce human beings!

Para-Medic: Maybe. But now that we know the true nature of genes, human cloning is that much closer to reality. Nuclear transplanting is already theoretically possible. So one day…

Snake: My genes are going to be a valuable commodity?

Para-Medic: Exactly.

Snake: They’d never let that happen.

Para-Medic: Just think – even if your body dies, you survive and go on to bigger and better accomplishments. If you think about it, it’s kind of an honor.

Snake: Does that kind of technology seriously appeal to you?

Para-Medic: Well, I am a doctor.

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: I can’t condone it on moral grounds, but I’m fascinated by the possibilities. Especially when I see such an excellent specimen as yourself.

Snake: Yeah, well, thanks for the compliment, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

Para-Medic: Don’t be so glum. It’s not like it’s going to happen anytime soon. We’ll just have to wait and see.

(Note: This conversation foreshadows the Les Enfants Terribles Project, and the cloning of Big Boss. It also foreshadows Para-Medic's role in the project.)

Advising the enemy

To initiate this conversation, contact Para-Medic after the first meeting with Ocelot.

Para-Medic: By the way, Snake.

Snake: What?

Para-Medic: What was that little lecture back there?

Snake: Lecture?

Para-Medic: You were instructing the GRU commander, weren't you? Something about the first round, or his hand.

Snake: Yeah...

Para-Medic: What was that supposed to mean?

Snake: Mmm... Whenever he put a new clip in his gun he'd always load the first round by hand, whether there was a round left in the chamber or not. It's a technique they teach in the Middle East. By making sure there's always a round in the chamber, you eliminate the risk of pulling the trigger with nothing to fire. He must have heard about it from someone, or read it somewhere... in any case, he probably wanted to try it out for himself. And he was obviously motivated by vanity to show off his new technique. That's when you make mistakes. The battlefield is an unforgiving place. The only techniques you can rely on are the ones you've mastered through experience and practice.

Para-Medic: Uh huh. And what were you saying about him being more suited to revolver?

Snake: When he fired, he was bending his elbow sharply to avoid the recoil. It looked like he wasn't aware he was doing it, but that habit can be either a fatal flaw or a gift.

Para-Medic: What do you mean?

Snake: Automatic weapons use recoil to operate, so if you don't let the recoil hit you, it interferes with the operating cycle of the gun. Basically, he shouldn't be trying to avoid the impact like that. But with a revolver, there's no need to let the recoil hit you. Just the opposite - avoiding the recoil lets you reduce the strain on your hand and arm. That kid might just be handy with a high-caliber revolver.

Para-Medic: Handy...? Are you listening to yourself?

Snake: What do you mean?

Para-Medic: He's the enemy! Why are you giving him advice?

Snake: I...

Para-Medic: Snake?

Snake: ...I don't know. For some reason, I couldn't help but point it out to him...

Para-Medic: ...Snake, are you alright?


Bikini Atoll

Para-Medic: Snake, I've been looking at your medical record. You've been exposed to an atomic blast?

Snake: Yeah, the 'Bravo Shot.' It was a hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll on March 1, 1954. I was at the American base on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands when the ashes of death started falling from the sky.

Para-Medic: Any symptoms?

Snake: least not yet. But a lot of the guys who were in it with me are now suffering from thyroid cancer and leukemia. Some of them are dead already. One of these days...anyway, I'd better get back to the mission.

Para-Medic: Yeah...

Para-Medic's codename

Para-Medic: Snake, if you or one of your comrades is wounded in battle, what do you usually do?

Snake: I call for a medic.

Para-Medic: What if there's no medic nearby?

Snake: I don't even want to think about that.

Para-Medic: Think about it.

Snake: ...That's my worst nightmare. Any soldier can perform basic first aid, but it takes a specialist to perform the more complicated procedures. I know a lot of guys who'd still be alive if they'd had access to a medic.

Para-Medic: Me, too. So I got to thinking - wouldn't it be great if we could parachute medics into the front lines, where they're needed most?

Snake: You bet... That's why you're called 'Para-Medic'?

Para-Medic: Yeah. With a unit like that, we could save a couple of lives, huh?

Snake: No.

Para-Medic: No?

Snake: Not a couple. We could save many lives.

Para-Medic: ...Thanks. I think the army needs a unit like that. And if no one else will do it, I'm going to create one myself.

Snake: Sounds like a plan.

Para-Medic: Will you help me?

Snake: Count on it.

Immunity to The Fear's poison bolts

To initiate this conversation, contact Para-Medic during Snake's battle with The Fear, in Graniny Gorki South.

Para-Medic: The rabbits in that area have antibodies that protect them against the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider. They probably built up an immunity from The Fear using them to test his poison bolts. Catching one of those rabbits will give you some serum. If you run out of serum, go catch a rabbit!


Para-Medic: I see you've got yourself a ration. Rations are portable meals carried by Soviet soldiers.

Snake: I've heard some nasty stories about how they taste. It looks like the rumors are true.

Snake: Great...

Para-Medic: Hey, you should be grateful. Those things are designed to last. No matter how long you keep a ration, it'll never go bad. And they're surprisingly good for you, too.

Snake: I'd take a snake over this any day, even if it is a little rotten...

Para-Medic: You are hopeless...

Great Danes

To initiate this conversation, contact Para-Medic in Bolshaya Past South when near an attack dog.

Para-Medic: You say there are attack dogs? Those attack dogs are Great Danes. The breed is originally from Germany. They've been used for hundreds of years as hunting dogs. As you can see, they're very large. Strong, too. They've got a calm yet courageous temperament. And on top of that, they're extremely intelligent. In some cases, a trained Great Dane can be more dangerous than a human opponent. Watch out for them.

Snake: Interesting.

Para-Medic: Forget it, Snake!!

Snake: Forget what?

Para-Medic: You were thinking about how they taste, weren't you?

Snake: I wasn't thinking...

Para-Medic: Don't lie to me. I can tell by the look on your face.

Snake: You can't see my face.

Para-Medic: No, but I can imagine it!

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: Don't you dare think about trying to capture an attack dog.

Snake: ...

Para-Medic: You hear me!?

Snake: Yeah, yeah...


To initiate this conversation, contact Para-Medic in Bolshaya Past South when near an attack dog.

Para-Medic: Snake, be careful of those attack dogs.

Snake: Don't worry. I know how dangerous they are.

Para-Medic: No, you're the one who's dangerous.

Snake: Me?

Para-Medic: Those dogs are just innocent animals, even if they've been trained to kill. You shouldn't hurt them unless you have to.

Snake: But...

Para-Medic: You know, humans and dogs have been living together for 50,000 years, ever since the Stone Age. Sure, they make great pets and watch dogs... But they also help us out in a variety of different fields - not just as police and army dogs, but as hunters, shepherds, rescuers, and seeing-eye dogs. They deserve our respect.

Snake: I know what you mean. I'm a dog-sled fan, myself.

Para-Medic: In the future, many of the jobs that dogs do now will probably be taken over by machines. They'll have miniature unmanned reconnaissance vehicle and security systems... And in the 21st century, I bet they'll even be selling robot dogs as pets.

Snake: You've got to be kidding.

Para-Medic: But even if that happens, dogs will still be our most trusted companions.

Snake: Unmanned recon vehicle...that's a pretty scary thought.

Para-Medic: Well, for now, trained dogs are the best they've got.


To initiate this conversation, contact Para-Medic after the player shoots a Yoshi. This conversation replaces the original Kerotan conversation and is exclusive to Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

Para-Medic: Hey, that's Yoshi!

Snake: Huh!?

Para-Medic: Right there. See it!?

Snake: Where

Para-Medic: Right in front of you.

Snake: ...This doll?

Para-Medic: That's Yoshi. Don't tell me you've never heard of him.

Snake: ...Oh. OK. But what's this thing doing here?

Para-Medic: Yoshi.

Snake: ?

Para-Medic: He's called Yoshi.

Snake: Right... So what's this doing here...

Para-Medic: He must be getting popular in the Soviet Union.

Snake: Here?

Para-Medic: Not that you'd know anything about the magic of Yoshi. On the other hand, you might be able to use Yoshi's power to help you in your mission.

Snake: What did you have in mind?

Para-Medic: Yoshi makes noise when you shake him. If the enemy hears that, they might come to check it out. Maybe you could use it as a diversion? And I hear that if you find all of the Yoshis and shake them, something good will happen. Try it out.

Use the mask

To unlock this conversation, battle Volgin and call Para-Medic.

Para-Medic: Snake, what if you put on that mask? You might just be able to shake Volgin up!

Snake: Shake him up? Why!?

Para-Medic: Never mind. Just do it!

Hornet behavior

To unlock this conversation, contact Para-Medic during the Ocelot duel.

Snake: Para-Medic!

Para-Medic: What’s wrong? Are you hurt!?

Snake: No.

Para-Medic: Then what?

Snake: These hornets won’t go away.

Para-Medic: The hornets?

Snake: Yeah. They’ve been flying around over my head in a figure-eight pattern and won’t go away. Any idea why?

Para-Medic: Well, hornets use the figure-eight dance to signal that they’ve found food…

Snake: Food?

Para-Medic: Yeah. Like flowers or nectar…

Snake: What does it mean?

Para-Medic: I don’t know. But at least they’re not attacking you, right? I think it’s best to just leave them alone. You’ve got bigger things to worry about – like Ocelot.

Snake: Good point.

Para-Medic: You can beat him, Snake.

Snake: Who says I couldn’t?


Para-Medic: Snake, have you seen the movie "Them"?

Snake: No.

Para-Medic: It's about these giant ants that appear in the desert of New Mexico after a nuclear test. The army tries to fight them off with flamethrowers. The ants were so big that they filled up the entire screen. The whole movie theater was screaming.

Snake: An ant that big could make a good meal.

Para-Medic: Yeah, well, if you find any, don't eat them.

Snake: Come on, they're not that bad for you.

Para-Medic: If you end up growing huge like that, you won't have anyplace left to hide.

Snake: Just like a Gurlugon.

Bigeye trevally

Para-Medic: Snake, that area is home to the bigeye trevally. The bigeye trevally is a type of mackerel. The adult fish lives around coral reefs, but the young can be found in fresh water areas such as estuaries and rivers.

Snake: Good to know. So, how do they taste?

Para-Medic: Hmm, the guidebook doesn't say.

Snake: Huh... well, if they're a kind of mackerel, they should be okay to eat, right?

Para-Medic: You'd think so, but...

Snake: But what?

Para-Medic: Well, I've heard stories about people getting ciguatera poisoning after eating the adult fish.

Snake: Ciguatera poisoning?

Para-Medic: Uh huh. Fishes that live near coral reefs are sometimes contaminated with a poison known as ciguatera toxin. It apparently gives you food poisoning when you eat it.

Snake: So, I can't eat those bigeye trevally?

Para-Medic: I don't know whether those trevally are contaminated with ciguatera or not, but use caution just in case.


Snake: Para-Medic, I caught a parrot...

Para-Medic: What kind of parrot?"

Snake: It's green all over, with a large beak.

Para-Medic: Then it's probably an Alexandrine Parakeet. It's sometimes also called the Alexandrine parrot. The Alexandrine Parakeet originally comes from Indochina, and is distinguished by its green body and red beak. It's very talkative and makes a good pet. But it's strange. The guide doesn't say anything about there being Alexandrine Parakeets in that area. I'm thinking it must be someone's pet that got away.

Snake: Hmm...

Para-Medic: SNAKE!!

Snake: What?

Para-Medic: Don't EVEN think about it! Eating a cute little bird like that...

Snake: But I didn't say...

Para-Medic: Just don't!

Snake: ...


Para-Medic: The horse The Boss was riding sounds like an Andalusian. Andalusians are from the region of Andalusia in Spain. They're renowned for their beauty, their gentle nature, and their physical prowess.

Snake: Hmm...

Para-Medic: Just so you know, you can't eat them.

Snake: Hey, I didn't say anything.

Para-Medic: Yeah, but you were going to.

Snake: I was?

Para-Medic: Yes. Don't even think about eating a horse. Got it?

Snake: Guess I'll have to mark it off my list.

Para-Medic: What did you say?

Snake: I'm just kidding.

Para-Medic: ...

Snake's right eye

Para-Medic: Snake, your right eye...

Snake: Mmm.

Para-Medic: The cornea and the lens are severely damaged, and the eyeball is ruptured. So...

Snake: So I can't heal it even in the Survival Viewer.

Para-Medic: I'm afraid not... I'm sorry, Snake. I wish there was something I could do...

Snake: Don't worry about it. I can still fight.

Para-Medic: I don't doubt you. But don't do anything crazy, OK? From here on, it's going to be difficult to see out your right eye. Attacking in First Person View will feel a little different from before. Be careful.

Slav Horehound

To get this conversation, the player needs to be within the same area as a Slav Horehound.

Para-Medic: Snake, I think there’s a plant called Slav Horehound growing in that area. Slav Horehound is an herb in the horehound family. It contains large amounts of diterpene, flavonoids, and alkaloids, which give it strong germicidal properties. If you find one, it should make a good disinfectant.

Ezo Comfrey

To get this conversation, the player needs to be within the same area as an Ezo Comfrey.

Para-Medic: You should be able to find Ezo Comfrey in that area. Ezo Comfrey is a plant in the Comfrey family that’s only found in Tselinoyarsk. If you find one, you can use it as a cast to treat broken bones.

Naked Snake (Big Boss): How can a plant be turned into a splint?

Para-Medic: The roots of the Ezo Comfrey are extremely sticky. You can use them as a kind of plaster cast to fasten the affected area in place.

Snake: I get it.

Amur Kudzu

To get this conversation, the player needs to be within the same area as an Amur Kudzu.

Para-Medic: There’s an herb called the Amur Kudzu growing in that area. Amur Kudzu is a member of the bean family and a close relative to the Kudzu weed. The roots contain a number of isoflavones such as daidzin, which give it strong fever-reducing properties. It’ll make a good cold medicine if you find some.

Chinese plantain

To get this conversation, the player needs to be within the same area as a Chinese Plantain.

Para-Medic: There should be an herb called Chinese plantain growing in that area. The Chinese plantain is an herb that resembles a plantain root. The leaves and seeds contain large amounts of aucubin, choline, and tannin. When you mash it up and apply it to a wound, it helps stop the flow of blood and eases the pain a bit. The Chinese plantain becomes a styptic when you pick one up. If you see one, don’t forget to take it with you.

The Boss

Snake can't smell

To initiate this conversation, Snake must call The Boss during the Virtuous Mission.

Boss: If you want to survive in the jungle, you're going to need to hone all of your senses. An unnatural movement in the undergrowth, a tiny shadow peeking out through the trees in the distance - always keep an eye out for any signs of the enemy's presence. Your sense of hearing is equally important. Visibility is poor in the jungle, so you've got to learn to pick up the enemy's presence from the sounds you hear around you. Always be listening for that one snap of a twig among the chirping of the birds and the babbling of the brooks. Your sense of smell is also important. Body odor, sweat, gunpowder, food... These faint smells wafting in the wind will tell you where the enemy...

Snake: Uh, no.

Boss: No?

Snake: I can't smell.

Boss: You... What now?

Snake: I can't smell.

Boss: Not at all?

Snake: Nope.

Boss: Not even a little bit?

Snake: Not a thing.

Boss: Oh... Well, then, you'll just have to trust in your instincts as a gamer.

"Wear whatever you want."

To initiate this conversation, Snake must equip the Tuxedo or GA-KO camo and call The Boss during the Virtuous Mission.

The Boss: Snake...

Snake: What's up, Boss?

The Boss: Don't you "What's up" me. Just what do you think you're doing?

Snake: What do you mean?

The Boss: "What do I mean..." What is that camouflage you're wearing?

Snake: Oh, this. What do you think?

The Boss: Of all the...

Snake: Looks pretty good on me, doesn't it?

The Boss: Are you out of your mind? You can't wear that in battle! It's like saying to the enemy, "Hey, here I am! Shoot me!"

Snake: Well, I'll admit, it's a little on the flashy side...

The Boss: Then why don't you...

Snake: But it does look good on me, doesn't it?

The Boss: ...

Snake: You don't think so?

The Boss: Listen, wise ass! Camouflage isn't going to do jack if it doesn't help you blend in with your surroundings!

Snake: Well, I think it looks good on me...

The Boss: Fine! Wear whatever you want!

Snake: ...I thought you'd like it...


The Boss: Are you smoking a cigar?

Naked Snake: Uh huh.

The Boss: I don't approve of you smoking during a mission.

Naked Snake: Hey, you used to smoke them.

The Boss: Never mind what I did.

Naked Snake: ...

The Boss: But that being said, cigars can be useful in a number of ways. Like getting rid of leeches.

Naked Snake: Did you say leeches?

The Boss: Yes. If a leech clamps onto you, try pressing the lit end of a cigar onto it. The leech should cringe and detach itself from you. If you try to yank it off by yourself, you run the risk of it leaving its teeth inside you. With the cigar method, you won't have that problem.

Naked Snake: Fascinating.

The Boss: And unlike the cigarette, a cigar burns slowly, so you can use it in place of a torch in dark places.

Naked Snake: I never knew a cigar had so many different uses...

The Boss: Now you know. But quit smoking them during the mission.

Naked Snake: ...

The Boss: Hear me?

Naked Snake: Yes, ma'am...

Thermal goggles

The Boss: Those things you're wearing...those are... Thermal goggles. Some kind of electronic gadget that shows the distribution of heat sources in image form. I know they're based on the same principle behind the FLIR system on gunships. But to think they actually made it small enough to carry with you... They're not just making good rockets huh? Never underestimate the power of Soviet science.

Naked Snake: Tell me about it.

The Boss: In any case, those thermal goggles should allow you to easily see through enemy camouflage and spot traps. Just don't leave them on too long, or you'll drain the batteries.

CQC origin

The Boss: In my day, I did my share of sneaking into enemy territory.

Naked Snake: You mean since World War II?

The Boss: Yeah. Mostly snatch missions.

Naked Snake: Snatch mission...that's where you abduct an enemy officer without killing him, right?

The Boss: Right. That's where I got the original idea for CQC. In a snatch mission, taking out the target's escorts by shooting them is not an option. If the enemy hears the gunshot, they'll know there's an intruder and tighten security. And the target will sense danger and try to get away.

Naked Snake: You needed a way to take out the guards and secure the guards without making a sound...

The Boss: That was the idea. The CQC style that you and I developed is based on the techniques I cultivated during those missions. So...

Naked Snake: First time I've heard this.

The Boss: Huh?

Naked Snake: You never told me any of this before.

The Boss: I didn't?

Naked Snake: No. Why?

The Boss: ?

Naked Snake: Why didn't you tell me any of this before? Why now?

The Boss: I have my reasons...

Camouflage usage (shortened)

The Boss: Camouflage is an indispensable tool when you're sneaking through the jungle. To use camouflage, first press the START button to go to the Survival Viewer. Then select CAMOUFLAGE and press the Enter Button. Select UNIFORM to select battle fatigues, and FACE to select face paint. Choose battle fatigues that match the surrounding environment. The most effective camouflage is attained by selecting fatigues that blend it with the environment. Camouflage patterns that stand out in your surroundings will attract attention.

Purpose of CQC

The Boss: Visibility is poor in the jungle, so you'll be finding yourself in a lot of unexpected encounters. Naturally, this means that close-quarters combat will be more important than ever.

Naked Snake: So I'll have plenty of chances to use CQC, then.

The Boss: That's right. In proximity encounters, firing a gun isn't necessarily the best response to every situation. It's only one option among many. Rather than taking the time to draw, aim, and fire a gun, engaging your opponent in hand-to-hand combat can sometimes be a faster and more reliable way of subduing him. Besides, in a sneaking mission like this one it's too dangerous to go around firing your gun. You'll end up revealing yourself to the enemy.

Naked Snake: Yeah, I know. You created CQC to deal with exactly this type of situation.

The Boss: With your help of course. In a battle situation, you'll only have a split second to decide how to attack. Use the Weapon Button to attack using a weapon, and the CQC Button to attack using CQC. Press the CQC Button once to throw a punch. Pressing it multiple times in succession will allow you to deliver a combo attack. But striking your opponent is just one aspect of CQC. It doesn't really start to shine until you've got your enemy in a hold. Press and hold down the CQC Button to grab your opponent with your right hand. From there, you can use the left analog stick to knock your opponent off balance and throw him to the ground. This can be used to knock an opponent out in a single blow. If you don't press the left analog stick, grapple with your enemy until you're behind them and can get your knife to their throat. Grabbing an enemy from behind and holding your knife against his throat will render him virtually powerless. From this point, there are several things you can do. Press the CQC Button hard to slit the enemy's throat with your knife. Move the left analog stick and press the CQC Button to throw the enemy to the ground. Lightly tap the CQC Button rapidly to choke the enemy. You can even use this to knock him out, or even kill him if you do it long enough. By continuing to hold down the CQC Button, you can move around while keeping your grip on the enemy. By pressing the Weapon Button, you can aim your currently equipped weapon at another enemy. With their comrade acting as a human shield, the enemy will be reluctant to attack you. Press the L3 button to press your knife against the enemy and demand information. You'll be surprised at how much you can learn this way. But don't get too complacent. While your enemy may be powerless in your grip, he'll use any opportunity he can to counterattack.

Limitations of CQC

The Boss: You can only use CQC to grab enemies when your right hand is free to grab and pull them toward you - in other words, when you're bare handed or equipped with a one-handed weapon like the survival knife or a handgun. You won't be able to grab hold of enemies when equipped with two-handed weapons such as the assault rifle or weapons such as hand grenades that don't leave your right hand free to control the enemy.

Naked Snake: So in other words, I can't throw enemies with CQC when I'm holding an assault rifle or a hand grenade.

The Boss: Exactly. Don't forget it.


The Boss: The gun you're using is a test model of a suppressor-equipped pistol currently in development by the Navy, that's been modified by the CIA into a tranquilizer gun. The suppressor-equipped pistol it's derived from is itself being developed for use by Special Forces based on the M39...

Naked Snake: The Mk22.

The Boss: That's what they're going to call it if they decide to adopt it for official use... It uses a slide-lock mechanism, that will keep the firing sound down to a minimum...

Naked Snake: But I'll have to reload it by hand every time I fire. Right?

The Boss: Right. You won't be able to fire multiple shots at once, so make every shot count. Aim for the enemy's vital spots. There's talk of designing the Mk22 to accommodate special subsonic rounds, but for this mission you'll be using specifically designed tranquilizer rounds. In a way, these tranquilizer rounds are like miniature syringes. When one of them strikes a target, the impact causes a needle contained within to shoot out. At the same time, chemicals inside the round are mixed to create a gas, which pushes the plunger and injects the tranquilizer into the target. You can knock out an enemy immediately by shooting them in the head. But if you shoot them in the arm or leg, the tranquilizing agent will take some time to set in. Aim carefully.

Camo Index

The Boss: Normally, you would ask a fellow soldier how well your camouflage is working. But this is a solo sneaking mission, so nobody out there is on your side. You have to determine how well your camouflage is working by yourself.

Naked Snake: Yeah, I know.

The Boss: Don't worry. That's what the Camo Index is for. The Camo Index tells you how well you've imitated the surroundings. The higher the index, the more well-disguised you are. With a high enough Camo Index, you can even fool enemies inches away. If you are in an area where encounters are a high concern, keep your Camo Index high. Got it?

Survival Viewer

The Boss: This is a solo sneaking mission. There's no one out there to support you. You'll need to be more than just a soldier. You'll have to be a medic, a pilot, and even a cook.

Naked Snake: You don't need to remind me.

The Boss: I'm glad to hear that.

Naked Snake: Glad to hear what?

The Boss: That you haven't changed a bit.

Naked Snake: ?

The Boss: The truth is, you're nervous, aren't you?

Naked Snake: I'm not nervous.

The Boss: There's no need to be embarrassed. No one's ever attemped a mission like this before. In fact, you might say that getting nervous is the natural way to react.

Naked Snake: ...

The Boss: Relax. That's why you have the Survival Viewer. The Survival Viewer contains everything you'll need to stay alive in the field. Use 'CAMOUFLAGE' to change your camouflage, 'BACKPACK' to select a weapon, 'FOOD' to eat, and 'CURE' to heal yourself. The 'MAP' option lets you view the map. And the 'OPTIONS' function lets you change the settings to suit your individual style. The Survival Viewer is going to be your best friend in this mission, so learn to make the most of it.

Olive Drab

The Boss: I see you're wearing the olive drab uniform. Olive drab, or OD for short, is what you might call the 'pre-camouflage' uniform. Plain--colored OD fatigues are still worn by infrantry today, but they'll be replaced sooner or later by patterned camouflage. As you can see, it's got no colors or markings on it, so of course it won't make a very effective disguise. You should change into some other type of camouflage as soon as you can.

Tiger Stripe

The Boss: I see you're wearing the tiger stripe camouflage. The tiger stripe pattern has been in use since 1959 among the South Vietnamese Marine Corps. But the pattern originated with the French. It's said that it developed out of the brush stroke pattern, also known as 'lizard camouflage'. It provides some cover in trees and grass, but it's especially effective in earth and mud environments. You should find it useful when you're concealing yourself by crawling on the ground.


The Boss: I see you're wearing the leaf pattern camouflage. The leaf pattern was developed to provide cover in forest environments. The U.S. military isn't the only one using it. Countries that anticipate operating in forest environments are developing various types of patterns, each suited to the vegetation of the particular region. The Soviets and the Eastern European countries all use their own unique patterns. Leaf pattern camo will give you an especially low profile in areas of thick vegetation.

Tree Bark

The Boss: I see you're wearing the tree bark camouflage. The tree bark pattern was originally created for use by hunters. Unlike the somewhat abstract designs seen in other patterns. Tree bark is characterized by a design that resembles photographs of stumps and branches pasted together. It's especially good when you're pressed up against a tree.


The Boss: I see you're wearing the squares pattern camouflage. The squares camouflage consists of a series of squares, each varying slightly in color and shape from the next. It has the effect of making the contours of the person wearing it more difficult to distinguish. You'll find it especially useful against brick and rusted metal backgrounds.


The Boss: I see you're wearing the black camouflage. People tend to associate black camo with night operations, but that's not always the case. Wearing all black when you're out in the forest at night makes your silhouette darker and more prominent, and you end up standing out instead. To get the most out of your camouflage, it's essential to choose a pattern that matches your surroundings - even at night. Don't forget that.

Changing fatigues

The Boss: Choose battle fatigues that match the surrounding environment. The most effective camouflage is attained by selecting fatigues that blend it with the environment. Camouflage patterns that stand out in your surroundings will attract attention.

Face Paint

The Boss: It takes more than just clothes to make a good disguise. To camouflage yourself effectively, you'll need to wear face paint. Face paint is camouflage applied to the face. Bare skin sticks out like a sore thumb in the jungle, so always protect yourself with face paint. Choose a color that matches the features of your surroundings, and use your finger to apply the face paint. Start by applying a light color, then gradually moving up in darkness. That way, even if you make a mistake, you can cover it up with a later, darker color. In order to flatten the appearance of your face, use light colors on areas of your face that recede, and dark colors on areas that protrude. Open the Survival Viewer, go to CAMOUFLAGE, then select FACE, and you'll find the selection of face paints. Be sure to select a face paint that makes you blend right into your surroundings. Okay?


The Boss: You're wearing the woodland face paint, I see. The woodland face paint is designed for use in forests. It'll give you a high level of camouflage in a wooded environment. Try using woodland paint when you're traveling through the forest.


The Boss: You're wearing black face paint, huh? Painting your face black will raise your Camo Index in dark areas. If you find yourself in any dark areas, make sure to use the black face paint.

Blending with nature

The Boss: Camouflage is about blending in with nature. To ensure effective camouflage, you have to stay low and keep still. As long as you have camouflage fatigues, face paint that matches the environment, and lay on your stomach, you don't need to be concerned with being spotted by distant enemies. On the other hand, no amount of camouflage will keep you hidden from the enemy if you're running around. So, when you need to hide from the enemy, lie as low as possible, and stay still. You can check the Camo Index to see how your movement and position affects the quality of your disguise.

Equipping weapons

The Boss: To place a weapon on your person, go to the Survival Viewer, then BACKPACK, then select WEAPON. A list of weapons will be shown in a window in the upper left. Select the weapon you wish to put on your person with the left analog stick and press the Enter Button to remove the weapon from your backpack and equip it to your person. However, you can only carry so many weapons at once on your person. Put unnecessary weapons back into your backpack. Select a weapon on your person from the weapon list and press the Enter Button to put that weapon into your backpack. Your situation determines what weapons are most useful. Consider this when choosing which weapons to put on your person. Okay, Snake?


The Boss: Press the First Person View Button to switch to the First Person View. In First Person View, you can look at the surroundings through your own eyes. The Overhead View's range is limited. If you plow ahead using only the Overhead View, you put yourself in danger of running into an enemy without even realizing he was there. Make regular stops, and check your surroundings with First Person View. Okay, Snake?

Camouflage usage

The Boss: Hunters have known about camouflage since ancient times. But it's only quite recently - since the 18th century - that it's been applied to military operations. The first camouflage introduced to the military was a solid-colored uniform designed to blend in with the battlefield. It was really more of a protective coloring than true camouflage. Camouflage, in the modern sense of the word, wasn't introduced until the First World War. During that war, weapons such as aircraft, cannon [sic] and warships were painted in camouflage colors. But it was almost never used to disguise individual soldiers... The widespread use of camouflage began in World War II. The Germans and the Russians, in particular, made active use of it in battle. Nowadays, with the Cold War raging, the Eastern bloc has been hard at work developing all sorts of camouflage patterns. In the West, the French implemented it in their paratrooper corps and SAS during the wars of independence in Indochina. I never saw it used in Korea, though. America has lagged behind other countries in incorporating camouflage. They're just beginning to consider introducing it into certain units.

Naked Snake: Why is that?

The Boss: Apparently, there are those in the U.S. military who consider camouflage too 'passive' a technique.

Naked Snake: Morons.

The Boss: You're telling me. But now more and more people are beginning to appreciate how useful and important camouflage can be. I'm sure the brass will see the light soon enough.


The Boss: The sooner you find the enemy, the better you'll be able to deal with the situation. So be sure to make use of sensors like the motion detector and active sonar.

FPV aiming of a handgun

The Boss: When you aim your handgun in First Person View, align the front sight and the rear sight of the gun with the target, then fire.

Assault rifle aiming

The Boss: For the assault rifle and certain other weapons, pressing the Weapon Button will first ready the gun for shooting from the hip. If you're in a close-quarters fight or other situation that requires immediate action, fire from that position. Observe where your shots are hitting, and correct your aim accordingly.

Naked Snake: I understand, but that doesn't sound too accurate.

The Boss: Of course not. So when you require pinpoint targeting, like when firing from afar or sniping, hold the Aim Button to aim. Carefully align your front and rear sights to concentrate fire and gain a sharper view on your target.

Securing weapons and equipment

The Boss: In the jungle, it's absolutely crucial to keep your position secret from the enemy. Sometimes even the smallest sound can be enough to give your position away and get you killed. You'll have to make sure your weapons and equipment don't make noise bumping around. Use tape to secure metal objects and other items that seem likely to produce noise. After you've secured your gear, jump up and down to see whether it makes a sound.

Naked Snake: Don't worry. I remember the drill.


The Boss: Select 'MAP' in the Survival Viewer to view a map of the area you're currently in. It shows your present location and the places you've been to. In addition, if you acquire information from enemies, the map may also display enemy unit positions and the locations of items. To get information from an enemy, grab him from behind using CQC and press the L3 button. To succeed in any mission, knowing how to put information about the zone of operation to effective use will be essential. 'MAP' will serve you well.

Backpack storage

The Boss: Keep in mind that your weapons and equipment each have their own weight. Storing a heavy item on your person will cause your stamina to drain more quickly. If you're getting tired or want to conserve your stamina, it's a good idea to put any items you're not going to use back into your backpack.


The Boss: There is one weapon greater than any other in battle - do you know what that is?

Naked Snake: Yeah.

The Boss: What?

Naked Snake: Do we have to go through this again?

The Boss: Yes.

Naked Snake: ...Will. An unflinching will to survive no matter what.

The Boss: Exactly. The will to carry out your mission and return home alive will see you through even the most desperate of situations. It's the most potent weapon in your arsenal. Don't forget that. No matter what.

Nature areas suitable for FPV

The Boss: Treetops, bushes, hollow logs...there are plenty of places in nature you can use to hide yourself. Search each area carefully in First Person View. Use nature to its fullest extent. You'll thank me later.


The Boss: If your rapid-fire the assault rifle, the recoil of the gun will cause your shots to stray from their intended targets. Firing from a crouched position or while lying on your stomach will stabilize the recoil, and keep your hits more consistent.

Procured equipment

The Boss: Equipment captured in the field often needs to be fixed or have its parts replaced before it can be used. But you won't need to worry about that in this mission.

Naked Snake: Why's that?

The Boss: Because your adversaries are highly trained professionals. They'll no doubt have made sure their reserve gear is in working condition.

Naked Snake: So in other words, I can use the stuff I pick up right away?

The Boss: Right. One more thing - when you pick up a new item, don't forget to read its description in the window.

Concealing from the enemy

The Boss: When you see an enemy, the first thing you should do is conceal yourself and watch what he's doing. If you make any sudden moves, your Camo Index will decrease and there's a good chance the enemy will catch sight of you. And don't start to panic just because an enemy is acting like he knows you're there. It doesn't necessarily mean he's figured out exactly where you are. As long as you hide someplace like the bushes and stay perfectly still, you'll usually come out all right. Stay calm, keep a grip on the situation, and use clear judgment. Got it?

Binoculars importance

The Boss: Your ultimate objective is this mission is to find Sokolov and get him to safety, not to slaughter the enemy.

Naked Snake: So basically I should avoid getting into battles, right? You don't have to tell me.

The Boss: To avoid battles, it will be essential to scout out the enemy's numbers and positions. That's what your binoculars are for.

Solo-sneaking mission advantage

The Boss: Tell me, what's the advantage of a solo sneaking mission?

Naked Snake: It's easier to go undetected than with a group.

The Boss: Exactly. And therein lies the entire reasoning behind this Virtuous Mission. This mission into Soviet territory is a violation of international law. If this gets out into the public, we'll be faced with an international crisis even greater than the one four years ago.

Naked Snake: Four years ago...the U2 crash.

The Boss: Failure is not an option.

Naked Snake: Not a problem. I'll get Sokolov out without them ever knowing I was here.

Forced to fight an enemy

The Boss: Your objective in this mission isn't to get into fights. But if you're faced with a situation where you have no choice but to get rid of an enemy, attack them from behind. If you use stalking to sneak up behind an enemy and take him out in one strike, the other enemies probably won't even notice. If it doesn't look like you'll be able to sneak up from behind, wait for him to come toward you. Either figure out the enemy's patrol route and get there before he does, or make a sound or throw something to get his attention. And if he does spot you, don't hesitate. Take him out before he has a chance to alert his comrades to your presence. Got it?

Squad patrols

The Boss: Enemies pose a greater threat when they patrol in squads. The members of a squad are constantly watching out for each other, making it difficult to take them out without being noticed. If you absolutely have to attack a squad, use CQC or a gun equipped with a suppressor and start with the last one in line, then work your way up.

EZ gun

The Boss: I see you're using the EZ Gun. The EZ Gun is a silenced tranquilizer gun for special-ops use developed for FOX by the CIA's technology division.

Naked Snake: A silenced tranquilizer gun? I don't see a suppressor on here...

The Boss: Apparently, the tranquilizer rounds themselves are designed to suppress the sound.

Naked Snake: Interesting. In other words, I won't have to worry about the suppressor wearing out on me, right?

The Boss: That's right. It's also equipped with a laser sight so that you can make accurate shots even at a distance. In addition, merely equipping the EZ GUN should have a positive effect on your Camo Index. I've even heard it helps you recover your stamina. Put it to good use.

Survival knife

The Boss: I see you've got the survival knife equipped. The survival knife is a necessity in the field. Press the Weapon Button to swing the knife. Press it repeatedly to perform a combo attack. The knife should let you kill an enemy silently, so you should find it useful when the situation calls for stealth. In addition to fighting the enemy, you can also use the knife to capture wild animals. That one knife can provide you with everything you need to survive in the field. Use it well.

Directional microphone

The Boss: Ah, you've got a directional microphone. The directional microphone is a high-performance listening device. When you equip it, you'll go into First Person View, where the microphone will pick up sounds in whichever direction it's facing. By pointing the microphone into the forest, you can sometimes hear the footsteps of enemy soldiers lurking beyond the trees. In jungle combat, success depends on how well you can sense the enemy's presence. Use it well.


The Boss: Snake, did you take off your uniform?

Naked Snake: Yeah.

The Boss: What's the matter?

Naked Snake: Just needed to loosen up.

The Boss: ...I know there's a 'NAKED' option under 'UNIFORM' in the 'CAMOUFLAGE' window that lets you take off your uniform. But without a uniform on, your Camo Index will remain low, and you'll quickly burn through your stamina more quickly. So stop acting like a fool and put some camouflage on, now!

Naked Snake: ...

The Boss: Did you hear me!?

Naked Snake: Yeah...

No face paint

The Boss: I see you're not wearing any face paint. Selecting 'NO PAINT' for 'FACE' under 'CAMOUFLAGE' lets you remove your face paint. But without face paint your camouflage alone won't be sufficient. So if you need a high Camo Index, make sure you're wearing face paint. Got it?


The Boss: I see you're using binoculars. The ones you've got are a high performance military model equipped with a zoom function.

Naked Snake: Yeah. They give a flat image across the entire viewing range.

The Boss: They're completely waterproof and highly shock- and flame-resistant. You won't need to worry about them breaking. Scouting is the key during a sneaking mission. If you can determine enemy positions and the lay of the land from a distance, it'll make your job that much easier. Use them wisely.


The Boss: I see you got your hands on an SVD. The SVD is the Soviet Union's most advanced automatic fire sniper rifle. It's said to be better designed and more durable than anything the West has.

Naked Snake: It looks kind of like an AK-47.

The Boss: The shape is similar, but the interval mechanism is one of a kind. It uses 7.62 x 54 mm rimmed cartridges, which are more powerful and precise than the ones the AK uses. It can be a powerful weapon if you know how to use it. Sniper rifles aren't meant to be used on the move. When you equip one, you'll immediately go into First Person View. The more stable your stance, the less your hands will shake while your'e aiming the rifle. Make sure you're lying down before attempting to make a long-distance shot. To use the scope, press the Aim Button. You can also use the Action Button to change the level of magnification. By taking out enemies from a distance with the sniper rifle, you can shift the odds in your favor. Use it well.

Stun grenade

The Boss: That's certainly a strange-looking grenade you've got there.

Naked Snake: Yeah. I've never seen one like this. What is it...?

The Boss: It must be a new type of grenade developed by the Russians. From what I can tell, it's a non-lethal weapon that uses a flash of light and intense sound to overpower the senses of human targets. You can probably use that grenade to knock out the enemy without killing them. It might prove useful.


The Boss: You said the enemy is equipped with AK-47s, didn't you? The AK-47 is the official assault rifle of the Soviet army. It's employed not only by the Soviets, but throughout the Eastern bloc. It uses 7.62mm x 39 ammunitions, with a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. The AK is reliable, precise, powerful, and easy to handle - in short, one of the best assault rifles there is. Don't even think about getting into a one-man firefight against an enemy unit equipped with AKs. Avoid battle as much as possible. Are we clear?

Enemy's RGD-5

The Boss: You mentioned the enemy was also carrying grenades, correct? Those grenades are RGD-5s, the standard blast-fragmentation grenade of the Soviet army. You can protect yourself from a large part of the blast and shrapnel from a grenade by lying flat on the ground. If someone throws a grenade at you and you sense that you can't get away in time, get into a crawl position. It should reduce the damage to a minimum.

Life Medicine

The Boss: You have some LIFE medicine with you. LIFE medicine is a recent pharmaceutical product developed by the Soviet Union. It works with your metabolism to quickly treat wounds. If you use it, you can recover LIFE on the spot. Try it when your LIFE is starting to run low in battle.

Smoke grenade

The Boss: I see you've got a smoke grenade. The smoke grenade does exactly what the name implies. It creates a thick, dispersion-resistant cloud of white smoke that blocks the enemy's field of vision. It should be useful when you need to make a quick getaway. Keep it in mind.


The Boss: I see you've found yourself an RGD-5. RGD stands for 'Ruchnaya Granata Degtyareva' in Russian. It basically means 'hand grenade of the Degtyarev design.' It's the standard issue blast-fragmentation grenade of the Soviet army. It's lighter than the M26. And it carries fewer explosives as well. But I'd say it's more or less equal to an M26 in terms of performance. Be careful, though - the safety pin ring is on the opposite side. You'll be as fine as long as you keep the safety level pressed down with your finger.

Naked Snake: I'll keep that in mind.

The Boss: Blast-fragmentation grenades use a combination of blast and shrapnel to kill their targets. This makes them effective against standing targets, but significantly less effective against targets lying on the ground. Remember that.

Chaff grenade

The Boss: That's an interesting grenade you've got there.

Snake: Yeah. I've never seen anything like this before...

The Boss: Apparently it's designed to disrupt radio waves by scattering tiny pieces of metal into the air. The Russians probably developed it as a personal anti-electronics weapon. You can use that grenade to block radio communications between enemy soldiers.

Naked Snake: Then they won't be able to call for reinforcements, huh?

The Boss: That's right. But remember that as long as the radio disruption lasts, your active sonar and motion detector will be rendered inoperable.


The Boss: The weapon you're equipped with now is called the XM16E1. It's a new type of rifle currently being developed by the U.S. Army.

Naked Snake: If it's still in development, then what's it doing here?

The Boss: My guess is they captured it when it was being battle-tested in Southeast Asia. But the one you've got there is quite a bit different from the ones I've been hearing about. For one thing, it's camo--painted and it's fitted with a three-shot burst mechanism. It even looks like you could attach a suppressor... All of these modifications are geared toward jungle combat.

Naked Snake: This doesn't look like the work of the Soviets.

The Boss: My guess is they were added on-site by an American gunsmith during the army field trials. Open the Weapon Window and press the Enter Button to attach or remove the suppressor. Press the Action Button to switch between semi-auto, full auto, and three-shot burst modes. Make use of each of these functions as the situations warrants.


The Cobras

Sigint: Sounds like the Cobra's members codenames came from the specific emotions they each carry into battle.

Snake: Emotions?

Sigint: Yeah. For unbearable torment, The Pain. For absolute terror, The Fear. For infinite rage, The Fury. For total oblivion, The End. And, for unsurpassed bliss, The Joy.

Snake: The Joy?

Sigint: Yeah, it's another name they give The Boss. Because of the pleasure she feels in war, I suppose.

Snake: ...

Sigint: During the war, she had a partner named The Sorrow. Sorrow and Joy. They say there couldn't have been a more perfect pair.

Davy Crocketts

Sigint: The Davy Crocketts that The Boss took with her when she defected are mortars that fire nuclear warhead. They're named after Davy Crockett, the hero who died defending the Alamo in the Texan War of Independence.

Snake: 'Remember the Alamo.'

Sigint: That's right. The warheads are equivalent to between 10 and 20 tons of TNT. Every building within 150 yards of the hypocenter is completely obliterated. But the warheads The Boss had with her were some kind of experimental super-bomb. So they're actually more powerful than that. I don't even want to think about what'd happen if she used it again. Snake, you know what you have to do...

Snake: Yeah... I know.


Sigint: I heard you fought against KGB troops in the Virtuous Mission. But this time you're up against Spetsnaz. Spetsnaz is the special forces unit of GRU, the intelligence wing of the Soviet Defense Ministry's General Staff Office. Spetsnaz troops undergo rigorous training in all types of special ops, from assassination and demolition to intelligence gathering. That, and Volgin's loaded, man. His unit is one of the best equipped in the entire Soviet Union, if not THE best. I heard the enemies you encountered in the Virtuous Mission were only carrying weapons like AKs and grenades. Well, it ain't that simple anymore. In addition to AKs, some of the patrols you'll encounter might be equipped with Scorpion submachine guns and shotguns. The Scorpion is even lighter than the AK, making it much easier to handle. Basically, a guy with a Scorpion is not gonna miss you as often as with an AK. The shotgun is a powerful weapon. One blast is enough to floor you and you're likely to be seriously wounded. Watch for that, man.

Survival knife

To initiate this conversation, Snake must have the knife equipped.

Sigint: Ah, you're using the survival knife.

Snake: Yeah. This thing provides me with all the bare essentials I need to survive in the field.

Sigint: Hey, wait. What'd you do with the knife I made you? That was a work of art. It had matches and fishhooks and thread and stuff in the grip.

Snake: Sorry to have to tell you this, but that thing is useless in a fight.

Sigint: No way! Really?

Snake: Yeah. When the grip is hollowed out like that, there's not as much space to stabilize the blade and the grip. That makes it easier to break.

Sigint: I get it. You're right - with your knife, you don't have to worry about it breaking no matter how much you swing it around. So the important thing is durability... Man, I gotta write this stuff down. Next time, I'll make it so the matches and fishhooks go in the sheath instead.

Snake: ...

EZ Gun

To initiate this conversation, Snake must have the EZ Gun equipped.

Sigint: Aha. You're using the EZ GUN.

Snake: Yeah. What is this gun, anyway? I've never seen anything like it...

Sigint: Of course you haven't. It's a noise-suppressed tranquilizer gun I designed especially for FOX.

Snake: A noise-suppressed tranquilizer gun? But it doesn't have a...

Sigint: It doesn't need a suppressor.

Snake: What do you mean?

Sigint: The noise-suppressing mechanism is built into the tranquilizer rounds themselves. The inside of the powder case contains a tiny piston. It's set up so that when the firing gas pushes the piston, the piston pushes the bullet out of the chamber. The firing gas is sealed within the chamber by the piston, preventing it from escaping outside. that's why there's no sound when it fines.

Snake: Fascinating...

Sigint: While I was at it, I also fitted it with an experimental laser sight. That ought to give you a good aim even when you're shooting from the hip. And just having the EZ GUN equipped makes it tougher for your Camo Index to drop.

Snake: Wow.

Sigint: And it'll help you recover your stamina.

Snake: Nice.

Sigint: On top of all that, it looks just like a Liberator.

Snake: ...a what?

Sigint: A Liberator. We supplied them to the Resistance in Europe during World War II. They look alike, don't they?

Snake: ...Yeah.

Sigint: To be honest, that's the part I had the most trouble with. Getting the feature I just mentioned to work in a gun of that size and shape wasn't easy.

Snake: But why?

Sigint: Why what?

Snake: Why'd you go to all the trouble of making it look like a Liberator?

Sigint: 'Cause it looks cool, man. Why d'you think?

Snake: ...

Cardboard box

To initiate this conversation, Snake must have the cardboard box equipped.

Sigint: Uh, Snake... What are you doing?

Snake: I'm in a box.

Sigint: A cardboard box? Why are you...?

Snake: I dunno. I was just looking at it and I suddenly got this urge to get inside. No, not just an urge—more than that. It was my destiny to be here; in the box.

Sigint: Destiny...?

Snake: Yeah. And then when I put it on, I suddenly got this feeling of inner peace. I can't put it into words. I feel... safe. Like this is where I was meant to be. Like I'd found the key to true happiness.

Sigint: ...

Snake: Does any of that make sense?

Sigint: Not even a little.

Snake: You should come inside the box... Then you'll know what I mean.

Sigint: Man, I don't wanna know what you mean! Between you and Para-Medic, is everyone but me that is hooked up with the Major strange?!

Snake: ...

Sigint: Yeah, well, anyway, I suppose even that dumb-ass box might make a decent disguise if you wear it inside a building.

Naked Camo

To obtain this conversation, Snake must be using the Naked camouflage.

Sigint: Snake, what's up? Why are you naked? I know there's a "NAKED" option under "UNIFORM" that lets you take off the upper part of your uniform. But without a shirt on, your camouflage sucks, and your stamina goes down faster. You don't get any advantages whatsoever.

Snake: Sure there are.

Sigint: Like what?

Snake: It feels good.

Sigint: ...Man, you do whatever you want.

Snake: I will, thanks. Just one question, though.

Sigint: What?

Snake: Is there a way to take off my pants?

Sigint: Say WHAT?!

Snake: My pants, can I...

Sigint: Ah, hell no! This FOX unit is a nut fest!

If one listens carefully after Sigint gives the above line, Snake laughs a little, suggesting he was trying to get that reaction.

Snake's a bully

To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Sigint after attacking EVA in Zaozyorje.

Sigint: What the hell, man...!!

Para-Medic: I can't believe you!!

Major: Of all the… I can see now I chose the wrong man for this mission...!

Sigint's nightmare

To initiate this conversation, Snake must contact Sigint after experiencing a dream while imprisoned in Groznyj Grad. This conversation is only included in the original releases of both Snake Eater and Subsistence, due to the dream sequence being omitted in the Legacy and HD collections and Snake Eater 3D.

Sigint: Snake, you OK?

Snake: Yeah. I had a terrible dream.

Sigint: No kidding. What happened?

Snake: I don't want to think about it. I was being attacked by monsters that looked human. And I'm... not even sure if I was really me.

Sigint: At least it was just a dream. It's all over when you wake up.

Snake: True.

Sigint: When you think about it, the fact that you can imagine a situation worse than the one you're in now means life can't be all that bad.

Snake: I sure hope so.

Sigint: Well, let me tell you about the absolute worst, most sickening nightmare I ever had. This isn't one for the kids. OK, so there's this big pile of crap, right? It's shaped like a giant tank and it's walking around on two legs, goin' on a rampage and stompin' on people and houses and stuff. And this giant turd is carrying the nastiest missiles you ever saw. Like, whenever it launches one of its turd missiles... whatever it hits - people, trees, buildings - turns into shit. My hometown, my old school, my family, my girlfriend, old man John... Everything in that turd's path turned into shit.

Snake: That's pretty sick, man.

Sigint: Good thing it was just a dream, huh?

Snake: Yes, that's a good thing.

Sigint: You feeling better now?

Snake: Yeah.

Sigint: Good. Then let's get down to business. You see, Snake, people are just sacks of shit and they're full of holes. Fill 'em up with water and it's gotta come out from somewhere... OK, maybe that was a bad example. What I'm trying to say is, no matter what the situation, there's always a way out. Don't throw in the towel yet. Clear your mind. Think it through. Assess the situation. You'll find a way to escape.

Snake: Got it.

Sigint: Don't let my nightmare come true.

Snake: Right.

(Funnily enough, what Sigint mentions in his nightmare about a "giant tank on two legs" is actually a Metal Gear. Sigint requests that Snake not let the dream come true, though of course in years forward, Snake does in fact let it come true, as does Sigint with REX.)


To initiate this conversation Snake must contact Sigint while having the cigar equipped.

Sigint: Snake, you smoking a cigarette?

Snake: It's not a cigarette. It's a cigar.

Sigint: Ah, same thing.

Snake: It's not the same thing.

(If Snake has already spoke to Para-Medic about the cigar) Snake: Why am I the only one who can tell the difference?

Sigint: Doesn't matter to me. What I want to know is, why'd you take it with you?

Snake: Because I need it.

Sigint: For what?

Snake: I can't smoke a cigar if I don't have one, can I?

Sigint: So you just wanted to smoke it?

Snake: Yeah.

Sigint: ...Man, you got problems. Do what you want. Just keep in mind that your LIFE goes down when you're smoking it.

Croc Cap

To initiate this conversation Snake must equip the Croc Cap and call Sigint.

Sigint: A cap shaped like a crocodile head, you say?

Snake: Yeah. What do you think?

Sigint: I think it's a great idea! You know, animal disguises are one of the oldest tricks in the book in the intelligence world. I don't know whether it's true or not, but I've heard that during World War II, the OSS used to use cow suits. Supposedly they'd send agents out to hide in herds of real cows so they could spy on enemy units as they passed by. Nowadays, I guess most people wouldn't even give a crocodile-shaped cap a second look. They'd think it was just a gag item. But if you use it the right way, it can be an effective weapon for spying. I gotta hand it to you, Snake, you're one sharp guy.

Snake: ...

Sigint: You OK, Snake?

Snake: Forget it...

Sigint: ???

Legs on a tank

Snake: Sigint, Granin said something about putting legs on a tank. Do you know what he was talking about?

Sigint: If you ask me, it's got to be a joke. Not only is making a tank walk on two legs a technical nightmare, but there's no point in making a walking tank to begin with. Putting legs on a tank would raise its clearance, increasing its frontal projection area. It'd also be less stable. Suppose the legs help the tank travel bad roads... I don't see the logic in that. Isn't that what treads are for? I mean, anyone who'd seriously consider making a thing like that has got to be a wacko. ...Come to think of it, there was a guy in the States who wrote a paper on that subject. What was his name... Emerson? Heinrich? ...Something like that; I don't really remember. 'Course, no one took that seriously.

Tanks fitted with rockets

Snake: Sigint, Granin was saying that Sokolov's research project was a tank fitted with rockets...

Sigint: Uh huh.

Snake: Do you have any idea what he meant?

Sigint: ...Sorry. Beats me.

Snake: Hmm...

Sigint: I wonder if it's supposed to increase the tank's mobility...or maybe give the tank short-range missile launching capability... But you're sure it has something to do with Phase 2 of the Shagohod, right?

Snake: Yeah.

Sigint: Khrushchev traded Cuba just to get this thing finished, and Volgin blew up a Soviet research facility to get his hands on it. Whatever it is, it's gotta be big.

Philosophers' Legacy

Snake: Sigint, do you know anything about that 'Philosophers' Legacy' Granin was talking about?

Sigint: Not a clue. Never even heard of something like that until now.

Snake: Right...

Sigint: One thing's for sure, though. Volgin's got a huge amount of money stashed away somewhere. 'Philosophers' Legacy' huh... Maybe it is real...


To initiate this conversation, Snake must equip the Tuxedo camo and call Sigint.

Sigint: Snake, what are you wearing now?

Snake: A tuxedo.

Sigint: What, you late for a wedding or something? Come to think about it, the tuxedo is an all-black outfit. It'll probably help you blend in in a dark environment. One thing you can't do, though, is equip knife-type weapons, And you can't use CQC either. Remember that.

Snake camo

To initiate this conversation, Snake must equip the Snake camo and call Sigint.

Sigint: Eh? That's some crazy camouflage you got on.

Snake: Yeah. It's Snake camo.

Sigint: Snake? Well, I guess it does kind of suit you.

Snake: Thanks for the compliment.

Sigint: ...Still, it does look like pretty effective stuff. It's a good all-purpose camo--it should give you a high level of cover against just about any type of background.

Cold War camo

To initiate this conversation, Snake must equip the Cold War camo and call Sigint.

Sigint: Snake, what kind of camo is that?

Snake: It's called Cold War camo. Volgin had it with him.

Sigint: Cold War camo, huh. Well, I suppose the Soviets won't attack you from the front when you've got that thing on.

Snake: Really? You mean it's got advantages other than being stylish?

Sigint: Stylish?

Snake: Yeah. Don't you think so?

Sigint: Ah...sure, whatever you say.

The Patriot

To initiate this conversation Snake must equip the Patriot and call Sigint.

Sigint: Using the Patriot, eh?

Snake: Yeah. It's the same one The Boss was using.

Sigint: Where'd you get it?

Snake: Hmm?

Sigint: I said, where'd you get it?

Snake: Sigint, don't get worked up over the details.

Sigint: ??? Whatever. Anyway, the Patriot is a one-of-a-kind sidearm made especially for The Boss. It's basically an XM16E1 with the barrel cut short and the stock taken off. The idea was to create a large pistol that combined the feel and quick handling of a handgun with the force of a rifle. But with a barrel that short, the recoil is unbelievable. It's tough to aim, but it more than makes up for it in firepower. From the looks of it, it's fitted with a 100-round drum magazine... And it never runs out of ammo?

Snake: Never.

Sigint: Why's that?

Snake: Because the internal feed mechanism is shaped like an infinity symbol.

Sigint: Ah, I get it. Yep, that'll give you unlimited ammo.

Afternoon tea

To initiate this conversation, Snake must equip the Chocolate Chip camo and call Sigint.

Sigint: Ah, you're wearing the chocolate chip pattern.

Snake: Chocolate chip? You mean this camouflage?

Sigint: Yeah.

Snake: I've never heard of a camo pattern called that before...

Sigint: Yeah, I know. I just thought it up right now. The chocolate chip pattern is probably designed to provide cover in a desert environment. It should work best against a sandy or rocky background.

Snake: Makes sense. But why'd you call it chocolate chip?

Sigint: 'Cause that's what it reminds me of.

Snake: What?

Sigint: Those little round cookies the major is always snackin' on.

Major: They're not cookies. They're scones.

Sigint: Major!

Major: And it's not a snack. It's afternoon tea.

Sigint: Snack, tea, same thing.

Major: No, it's not! Look here, afternoon tea is a fine old English tradition.

Sigint: Uh oh. Here we go again. Talk to you later, Snake.

Major: The origins of afternoon tea go back to the Victorian Era. Anna Maria, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, was...

Sneaking Suit

To initiate this conversation, Snake must equip Sneaking Suit and call Sigint.

Sigint: Those are some funky clothes you're wearing.

Snake: Yeah, it's called a sneaking suit.

Sigint: Sneaking suit? What's that all about?

Snake: I'm not sure, but it looks like the same suit that the Boss was wearing...

Sigint: Huh. Well, whatever it is, it's a fine piece of work. The suit seems to be made out a special bulletproof fiber. Wearing it should reduce all the damage you take by half. The waterproofing, heat and moisture insulation are top-notch. Just having it on will reduce the amount of stamina you burn. It even increases your overall Camo index. You got yourself a keeper, Snake.

Snake: Yeah, maybe we should make this the official uniform of FOX.

Sigint's mask

To initiate this conversation, the player must call Sigint while wearing the Raikov mask.

Sigint: Ah, you're wearing the mask. I made it myself. Pretty good work, don't you think? A while back they were planning to disguise someone as this one GRU officer and send them in to steal some secret documents. I created the mask for that operation. But then the mission ended up being canceled...and then the major came and told me to throw it out? Can you believe that guy?

Snake: But you didn't throw it out.

Sigint: Are you kidding? Tossing a superior quality product like that into the garbage without using that would be an insult to science.

Snake: What's so great about it?

Sigint: Everything. But if I had to pick one reason, I'd have to say it's because it's the first mask ever that can blink its eyes.

Snake: What about the lips?

Sigint: What's that?

Snake: Can it open its mouth?

Sigint: Ha ha ha. That's a good one, Snake. You're crazy, man.

Snake: I'm serious...

Sigint: Are you even listening to me, Snake? Where's your common sense!? Damn!

Snake: S... sorry...?

Zombie face paint

To initiate this conversation, the player must call Sigint while wearing the Zombie face paint.

Sigint: Snake, your face paint its...

Snake: I know. It's called Zombie

Sigint: Zombie? What does that mean?

Snake: Beats me.

Para-Medic: Are you serious?

Sigint: Hello. Para-Medic...

Para-Medic: You mean you've never heard of zombies?

Snake: Nope.

Sigint: Never.

Para-Medic: You guys don't know anything. A zombie is a dead body cursed and brought back to life by a master of black magic. Supposedly, they revive the dead and use them as slaves. It's also seen as a kind of punishment-people who commit terrible crimes can be forced to labor even after they're dead.

Snake: Interesting...How do you know all this stuff?

Para-Medic: I saw it in movies. Like White Zombie. Never seen it?

Snake: Nope.

Sigint: Can't say I have.

Para-Medic: How about Plan 9 from Outer Space?

Snake: No.

Sigint: Missed it.

Para-Medic: You can't just focus on the things you like all the time. You have to expand your horizons, try new things. You guys need to get out more.

Snake: ...

Sigint: ...Yeah well, anyway, that face paint doesn't look all that useful. Go ahead and wear it if you want, but if I were you I'd change to...

Para-Medic: You don't need to change anything.

Sigint: Why not?

Para-Medic: It makes him look awesome

Sigint: ...

Para-Medic: Doesn't it?

Sigint: Look, arguing about it isn't going to get us anywhere. Snake, you do whatever you want.

Para-Medic: It does make you look cool!

Oyama face paint

To initiate this conversation, the player must call Sigint while wearing the Kabuki face paint. Despite what Snake says, Para-Medic doesn't comment on the Oyama face paint if the player calls her while wearing it.

Sigint: Snake, what's with the face paint...?

Snake: It's called Oyama.

Sigint: Oyama?

Snake: Yeah. It's the name of an androgynous Japanese deity.

Sigint: Are you serious?'

Snake: That's what I heard.

Sigint: From who?

Snake: Para-Medic.

Sigint: ...Nevermind. In any case, that face paint doesn't seem to work very well. Your Camo Index is way down. Unless you want the enemy to see you, I'd change to something else.

Snake: Oh... OK...

Sigint: Let me guess. You were just getting to like it.

Snake: It kind of grew on me...

Sigint: ...Fine. Get yourself shot.

Kabuki face paint

To initiate this conversation, the player must call Sigint while wearing the Kabuki face paint. Despite what Snake says, Para-Medic doesn't comment on the Oyama face paint if the player calls her while wearing it.

Sigint: Snake, what's that face paint you're wearing?

Snake: Kabuki.

Sigint: Kabuki?

Snake: Right. It's used in traditional Japanese theater. Apparently, it gives whoever's wearing it some kind of mystical power.

Sigint: Get out of here.

Snake: That's what I heard.

Sigint: From who?

Snake: Para-Medic.

Sigint: Figures. Well, whatever it does, it doesn't make very good camouflage.

Snake: Really?

Sigint: Yeah. You should switch to another kind of paint.

Snake: But I was just starting to like it...

Sigint: ...

Stun grenades

Sigint: Hmm, I've never seen a grenade like that one before. There are two basic types of grenades: fragmentation grenades, which use shrapnel to kill or maim the target, and explosive grenades, which use the blast from the explosion as the offensive means. But the grenade you've got there isn't either of those. My best guess is that it's meant to knock the enemy out without hurting them. Most likely it's an entirely new kind of weapon developed exclusively at Groznyj Grad. I've heard that the SAS is working on a low-impact grenade for training purposes...but I never thought they'd be used in an actual battle... The flash of light that occurs when the grenade explodes is probably produced by magnesium. It's the same stuff that's used in camera flashes. I'm thinking they cut down on killing power by reducing the amount of explosives and made up for it by making the flash and bang so strong that it overwhelms the enemy's senses. I guess you could call it a 'stun grenade.'

Snake: If I'm going to be stunned, I'd rather it be by a woman.

Sigint: Snap out of it. Anyone around when that thing goes off'll be laid out. It ought to come in handy when you're trying to storm a room, or when you don't want to kill the enemy.

Kabuki face paint

Sigint: Snake, what's that face paint you're wearing?

Snake: Kabuki.

Sigint: Kabuki?

Snake: Right. It's used in traditional Japanese theater. Apparently, it gives whoever's wearing it some kind of mystical power.

Sigint: Get out of here.

Snake: That's what I heard.

Sigint: From who?

Snake: Para-Medic.

Sigint: Figures. Well, whatever it does, it doesn't make very good camouflage.

Snake: Really?

Sigint: Yeah. You should switch to another kind of paint.

Snake: But I was just starting to like it...

Sigint: ...

GA-KO camo

To initiate this conversation, Snake must equip the GA-KO camo and call Sigint.

Sigint: Snake, what is that stuff you're wearing?

Snake: I dunno. It's called GA-KO camo, whatever that means…

Para-Medic: What!?

Sigint: Para-Medic…?

Para-Medic: You've never heard of GA-KO?

Snake: Nope.

Sigint: Never.

Para-Medic: You must live in a cave or something…

Sigint: Well, excuse me. By the way, Snake, that outfit is really killing your Camo Index. Unless you want the enemy to see you, I'd suggest you change your clothes as…

Para-Medic: Why?

Sigint: Why? Because his Camo Index is…

Para-Medic: Camo Index, shmamo Index.

Sigint: Hold on now…

Para-Medic: He's wearing the GA-KO suit.

Sigint: Why?

Para-Medic: Because it looks cute.

Sigint: Snake, talk some sense into her!

Snake: What's wrong with being cute?

Sigint: …am I the only normal person around here…?

Spirit camo

To initiate this conversation, Snake must equip the Spirit camo and call Sigint.

Sigint: Eh? That's some bizarre camo you've got on, Snake...

Snake: It's spirit camo... I think it was a gift from The Sorrow.

Sigint: The Sorrow? But he's been... Man, I don't even want to know. Anyway, that camouflage seems to have some kind of special power. While you're wearing it and grab an enemy during CQC, you can drain stamina out of the enemy while choking him. And you won't make a sound when you move around.

Snake: Sounds good.

Sigint: ...Tell me the truth. Did you really get that from The Sorrow?

Snake: Yeah.

Sigint: ...Hell, the major says he's been abducted by a UFO, so why not...?

Snake: ???

The Hind, part 1

To initiate this conversation, simply contact Sigint at Bolshaya Past Base when near the parked Hind A chopper.

Snake: Sigint.

Sigint: What's up?

Snake: The chopper we were talking about is parked at the heliport.

Sigint: The one that was hauling the Shagohod in the Virtuous Mission?

Snake: Yeah.

Major Zero: Perhaps it is an armed variation of the Mi-8 Hip?

Snake: No. Some of it looks the same, but the overall shape is different. It's got stub wings, and the cockpit canopy looks like an angular greenhouse.

Sigint: No kidding. Then it must be some kind of new model. I've heard stories recently that the Soviets are developing a "flying infantry combat vehicle." That's got to be it.

Snake: A flying infantry combat vehicle?

Sigint: Yeah. A transport chopper with troop carrying capabilities. Think of it as an attack-chopper version of France's AMX-VCI or the Soviet BMP. They must be doing field tests on the initial prototype.

Snake: A next-generation chopper that's a little smaller than the Hip... Maybe we should call it a Hind.

Sigint: Hmm, not bad. It's cool with me.

Major Zero: Then it's settled. We'll refer to that new-type helicopter as a Hind from now on.

The Hind, part 2

To initiate this conversation, simply contact Sigint at Krasnogorje's Mountain Side after witnessing the Hind A moving about. Note, the player must not sabotage it back at Bolshaya Past.

Snake: Sigint.

Sigint: What's up?

Snake: The chopper we were talking about is flying around...

Sigint: The one at the heliport?

Snake: Yeah.

Major Zero: Perhaps it is an armed variation of the Mi-8 Hip?

Snake: No. Some of it looks the same, but the overall shape is different. It's got stub wings, and the cockpit canopy looks like an angular greenhouse.

Sigint: No kidding. Then it must be some kind of new model. I've heard stories recently that the Soviets are developing a "flying infantry combat vehicle." That's got to be it.

Snake: A flying infantry combat vehicle?

Sigint: Yeah. A transport chopper with troop carrying capabilities. Think of it as a attack-chopper version of France's AMX-VCI or the Soviet BMP. They must be doing field tests on the initial prototype.

Snake: A next-generation chopper that's a little smaller than the Hip... Maybe we should call it a Hind.

Sigint: Hmm, not bad. It's cool with me.

Major Zero: Then it's settled. We'll refer to that new-type helicopter as a Hind from now on.


Sigint: I see you're using binoculars. Those are high-performance binoculars made especially for the military. They're completely waterproof and are filled with nitrogen gas to prevent lens fog. The eyepiece, objective lends and the prism have been coated to reduce glare. They ought to work plenty well even in dark places. And they're even equipped with auto-focus and zoom functions. Won't find a better pair of binoculars than that.

Snake: What are you, a binoculars salesman?

Sigint: Hey, I know a good product when I see one, that's all.

Snake: ...?

Objekt 279s

To initiate this conversation, the player must contact Sigint while they are positioned near one of the tanks.

Sigint: Hey, those tanks look like Objekt 279s.

Snake: Objekt 279s?

Sigint: Yup. We don't have a lot of details yet, but apparently they're a kind of heavy tank designed to operate in situations involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons. They're distinguished by two sets of double treads and a disk-shaped shield, which keeps it from being flipped over in a nuclear blast. Basically, the four treads widen the traction area and increase friction with the ground, while the disk-shaped shield deflects the blast above and below the vehicle. The tank is armed with a 130 mm cannon. It's also got a 1000 horsepower diesel engine, which gives it a decent top speed. As far as we knew, it hadn't been formally adopted because of the high cost of production...but it looks like we were wrong. Anyway, those don't seem to be ready for deployment yet. You don't need to worry about them going anywhere. Just keep moving.

Sigint's codename

Snake: Tell me something, Sigint...

Sigint: What's that?

Snake: What does 'Sigint' mean, anyway?

Sigint: It's short for 'Signal Intelligence.'

Snake: Signal Intelligence?

Sigint: The part of intelligence that deals with electronic information. Things like intercepting and analyzing electronic communications, determining enemy force strength and positioning from radar emissions and radio chatter - you get the idea. Codebreaking is considered part of SIGINT as well. 40 years from now, we'll be in the age of electronic warfare. It won't be long before information replaces firepower as the most valuable commodity on the battlefield.

Snake: So you're saying they won't need guys like me anymore?

Sigint: Sorry to break it to you, but that's not gonna happen. No matter how advanced our technology gets, there's still no substitute for human beings.

Snake: ...

Sigint: Anyway, the major is a man of foresight. He knew the electronic age was coming, and so he called out to me.

Snake: And you responded.

Sigint: Well, I didn't have anyplace else to do.

Snake: You couldn't find a job?

Sigint: Nope. None of the places where they do this kind of high-tech research would even let me in the door.

Snake: Why not? I know you've got social problems, but...

Sigint: Come again?

Snake: Nothing. I mean, someone with your talent ought to be able to...

Sigint: Yeah, well, maybe it had something to do with the fact that I'm black.

Snake: ...

Sigint: The major, though, he doesn't care about what color you are. I've never met anyone like him before. He's...different, you know?

Snake: Oh, yeah, I know.

Sigint: I don't think racism's going to go away even in the 21st century. But I want to work with computers and use them to bring people closer together. In the digital world, it doesn't matter whether you're black or white, American or Russian, or whatever. Everybody's going to be the same. That's what I think.

Legs on a tank

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint after talking with Granin.

Snake: Sigint, Granin said something about putting legs on a tank. Do you know what he was talking about?

Sigint: If you ask me, it's got to be a joke. Not only is making a tank walk on two legs a technical nightmare, but there's no point in making awalking tank to begin with. Putting legs on a tank would raise its clearance, increasing its frontal projection area. It'd also be less stable. Suppose the legs help the tank travel bad roads... I don't see the logic in that. Isn't that what treads are for? I mean, anyone who'd seriously consider making a thing like that has got to be a wacko. ...Come to think of it, there was a guy in the States who wrote a paper on that subject. What was his name... Emerson? Heinrich? ...Something like that; I don't really remember. 'Course, no one took that seriously.

Tanks fitted with rockets

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint after talking with Granin.

Snake: Sigint, Granin was saying that Sokolov's research project was a tank fitted with rockets...

Sigint: Uh huh.

Snake: "Do you have any idea what he meant?

Sigint: ...Sorry. Beats me.

Snake: Hmm...

Sigint: I wonder if it's supposed to increase the tank's mobility...or maybe give the tank short-range missile launching capability... But you're sure it has something to do with Phase 2 of the Shagohod, right?

Snake: Yeah.

Sigint: "Khrushchev traded Cuba just to get this thing finished, and Volgin blew up a Soviet research facility to get his hands on it. Whatever it is, it's gotta be big.

Philosopher's Legacy

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint after talking with Granin.

Snake: Sigint, do you know anything about that 'Philosopher's Legacy' Granin was talking about?

Sigint: Not a clue. Never even heard of something like that until now.

Snake: Right...

Sigint: One thing's for sure, though. Volgin's got a huge amount of money stashed away somewhere. 'Philosopher's Legacy' huh... Maybe it is real...


To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint after talking with Granin.

Sigint: You say Granin was involved in the development of the SS-1C? The SS-1C is the Soviet's newest short-range ballistic missile. Based on what Western intel has been able to gather, it's capable of being launched from a mobile platform.

Snake: A mobile platform?

Sigint: Yeah. It's a transport vehicle that functions as an erector and launcher. It can travel on roads and erect and launch a missile from any location. Of course, in addition to conventional explosives, the missiles could also be fitted with chemical or even nuclear warheads.

Snake: A nuclear missile that can be launched from any location...

Sigint: I'll bet it wasn't the missile itself that Granin helped develop. More likely it was the mobile platform. From what I've heard, the SS-1C is set for actual deployment as early as next year. That's bound to send a chill down NATO's spine.

Order of Lenin

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint after talking with Granin.

Sigint: That Order of Lenin that Granin was talkin' about is the most prestigious award in the Soviet Union. It's given to individuals, organizations, and cities for outstanding achievements in warfare, science, industry, the arts, and various other fields. You could say it's the highest honor the East has to give.


To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint after receiving the Mk22from EVA.

Sigint: The weapon you've got equipped now is a prototype model of the Mk22, a suppressor-equipped pistol currently in development by the Navy. It's been modified to act as a tranquilizer gun. The Mk22 is a heavily modified Special Ops version of the N39 pistol used as a sidearm by the SEALS. Probably the biggest change from the M39 is that its got a longer barrel, which allows it to be equipped with a suppressor. And it uses a slide-lock mechanism. That makes it a lot quieter, but it also means you have to load a new round into the chamber by hand every time you fire. It's also fitted with tall adjustable sights, so you can use the front and rear sights to line up your shot even with a suppressor attached.

Snake: Looks like they got rid of the magazine safety, too.

Sigint: Good eye. That feature wasn't too popular with guys like you who know their guns. The shear release lever's been taken off as well, meaning the hammer won't fall even with the safety on.

Snake: So I can just cock and lock?

Sigint: That and you get the added bonus of not having any mechanical noise from decoking even with the safety on. The perfect pistol for a sneaking mission, huh.

Customized M1911A1

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint after receiving the customized M1911A1 from EVA.

Sigint: So you've got an M1911A1, huh?

Snake: Yeah. EVA gave it to me. She said it used to belong to a Western officer.

Sigint: Looks like someone did a little work on it, too.

Snake: It's more than a little. First of all, the feeding ramp has been polished to a mirror sheen. It's not going to have any feeding problems. The slide's been replaced with a reinforced version. And it meshes perfectly with the frame. The frame itself has been iron-welded and scraped down multiple times for maximum precision. The front strap part of the frame has been checkered to make it dig into the hand. That prevents any slipping. The sight system's original, too. It's a 3-dot type. It's got an enlarged front sight, giving it superior target sighting capability. The regular hammer's been replaced with a ring hammer. That enhances the cocking speed and increases the hammer-down speed. They also reworked the grip safety to accommodate the ring hammer. Looks like they eliminated it altogether. This is a tool for pros. The thumbs safety and the slide stop are extended to allow for more precise handling. The base of the trigger guard is whittled down, so you can use a high grip. And the trigger itself is a long type for easy finger access. The trigger pull is about 3.5 pounds. That's about a pound and a half lighter than normal. The magazine well has been widened to make it easier to put in a new magazine. The magazine catch button has been cut down low to make it harder to hit by mistake. The mainspring housing has been changed to a flat type to increase grip. And it's even been fitted with stepping so that it doesn't slip from the recoil when firing. On top of that, they added cocking serrations to the front part of the slide. That lets you load and eject cartridges faster in an emergency. Whoever did this is a professional. No question - this thing could shoot a one-hole at 25 yards in a machine rest.

Sigint: Well, I'll be damned. That's some gun.

Snake: Yeah. I've never used a weapon this fine in my life.

Traps in Graniny Gorki

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint while in Graniny Gorki South.

Sigint: There seem to be traps planted throughout that area. And they look a little...primitive...

Snake: Yeah. But this is their territory. Why would they need this many traps here?

Sigint: Maybe it's part of some kind of tactical research.

Snake: Tactical research?

Sigint: Yeah. As I'm sure you know, the Soviet Union is leading a worldwide revolution among Communist forces all over the globe. But a lot of countries involved don't have the necessary funds and industrial technology. So they need tactics that are both effective and economical.

Snake: That's what they're researching?

Sigint: Yeah. And traps are one of the best ways to do that. I'll bet that place is one of their testing grounds. Clappers, arrows, pendulums - all of these traps are set off by applying force to a rope. Don't touch the traps, and you'll be fine. Use rolling to get over them, or just crawl under them. Either way ought to work. If you do set off a trap and an arrow or a spiked pendulum comes flying your way, you can still dodge it by immediately diving out of the way. Pit traps and snares are camouflaged into the ground and make them harder to detect. But if you look carefully enough, you can see them through the disguise. Try stalking to proceed with extra caution. In any case, if you think there might be traps lying around, keep a close eye on the ground and stay alert.

Flame Troops

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint after the cutscene with EVA at Krasnogorje. Also, depending on the player's actions, Sigint's deduction on why the Flame Troops are present will be different.

If the player killed very few soldiers

Sigint: You seen any enemies equipped with flamethrowers? Those flamethrowers are M2s. They were first used in World War II during the invasion of Guam. The M2 uses pressurized nitrogen gas to fire a fuel mixture of napalm and gasoline. It comes in handy for torchin' places that are tough enough to secure with conventional firepower, like trenches and bunkers and pillbox enclosures. Watch out though. Get hit by a flamethrower in a narrow spot like a closet or a trench and it's barbeque time. Don't wander too close to an enemy carrying a flamethrower. If you need to take one out, try sniping from a distance so the flames can't reach you.

Snake: What are they doing with American-made flamethrowers anyway?

Sigint: Well, like a lot of other Western weapons, those M2s were probably jacked for research purposes. But if they're actually using, they must really have it in for you.

Snake: What do you mean?

Sigint: The flamethrower is heavy, short-ranged, and can only be used for a short period of time. Not only that, but when a flame trooper gets captured, he's almost always put to death. Basically it's a bad idea all the way around to use flamethrowers unless you're sweepin'. And despite all that, they're keepin' 'em at the ready just for you. What do you think of it?
Snake: ...They're out for revenge.

Sigint: Well, you've killed three members of the Cobra Unit already, so you can see why Volgin has it in for you.

If the player killed a lot of soldiers

Sigint: You seen any enemies equipped with flamethrowers? Those flamethrowers are M2s. They were first used in World War II during the invasion of Guam. The M2 uses pressurized nitrogen gas to fire a fuel mixture of napalm and gasoline. It comes in handy for torchin' places that are tough enough to secure with conventional firepower, like trenches and bunkers and pillbox enclosures. Watch out though. Get hit by a flamethrower in a narrow spot like a closet or a trench and it's barbeque time. Don't wander too close to an enemy carrying a flamethrower. If you need to take one out, try sniping from a distance so the flames can't reach you.

Snake: What are they doing with American-made flamethrowers anyway?

Sigint: Well, like a lot of other Western weapons, those M2s were probably jacked for research purposes. But if they're actually using, they must really have it in for you.

Snake: What do you mean?

Sigint: The flamethrower is heavy, short-ranged, and can only be used for a short period of time. Not only that, but when a flame trooper gets captured, he's almost always put to death. Basically it's a bad idea all the way around to use flamethrowers unless you're sweepin'. And despite all that, they're keepin' 'em at the ready just for you. What do you think of it?

Snake: ...They're out for revenge.

Sigint: Well, you've offed an awful lot of Volgin's men out there. No wonder they hate you.

Cigarette narcosis gun

Sigint: So you found yourself a cigarette-shaped narcosis gun. The cigarette-shaped gun is just what the name says-a sleeping gas gun shaped like a cigarette. It must be a test model that Granin's lab is working on for KGB spies. Equip it and press the weapon button to fire sleeping gas. It's got a short range, but any enemy that gets hit by the gas will be knocked out cold.

EVA's motorcycle

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint shortly after neutralizing the Ocelot unit at Rassvet.

Sigint: You know that army motorcycle that EVA was riding? That's a replica of a German model.

Snake: A replica?

Sigint: Yeah. After World War II, the Soviets confiscated an entire assembly line from a German motorcycle factory - machines and all.

Snake: And then they took it back with them and started producing replicas?

Sigint: Exactly. Originally, that motorcycle was designed to be used with a sidecar attached. That means it's got enough power to drag a 200-plus pound sidecar around.

Snake: So that's how she could pull off all those crazy stunts.

Sigint: Mm-hmm. Of course, it takes a lot of skill to be able to control that much power. That EVA chick is something else.

Thermal goggles

To initiate this conversation, contact Sigint upon acquiring the thermal goggles.

Sigint: Hey...what's that you've got there?
Naked Snake: Thermal goggles. From what I can tell, they detect and display sources of heat.
Sigint: You're kiddin' me! They actually made a passive infrared night-vision device small enough to carry around with you...
Naked Snake: What, is that special or something?
Sigint: Is it special? Here in the West, we've just barely got the technology to install it on aircraft.
Naked Snake: So that's what the thing they put on the gunship... But doesn't the Army have something like that for driving vehicles at night? I thought I saw...
Sigint: You mean the AN-PAS-5. That's an active infrared night-vision device. It fires infrared beams from an infrared projector, and uses the reflections to build an image. Those goggles you've got there are completely different. Basically, when you've got those equipped, you'll be able to spot enemy soldiers in the jungle with ease, even if they're camouflaged. They might even help you find traps. Ah, but you won't be able to see the terrain as well, so watch your step.

Attack Dogs

Sigint: They sicced attack dogs on you? People have been using dogs in war since before recorded history. The Greek and Roman armies used to send out packs of dogs with spiked collars to charge at enemy ranks. Attack dogs were regularly employed in the First and Second World Wars as well. Traditionally, dogs have been used to keep watch, send messages, and assist in search operations. Then the Soviets came up with a new idea: using them to carry bombs.
Naked Snake: Bomb dogs?
Sigint: Yeah, they were trained to dive beneath tanks, carrying a payload of bombs. Apparently it worked pretty well, but the Russians messed up, man - they used their own tanks for the training. Turns out the dogs kept going after Russian tanks and blowing them up. So, the plan was scrapped before it got off the ground. Well, I don't think you need to worry about those dogs exploding on you. They don't seem to be the bomb-carrying type. But they are highly trained in tracking and detection. Don't underestimate them - they're excellent trackers and ferocious fighters. Attack dogs move fast and are deadly in proximity encounters. They'll pick up your scent and use it to track you, so it'll be hard to shake them off. In a way, they're more dangerous than any human opponent. Be prepared. The Soviet-made smoke grenades you might find around there also seem to act as a mild tear gas. It might not have that much of an effect on human targets wearing balaclavas, but it ought to wreak havoc on a dog's nose. If you're being chased by attack dogs, give 'em a taste of the smoke grenade.

Granin's shoes

Sigint: You say Granin's shoes were rigged with a transmitter? That sounds like something the KGB's been working on lately. It's exactly like you described - a miniature transmitter that's small enough to put in a shoe.
Snake: Granin said he got the shoes from a woman called Tatyana... You think she's a KGB spy?
Sigint: Could be. Or maybe it's some kind of ploy to throw suspicion on her.
Snake: ...
Sigint: Anyway, it's your job to find out.
Snake: ...Good point.

C3 bridge

To initiate this conversation, call Sigint while waiting for the Shagohod to arrive at the bridge so the bridge can be blown up via a long range weapon.

Sigint: Snake, snipe the C3 bombs planted on the rail bridge to blow it up. Normally, C3 is a chemically stable material. It's only when it receives a shock from the outside that it turns into an explosive. EVA's probably set those bombs up with detonators so they go off when they're disturbed by something. She must have done it to prevent them from being disarmed. Man, she thought of everything. Shooting those C3 bombs should set off the detonators and take the bridge down. Either the SVD or the RPG-7 would be good for this job. If you're really a hot shot, you can use an assault rifle or a handgun, too. Just don't let me catch you using a tranquilizer gun. Clear your mind and focus on making the shot.

Smoke grenades

Sigint: Thinking of using a smoke grenade, huh? The combustion agent is a mixture of zinc oxide, ammonium chloride, aluminum, and some other stuff. When it explodes, it releases a thick cloud of grayisn-white smoke that resists dispersion. That should provide some nice cover. The smoke will confuse the enemy by blocking their field of vision. That'll help you out when you're trying to make a quick getaway. It also works the other way around - you can use it as cover to sneak up on an enemy position. The smoke screen should work just as well when you're being chased by dogs, too.

Chaff grenade

Sigint: [Umm...] That's a weird grenade you got there. From what I can tell, it's an anti-electronics weapon that works by scattering a bunch of metal oil in the air to interfere with radio signals. Call it a chaff grenade, if you will. By using a chaff grenade, you can disrupt the function of enemy radios and electronic devices for a short period of time. But keep in mind that as long as the chaff is in effect, you won't be able to use your motion detector or active sonar, either.


To obtain this conversation, contact Sigint when in close proximity to a DShK turret.

Sigint: Those gun emplacements are DShKs, a large-caliber machine gun officially adopted by the Soviet army in 1939. The name "DShK" comes from the initials of the two creators- Degtyarev and Shpagin - plus the Russian word for large caliber. They saw a lot of action in World War II. The Russians used them as anti-aircraft and anti-armor guns for position defense, vehicle turrets, and infantry support. The combined weight of the gun and the emplacements is almost 350 pounds. So you can forget about picking one up and taking it with you. The gun is gas-powered and capable of spitting out 550 rounds a minute on a belt-feed system. Which is bad news for you when the enemy's using it. Hide behind something and lob a grenade at it, or attack it from outside the emplacement's firing angle. Either way, it's not a good idea to rush at it head on. Or, you might try using a smoke grenade to put up a smoke screen that'll cover your approach. If you manage to get close to a gun emplacement, you can take it over by pressing the Action Button. The Attack Button () controls the trigger. Beware, though - the ammo supply is limited. To move away from a gun emplacement, just press the Action Button again. Use it when you need the upper hand.


To unlock this conversation, call Sigint when standing near a ZU-23 at Krasnogorje

Sigint: Snake, you see that anti-aircraft gun? That's a ZU-23, a light towable anti-aircraft gun that the Soviets started producing in 1957. It was designed for deployment in airborn units and motorized rifle divisions without their own self-propelled anti-air guns. It's got two 23 mm air-cooled automatic cannons with a firing rate of 800 rounds per minute. They usually take a six-man crew to operate, but you ought to be able to handle one by yourself. In addition to shooting at low-flying aircraft, you can also use them as machine guns to target light-armored land vehicles. I imagine they'd be more than a match for that new attack chopper of theirs, too. You can take over an anti-aircraft gun the same way you take over a gun emplacement -- stand next to it and press the Action Button. Use the Attack Button () to fire. Press the Aim Button () to focus in on a target. Just remember that they've got limited ammo. Also, don't forget, you can't move around while you're using an emplacement. If the enemy's gettiing too close for comfort, press the Action Button to ditch it, pronto.


To unlock this conversation, contact Sigint while having the M1911A1 as the selected weapon, before the cutscene where Snake encounters The Boss.

Sigint: Hey, you've got an M1911A1.

Snake: Yeah. a .45. Fifty years since the Army adopted the first model, and they're still using them.

Sigint: It's a real gem of an automatic pistol. But aren't you going to need more than just one little handgun?

Snake: Not at all. When you are in a tight spot or fighting in close quarters, sometimes a handgun works better than a rifle. And if I equip a knife at the same time, I can instantaneously switch over to hand-to-hand combat.

Sigint: I see.

Snake Camo

Sigint: Eh? That's some crazy camouflage you got on.

Snake: Yeah. It's snake camo.

Sigint: Snake? Well, I guess it does kind of suit you.

Snake: Thanks for the compliment.

Sigint: ...Still, it does look like pretty effective stuff. It's a good all-purpose camo -- it should give you a high level of cover against just about any type of background.


Sigint: Snake, that’s an MAZ-535, a Soviet-built 8-axle truck. During World War II, most of the heavy transport trucks the Soviets used were supplied by the U.S. But apparently their performance wasn’t quite up to the standards of the Soviet military. The problem only grew worse after the war, as the size of the Soviet Strategical Rocket Forces grew larger. The Soviets realized they needed a heavy transport truck with excellent cross-country capability to haul their ballistic missiles. So in 1954, they started work on a new truck design over at the SKB-MAZ design bureau in Minsk, Belarus. And what they came up with was the MAZ-535 you see there. There are a lot of variations on the MAZ-535… what do the headlights look like on that one?

Snake: It’s got two of them.

Sigint: Then it must be one of the later production models. The early ones were equipped with infrared lamps. They look like they’re used for cargo transport… but you’re not into auto theft, are you? Just leave it alone and keep going.


Sigint: The armored vehicle you see there is a BTR-152. The BTR-152 is an armored personnel carrier that was first developed in 1948. The design was based on the ZIL-151, a medium-size six-axle truck. It was supposedly created primarily for use in motorized rifle divisions. Besides the standard 2-man crew, it can carry up to 17 fully armed personnel in its personnel transport chamber. But stealing an armored transport and driving it around isn’t part of the mission, bro. Just leave it alone and keep going.

Hind technical info

Sigint: The Hind is armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun on the nose and rocket pods and anti-tank missiles on the stub wing hard points... Normally, you'd be crazy to try and fight it on foot. It if starts attacking with the machine gun or the rockets, take cover behind something as fast as you can. As for the missiles, you should be able to knock out their guidance system by using a chaff grenade to block the radio signal.

Hind troops

Sigint: Your assault rifle won't penetrate the Hind's armor. Try the RPG-7. If you can take over one of the anti-aircraft guns in the mountains, you'll be more than a match for that Hind.

Hind armor

Sigint: The Hind is a transport-attack chopper that can carry personnel. It might drop some troops on you. Don't get caught off guard.


Naked Snake: Sigint.

Sigint: Yo.

Snake: EVA said she set up a ground effect vehicle for us to make our escape.

Sigint: So I heard. The ground effect vehicle - or WIG - is something like a cross between an airplane and a boat. It uses ground effect to fly. Ground effect basically means that when the craft skims the surface of the ground, the air between the ground and the wing is compressed, which gives the wing an extra boost. From what Western intelligence agencies have been able to gather, the Russians are pretty serious about developing these WIGs. Apparently they're planning on using them for anti-submarine patrols. I guess I can see why. The WIG's long cruising range and high-speed capabilities make it a good choice for that kind of mission. EVA must have gotten her hands on one of the first prototypes while it was being field tested as a transport craft. The WIG has a top speed of over 400 miles per hour. And its range is pretty good, too. Not that speed is going to help you if you've got a supersonic jet on your tail, but if you hug the surface and stay off the radar, you should have no problems getting away.


Sigint: Ah, I see you got yourself an M37. The M37 is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. Don't expect any accuracy from a distance, but one blast will send the enemy flying, and it's got some serious firepower too. Good thing to have with you in close-range combat. It takes awhile to reload, though, so plan accordingly. The thing that really distinguishes the M37 is that it's light weight. It's about 2 pounds lighter than other shotguns. In fact, it's so light that it's been nicknamed the "Featherweight."

Snake: Yeah, and top it off, this one's had its barrel and stock sawed off.

Sigint: That's probably a modification to make it easier to wield in the jungle. Those Soviet boys know what they're doing. I guess the other distinguishing feature would be the lack of an ejection port on the side of the receiver.

Snake: Ambidextrous, huh?

Sigint: Exactly, It's been designed so you can use it left-handed or right-handed with equal ease. But that's not all. The low number of apertures means that it won't get jammed up as much with mud and dirt when you use it out in the field. This weapon is made for the jungle.

Snake: Good to know. But what are they doing with an American-made shotgun?

Sigint: Good question. I guess they could be doing research on Western weapons, but... Did you ever hear about the SAS using shotguns in jungle combat in Malaya?

Snake: Just stories.

Sigint: In the jungle, you're always running into the enemy when you least expect it. The SAS found the shotgun to be extremely effective delivering massive firepower in a short period of time. Because of that, lately a lot of point men are starting to use shotguns as their weapon of choice. Volgin's men might be trying that tactic out for themselves.


Ocelot Unit

Snake: EVA, what kind of unit are those Ocelots I fought a little while ago?

EVA: "The Ocelot unit is an elite group composed of soldiers hand-picked from among the ranks of Spetsnaz, the special forces wing of GRU. They've undergone even more rigorous training than regular Spetsnaz. Their skill with weapons is the stuff of legends. You'll find they're much better shots than the rest of GRU. Watch yourself."


To initiate this conversation Snake must get hit by a trap in Chyornyj Prud and then call EVA.

EVA: Snake, be careful. I might not have told you this yet, but that swamp is rigged with traps.

Snake: Tell me about it.

EVA: So you know already?

Snake: Yeah.

EVA: Well, then, you're all set. The traps in that area are set to go off when a rope stretched along the ground is disturbed. Keep a close eye on the ground and make sure you don't trip over a rope. I mean, far be it for me to call you an idiot who can't avoid even the simplest of traps. But you know.

Snake: Rrgh...

EVA: What's the matter?

Snake: Nothing... never mind...

EVA: ???

EVA's whereabouts

Snake: EVA, where are you now?

EVA: I told you, didn't I? I'm right near the colonel.

Snake: Pretty weak answer if you ask me.

EVA: I suppose you're right.

Snake: EVA...

EVA: Snake, I'm under orders to cooperate with you, but that doesn't mean I have to tell you everything I know. I would assume the same applies to you, too.

Snake: ...

Katyn Forest

EVA: Snake, have you heard about the massacre that happened in the forest near the village of Gnezdovo?
Naked Snake: The Katyn Forest Massacre, right?
EVA: During WWII, the German army came upon the bodies of 4,000 dead Polish in the forest of Katyn. Germany blamed the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union denied it, blaming Germany in return. The truth is that Stalin ordered the NKVD to carry out the killings. And it's not just Katyn. In places like Western Ukraine and Belarus, there must have been at least 20,000 Poles in the prison camps.
Snake: Why are you telling me this?
EVA: Volgin was one of the people responsible. He was one of the vicious leaders behind it.
Snake: Volgin was?
EVA: He blamed it on a prisoner revolt to allay any fears, and requested that they be put to death. I've heard that Volgin even removed the blindfolds from each prisoner before he beat them to death.
Snake: I knew he wasn't all there in the head, but this...
EVA: Not someone you could be friends with.

The .45 and Mk22

Snake: EVA, about the .45 and the Mk22 you showed me...

EVA: Yeah?

Snake: You said you got them from a vault full of Western weapons, right?

EVA: That I did.

Snake: How? A vault of secret Western technology should be under strict surveillance.

EVA: You really want to know?

Snake: Yeah.

EVA: Really?

Snake: Yes.

EVA: Well, I'm not telling anyway.

Snake: Why not?

EVA: It'd be a waste of time.

Snake: A waste of time?

EVA: Even if I explained how I did it, you'd never be able to do it yourself.

Snake: What does that mean?

EVA: Exactly what it sounds like.

Croc Cap

To initiate this conversation Snake must equip the Croc Cap and call EVA.

EVA: Snake?

Snake: EVA, what do you think?

EVA: (Laughs) What a dork! You must be kidding me! Are you willing to risk your life for that joke?

Snake: All right! Finally, I get a normal response...

EVA: ???

Snake: Everyone was giving me strange responses and acting like nothing was odd about it. I was starting to wonder myself, but now I feel better.

EVA: I'm not sure what you're talking about, but you look adorable in it. (Laughs) Sorry, I've got to go. This is too much.

Snake: ...


To initiate this conversation, the player must continually call EVA after defeating Ocelot.

Snake: EVA, I wanted to ask you about Ocelot

EVA: Yeah, I know. He's pretty infatuated with you, isn't he?

Snake: That's not what I meant. Aren't the Ocelots an elite unit?

EVA: Yeah.

Snake: So how'd he get to be their commander? He can't be any older than 18 or 19. I can't believe he's already a major

EVA: I heard from the Colonel that he's been given special treatment.

Snake: Special treatment?

EVA: Yeah. He's the son of some legendary hero or something.

Snake: No wonder he seems to have the right stuff. So who is this legendary hero, anyway?

EVA: Beats me.

Snake: ...

EVA: The Colonel never told me. All I heard was that his mother was supposedly shot in the gut during battle and that he was born right there, with bullets whizzing past them.

Snake: A pregnant woman in the middle of a battle?

EVA: That's what I heard. They say that when they stitched her up, the scar was shaped like a snake.

Snake: Well, that's battlefield medicine for you. What about his father, this legendary hero?

EVA: He didn't tell me. I don't think Ocelot's ever met his parents.

Snake: Are they dead?

EVA: Maybe, I don't know. There were a lot of MIAs back then, during the last days of the war. Ocelot probably would have ended up the same way. But he was taken in and raised by GRU and Volgin.

Snake: Because he was special?

EVA: That's my guess.

Raikov's Uniform

EVA's directions will vary depending on whether the player is in the southwest, southeast, northwest, or northeast portion of Groznyj Grad.

EVA: The security in the west wing where Sokolov is being held is extremely tight. The only ones who are cleared to enter the west wing are those with colonel-class authorization. One of those people is Major Raikov. To get into the west wing, you could disguise yourself as Raikov. First, you'll have to take Raikov out and steal his uniform. He's in the east wing of the weapons lab in the center of Groznyj Grad. The east wing is northeast/east/north of your current location. Head northeast./Head east./Head north./You're in the vicinity of the east wing. Proceed to infiltrate.

Snake: All right. But why?

EVA: Huh?

Snake: Why do I have to steal Raikov's clothes from him? What about that scientist outfit...

EVA: That's not going to work this time around. Raikov's uniform is a special type that only he wears. You'll have to get it directly from him. Normally I'm pretty good at getting men to take off their clothes, but it won't work on him.

Snake: ?

EVA: You, on the other hand, might have a better chance with him.

Snake: What's that supposed to mean?

EVA: What indeed. Anyway, the only way to get Raikov's uniform is to take him out and steal it yourself. He's somewhere in the east wing.

Raikov's special treatment

To initiate this conversation, Snake must call EVA when he is in Groznyj Grad.

Snake: EVA, about this Major Raikov...

EVA: Yes?

Snake: You said he had 'Colonel-class' authorization, right?

EVA: Right.

Snake: But his rank is Major. So how can he have 'Colonel-class' authorization?

EVA: Raikov is treated as an officer of equal rank with Colonel Volgin.

Snake: Treated as the same rank?

EVA: Yeah.

Snake: Even though he's a Major?

EVA: Right.

Snake: Why?

EVA: You don't know?

Snake: No.

EVA: Even after seeing that photo?

Snake: Nope.

EVA: Has anyone ever told you you're a bit slow?

Snake: What are you talking about?

EVA: I'll leave you to think about it.

Snake: Wait a minute...

EVA: Gotta go.

Snake can't figure out Raikov

To initiate this conversation, Snake must call EVA when he is in Grozny Grad.

Snake: EVA, what kind of guy is Raikov?

EVA: He's Volgin's precious pet.

Snake: Anything else?

EVA: He's got a handsome face.

Snake: Is that what you really think?

EVA: No, I'm just being objective. I'm not interested in people who aren't interested in me.

Snake: I was hoping to get some useful info for becoming him.

EVA: He seems mild-mannered, but the kind of guy who would sit in his room and admire his bug collection.

Snake: That still doesn't help me much. Anything more?

EVA: I really don't know, Snake. Can't you just observe him and copy him yourself?

Snake: Why are you so evasive about this?

EVA: ...People like me don't even exist in his little world.

Snake: I see...

EVA: Okay then...

Snake: Did he dump you?

EVA: "I see..." huh? You don't get it at all! No, not THAT. I'm just not good with his type.

Snake: But...

EVA: If this conversation goes on any longer, I'm going to send my fist through this radio into your head! Figure him out yourself. Later!

Snake: ?

Missing food

To initiate this conversation, Snake must call EVA after he met up with her behind the waterfall and must also have had food left before being captured by Volgin.

Snake: EVA, about the contents of my backpack you got for me...

EVA: Is there something missing?

Snake: Yeah, all of my food.

EVA: Well, how strange...

Snake: You didn't...

EVA: It wasn't me!

Snake: ...

EVA: All those snakes and crocodiles and suspicious-looking mushrooms... I wouldn't eat that stuff even if you paid me!

Snake: What about the instant noodles?

EVA: ...

Snake: EVA...

EVA: I was hungry, OK!? Give me a break! It's just a little packet of noodles...

Snake: It wasn't just the noodles. All those animals I worked so hard to capture...

EVA: That wasn't me.

Snake: So who was it?

EVA: It was Ocelot.

Snake: Ocelot?

EVA: He said he wanted to eat the same things you did.

Snake: Why would he do that?

EVA: You haven't figured it out?

Snake: No.

EVA: You are dense.

Snake: ...???


EVA: That forest is known as Dremuchij. It means "the untouched" in Russian. The name says it all - Dremuchij is a pristine jungle at the far edge of Tselinoyarsk, untouched by human hands. The forest is so dense that large units can't penetrate it, making it a natural defense. That's why Sokolov's facility and Grozny Grad were built there....But more to the point, what are you doing all the way out there? Get back to the north.


EVA: That area is called Dolinovodno. The name means "forest of the canyon." It probably got that name from the chasm that divides the jungle in two. The rope bridge at the center was hastily constructed to enable them to patrol Dremuchij. Speaking of which, what are you doing all the way back there? Get back to the north, now.


EVA: That area is known as Rassvet. It means "dawn" in Russian. The area got that name when the factory was first constructed. But the factory ended up being closed down, and Tselinoyarsk was reborn as a secret research center and military fortress.

Chyornyj Prud

EVA: That area is known as Chyornyj Prud. The names means something like 'the black shore' in Russian. It got its name from the deep swamp that covers the area. The crocodiles in that swamp are extremely vicious. Apparently, they've already chewed up a bunch of soldiers out on patrol. Now no one even dares to go near the swamp. They said that most of the soldiers who were killed were attacked from behind while they were in the water. You be careful out there.

Bolshaya Past South

To initiate this conversation, contact EVA in Bolshaya Past South for the first time.

EVA: Good, you made it to Bolshaya Past. The name Bolshaya Past means something close to 'the great cavity.' It probably got that name from the crevice to the north. There's a fortified area in the southern part of Bolshaya Past that's strung with barbed wire. To the north of that is a relay station that serves as both a depot for material shipments and a communications facility. The crevice leading to the cave is located to the north of the relay station. Head north.

The Boss

To initiate this conversation, call EVA in Bolshaya Past South, during the Normal Phase. The player must have completed the game on either the current or a previous existing save file (see also EVA#Zaozyorje).

Snake: EVA.

EVA: Hmm?

Snake: You said you got along with The Boss, right?

EVA: Yeah, we get along pretty well. I admire her. Although she's supposed to be the distant hero, for some reason she's nice to me. She even carried my bags for me the other day. I was impressed.

Snake: Your bags?

EVA: Maybe because we're both defectors. We never talk much, but I get the feeling that she understands how I feel. I've had dreams about the whole thing.

EVA's dog

To initiate this conversation, contact EVA in the center of Bolshaya Past South during the Normal Phase. The player must have completed the game on either the current or a previous existing save file (see also EVA#Zaozyorje).

EVA: Snake, the enemy's attack dogs are very highly trained, so be careful.

Snake: You can tell if a dog's been highly trained or not?

EVA: I can tell.

Snake: How?

EVA: I used to have a dog.

Snake: YOU had a dog?

EVA: Yeah, What's so funny about it?

Snake: Nothing. It's just hard to picture you with a puppy.

EVA: Who asked you? He was really cute, but I had a hard time housebreaking him... When he finally did learn, I was so happy... I still dream about it sometimes.

Chyornaya Peschera

EVA: That cave is known as Chyornaya Peschera. In Russian, Chyornaya Peschera means 'the black cave from which cold wind blows.' It's a magma cavern formed millions of years back, back when Tselinoyarsk was the site of volcanic activity. The structure of the cave is pretty complex, but you should be able to find the aqueduct if you keep moving forward. Head toward the interior of the cave.


EVA: That aqueduct is known as Ponizovje. It means "the land down the river." As you can see, it's overgrown with mangrove. Usually, they'd have boats going up and down transporting materials. But right now the place is on high alert, so the boats have stopped running. Speaking of which, what are you doing all the way back there? Get back to the north, now.

Graniny Gorki

EVA: The area you're in now is known as Graniny Gorki. It means "Granin's mountain." Apparently it got that name when the Granin lab was first built. But more to the point, what are you doing there? I told you we were supposed to meet up in the mountains, didn't I? Go back through the warehouse to Svyatogornyj.

EVA: What are you doing there? We're supposed to meet up in the mountains. Hurry up and get there. You can start by going back to the warehouse.

EVA's radio silence

Snake: EVA.

EVA: What?

Snake: I couldn't get a hold of you for a while there. What were you doing?

EVA: What do you think I was doing?

Snake: That's what I'm asking you.

EVA: Why are you asking me that?

Snake: Because I want to know, that's why.

EVA: Want to know what?

Snake: ...Will you stop answering my questions with questions?

EVA: Are you mad?

Snake: ...

EVA: See ya.

Who is Tatyana?: Part One

Snake: EVA.

EVA: Yes?

Snake: Who is that Tatyana?

EVA: Taken a liking to her, have we? She's a cutie.

Snake: Who is she?

EVA: I don't know much about her, but from what I can tell, she seems to be Sokolov's lover...

Snake: Can you find out a little more?

EVA: Snake, she already has a man.

Snake: EVA...

EVA: All right. Just give me a minute.

Who is Tatyanya?: Part Two

EVA: Snake, I found out what I could about your Tanya. Just as I thought, she's apparently Sokolov's lover. When Sokolov was taken away from his research facility, she was taken along with him.

Snake: So she's been with him since he was at the research facility...?

EVA: That's what it looks like.

Snake: Are you sure about that?

EVA: Yes. Why?

Snake: The major said Sokolov wasn't the kind of guy who'd take a lover...

EVA: Maybe he was lonely, being away from his family for so long. And whatever else he is, Sokolov's still a man. It's only natural he'd be attracted to her.

Snake: Only natural?

EVA: She's irresistible. Gorgeous, in a girl-next-door kind of way. Nice proportions, too.

Snake: ...

EVA: Sounds like your type, huh?

Snake: EVA...

EVA: Gotta go.


If the player killed The End at Ponizovje Warehouse

EVA: The name of that forest is Svyatogornyj. In Russian, it means something like 'the sacred mountain path.' The name comes from an old folk tale about mountain spirits who pass through there on their way to Sokrovenno, the forest to the north. Head north and you'll come to Sokrovenno. The tunnel that leads to the mountains is in the northern area of Sokrovenno. I'll meet you in the ruins at the top of the mountains. I'll give you the key to the tunnel leading to Groznyj Grad when you get there. Remember, go north.
Naked Snake: But Sokrovenno is also where...
EVA: I know.
Naked Snake: The Ocelots, right?
EVA: Yeah. The Ocelot unit is waiting for you in Sokrovenno. I hear they've even got snipers in position. Watch your back.

If the player didn't kill The End at Ponizovje Warehouse

EVA: The name of that forest is Svyatogornyj. In Russian, it means something like 'the sacred mountain path.' The name comes from an old folk tale about mountain spirits who pass through there on their way to Sokrovenno, the forest to the north. Head north and you'll come to Sokrovenno. The tunnel that leads to the mountains is in the northern area of Sokrovenno. I'll meet you in the ruins at the top of the mountains. I'll give you the key to the tunnel leading to Groznyj Grad when you get there. Remember, go north.
Naked Snake: But Sokrovenno is also where...
EVA: I know.
Naked Snake: The End, right?
EVA: Yeah. One of the Cobras, The End, is waiting for you in Sokrovenno. He's a legendary sniper. Until you defeat him in battle...
Naked Snake: I won't be able to move on?
EVA: Right.
Naked Snake: Then I'll just have to beat him.
EVA: I guess you will.


If the player killed The End at Ponizovje Warehouse

EVA: The forest you're in now is known as Sokrovenno. The name means 'the most holy woods.' It's been venerated since ancient times as the sacred home of the spirits of the forest. It's the largest and deepest forest in the region, and is divided into three areas: south, west, and north. Try not to get lost, OK? There's an armory in the southern area. If you need some extra ammo, you might want to pay it a visit. Be careful. I've heard the Ocelots are lying in wait for you in the forest. The entrance to the tunnel is in the northeastern part of the northern area. Try to make it there in one piece.

If the player didn't kill The End at Ponizovje Warehouse


EVA: You made it to the mountains. Those mountains are known as Krasnagorje. The name means 'the red mountain ridge' in Russian. The entire range has been fortified to act as a defense for the great fortress of Groznyj Grad. The area near the top has been dug with bunkers and trenches, and there are anti-aircraft gun emplacements everywhere. It's literally an impenetrable wall. Proceed with caution. Oh, there's a provisions storehouse in the hillside area, and there's an armory at the summit. I'll meet you in the ruins at the top of the mountains. The summit is still a ways up. Keep going forward.


EVA: That area is known as Tikhogornyj. It means 'the tranquil mountain ridge' in Russian. Like the name says, it's the most beautiful riverbank in the region of Groznyj Grad. If you go upstream, you'll come to a waterfall. I'll meet you in the cave behind that waterfall. Make your way up the river.

Groznyj Grad

EVA: The name of Groznyj Grad means 'the terrible fortress.' And that's exactly what it is - an impregnable monster of a fortress built using Colonel Volgin's enormous fortune. In the center of the fortress is a weapons lab that acts as the nerve center of the place. In the southeas there's a prison, in the northwest there's an armory, and in the northeast there's a provisions storehouse. The weapons lab in the center is where Granin, Sokolov, and their fellow scientists carry out their high-tech weapons research. The flying platform and attack chopper you saw are two of their accomplishments. And now they're about to finish the work on the Shagohod. They call it 'the terrible fortress' for a reason.

Escape plan

Naked Snake: EVA...
EVA: What's up?
Naked Snake: About our escape plan...
EVA: Uh huh...
Naked Snake: How exactly are you planning to get to the lake?
EVA: What, don't you trust me?
Naked Snake: That's not what I meant.
EVA: OK, then. I'll explain it to you. To the north of Groznyjgrad [sic], there's a forest called Lazorevo. The name Lazorevo means 'the lush green earth.' On the other side of Lazorevo is a large forest called Zaozyorje. Zaozyorje means 'near the lake' in Russian. The lake is just beyond Zaozyorje. And the name of that lake is Rokovoj Bereg, 'the lake of destiny.'
Naked Snake: That's where you hid the WIG?
EVA: Yeah. We'll use it to make our getaway. Once we've completed our missions, that is.

Fine piece of literature

To unlock this conversation, keep a Magazine among your belongings up to being captured by Volgin, and then call her after escaping while inside the prison.

Naked Snake: EVA, you didn't... lose any of my equipment, did you?
EVA: Why, don't you trust me?
Naked Snake: It's not that. It's just...
EVA: Don't fret. I haven't thrown anything away. Not even that fine piece of literature...
Naked Snake: !!
EVA: Honestly, in the middle of a mission...
Naked Snake: I... that's...
EVA: I know. Geez. All you had to do was tell me and I would have helped you out.
Naked Snake: What!?
EVA: Distracting the enemy...
Naked Snake: Oh...

Purpose of Hind at Bolshaya Past

To receive this conversation, contact EVA next to the Hind at Bolshaya Past Base.

Snake: EVA...

EVA: Hmm?

Snake: There's an attack helicopter docked at the heliport.

EVA: Oh. It's an attack chopper currently being developed at Groznyj Grad. They're using it as a patrol craft while they conduct tests... didn't I tell you?

Snake: ...Uh, no.

EVA: The helicopter docked there is probably in for maintenance right now, so you won't have to worry about it taking off. If you're thinking of destroying it, now's your chance.

Snake: Sounds like a plan. But how?

EVA: Huh?

Snake: There's no way I'm going to punch through that armor with an assault rifle. Isn't there a weapon somewhere that can do some real damage?

EVA: You'll just have to figure that out yourself.

The house at Svyatogornyj

To initiate this conversation, contact EVA via radio when in close proximity to the house at Svyatogornyj East.

Snake: EVA.

EVA: Hmm?

Snake: There's a house here in the middle of the woods.

EVA: So there is.

Snake: It looks like a cottage, but what is it...?

EVA: It really was a cottage once. It was originally the dacha of a high-ranking official. Now it's being used as a relay station. There should be a supply of ammo and rations. If the player hadn't gotten the M63 yet I also heard they put an M63 light machine gun in there. But watch out - there's supposed to be a unit posted in there.

Scientists in East Wing

EVA: There are scientists in the east wing. Almost all of them were taken here against their will, like Sokolov. If they see you, they probably won’t attack you, but they can still get you into trouble by yelling for help or pressing the alarm switches on the walls. So you should be watching out for scientists as well as enemy grunts. Even if you disguise yourself as a scientist, the real scientists will know you’re not one of their own if they get a good look at your face. So make sure the real scientists can’t see your face while you’re in your scientist disguise. And don’t do anything funny, like crawling or rolling around. If a scientist gets suspicious about your disguise, just turn your face away and pretend nothing’s wrong. That should work most of the time.

Soldiers in East Wing

EVA: There are enemy soldiers patrolling the east wing as well. Even if you disguise yourself as a scientist, they’ll know something’s up if you crawl, roll, punch, or stay pressed up against the wall for a long time. If an enemy gets suspicious and starts coming your way, just stay still and keep your mouth shut. That ought to fool them.

Raikov's gluttony

EVA: Raikov is famous for being a glutton. I’ve heard he’ll even stop and pick up food that’s lying on the floor. But for such a pig, he’s got a weak stomach, and is always running for the toilet after eating that stuff. Why don’t you try giving Raikov something rotten to eat and then waiting for him in the bathroom?


Naked Snake: EVA, about the escape plan...

EVA: Yeah, we're getting out on a WIG.

Snake: The ground effect vehicle.

EVA: Right. Here they call it an Ekranoplan.

Snake: The Soviet Union has already finished testing one of those?

EVA: No, this is just the prototype given to GRU. It was designed to search out and destroy American submarines. That's why it has a long range, and a decent speed of 470 mph. It's far beyond the Be-1 developed three years ago. The problem for us is that the one here doesn't have any weapons onboard. If we're tailed, our only choice is to try and shake them.

Snake: I'll leave that to you.

EVA: Sorry if I won't have the time to play stewardess for you.

How EVA got the noodles

In order to access this conversation, the player must arrive at Groznyj Grad's main wing without eating the Instant Noodles and call EVA.

EVA: By the way, Snake...

Naked Snake: What?

EVA: Why aren't you eating it?

Snake: Eh? What are you talking about?

EVA: The instant noodles. Why aren't you eating them?

Snake: Do I have to?

EVA: Of course you do.

Snake: Why?

EVA: Because it's a present from me.

Snake: ...

EVA: You probably didn't know, but instant noodles are really popular among the troops here at Groznyj Grad. It was really hard to get my hands on some. And I even managed to get you three whole packages...

Snake: Three? But you only gave me two...

EVA: Ah... Anyway, that's not the point. The point is - you'd better eat it. Or else.

Trucks at Groznyj Grad

EVA: Those trucks you see there are used to transport materials in and out of Groznyj Grad. I've seen them loading the trucks full of cardboard boxes and shipping them off all over the place. Groznyj Grad is a gigantic fortress. So they're got to be pretty busy. Some of the men have even complained to me that they've got too much work to do to check the contents of every single box that comes through.

Button camera

Snake: EVA, didn't you take a picture of me when I was about to leave the waterfall cave?

EVA: Oh, that. That's a button-shaped hidden camera developed by the KGB. I use it to take pictures of the fortress and the Shagohod and...

Snake: That's not what I wanted to know. Why did you take a picture of me?

EVA: Because I wanted a picture of you.

Snake: ...

EVA: ...If I told you why, would you believe me anyway?

Snake: ...

Day of rest for scientists

Snake: EVA, remember how you said today was a day of rest for the scientists in the hangar?

EVA: Yeah.

Snake: What did you mean by that?

EVA: Until yesterday, there were tons of scientists and maintenance personnel working in the hangar. But because Volgin was forcing them to work day and night, a lot of the scientists were collapsing from exhaustion. So now that the prototype is finished and things are a little less hectic, they gave the scientists a day to rest.

Snake: I see.

EVA: If they were still working like that, it would have been impossible for you to sneak into the hangar. But this doesn't mean the hangar is completely deserted. I'm pretty sure there are still a few guards and maintenance personnel left. Stay alert.

Hinds at Krasnogorje

EVA: Stay alert. Volgin has sent out attack choppers to stop you. You saw them at the heliport, didn’t you? They’re probably already patrolling the area.

If the player already destroyed the Hind at the heliport earlier.

Naked Snake (Big Boss): …I don’t see it.

EVA: Really?

Snake: No.

EVA: You must have missed it. Look again.

Snake: …Nope. It’s not here.

EVA: Maybe it’s because you destroyed that one at the heliport. But I’m sure it’ll be there, in the next area.


EVA: Honest.

Arrival at the East Wing of the Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab

EVA: You made it into the east wing. Good. Raikov is somewhere in that building. You know what he looks like, don’t you? When you find him, steal his uniform.

Second floor locker room

EVA: If enemy soldiers or scientists see you take down Raikov, you’ll be in for it. Make sure to get Raikov someplace out of sight. Someplace like the locker room on the southwest side of the second floor, maybe?

Raikov's Makarov

EVA: Raikov is making the rounds inside the east wing. If you see him, take him out before he has a chance to get away. Try using the cigarette-shaped sleep gas gun. Raikov always carries a Makarov with him. Make sure you don’t get shot.