This article is an incomplete list of optional Codec conversations in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, some of which are humorous, or contain additional information that is not revealed during normal gameplay.


The Three Musketeers

Otacon: Snake, you of course know the saying "One for all, all for one."

Snake: What is this, all of a sudden?

Otacon: Oh, I figured you'd need a lot of motivation, so I came prepared. It's from 'The Three Musketeers' -- the book, not the candy bar. Anyway, it means that if you go up against everyone by yourself, they'll gang up on you too. I think. Since you're on your own on that ship, you need to take this to heart and avoid confrontations. How was that? Just like the old days, huh?

Snake: Almost reminds me of Mei Ling, but... You sure you got it right?

Otacon: Of course! And I'll teach you a lot more of these, you can count on it.

Snake: Great...


Otacon: Okay... There's a saying that goes "Even a bird on high dies a glutton's death, as do the fish of The Deeps." The lesson is -- er, don't be greedy. The fish that belonged to a family called the Deeps died from overfeeding, and so did a bird that got high on something -- probably fermented fruit.

Snake: ...okay. If you say so.

Otacon: I do, Snake. Don't take unnecessary risks just because you're greedy for more Items. Remember the Deep family's fish.

Snake: ...

Pre-ripped jeans

Otacon: Another Chinese proverb. "Those who look to the Heavens prosper, those who defy it are no more." Do you know this one? The meaning here is -- hold on a sec -- that you can only survive as long as you're a part of the natural order of things. You remember pre-ripped jeans? Manufacturers thought that just because people loved old, broken-in jeans, they would want to buy new jeans that looked old. So they purposefully --

Snake: What do jeans have to do with nature and order?

Otacon: Denim should fray and rip on its own, naturally. Right? Some designers tried to go against that, and -- no one bought them! The earnings report from that fiscal year is enough of a proof!

Snake: Earnings...?

Daylight savings time

Otacon: Hey, Snake, what's "Hardest won, most easily lost"? It's time, get it? Amazing how relevant these Chinese proverbs still are! Once the moment's gone, it's gone. Except for daylight savings time, of course. That extra hour to do anything you like with every autumn... gotta love it. Then again, you lose an hour every spring, so I guess the proverbs are right. Wow, they thought of everything.

Snake: Did they even have daylight savings back then?

Otacon: Of course not! They knew how to save time. We're the ones that need to be tricked into it.

Snake: But you said --

Otacon: The moment never returns, Snake. Let's not waste it on idle questions.

Snake: Okay...?

Nothing like Mei Ling

Otacon: The Chinese have a saying "Those who are lost never question a path, and a drowning man doubts not the shallows." And it means -- means that you need to make use of other people's help. Otherwise, you could be in trouble. If you're lost, you don't even know whether a road you come across is a right one, and, uh, what's the difference between shallow and deep if you've already drowned... right? Anyway, the point is that help is always a good thing to accept. So make good use of the Codec.

Snake: Look -- this stuff seems nothing like what Mei Ling used to talk about.

Otacon: Hey, she couldn't do better herself!

Snake: ...

Acquaintances agree, friends argue

Otacon: "Acquaintances agree. Friends argue." That's a straightforward one. The better friends you are, the more openly you can disagree with each other. So feel free to present a counterpoint if you don't agree with what I'm saying. Argue away!

Snake: Sure. All right.

Otacon: ...Not a promising start. OK, forget what I said -- just go along with my advice.


Otacon: Do you know the saying "One forgets the hurt once the wound has healed"? And that of course means -- uh -- where'd I put that piece of paper --

Snake: Did you say something?

Otacon: No, nothing. So, uh, forgetting the pain when the wound's healed means... Um -- That you have to get better fast! Yeah, that's it. So stock up on those rations and bandages.

Snake: Is that really all it means?

Otacon: Hey, I'm the expert here.

Original Sin

Otacon: Snake, have you heard this one? "Evil is human nature, and his entire being, falseness." The concept of so-called Original Sin. The idea that you're born bad, so you can't help doing bad things...

Snake: Hold on. I thought the idea of Original Sin was that you had to work even harder at being good because you were born evil!

Otacon: Er -- oh yeah, that too. Very good, Snake.

Snake: ...

Achilles and Paris

Otacon: You know the story about Achilles and Paris? The moral here is -- er -- something about his heel? Anyway, even the great and virtually immortal hero Achilles was finally done in by Paris. Talk about a dangerous city. So don't get complacent. The mission can turn around and get you.

Snake: Wasn't Paris a person? Paris. I thought he was a --

Otacon: Snake, there's a time and place for conspiracy theories. Please, I'm trying to concentrate here.

Snake: Huh? Ah, sorry...?

More and more random

Otacon: Do you know the saying "Those who walk a hundred leagues think not that their journey is half ended until the ninetieth league"? That means... -- what does it mean -- OK. It means that if you're planning to walk that far, you'd better damn well know how to do simple arithmetic. Study! Stay in school!

Snake: This seems to be getting more and more random.

Otacon: Correction -- it's becoming more deep. Trust me.


Otacon: OK -- "A frog in a well knows not of the great ocean." Hey, I don't like this one at all. Trapping a little frog in a well? That sucks, that's really cruel. Of course it's not going to see the big blue sea the lack of sunlight alone will kill it pretty quick. Sure, locking someone up is a good way to make sure they don't see what you don't want them to. But this is a terrible saying, and I don't like it at all. Poor little froggy...!

Snake: ...I really think you've got this one wrong.

Bringing up Mei Ling a lot

Otacon: The Chinese have a proverb that goes "Scholars hold in esteem knowledge, not acts." See, they just sit around thinking, instead of actually doing something. Which doesn't make them too useful. Action is what matters! I think.

Snake: Look, what I heard from Mei Ling was that --

Otacon: Snake, have you noticed that you bring her up a lot?

Snake: Huh? That isn't the --

Otacon: Here we go again. What am I going to do with you?

Snake: Like I was saying --

Otacon: You and your hyperactive libido. It's a good thing one of us can keep all the details straight.

Snake: ...


Otacon: This is my favorite Chinese saying: "Better to be first among roosters than last among bulls." Of course, the meaning's clear If you have to choose between being a chicken or a cow, pick the chicken. Cows are always being messed with by aliens -- cattle mutilations are up, you know. Why go looking for trouble, right? If an enemy spots you, you'll be in more trouble than a cow on a UFO. You stay out of their sight!

Snake: Why would aliens be in an old Chinese proverb?

Otacon: Everyone knows they've been visiting us for thousands of years.

Snake: to me.

Care avoids err

To initiate this conversation, the player must save the game numerous times during the Tanker chapter. This is also the only instance that Mei Ling speaks through the Codec in the game though her face is not shown.

Otacon: Snake, do you know the Chinese proverb "Care avoids err"? "Err" is thought to be a ! Kung word meaning "what." There are some linguists who think that this accounts for an almost universal utterance—— of the syllable "er" when people are at a loss of words. A kind of vestigial --

Mei Ling: Hey!

Otacon: Ack!

Mei Ling: What a crock! What did you do with that little cheat sheet I made you!

Otacon: Er --

Mei Ling: Oh, there it is -- Hey!

Otacon: Er, that's really a...

Mei Ling: How could you do that! You know how busy I am and you -- !!

Otacon: It's not what you think...

Mei Ling: Oh, so what am I thinking?

Snake: What's going on over there?

Mei Ling: Oh, hi, Snake. Do you know that Otacon's been --

Otacon: Er, Mei Ling, we're in the middle of a mission and everything! So can we, you know...

Mei Ling: ...

Otacon: ...

Mei Ling: Fine. Sure. And Snake, the real meaning for "Care avoids err" is that if you're cautious, you can avoid making serious mistakes. Even if you've gotten used to the mission, watch what you do. Good luck!

Otacon: Yeah, Snake! Good luck!

Mei Ling: You, I'm not done with.

Otacon: Ack...

Mei Ling: Let's discuss this, shall we?

Otacon: Err...

Mei Ling

Snake: What happened to Mei Ling?

Otacon: Hee. She got mad and went offline.

Snake: What did you do?

Otacon: Nothing! Now don't we need to get back to the mission? So much to do, so little time...

Snake: ...


Otacon: Snake, don't let the enemy spot you. Once you've been discovered by a sentry, he'll call in reinforcements and there will be an attack. Even you're no match for that level of organized assault. They have better weapons too, remember? We aren't terrorists, okay? Avoid unnecessary confrontations and go for total stealth. All right?


Otacon: Snake, if you sustain damage from enemy attacks, it could increase your chances of capture. The bloodstains would lead them right to you. That's another reason you should stay away from trouble as much as possible.

Good hiding place

Otacon: These aren't sentries you're dealing with; they're searching for you, and they know you don't want to be found. You can't make some feeble attempt at concealment. Make sure you're completely hidden in some place they wouldn't think of something.

Ocelot's deeper plan

Otacon: According to intelligence, this new model was designed to combat all the clone models of Metal Gear floating around in the world. Ocelot sold the Metal Gear specs to anyone with hard cash after he survived Shadow Moses.

Snake: And raked in enough money to buy a decent-sized country in the process.

Otacon: But was that -- was money really Ocelot's end objective?

Snake: You think he had a deeper plan?

Otacon: I do. Nothing definite, but acquiring a large sum of money is always a good starting point for another project.

Snake: Hmm...

Otacon: Anyway, every country that paid off Ocelot is racing to produce its own bipedal tank -- one that can launch the so-called "invisible nuclear warhead." If the whole world has a Metal Gear, the military dominance of the U.S. will disappear. In a world where Metal Gear has become commonplace, the only way to regain the upper hand is to possess a weapon even more powerful than Metal Gear.

Snake: And that means a new Metal Gear.

Otacon: Exactly. The arms race must go on.

The Patriots

Otacon: The Metal Gear that the tanker is transporting is being developed under Marine Corps jurisdiction. But -- I've also heard a rumor that the Navy is working on its own Metal Gear.

Snake: Any more info on the Navy's model?

Otacon: I tried to hack some out, but security was too tight. There's a lot of money being allocated -- that's for sure. But every one of my investigations takes me to one name, then hits a brick wall. The name is "The Patriots."

Snake: Who are they?

Otacon: I wish I knew. I have no idea if this is an individual, or an organization, even. But once we expose the presence of this Marine Corps Metal Gear to the world, maybe that will shake the "Patriots" out of the tree. This mission is partly about that too.

The photos

Otacon: When the photos are in, we'll put them online and blow this whole thing wide open on the Web.

Snake: Don't you think that the authorities will just shut us down?

Otacon: Probably. But it won't matter -- there'll be mirror sites spawning within minutes after those images go up. We won't even have to ask; people will be grabbing the pictures. There's no way anyone can stop it. Information has a life of its own, and as long as it lasts, it'll keep existing -- even if it has to change its form or location.

Snake: Life?

Otacon: Yeah -- the desire of people to learn. The demand for data.

Snake: That's called idle curiosity in my book.

Otacon: Everyone's got some of that. And sometimes, it can pave the way for truth. That's what I believe.


Otacon: She's not dead, is she?

Snake: No, just knocked out.

Otacon: Good.

Snake: Looks like a little angel, doesn't she?

Otacon: What's gotten into you?

Snake: Nothing.

Otacon: Sleeping Beauty may have been awakened by Prince Charming's kiss, but you'd better not try it here.

Snake: I'm with you. Besides, I've had enough of tomboys.

Vulcan Raven's shadow

Otacon: Snake, that shadow --

Snake: It's him, no doubt about it.

Otacon: But Raven was -- you know, out in Shadow Moses...

Snake: I know. Maybe it's the last of his nine lives, or maybe his Maker decided to give him another chance...

Otacon: You're not serious, are you?

Snake: Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Either way, we'll find out soon enough.

Otacon: Snake, watch your step, okay...?

Hiding in a locker

Snake: This reminds me of when we first met.

Otacon: I was the one inside the locker that time. We're equal now, huh?

Snake: Not unless I wet my pants.

Otacon: That's a low blow, Snake!


Otacon: So that's the Ka-60 Kasatka -- a multipurpose military helicopter built by Kamov, the Russian aerospace firm. It adapts to a variety of missions: troop and weapons transport, MedEvac, target marking for attack choppers, even all-weather surveillance missions. It uses Fenestron-type tail rotors. That's what makes the distinct rotor sound that you picked up. It is a Russian helicopter, but we can't be sure that the hijackers are Russian military. After all, Kamov did make a civilian version, the Ka-62, and there's also the Ka-64, the export model.

Olga Gurlukovich

To initiate this conversation, call Otacon while fighting Olga Gurlukovich.

Otacon: Who is she, anyway?

Snake: That scout knife had Spetsnaz written all over it, but...

Otacon: Spetsnaz? That's the special ops of the Soviet GRU. So she must be Russian...?

Snake: Who knows. All I'm sure of is that she shoots like a commando.

Otacon: Be careful.

Sergei Gurlukovich

Otacon: Didn't think Gurlukovich was involved, of all people.

Snake: Ocelot's former CO -- and a man with a private army of ex-Russian military and GRU soldiers. I don't like it.

Otacon: And Liquid was planning to team up with that bunch at Shadow Moses.

Snake: All he managed to do back then was to provide a toy or two. Looks like he's had enough of sponsoring insurrections.

Otacon: So this time, he's out here himself. I guess he's after Metal Gear?

Snake: History repeats itself. Metal Gear has enough strategic clout to upset the balance of military power overnight. He must be dreaming of Mother Russia's return to glory.

Otacon: Like you said, history repeats itself. Some people never change.

Snake: Maybe it's the world that doesn't -- or won't -- change.

Otacon: Maybe. But we're fighting to upset the status quo too, aren't we?

Olga Gurlukovich's resemblance to Meryl

Otacon: So who was that Olga person?

Snake: Don't know. I'm guessing she's Gurlukovich's daughter. She said "nomads"...

Otacon: Didn't she -- you know, look a little like Meryl?

Snake: ...I didn't notice.

Snake finds a handgun

Otacon: Hey, Snake, you found a handgun.

Snake: It's a decent one -- USP.

Otacon: That gun can take out the infrared sensors you just saw. The USP fires real bullets -- not the knockout rounds the M9 uses. You know that, right? The USP isn't equipped with a suppressor, either. If you fire it when there are enemies nearby, they'll probably hear it. Keep that in mind. Having the USP will make combat easier, but being undetected is still the best way to go. OK?

Cypher theory

To initiate this conversation, call Otacon shortly after defeating Olga Gurlukovich.

Otacon: The Cypher's what it looks like -- a flying surveillance saucer. It's an unmanned aerial vehicle used for ground and ocean surveillance, and it also assists in communication. It can take off and land vertically, and uses a ducted airstream from its rotors and the surrounding shroud to fly. The one you saw was the type used by the Army, if I recall. But I can't see the Army officially cooperating with a top-secret Marine Corps project...
Snake: No. Which means that there's someone besides us and the Russians that are interested in the new Metal Gear prototype...
Otacon: Cyphers can stay airborne for about three hours, so there should be an Integrated Mobile Ground Station controlling its flight pattern and output nearby -- it's got to be on land. I'll bet you anything it's disguised as a regular truck or something, driving along riverside. Let me check it out.
Snake: Good call.

Movie explanation

To initiate this conversation, call Otacon while looking at the TV screen broadcasting Metal Gear RAY within the Discovery's lounge.

Otacon: Look at the TV over there. It's showing the hold.
Snake: So that's...
Otacon: The new Metal Gear.
Snake: Why are they broadcasting this?
Otacon: They probably want to keep a record of this exercise -- and maybe give a little presentation?
Snake: Presentation?
Otacon: That ship's been transmitting a live video feed via military satellite uplink for a while now.
Snake: So there's some brass out there, smacking their lips over this little home movie.
Otacon: I've been trying to pinpoint the receiving location, but I haven't had much luck. There's a heavy duty firewall in the way. I'll try some more, though.
Snake: Wherever it is, it must be a warm, dry office with hot coffee on tap.
Otacon: A far cry from that tanker, huh? That's what happens when the battlefield has a Revolution in Military Affairs.

The Marine Corps

Otacon: The Marine Corps' defining character is that of an emergency response team in crisis situations. But the Army's been steadily enlarging its own crisis response capabilities, building on the strength of their Medium Brigade. Analysis is that the Marine Corps sees this as an infringement on their own domain, and is more than a little alarmed. We both know that Metal Gear REX was being developed for deployment by the Army. So it does make sense that the Marines are trying to compete with their own version of Metal Gear.

The reason why the Marines were involved in the RAY project

Otacon: So the Commandant says the Navy is leaning on them, huh? I'm sure the Navy isn't happy about the new Metal Gear prototype being developed. From what I can tell, the new model can make an approach, launch an attack, and execute takeoffs from the ocean without any support. If the weapon makes it past the testing stage, it could render aircraft carriers, battleships, even submarines obsolete. It's a matter of life or death for the Navy as an organization... And if it's true that the Navy has its own Metal Gear in the works, that's another reason for them to get nervous.


Otacon: You heard the Commandant mention the NMD -- the National Missile Defense program. It was conceptualized late last century as a defense network to detect and engage enemy ICBM's launched at the continental United States. But at the same time, it came under fire for contributing to nuclear proliferation. The MIRV'ing of ballistic missiles and the increase in weapon lethality were some of the byproducts of these defense R&D's. There was a lot of opposition from the international community, on the grounds that the program violated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Russia and China were especially vocal in their criticism. Program deployment is a ways off, in any case. The military hasn't been able to come up with a good technology to discriminate between actual targets and decoys. There are also other tech issues that have to be addressed.

Empty ammunition magazine

Otacon: Snake, you have an empty magazine in your hand. Why are you still carrying that around?

Otacon: Select the magazine and throw it using the Weapon button. The noise will draw enemy soldiers toward wherever the magazine lands. How strong you push the button determines how large a swing you take. Take aim using First Person View and try to land it where it will lure the enemy away.


Otacon: What you're wielding right now is a converted Beretta M-92F, designed to fire tranquilizer rounds. A direct hit will knock the target unconscious. Think of those rounds as tiny syringes. The impact of the round causes the mixing of two chemicals in the shell. The resulting gas compresses a tiny piston and injects the tranquilizer in the bullet's tip into the target's skin. The tranquilizer's effects are felt at different times depending on where the bullet lands. A head or heart shot will take effect immediately, but a round that hits somewhere like feet or hands will take a while. Use the First Person View Attack for maximum accuracy. The gun is fitted with a suppressor, so there is no need to worry about alerting the enemy with the noise. But since it is a tranquilizer gun, the M9 has its limitations. All it can do is knock the enemy unconscious. Keep that in mind.


Otacon: Snake, that handgun of yours is a USP. The USP comes in a variety of calibers, from a 9 mm to a .45. Yours is a 9 mm, with 15 rounds per magazine. It's also equipped with a flashlight for nighttime shooting. In the dark, select the USP and aim to turn on the light. Unlike the M9, the USP isn't suppressor-equipped. The gunshots may bring enemy reinforcements running, so be careful.

Chaff grenade

Otacon: Hey, you have a chaff grenade. You can use that to interfere with enemy radio communications... and electronic devices for a short time. The chaff grenade is a weapon that disperses aluminum foil or metal coated glass and plastic fibers to confuse the enemy radar. What you have is a portable application of the chaff- launchers built into fighter planes. When detonated, the grenade releases tiny chaff pieces as well as miniaturized active jammers using a small amount of explosives. The grenade can't create full-scale chaff corridors or chaff clouds, but will form a Radar Cross Section area large enough for single-personnel use. This weapon is for electronic interference only, though. It has no effect on enemy personnel.

Stun grenade

Otacon: The stun grenade in your equipment is for incapacitating enemies without killing them. Stun grenades are non-lethal weapons that knock out enemy personnel with an intense flash of light and a burst of sound. Once the grenade is airborne, a timed detonator ejects an internal cartridge using a small amount of explosives. The cartridge then explodes, and releases a flash rated at over a million candlepower, with an accompanying bang of over 200 decibels. The combinations of the flash and the bang temporarily overwhelms human sensory perceptions. There are no projectiles released, so it can only knock out enemies, not wound them. Keep that in mind.


The Scope is only present in the demo, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Trial Edition. Therefore, this conversation is inaccessible in the final version other than as dummied data.

Otacon: Good, you have a pair of binoculars. You'll be able to use them to survey enemy territory from a distance. They come with a zoom function and auto-focus, and have all the durability of military equipment. You won't have to worry about breakage with these.


Otacon: So you've got rations now. These are military food supplies, and allow you to recover some LIFE with use. If it is equipped in advance, the ration will automatically be used and LIFE will be regained when you receive damage. You can select it in the window and push the confirmation button to use the item on the spot. Rations were designed to be carried and eaten on the field. They're all about functionality and calories. They use a special freeze-drying methods developed by NROC. They're compact, portable, and last for weeks.


Otacon: You've picked up gel bandages, I see. When you're bleeding, select the bandage as an equipment to stop the blood. The bandage is a type of alginate dressing. It's a highly absorbent pad that gels blood and other fluids on contact. It releases calcium ions during absorption, hence the coagulating effect.


Otacon: Snake, are you smoking? You really should quit. First of all, it turns you into an instant target in the dark. As for what it means to your health, I won't even go there. Remember what Naomi said about lung cancer rates? Everyone knows that it's a dangerous substance.

Snake: So's war, and I've done that all my life.

Otacon: Well, you can screw up your own body if you like, but think about other people, okay?

Snake: This is the new kind that has almost no second-hand smoke. It won't bother anyone.

Otacon: Oh really? Didn't I see you toss the butt off the bridge? Littering, polluting...

Snake: Ummm...

Otacon: You have a long way to go, my friend.


Otacon: You have Pentazemin in your inventory. If you need to take some, select it in the Item Window and push the Enter button. Pentazemin is a mild tranquilizer used to treat clinical depression, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and anxiety. It belongs to the benzodiazepinate family, and along with its antidepressant and anti-anxiety qualities, it suppresses convulsions. Take it when you have a tough shot ahead with the sniper rifle and you need to minimize shakiness. But I guess you don't have one of those yet. Well... you can also try some if you're feeling really seasick.

Snake is naive

Snake: Otacon, I took the Pentazemin and you're right -- the seasickness is gone!

Otacon: Wow! Really!?

Snake: What do you mean, "Really?" You said...

Otacon: Drugs are mostly about placebo effect. If you believe it's effective, it is. You're more naive than I thought

Snake: ...

Cardboard box

Otacon: Using the old cardboard box trick, huh? Looks good on you, Snake. Camouflage is the best way to slip past enemy surveillance. But cardboard is just paper when it comes down to it. It won't withstand any serious assault for long. Don't rely on the trick too many times, either. And I recommend you keep it dry.


Otacon: It's an anti-personnel frag grenade -- throw it at the enemy and the blast and fragments will take the enemy out. Watch out -- pushing the Weapon button will pull out the pin. Release the Weapon button to toss it. The throwing distance depends on how hard you push the Weapon button. After pulling the pin, you'll have five seconds until the grenade explodes. Get familiar with changing the timing and throwing distance of the grenade before it goes off.

Thermal goggles

Otacon: You have the Thermal Goggles equipped huh? They provide night vision by using variances in heat distribution to create an image. It uses a two dimensional solid state projection system to create high-res images at sixty fps in real-time. By using the Thermal Goggles, you can take a look at the enemy's neck to see if they have dog tags or not.

AP Sensor

Otacon: You're using the Anti-personnel Sensor, I see. It measures the electromagnetic fields and heartbeat of life forms and converts the data into vibrations. If an enemy draws near, it will vibrate. The stronger the vibration, the closer the enemy is. But, remember, when using the Anti-personnel Sensor, you'll only be able to feel the vibrations coming from the sensor.

Digital camera

Otacon:I'll explain how to use the camera. That digital camera you have was specially made to take pictures of the prototype Metal Gear. When a picture is taken, the screen data is first stored in the camera's internal memory. Then it's automatically processed through various algorithms to protect against tampering. Each picture is electronically stamped and distinctively encrypted. So, in the off chance that someone alters the data during transmission, we'll know immediately. Oh -- there's a limit to the internal memory's capacity. If the memory becomes full, overwrite the pictures you don't need anymore. When you're ready to take a shot, use the L1 and R1 buttons to scroll left or right among the picture previews at the bottom of the screen. Send the pictures to me when you're done.

Lounge room

Otacon: That must be the crew lounge. The tanker's crewmen would relax here when they're off-shift. There's a lot of stuff there. Make sure you don't move it around too much. Someone may notice that it's been tampered with. Leave no traces -- that's common sense when infiltrating a target, right?

Mess Hall

Otacon: That must be the mess hall. It's pretty small considering the size of the ship... I guess modern tankers are so automated that you only need a crew of about twenty.

Snake: That's not a lot to feed.

Otacon: There's a lot of things there, but make sure you don't disturb anything and leave traces. The enemy might notice.

Dead soldier

Otacon: So he was about to have dinner...

Snake: And got a bullet in the head instead. Poor bastard.


Otacon: Snake, that's the pantry -- where they keep the food supplies. Hm, lots of cardboard boxes. You could probably use one to blend in and avoid being discovered.

Control bridge

Otacon: This is the bridge -- but it's not just a place where you steer the ship. In a modern tanker, navigational, engine control, communication and all the other major operational functions are consolidated in the bridge. The ship is auto-piloted via a global positioning satellite system. This is a precision instrument we're talking about here, so it's probably best to leave it alone.


Otacon: The plastic explosive is probably Semtex. It was developed in the former Czechoslovakia. As easy to use as C4, and just as powerful. The composition is a mix of RDX and PETN, with a detonation velocity of over 26,000 feet per second, with temperatures reaching up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. It was probably the explosive used in the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie in 1988.

Snake: If this much Semtex goes off at the same time, the tanker will disappear in two seconds flat.

Otacon: Make sure it doesn't go off, then. Don't trip the sensor, don't touch the Semtex.

Snake: Are they planning to take Metal Gear, and then sink the ship...?


Otacon: I see a lifeboat. That's a fully enclosed, fire-resistant model, equipped with its own oxygen pump. Those have a water-based cooling system and self-contained air supply on board. This means that even if the boat is sealed, there would still be air available for the crew and engine operation. It automatically rights itself if it's overturned, and can withstand contact with fire for a significant period of time. But you won't be able to use that lifeboat. It's too noticeable, for one thing, and it just doesn't have the kind of speed we need.

Engine room

Otacon: That's the engine room. You can see the tanker's engine in the middle there. The engine noise is pretty loud, but that means the enemy's hearing will be hampered too.

Otacon: Snake, the engine room is full of solid structures -- you could probably use them to get away when the enemy is chasing you.

Otacon: The reason the ship's drive section is in the aft area is so that more oil tanks can be fitted into the middle part. A shortened propeller axle is another benefit. The simplification of the drive structure means a greater emphasis can be placed on hull strength.

The workstation

Otacon: Snake, that workstation is the transfer point between the tanker's intranet and the outside world. Use it to send those pictures over. All you have to do is face the computer and push the Action button, and the photos will be sent. Hope you took a good one!

Otacon: That workstation is hooked up to the greater military network; the speech in the holds is being relayed out through that machine. We'll be making use of it too. I managed to get in through an Army IC router in Ohio. All I had to do from there was use the Link-16 to remotely install a few drivers and an application onto that workstation. So your camera can talk to their computer now. Hey, even military networks use products based on commercial technology. Nothing too unfamiliar there. Besides, I cut myself a back door when I still had access. I had a lot of access privileges while we were developing REX. Hey, are you listening?

Snake: Oh, ah, yeah...

Otacon: Really? Anyway, the program will compress, encrypt and packetize the photo's image data. I used BATON for encryption, by the way. And the beauty of it is -- the packets are disguised to look like the TADIL-J message format. Get it? It's the standard Tactical Digital Information Link message format, and the packets will be sent out cloaked by their own speech broadcast. Tell me that isn't brilliant!

Snake: ...

Otacon: Want me to go over it again?

Snake: No, once was enough.


Raiden's blood

Colonel: You're currently using artificial blood primed with nanomachines.

Raiden: What did you do with my own blood?

Colonel: It's being kept in cold storage. It will be circulated back into your body when you return. If the Life Gauge drops to the red zone, you won't be able to stop the bleeding by yourself. Bloodstains can give your presence away to the enemy; be careful. To stop the flow, select the Bandage from among your items... You can also go into a crouch or crawl and stay completely still for a while. All you have to do is stop moving for a duration of time and your nanomachines will arrange for platelets to be produced in large numbers. The bleeding will stop as a result.


The remarks at the end of the conversation is a reference to Solid Snake flirting with Naomi in Metal Gear Solid.

Colonel: Flatten yourself against the wall and push the Punch button to knock and create a diversion. You can trick the enemy into coming over to investigate. Deception should be one of your strong points. Or is that only if the other party is a beautiful woman?

Intrusion View

Colonel: Intrusion View does not guarantee your safety. If you're spotted, you will be attacked. Make sure you're not spotted sliding into Intrusion position. A patrol could also start checking the spot where you're likely to be hiding in Intrusion View. In that case, remain in Intrusion and keep moving to stay out of the enemy's sight. The Intrusion View is no free lunch. Got that?


This particular conversation is a reference of Roy Campbell's advice in Metal Gear Solid.

Colonel: Keep in mind, Raiden, that this is a covert mission. There's a lot of them and only one of you. You'll be surrounded in no time if they discover your presence.


Colonel: Raiden, covertness is the keystone of sneaking missions. It's unwise to leave any trace of your presence, so I suggest you leave those things intact.


Raiden: Look at all these bugs! The seawater is polluted with crude oil and yet they can still survive...

Colonel: It's an "altered" bug that can resolve crude oil.

Raiden: Altered?

Colonel: Yes, through genetic engineering. It was created in the lab to combat frequent oil spills. It doesn't exist naturally. The bug is genetically altered with DNA from a bacteria called Pseudomonas, which can decompose crude oil. It has an enzyme in its body that can break up oil, and was modified so it instinctively consumes any crude oil that it absorbs. One of the reasons the "Big Shell" has little oil pollution is because of this bug. It also helps in reducing costs and the number of spill maintenance workers. It's a form of bio-remediation. It's for the most part innocuous, so no need to be worried. Those bugs have ravenous appetites. Be careful that they don't end up eating your rations.


Colonel: Raiden, over there is the submarine for deep-sea dives. It is apparently used in repairing submerged areas of the Big Shell... and for studying deep-sea ecosystems and changes in water quality. It can dive to depths of around 500m, at a maximum speed of roughly 3 knots. In addition to its normal water-resistant lighting it is also outfitted with lighting resistant to muddy water. I doubt that you will get it to work, though. That submarine is not operational. It doesn't pose any threat. Forget about it and return to your duties.

Jim suit

Raiden: Colonel, there's a Jim suit.

Colonel: Hmm. Looks like a high barometric pressure diving suit. By maintaining barometric pressure within the suit it should allow its wearer to carry out work at sea depths of as much as 300m. But it doesn't look even remotely usable. It's a very old model.

Raiden: Yeah. And it's rusted all over. It doesn't even look like it's been used...

Colonel: Raiden, that diving suit doesn't look like it works. Forget about it and return to your duties.

Raiden recognizes the area

Raiden: Colonel, I remember this place...

Colonel: Of course you do. This is Level One from the VR missions.

Raiden: You're right -- I see it now.

Colonel: You may not have field experience, but you've been trained in the hyper-reality of simulated combat. Don't give in to fear. Just do as you were trained, and everything will be all right.

The terrorists' and Navy SEALs' weapons

This conversation foreshadows the SOP system mentioned in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Colonel: Raiden, you won't be able to use any of the enemy's equipment.

Raiden: Why not?

Colonel: You should know that all active weapons are equipped with a personal identification system. The owner enters the required user ID information during the weapon registration or at the start of a mission. If anyone other than the registered user tries to fire the weapon, the ID system will not authorize the action.

Raiden: But these are black-market Russian weapons. How can they be equipped with identification functionality?

Colonel: They must have been customized by the terrorists themselves. These are professionals we're dealing with, and they certainly won't let their own equipment be used against them.

Raiden: I'm guessing it's the same for the Navy SEALs' gear.

Colonel: Right.

Raiden: How am I supposed to procure weapons then?

Colonel: Find the ones that haven't yet been individualized. Everything you find in the Item Box is clean. You should know this from your VR training.

Raiden: OK, I know those.

Colonel: Items in the Item Box are yours to use at will. They will be your supply source with regards to weaponry and gear.

Raiden located a node

Colonel: Raiden, the computer terminal you see over there is what's called a node.

Raiden: This...?

Colonel: Right. Log into it right now. Stand in front of the node and push the Action button.


Colonel: Nodes are the terminals of the operations support computer network for the Big Shell. Of course, only Big Shell staff can gain access, with their job description determining their system authority and access. I installed a program in your nanomachines that automatically enters the passcode for unrestricted access. Press the Action button in front of the node to activate it. Use the node by pressing the Action button in front of the terminal.


Colonel: You've acquired some ration. Good -- this is a portable field food source that can be consumed to recover LIFE. Select the ration in your window and push the Enter button. You can use it on the spot and regain some LIFE. If you have it selected, you can automatically consume the ration the moment your LIFE runs out and avoid death. Rations not only provide nutrition, they also stimulate the immune system and lessen psychological stress.

Raiden: Not exactly gourmet, though, is it...

Colonel:Stop complaining, Raiden...

Rosemary: Hang in there, Jack. When the mission is over, I'll make you my specialty.

Raiden: Yeah, right.

Rosemary: Hm?

Raiden: Oh, nothing. I can't wait!

Raiden's weak point

Colonel: Raiden, the elevator is on its way down. It will be a few more minutes before it gets there, however. Wait until the elevator is here, but find some cover in the meantime. Make sure you're out of the enemy's sight.

Raiden: Waiting isn't my strong point.

Rosemary: I know -- you always left that job for me, didn't you?

Colonel: Raiden, is remembering priorities also not your strong point? Just go into hiding until the elevator arrives.

Animal cruelty

To initiate this conversation, simply kill some seagulls. It can be done as many times as desired.

Colonel: Raiden! Do you actually enjoy abusing helpless animals?

Rosemary: I don't believe this! I have no idea you were that kind of a monster...

Colonel: I don't understand you. Raiden... If you're -- satisfied, get back to the mission.

Hole in fence

Raiden: Colonel, don't you think it's strange that the fence is missing this spot right here?

Colonel: Yes, I do.

Raiden: You don't think that he got away...

Colonel: It's possible. Be on the alert.

Suspicious weapons

To initiate this conversation, contact the Colonel upon finding a weapon (e.g. the M9 in Strut F), prior to the ambush of SEAL Team 10 on Strut B.

Colonel: Raiden, I see you found a weapon.
Raiden: Why are there weapons here, of all places? The Big Shell is supposed to be just a facility for marine filtration, right?
Rosemary: The terrorists probably brought it in with them.
Raiden: Dunno, looks like it's been here from before them.
Rosemary: What're you saying?
Colonel: Raiden, there is no time for armchair theories. Concentrate on the task at hand.

The reason why birds are at the Big Shell

Colonel: I see a lot of birds over there.... The tanker accident two years ago released crude oil containing massive quantities of Endocrine Disruptors. The fish that absorbed them were then eaten by seagulls, which further concentrated the Endocrine Disruptors in their bodies. What sort of outcome this will lead to is still currently under review and is yet unclear. It just goes to show that finishing the cleanup of ocean oil spills does not mean that environmental restoration efforts end there as well.

The terrorist ringleader

Raiden: Colonel, do you think the terrorist ringleader is really Solid Snake?

Colonel: Yes, I do.

Raiden: But during the Shadow Moses incident, Snake was a...

Colonel: A hero?

Raiden: Yeah.

Colonel: Certainly. You went through VR training, but it is not as if the simulation is faithful to every fact. It...changes people.

Raiden: too, Colonel?

Colonel: Raiden, focus on the task at hand. Solid Snake is the terrorist kingpin. He is an opponent you can't underestimate. Understood?

Tanker accident VR

Colonel: That tanker accident that happened over there two years ago; the tanker sank and...
Raiden: I know. I went through it in VR training. The tanker didn't sink because of Snake, though...
Colonel: Raiden. VR training does not exactly simulate everything with absolute fidelity.
Raiden: What do you mean?
Colonel: Okay, listen. Here are the facts. Known terrorist Solid Snake sank that tanker loaded with crude oil, the end result being severe environmental pollution in Manhattan Bay. Put any misconceptions of Snake as some kind of hero behind you. He's a terrorist. And that's that.

Dead Cell

Raiden: Colonel, who are Dead Cell?

Colonel: They are pretty much what that guy Pliskin described them as. A Special Forces unit, the brainchild of the former president... Chances are someday we'll find ourselves in a gunfight with them.

Raiden: The thought leaves me uneasy...

Colonel: You have experience combating FOXHOUND during VR training, right? You'll be fine. Don't be apprehensive.

Rosemary: Jack, don't run unnecessary risks, okay?

Raiden: Yeah, I don't want to, but...

Rosemary: I know. Is there anything I can do?

Raiden: Yeah. Could you check for any data on them for me?

Rosemary: Okay. I'll do it. Good luck.

Believing what Pliskin said

Colonel: Raiden, I trust that you don't actually believe what that guy Pliskin told you, right?

Raiden: ...I believe him. There is something about him, like an iron will...enough to trust.

Colonel: Raiden!

Raiden: !?

Colonel: He's not included in the simulation. Don't trust him. Ever. You got it?

Raiden: ...Roger that.

Cypher's field of vision

Colonel: Raiden, you need to stay out of the Cypher's field of vision. You can't afford to be apprehended.

Raiden: But Colonel, there's nowhere to hide...

Rosemary: Jack, snap out of it.

Colonel: Hang from the railings and let the Cypher pass you by. Try Hanging, and keep an eye on the Grip Gauge!

Harrier 2

To initiate this conversation, the player must contact the Colonel after Fortune wipes out the rest of Seal Team 10.

Raiden: Colonel, do the terrorists have a Harrier?
Colonel: Yes, an AV8B Harrier 2 designed for the Marines. STOL attack aircraft outfitted with a 25 mm gun, air-to-air missiles, and anti-ground rockets. It's not something you want to try to take on in a SEAL helicopter.
Raiden: Yeah, even more so if unprotected. Colonel, where did they get such a weapon?
Colonel: I don't know.
Raiden: Are they really just run-of-the-mill terrorists?
Colonel:Relax, Raiden. Right now just think about your mission at hand. Do you understand?

VR training

Colonel: Raiden, don't dwell on what Pliskin said. The VR training you underwent is the best training program there is. There is no reason to be apprehensive. Be confident. Do you understand?


Colonel: I see you've acquired a gun.

Raiden: Pliskin gave it to me.

Colonel: Don't trust that man... But the gun itself seems all right. However, it's not equipped with a suppressor. If you fire it, the noise will be loud enough to alert any enemy personnel within hearing distance to your presence. Infiltration is the art of making your presence invisible. Try not to end up in a situation where you need to rely on firepower. Combat must be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

The terrorists' demands

Raiden: Colonel, do you really think they will blow up the Big Shell?

Colonel: It's highly possible. We'll have to listen to their demands in full. They are pros. They won't hesitate to take the upper hand if they see an opening.

Raiden: Do you plan on meeting their demands?

Colonel: Absolutely not.

Raiden: Argh!

Colonel:You're the only person I can depend on. You must remove the explosives quickly.

Raiden finds the Harrier

Colonel: Raiden, that's a Harrier 2 you see over there.

Raiden: That's what shot down the SEAL chopper?

Colonel: Unfortunately, the weapons you have at the moment aren't up to the task of neutralizing this plane. Leave it alone for now.

Fallout from potential explosion of Big Shell

Colonel: If the Big Shell explodes, massive quantities of chlorinated chemicals used in killing marine bacteria will go up in flames along with the crude oil. If that happens, expect a large amount of harmful chemical substances, including dioxins, to be released into the atmosphere. Dioxins are common nomenclature for Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxin and Polychlorinated Dibenzofuran. They are organic chloride compounds that are highly acute and toxic, and are powerful chemicals that can cause cancer, genetic disorders, and birth defects. On top of that, they do not decompose easily nor dissolve in water, making it easy for them to accumulate within the bodies of living organisms. The environmental impact on the bay and coastal area ecosystem would be unfathomable. Environmental restoration would likely require several generations. That is why we cannot allow them to blow up the Big Shell. Raiden, you must disarm the C4.

Raiden cleaning things up

Colonel: Looks like there's a lot of stuff laying about. Make sure not to scatter it around. The enemy will increase their security if they discover anything out of place.

Raiden: Don't worry, I'm used to cleaning things up. Rose's room is...

Rosemary: Jack, don't say any more!!

Raiden: Fine...

Colonel: Err... anyway, the key element of covert operations is to not leave anything behind. Understand?

Who is Vamp? Part 1

Raiden: Someone mentioned the name Vamp. Do you have any info on him?

Rosemary: Wait a moment, I'll look.

Who is Vamp? Part 2

Colonel: Raiden, looks like Rosemary has something for you.

Rosemary: Jack, I found some information on Vamp. He's been a member of Dead Cell since it was first founded, and like Lieutenant J.G. Pliskin said, he's a master with knives. He is originally from Romania. He's apparently no ordinary knife specialist.

Raiden: What do you mean?

Rosemary: He can parry bullets.

Raiden: Yeah, I saw him do it. How the heck...?

Rosemary: I don't know. Also, it looks like he secluded himself from other humans on several different occasions. There is no detailed information on him, though. Be careful.

Who is Peter Stillman? Part 1

Colonel: Raiden, Stillman is a top-notch explosives technician. Follow his orders and disarm the explosives.

Raiden: Okay. But exactly who is Peter Stillman?

Rosemary: Gotcha. I'll look him up. Hold on a moment.

Who is Peter Stillman? Part 2

Colonel: Raiden, Rosemary has some information to report.

Rosemary: I looked into Mr. Peter Stillman's file. Full name is Peter Stillman. Known as "Peg-Legged Peter." He is a legendary bomb disposal technician. 0x52ffc3: He is also a longtime instructor at the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and a consultant for the NYPD bomb squad. But five years ago he lost his leg in an accident... and since then he hung up his gloves to focus on being a lecturer. He was called back into service because, as he said, he is the only explosives specialist who can stop Fatman. Although no longer an active consultant, he is still without a doubt the number one guy when it comes to disarming explosives. He should be very helpful to you.

Who is the man in the cardboard box? Part 1

Raiden: Colonel, I just saw this guy go running by wearing a cardboard box.

Colonel: A cardboard box?

Raiden: Who do you think he was? A Dead Cell?

Colonel: The Dead Cells are a bunch of weirdos, that's for sure, but they don't wear cardboard boxes.

Rosemary: I'll look into it.

Raiden: I'm counting on you.

Who is the man in the cardboard box? Part 2

Colonel: Raiden, Rosemary has something to report.

Rosemary: Jack, I looked into that guy a few minutes ago wearing a cardboard box, but...

Raiden: Did you find anything?

Rosemary: No. There is no corresponding data in the files for neither Dead Cell nor Colonel Gurlukovich's private army.

Colonel: How about as a surviving member of SEAL Team 10?

Rosemary: Of course, I looked into that possibility, too, but...

Raiden: You didn't find anything?

Rosemary: No. I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help.

Raiden: Wonder who the heck he was...?

Colonel: Raiden, be on the lookout!

Who is Mr. X? Part 1

Raiden: Colonel, do you know anything about Mr. X?

Colonel: He is not a member of the FOXHOUND unit.

Raiden: He called himself Deepthroat, almost like he was the Shadow Moses...

Colonel: Raiden, I know what you are trying to say, but that possibility is nil.

Raiden: ...

Rosemary: Jack, I'll look into it for you. Hold on a moment.

Who is Mr. X? Part 2

Colonel: Rosemary has dug up some information on Mr. X.

Rosemary: Jack, I looked into Mr. X ...I mean, Deepthroat. During the Shadow Moses incident Solid Snake did receive help from a guy who called himself Deepthroat. His true identity appears to be that of former FOXHOUND unit member Gray Fox.

Raiden: Gray Fox, huh...

Rosemary: Correct. His real name is Frank Jaeger. The only member of FOXHOUND allowed to use the title of Fox; he was its best member. In Outer Heaven he holed up in the stronghold ahead of Snake. He helped him, and brought an end to the standoff. But in Zanzibar [sic] he joined forces with Big Boss and became the leader of the upheaval. That's where he fought and lost to Snake. Fox was mortally injured, and was picked up by the military. After that it looks like he was used as the guinea pig in power exoskeleton and gene therapy experiments.

Raiden: Power exoskeleton?

Rosemary: Cyborg ninjas, as some people called them. Detailed records were lost in the research center fire, though...

Raiden: After that he ended up in Shadow Moses?

Rosemary: Yes. But why he showed up there is not in the records. Some people believe that it was to get revenge against Snake, but there is nothing definite to go by.

Raiden: So, now he's...

Rosemary: No, he died in Shadow Moses. That is for sure.

Raiden: So, then who is Mr. X?

Rosemary: I don't know. But be careful.

The man in the cardboard box

To initiate this conversation, contact Iroquois Pliskin after encountering a man wearing a cardboard box on the CD Connecting Bridge.

Raiden: Pliskin, I saw someone wearing a cardboard box just now...?

Pliskin: A box? I don't know anything about that. You sure you weren't imagining things?

Raiden: Of course I'm sure. Do you think it's one of the members of Dead Cell?

Pliskin: How should I know?

Raiden: I don't want to fight someone like that...

Pliskin: Why not?

Raiden: Because it looked so dumb. Anyone who's willing to be seen like that must be completely insane. I mean, he's a psycho; there's no question about it.

Pliskin: Um, yeah...


To initiate this conversation, simply contact Iroquois Pliskin (Solid Snake) upon procuring the Pentazemin. Also, Pliskin's mention of Pentazemin not preventing seasickness refers back to the Tanker Incident, during which Snake was tricked by Otacon into believing this, in order to add a placebo effect.

Pliskin: You have the Pentazemin equipped, huh. To steady your hands when aiming with a sniper rifle, select Pentazemin in the menu display and press the Confirmation button. One more thing... Pentazemin does not prevent seasickness...

Raiden: Seasickness...? What are you talking about?

Pliskin: I mean sometimes faith can overcome medical science.

Raiden: What?!

Pliskin: Never mind...

Who is Olga Gurlukovich? Part 1

Raiden: Colonel, what do you know about that female soldier Olga?

Colonel: Olga Gurlukovich. Just like that guy said, she commands a Russian private army.

Raiden: Do you know anything else?

Colonel: Anything else?

Raiden: Yeah, anything else.

Rosemary: Why are you concerned about her, anyway?

Raiden: You know...

Rosemary: ...Jack?...

Raiden: No, it's not like that.

Rosemary: Ha ha. I'm joking. I'll look into her for you. Good luck.

Who is Olga Gurlukovich? Part 2

Colonel: Raiden, Rosemary did a bit of research on that female soldier.

Rosemary: Olga Gurlukovich. She's the daughter of former GRU Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich. After the federation collapsed the colonel apparently commanded a group of mercenaries that drifted between area conflicts and civil wars. After he died it looks like she took over control of the group. She has more notches on her gun than you do. Underestimating her prowess will get you hurt. Be careful.

Who is Fortune? Part 1

Raiden: Colonel...who exactly is that woman?

Colonel: Her name is Fortune. She leads Dead Cell.

Rosemary: Hang on a moment, I'll look her up for you.

Who is Fortune? Part 2

Colonel: Rosemary researched Fortune for you.

Rosemary: Jack, here's the data I found on Fortune. She goes by Fortune. She leads Dead Cell. Her real name is Helena Dolph Jackson. Two years ago her father, Commandant of the Marine Corps Scott Dolph, was killed in a training accident. Her husband was the former Dead Cell leader, Colonel Jackson... Died in data says. After her husband's death she joined the military. She didn't have any combat experience, but was soon singled out for a particular trait and was reassigned to Dead Cell.

Raiden: What trait?

Rosemary: Luck. She was real lucky, like miraculously lucky. Wherever she went bullets curved away, and missions always ended in success.

Raiden: Is that some kind of joke?

Rosemary: I thought so, too. But there is not a single record of her ever being wounded. Not even a scratch. Jack, be careful, please.

Who is Fatman? Part 1

Raiden: Tell me what you know about Fatman.

Rosemary: Okay, hold on a minute. I'll look him up.

Who is Fatman? Part 2

Colonel: Rosemary has completed her data search.

Rosemary: I looked up information on Fatman. Fatman, the Emperor of Explosives. You've already heard how he manufactured an atomic bomb at the age of ten. He appears to have been known throughout the world of explosives since he was a child. He entered the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal at Indian Head, and graduated at the top of his class. That's around the time that he met Stillman. He was assigned to the nuclear emergency search team. He quit soon after, though. After that he joined Dead Cell as an explosives specialist. He's been there ever since. Why don't you ask Mr. Stillman? I'm sure he knows lots of other details about him.


Colonel: Raiden, how is Pliskin doing?

Raiden: Looks like he's doing fine.

Colonel: Stillman said it, too. There is something strange about that guy. Don't let your guard down. Understood?

Background on the Big Shell

Rosemary: Jack, I did a search on the Big Shell. The tanker accident two years ago spilled a catastrophic amount of crude oil into the bay. The Big Shell is an offshore decontamination facility built to restore the Manhattan Bay environment by trapping and disposing the spilt oil. Around the perimeter of the Big Shell oil fences were erected in order to protect against any further dispersal of the oil. You see those steeples erected here and there in the fence? Those are piles to draw up the polluted seawater. Gathered seawater is carried to the pump room in Strut A first, all of the larger garbage is collected in Sediment Pool No. 1 of Strut D. This is followed by a two-step purification process in the Shell 2 core water reserve in which oil is removed by microbes. Then it is sent to Strut L and sterilized, and finally once again carried to the surface piles and flushed back into the bay.

Raiden: Did the military database include information on the marine filtration facility's structure as well?

Rosemary: No. I didn't use the database.

Raiden: Huh?

Rosemary: I used a brochure.

The Struts

Rosemary: Strut A is a pump facility that supplies the energy to circulate the polluted water drawn from the sea throughout each of the Big Shell's sections. The south side is the actual pump facility itself, while the north side is the control room.

Rosemary: Strut B is a generator facility that generates electricity for the Big Shell. The first floor is its substation.

Rosemary: Strut C is the Residential Area. It supports life at sea for all of the workers on the Big Shell. That being said, almost all systems are completely automated, so there aren't many workers to be found.

Rosemary: Strut D is Sediment Pool No. 1. It's a facility where extracted polluted water is stored without being disturbed so that its large pollutants settle and are purged from it.

Rosemary: The Strut E roof functions as a heliport, while inside it serves as an aerial transport hub for materials to each of the other struts. Inside Strut E is an automated system to sort materials. It recognizes cardboard boxes and separates them appropriately. By automatically delivering packages to each strut efforts have been made to streamline manpower.

Rosemary: The Strut E roof functions as a heliport, while inside it serves as an aerial transport hub for materials to each of the other struts. Because its sea entrances are cut off by oil fences there is hardly any transportation of goods into the Big Shell by seafaring vessels. Almost all of the materials brought in are via the roof heliport.

Rosemary: Strut F is the storage center. I think a variety of materials for maintenance of the Big Shell are stored there. There might be something that would come in handy. Why don't you look around?

Rosemary: The Shell 1 Core is what its name implies: the center of the Big Shell. The first basement floor is a capacious meeting hall. I'm sure that's where they held the welcome reception for the President and the environmental protection inspection team. But its core function is concentrated in the second basement floor Computer Room. This computer room is where the flow of polluted water and the status of filtration is observed, in addition to being where all tasks for other facilities are carried out. I can understand why security is so tight.

Rosemary: The Shell 2 Core is where the actual filtration system resides, or at least it used to. Now it's just a shadow of its former self. Here water mixed with crude oil was filtered using antagonist bacteria in the microbial decomposition of hydrocarbons. Below the first floor basement is a gigantic vat for this purpose. What happened was that this vat broke and flooded the floor. The first floor, which is not flooded, houses the air purification facility that eliminates the stench from the polluted water. Manhattan is right in our backyard here, you know. There's plenty of reason to be cautious.

Rosemary: Strut L used to be the effluent processing facility. It appears to be where sea water expunged of oil was treated with chlorine and other chemicals to sterilize and disinfect the water so that it could be made suitable for flushing back into the ocean.

Attack team's identities

Pliskin: The reinforcements that rush up whenever you're discovered by the enemy are the President's special security unit. They are the cream of the Secret Service, and have previously served as members of CAT -- the Counter Assault Team, which is part of the Presidential security force. These guys have seen more action than you'll ever see in a lifetime. Their equipment is based on the Land Warrior System, which has been an Army development project over the last century. You've been with Force XXI, so you should know what I'm talking about. It's the latest infantry equipment enhanced with advanced data communication and processing features. The system is designed to treat each infantry soldier as a single terminal in a network... The helmet has a mounted display that provides everything from sensor and map updates to directives and commands from a command outpost. Through a data link, the soldier is also provided with video and graphic information such as current location -- including the placement of friendly units -- and rendezvous points. Also included with the package are various targeting systems, bio-sensors, GPS receiving units, and the latest data-processing equipment.

Raiden: If I remember right, didn't the Army have a problem finding a battery with enough longevity to power the equipment...

Pliskin: That's right. But the development of a sealed membrane battery capable of withstanding the wear and tear of combat situations solved that problem, making the system practical. On top of that, the weight of all this equipment is no longer a problem, thanks to the DARPA-developed exoskeleton technology with human strength amplification capabilities. A soldier may look slow and clumsy in all this equipment, but don't let that fool you... Former members of the President's Special Security Unit are equipped with ceramic-plated armor. Attacking any spot other than the head is pretty much a waste of time. For results, go for the head. Actually, the best course for survival is to avoid any direct confrontation with these guys...


Raiden: Pliskin, there are landmines in this area...

Pliskin: There should be a mine detector in Strut F.

Raiden: How do you know?

Pliskin: Use your head. They can't see those Claymore mines either, even if they did the planting. So they need to keep a mine detector handy.

Raiden: I wouldn't have thought of that. You're right.

Pliskin: I don't think they taught you this in all that VR training, but intuition counts for something in battle. Use your wits and senses to detect the danger. Got it?

Fortune's invulnerability

To initiate this conversation, contact the Colonel while fighting Fortune.

Raiden: What is she, a witch!? For some reason, I can't hit her!

Colonel: I don't understand. She's obviously impervious to attack...

Raiden: What are my options?

Colonel: Disengage her and get out.

Raiden: The elevator is still upstairs. My retreat's been cut off.

Colonel: Hang on until the elevator comes down again. Your weapons can't hurt her, and you need to stay alive. Use whatever cover you can find and evade her.

Fortune's rail gun

To initiate this conversation, contact the Colonel while fighting Fortune.

Colonel: Raiden, Rose did a bit of research on Fortune's weapon.
Rosemary: The big rifle that she carries appears to be a personal rail gun.
Raiden: Rail gun?
Rosemary: Yes -- an electromagnetic gun that fires bullets with magnetic force. As a movable conductor it uses plasma electrons to boost acceleration capabilities. The kinetic energy of the ammunition is approximately ten megajoules. Incidentally, that of a 140 mm smooth bore gun ammunition is twenty megajoules.
Raiden: I can't believe something like that even exists!
Rosemary: It's not available, though. What she has is only a prototype.
Raiden: That thing sure doesn't sound like a prototype!
Rosemary: Problems with the rail plasma and inner-rail electromagnetic release have yet to be solved. Evaluations exist that criticize it as unacceptable as a field weapon... because of the high risk of accidental discharge.
Raiden: But hers doesn't...?
Rosemary: ...Most likely...probably because she's lucky.
Raiden: Unbelievable...
Rosemary: Either way, it's a weapon that she alone can wield, that's for sure.
Raiden: Yeah, and a weapon that's uncontrollable, too.
Rosemary: Be very careful, Jack.

Bomb's strange location

Raiden: About this bomb... it's been placed in a somewhat strange location...

Peter Stillman: Agreed. It doesn't make sense. Not for him, anyway.

Raiden: You sound like you've got everything figured out.

Peter Stillman: That's because I do. I know exactly how his mind works.

Foreshadowing of Otacon

Peter Stillman: By the way, Raiden, did you happen to see the technician that came down along with me?

Raiden: No, I didn't.

Peter Stillman: ...I see.

Raiden: Wait, Stillman. Is that guy really...

Pliskin/Snake: Raiden! Disposing of the C4 is our first priority. There's no time. Get back to the task at hand.

Raiden: Right, I gotcha.

Stillman's retirement

Raiden: Stillman, I heard you made quite a name for yourself in the bomb disposal field.

Peter Stillman: Nothing of the sort. It's only that you never hear people badmouth retirees.

Raiden: Why did you retire?

Peter Stillman: I forgot. At any rate, rather than dwelling on past occurrences, shouldn't we focus on taking care of the pressing issue currently at hand?

Raiden: True enough. I'll get back to work.

Foreshadowing of Sensor B

Raiden: Stillman, are you all right over there?

Peter Stillman: Yeah, no problem.

Raiden: You must be bored.

Peter Stillman: Hardly. Between dealing with you guys and calibrating this, I've got my hands full...

Raiden: What did you say?

Peter Stillman: Ah, nothing. It's just that it would be best if we didn't have to use this. Anyway, get to those bombs.

Pliskin not being a SEAL

Raiden: Stillman, do you really believe that Pliskin is not a member of SEAL Team 10...?

Peter Stillman: He is probably not.

Raiden: Then exactly what is he...?

Peter Stillman: I'm not sure.

Raiden: ...

Peter Stillman: But there are other things that I am sure of.

Raiden: Like what?

Peter Stillman: Like that I can believe in him, that's what. There's something about him. A certain something that's found only in men of strength, trust-worthiness, and reliability.

Raiden: I see... anyway, I'm getting back to the mission.

Stillman's background information on Fatman

Raiden: Stillman, tell me something about Fatman.

Peter Stillman: Hmm... well, to start, he was born the son of a clockmaker. Neglected by his parents and without friends, it seems that he spent a lot of time by himself in his father's workshop. Maybe that was the reason, I'm not sure, but apparently he has had a tremendous fascination with clock mechanics since he was a child. It was at the age of ten that a guidebook that he found on the Internet changed his life forever. That guidebook served as the basis of his eventually piecing together an atomic bomb. It was from there that he came to be known as Fatman, and soon enough there was no one associated with bombs that didn't know his name. In a sense, Fatman was a hero. Although what he did was recognized only by those in the trade, I'm sure that it served to greatly stir the ego of the teenage boy at the center of it all. But he leaves his mark nowhere else. Apparently, he was hated and shunned by everyone in school. So, he went on to focus all his energy on explosives. He scorned the reality that surrounded him and instead chose to embrace a world that would easily grant him recognition. Well, to be sure, it never amounted to anything more than, say, occasionally bringing a gun into school. Eventually, Fatman came to Indian Head, the exercise training facilities of the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal at which I was a lecturer. He absorbed all kinds of knowledge, as if he hungered for bombs. Of the students at Indian Head flunk out of what is truly a hellish curriculum. Despite this environment, he achieved extraordinarily high marks that were without precedent. After leaving Indian Head, he joined up with NEST (Nuclear Emergency Search Team), said to be the most accomplished bomb disposal unit. It was there that he apparently got into some trouble.

Raiden: What, exactly?

Peter Stillman: You got me. But Fatman was definitely not cut out for group operations from the very start. Having been ousted from NEST, he was picked up by Dead Cell, which was already becoming notorious for being a motley crew of sorts. It seems that it was through surprise attack maneuvers later conducted by Dead Cell that Fatman completely subdued his former companions from NEST. While being the most peculiar individual among my students, he was also the most talented. Be sure not to underestimate him. Are we clear?

Stillman reaches Shell 2

Iroquois Pliskin: I just got a call from Pete. He made it to Shell 2 -- I guess he really can run.

Raiden: Pliskin...

Iroquois Pliskin: I'll take good care of Pete. Don't worry.

The reason why Stillman lied about his leg

Raiden: Stillman, how ya feelin'?

Peter Stillman: All right. It's been a while since I've run, though...

Raiden: Guess that means it's also been a while since you've run out of breath, huh?

Peter Stillman: Are you accusing me of something, Raiden?

Raiden: No, I didn't mean anything by it...

Peter Stillman: No, no. I should be condemned.

Raiden: Wait, everybody makes mistakes...

Peter Stillman: But it's the reasons behind those mistakes that become the real issue. The reason that bomb exploded... and the reason that I was saved... is because I was confronted by fear, and I couldn't handle it. Halfway through disposing of the bomb, I succumbed to that fear... and when I realized what was going on, I had turned around and was running away from the bomb. The one who paid the price, however, wasn't me. After I regained consciousness from the shock of the blast, the first thing that my eyes met were the corpses of children crushed under a pile of rubble.

Raiden: Stillman...

Peter Stillman: Yet, what do you think I felt at that time? A sense of relief. Relieved that it wasn't me.     

Raiden: ...

Peter Stillman: And that's not all. At the time, I was known as the top bomb disposal technician in the United States. And to someone like me, who had neither a wife nor children, that reputation was everything. I didn't want to lose it. That's why I lied about losing my leg... ran away from the responsibility that was mine... closed my eyes to the victims... stirred up the sympathy of the public.

Raiden: All right, Stillman. That's enough. For now, let's just worry about what we're going to do about Fatman's bombs.

Peter Stillman: Yeah...

Bombs that the sensor can't pick up

Peter Stillman: Is that you, Raiden? I haven't reached Strut H yet.

Raiden: Stillman... do you really think there are bombs that the sensor's not picking up?

Peter Stillman: Right... Sealing the entire casing of the bomb prevents the odor from leaking outside. It's a technique that I, for one, didn't teach.

Raiden: But wasn't leaving a signature of sorts Fatman's aesthetic touch?

Peter Stillman: Perhaps this Fatman is not the one I knew...

Raiden: What?

Peter Stillman: Fatman right now is fragile and weak... What's more, he's dangerous. Watch yourself, okay?

Status on bomb

Raiden: Stillman, how are you doing over there?

Peter Stillman: I'm checking it now. It just can't simply be a bomb that doesn't respond to an odor. There must be something else planted there.

Raiden: Exactly what is it?

Peter Stillman: I'm not certain. Give me a little more time.

Countdown is initiated

Peter Stillman: The countdown has been initiated. Listen up -- time is absolutely critical. Hurry to the bottom of Strut A by the shortest possible route.

Raiden: Should I apply coolant to the bomb in the same way as before?

Peter Stillman: Wait, I'm still not sure yet. I'll try testing it out here first. For now, get yourself to the bottom of Strut A ASAP.

Strut H explosion

Raiden: Colonel, how far-reaching was the explosion?

Colonel: We are currently surveying minute details.

Raiden: How about Pliskin? I hope he is okay.

Colonel: Raiden, if you have enough time to worry about that guy then get back to bomb disposal.

Fatman's bomb blast suit: Part one

To initiate this conversation, contact the Colonel while fighting Fatman.

Colonel: Raiden, as you can see, Fatman is wearing a blast suit.

Rosemary: A blast suit?

Raiden: It's protective clothing worn for bomb disposal work. Gunfire can't really penetrate that thing either.

Colonel: You can do very little damage through the suit. Use the First Person View to go for the head.

Fatman's bomb blast suit: Part two

To initiate this conversation, contact the Colonel while fighting Fatman.

Colonel: Fatman is wearing a bomb blast suit. It is worn when disarming explosives, and protects its wearer from the blast, heat, and shards. Essentially it resembles a bulletproof vest, made out of special material. The front of the head and body are guarded by a laminated ballistic insert.The back, too, is guarded with a protector to ease the impact on the spine from a fall after a blast. Attacks to his torso will likely have little effect. At first it might look to be cumbersome but in fact it is made to be extremely flexible, so as not to hinder bomb disposal.One could even do apparatus gymnastics like the pommel horse or parallel bars in it. The problem is that it is poorly ventilated and having it on for long periods of time runs the risk of leaving its wearer mildly overheated. However, the suit is equipped with a cooling system like a space suit in which the coolant is run through inner-suit tubes. He will not likely overheat in the suit. With those configurations, however, the total weight of the suit should exceed fifty kilograms. That's too heavy for skating around. An impact might easily make him lose his balance and he'll fall down. Shooting a part of the suit with a gun will do minimal damage at best. Aim for exposed areas of his head. If he falls down, when he tries to get up is your best chance.

Fatman's gun

To initiate this conversation, contact the Colonel while fighting Fatman.

Colonel: Fatman carries a Glock 18, a fully-automatic version of the Glock 17 pistol. It can fire twenty 9 mm bullets per second. Getting caught in its line of fire is extremely dangerous.

Raiden: Weren't machine pistols originally used for VIP security assignments, though? In order to stop terrorists?

Colonel: Correct. As portable weapons with major firepower.

Raiden: That he would have such a gun, and use it with only one hand...

Colonel: Don't forget, he's a member of Dead Cell.

Raiden: ...

Colonel: What's more, he walks around wearing that suit. He must have a lot of faith in his own strength. Don't engage him in a firefight from the front. Attack him when he reloads.

Pliskin wasn't killed

Raiden: Colonel, Pliskin wasn't killed.

Rosemary: You look happy, Jack.

Raiden: Yeah...

Colonel: Raiden, don't trust him!

Raiden: What?

Colonel: Don't you think it's suspicious that he alone came out unscathed? Things don't add up.

Raiden: ...

Colonel: Raiden, don't put any faith in that guy. You will carry out your mission alone. Do you understand?

Who is Ames? Part 1

To initiate this conversation, contact the Colonel shortly after meeting up with Mr. X.

Raiden: Colonel, who's that person Ames?
Rosemary: I checked the roster of Secret Service members serving the President. There was definitely a person on the list named Ames.
Colonel: So what that Ninja said, then, was not a lie after all.
Raiden: As far as the roster goes, no. Rose, do you have any other information?
Rosemary: All right. I'll look into it for you.

Who is Ames? Part 2

Colonel: Raiden, Rosemary has a report for you, on Ames.
Rosemary: Jack? It's about Ames.
Raiden: Did you find anything?
Rosemary: Yeah. Only that there is nothing to find.
Raiden: What?
Rosemary: There is not a single record. Let alone his social security number, address, or background, I couldn't even find Ames' gender, age, or full name...
Raiden: What does that mean?
Rosemary: All I found out was "Ames," just that one word.
Raiden: ...
Colonel: Even still, Ames is our way to the President. We'll have to make contact. Head for Floor B1 in the core of Shell 1.

Believing what the Ninja said

Colonel: Raiden, make contact with Ames.

Raiden: Colonel, should I really believe what he says?

Colonel: The fact is that there is no other option, unfortunately for us.

Raiden: I'll understand once I go to see him then, right?

Stories about Big Shell

Raiden: Colonel -- the stories about a Metal Gear within the Big Shell...

Colonel: That is still being looked into.

Rosemary: Sorry, Jack.

Raiden: And stories that the Big Shell is just a cover?

Rosemary: Well, every record I've looked through only ever has it as a legitimate offshore decontamination facility. On paper, it's clean.

Raiden: So you're saying that we have no choice but to talk to Ames or whoever else?

Information on the nuclear football. Part 1

Raiden: Do you think Ames was telling the truth about the football?

Colonel: Rosemary.

Rosemary: Roger that. Jack, I'll look into it for you.

Information on the nuclear football. Part 2

Colonel: Raiden, Rosemary has completed her search.

Rosemary: Jack, I found data on the briefcase used to unlock the nuclear launch codes. It appears to be a fail-safe system using the President's DNA base order and input of his physiological data as its key. The lock is said to be impenetrable.

Raiden: In other words, the President himself is the only one who can enter the password?

Rosemary: Right. On top of that, as Ames mentioned before, the password becomes invalid when the President's brain waves, heartbeat, etc. are not within normal limits.

Raiden: So the President entered that code by his own free will after all. But why would the U.S. President lend a hand to terrorists?

Rosemary: How should I...I don't have information like that.

Raiden: ...Yeah, I guess you wouldn't...

Rosemary: Also, it seems that the need to reconfirm the code after a set amount of time is true.

Raiden: Meaning that the President is safe...right?

Raiden: How about the story of the black case also serving as the launch key to a new model of Metal Gear?

Rosemary: That wasn't in the records.

Raiden: Hmph.

Colonel: Stories of a new Metal Gear model aside, it is certain that they have finished inputting the code... and are trying to launch the nuclear warhead. Meet with the President and ascertain the truth. Hurry. You must meet with him while he is still alive.

Terrorist leader

Raiden: Colonel, I saw the terrorist leader. Is that Solid Snake?

Colonel: Yes. He's the terrorist who sunk the tanker two years ago.

Raiden: ...

Colonel: Raiden, do you think he's some kind of hero? You heard him, right? Solid Snake is a terrorist. You must fight him. Do you understand?

Suspicions about the President

Colonel: Raiden, rescue the President. Head for the first floor of the Shell 2 Core.

Raiden: Colonel, is the President one of them? Ames said that the President entered the code with his own free will...

Colonel: But you heard how they are planning to get rid of the President, right?

Rosemary: They are going their separate ways?

Colonel: No. First off, the President is not necessarily extra baggage for the terrorists.

Raiden: ...

Colonel: If you have your doubts you should address them when you meet him.


Raiden: Colonel, apparently Ames didn't even know that the hostages were killed in retaliation for SEAL Team 10's incursion.

Colonel: Yeah. The hostages were probably in a different room.

Raiden: ...

Colonel: Raiden, focus on your duties. For right now concentrate on rescuing the President. Head for the first floor of Shell 2's core.

Outer Heaven

Raiden: Colonel, the "Outer Heaven" that Snake mentioned...

Colonel: Ah, yes. It is a despotic military state built by a guy called Big Boss and Snake's father -- genetically speaking.

Raiden: He tried to restart it?

Colonel: I don't know. But word has it that his brother Liquid Snake hoped for an Outer Heaven, also. It might have had some special significance for the two brothers.

The Ninja

Raiden: That Ninja helped me again. Do you have any information on him?

Rosemary: Sorry. I've looked around, but nothing.

Colonel: I don't know what he wants, but he is trying to help you, that much is certain. Don't let your guard down, though.

Shell 1 Core elevator

Colonel: I see an elevator over there. You'll be able to travel from floor to floor now. Push the Action button in front of the panel you see next to the elevator. The elevator should arrive in a few minutes. That elevator is a cut above the usual. Do you see that strange-looking surveillance camera above the panel?

Raiden: Yeah. It's not responding when I enter its field of vision. What is it?

Rosemary: The camera apparently goes online only when someone activates the panel. In other words, it's there to check on the person trying to use the elevator.

Colonel: If you're not disguised as a terrorist, you'll be spotted as soon as you call the elevator.

Arsenal Gear's door

Raiden: Colonel, what's this door?

Colonel: I don't know.

Rosemary: It's huge. What the hell is it...? It's not in our intel.

Colonel: Raiden, we have no way at the moment to open that door. Leave it alone and proceed with the mission. Understood?


Colonel: Hmm. There's a desk that stands out.

Rosemary: It's awfully -- customized.

Raiden: What kind of dork brings all this stuff to work? Must be a super freak.

Emma's parakeet

Rosemary's comment about there being a lot more things Raiden doesn't know about her foreshadows the fact that she was actually a Patriot agent planted to monitor Raiden's life and that she's pregnant. She also implies that she was planning on telling Raiden the truth once the mission was completed.

Raiden: What's that bird...?
Colonel: Parrot, isn't it?
Rosemary: Probably a large budgie. Parakeets get used to humans easily, and are talkative, so they are real playful and fun. Hurts when they bite, though, and keeping their cage clean is quite a task. Having one isn't all fun and games.
Raiden: You sure know a lot about parakeets.
Rosemary: I had my own once.
Raiden: I didn't know that.
Rosemary: I never mentioned it?
Raiden: No, this is the first time.
Rosemary: Really?
Raiden: Yeah. There's probably a lot of other things that I don't know about you yet.
Rosemary: ...Yeah... actually, well... there's a lot more.
Raiden: ...Rose?
Rosemary: Jack.
Raiden: What?
Rosemary: After this mission is over let's talk, about lots of things.
Raiden: Yeah, lets.


Pliskin/Solid Snake: You've got rations. Rations are military food provisions capable of LIFE recovery. Select a ration in the menu display and press the Confirmation button for LIFE recovery. If you equip yourself with rations, you can automatically recover LIFE the moment it hits zero. Field rations are not just emergency food. For a soldier, it's a vital factor in maintaining combat efficiency. Rations are the result of concentrated research and development efforts on the part of the U.S. Military's Cooking Laboratory. Together with calories, meticulous attention is focused on balanced nutrition. Freeze-dried, the rations are easy to carry and keep well. It ain't home cookin', but it'll satisfy your nutritional needs.
Raiden: Hmmm.
Pliskin/Solid Snake: What's on your mind?
Raiden: Well, just between you and me?
Pliskin/Solid Snake: Sure. What is it?
Raiden: I prefer rations over Rose's home cooking...
Pliskin/Solid Snake: That bad, huh?

The hostages' location

Colonel: That area is the Hall. Looks like there is going to be a presidential welcome reception.

Raiden: You mean, we're gonna come flyin' in and crash that party?


Colonel: If you make physical contact with the enemy while in disguise, the disguise will be deselected.

Rosemary: That uniform's probably not even close to your size.

Raiden: Yeah, to tell you the truth, it feels pretty tight.

Colonel: It's probably a better fit for Rosemary here than you.

Rosemary: Excuse me?

Raiden: Er -- Colonel?

Colonel: Just an observation. Let's get back to the mission, shall we?

Rosemary: That was inappropriate...

Outer Heaven

To initiate this conversation, contact Snake (while he is using the alias "Iroquois Pliskin") after encountering the Semtex on the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge.

Raiden: Have you ever heard of Outer Heaven?

Pliskin Outer Heaven!?

Raiden: Yeah. Know anything?

Pliskin: Uh, no. What about it?

Raiden: The terrorist leader mentioned it. Something about being close to reviving Outer Heaven.

Pliskin: Is that right...

Raiden: Well? Do you know anything?

Pliskin: No. But whatever their goal is, they're probably up to no good. We've got to stop them...

Raiden: Yeah... Right...

Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge

Colonel: Raiden, you're currently on the connecting bridge between Shell 1 and Shell 2. Go north to reach Strut G of Shell 2.

Raiden: But the bridge is a mess from their attack...

Rosemary: It's still a way through. Don't let the place get to you, Jack.

Colonel: Use the First Person View to study your surroundings. Look for sections that can still support your weight. If you use hanging and rolls, you should be able to pick your way across.

Pliskin's true identity

Raiden: Colonel, Pliskin was Snake after all.

Colonel: According to him.

Raiden: What?

Colonel: Listen, Raiden. I'll say it again. He is not in the simulation.

Raiden: There you go about the simulation again...

Colonel: Don't put your faith in him. Don't trust him. Do you understand?

Meaning of Iroquois Pliskin

Raiden: So "Iroquois Pliskin" was an alias.

Solid Snake: Of course.

Raiden: And the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade...?

Solid Snake: Made it up.

Raiden: That's just great... Anyway, I get the "Pliskin" part, but what about "Iroquois"?

Solid Snake: "Iroquois" is a Francofied version of the Algonquin word for rattlesnakes. It's what they called their enemies.

Raiden: Algonquin?

Solid Snake: The Algonquin Nation. One of the many groups of Native Americans who used to call Manhattan Island their home. The majority of tribes in what's now the state of New York were a part of the Algonquin Nation.

Raiden: So this was a stronghold of -- snakes?

Solid Snake: By the way, "Manhattan" means "island of hills" in Algonquin.

Nastasha Romanenko/Ames

To initiate this conversation, contact Pliskin while searching for Richard Ames.

Raiden: Pliskin... Do you know anything about a Secret Service agent named Ames?
Iroquois Pliskin: Ames?
Raiden: You've heard of him?
Iroquois Pliskin: Uh, no...
Raiden: Listen, if you know anything...
Pliskin: No. I got the name mixed up with someone else. Forget it.

To initiate this conversation, contact Snake after the battle with the Harrier.

Solid Snake: Y'know, I thought I heard of Ames somewhere before... DIA would mean we're talking about Nastasha's ex-husband.
Raiden: Nastasha? Nastasha Romanenko? Isn't she the one who wrote "In the Darkness of Shadow Moses"?
Snake: Yeah. She helped me out during the Shadow Moses incident. She was also actively involved in the Philanthropy organization following the incident.
Raiden: Where is she now?
Snake: Your guess is as good as mine. But she's probably still a heavy smoker...

Electronic interference at the Big Shell

Colonel: Raiden, remote-controlled missiles cannot be used outside the Big Shell. The signal will be scrambled. There's electronic interference surrounding the Big Shell.

Raiden: Done by the terrorists?

Colonel: Perhaps. Probably to prevent any UAV or other searches by us.

Raiden: But they use radios and Cyphers too, right?

Colonel: Of course. They wouldn't set it up to interfere with the several channels that they are using. The only thing affected is your remote-controlled missile. Fortunately the interference isn't too strong. While inside the Big Shell you should have no problem using a remote-controlled missile.

Ventilation ducts

Raiden: I feel like I know this terrain... Wasn't it in the VR training?

Colonel: Nikita Weapon Mode Level 4. Do you recognize it?

Raiden: Oh -- so that was another rehearsal for this mission.

Colonel: No, a simulation. Not the same thing as a rehearsal. Leverage the experience from your VR training, Raiden. A perfectly real VR experience is in itself an accomplished result. Have confidence in your abilities.

The Patriots

Raiden: Colonel, did you find anything about the "Patriots"?

Colonel: No, not yet...

Rosemary: I can't find data on them anywhere.

Raiden: But the President is...

Rosemary: Jack, there is no data.

Raiden: Colonel, you know something, don't you?

Colonel: No, I don't know anything... I need a little more time.

The assassination of the President

Raiden: Colonel, why did Ocelot murder the President?

Colonel: They disagreed, probably.

Raiden: ...Exactly the same.

Colonel: What?

Raiden: As the Shadow Moses incident.

Colonel: Don't be foolish.

Raiden: Are you sure about that? Ames' death, appearance of the Ninja, the President's death, and now the virus...

Colonel: You're reading too much into things.

Rosemary: That's right, Jack, you're tired.

Raiden: ...

Colonel: Raiden, don't waste your time thinking unnecessary thoughts. Invest all your energy instead in carrying out your duties.

Snake wasn't a terrorist

Raiden: Colonel, did you hear the truth about the Shadow Moses incident?

Colonel: Yeah.

Raiden: Snake wasn't a terrorist.

Rosemary: You look thrilled.

Raiden: Huh? Yeah...

Colonel: So you just believe everything that he told you then?

Raiden: What did you say?

Colonel: Don't trust him. He isn't in the simulation.

Raiden: Simulation again? What exactly are you talking about?

Colonel: Don't put your trust in him. Just carry out your duties to the best of your abilities. Do you understand, Raiden?

The truth behind the Big Shell

Otacon: The rumors about "Big Shell" being a big cover up are all true.
Raiden: Otacon?
Otacon: I had Snake check everything out. Sure, there are some facilities to clean up the pollution, but they're not running at full capacity. Don't you think it's funny that even though two years have gone by since the incident, they haven't managed to clean up all the crude oil? Of course, the media doesn't report that kind of thing. I think they're having fresh shipments of crude oil brought in to replace the stuff they've cleaned up. The story you were told about toxic chemicals being released if the plant were blown up also seems pretty fishy. I don't think its actually true. Information is being suppressed on a huge scale. These guys seem to think that the new Metal Gear is worth all the effort and money they're spending on it.
Raiden: ...So I've been lied to all along...
Otacon: No, I think even your CO didn't know what was going on. That's probably what he's been telling you.
Raiden: I didn't mean by the Colonel. I meant by you.
Otacon: Huh? We never lied to you! We just didn't tell you everything, that's all.
Raiden: ...
Otacon: Ha ha. You know, you're a pretty interesting guy. You're just like Snake said.
Raiden: ...What did he say?
Otacon: That you're a weak, simple-minded, stubborn fool.
Raiden: A-a weak, simple-minded...
Otacon: Ah, don't worry, he didn't mean anything bad by it.
Raiden: "Nothing bad"? What could possibly be worse than that? That lying, useless, backstabbing, mincing son of a --
Otacon: Raiden, I'm his friend. I know him better than anyone else. I know he's not that kind of guy.
Raiden: Yeah? So what?
Otacon: And, by the way... there's one more thing you should probably know about Snake.
Raiden: What?
Otacon: He's right here.
Raiden: ...Next to you?
Otacon: Yep.
Raiden: Did he hear....
Otacon: Every word.
Snake: ...
Raiden: I'm, uh...I'm just gonna get back to the mission right now.

Metal Gear RAY, Philanthropy, and the Marines

Otacon: As the President mentioned, Metal Gear RAY was created as an anti-Metal Gear weapon. In the Shadow Moses incident, Ocelot returned with a disc containing data of the exercises that were held for Metal Gear REX and the new nuclear warhead. What's more, he sold that data not only to the nuclear powers, but to other countries as well. Those nations that obtained the data have commenced their own Metal Gear research. Where does it go from here? What happens when the world is flooded with variations of Metal Gear? We'll probably be looking at an era similar to that of the nuclear arms race. That was one of the reasons we organized Philanthropy. I understand that Fortune's father, Marine Commandant Scott Dolph, had the same misgivings. That's why he proceeded with the development of the anti-Metal Gear weapon, Metal Gear RAY. In fact, RAY alone can drastically redefine tactics when you consider its seafaring capacity to approach, strike and break off from targets. I also believe that RAY was a solution for renewing interest in the Marines whose role as a rapid response force has dwindled over the last few years.

Background information on Emma Emmerich

Raiden: Colonel, I want some background information on Emma Emmerich.

Colonel: I've got it right here, direct from the National Security Agency's personnel files. Apparently she was involved in some sort of high-level project, but there's no details on that. Her record shows that she resigned from the agency two years ago -- Emma Emmerich. Full name: Emma Emmerich-Danziger. Members of her family call her "E.E." After divorcing Hal Emmerich's father, her mother took Emma to England and raised her there. Danziger is her mother's maiden name, but she prefers Emmerich. After returning home to England, her mother married Robinson, a businessman. The following details are from a report filed with the NSA when she joined the agency... Just before graduating from high school, Emma injured Robinson in self-defense during an alleged assault on her person. As a result of this incident, she followed in the footsteps of her stepbrother, Hal Emmerich, and left home to enroll in Oxford. It is believed that at this particular point in her life, she was extremely angered by the fact that her brother failed to protect her. Consequently, she lost all family connections and is very resentful. She seems to believe that her brother is to blame for everything. While attending Oxford, she was noted for her success in a deciphering event sponsored by British GCHQ.

Raiden: They may not be blood-related, but she sure sounds like Otacon's sister.

Colonel: There's more -- Raiden, do you recall a certain 'situation' that's more or less become a legend among hackers? To refresh your memory -- at the time, just about all of our nation's communications and information resources were concentrated at NSA, in Fort Meade. In fact, NSA's basement facility operated round-the-clock to amass data obtained not only from public communications, but everything from satellite to wiretap operations as well. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that whoever controlled the NSA facility could move the world. On January 24th in the year 2000, the facility suffered a total system shutdown for a 73-hour period.

Raiden: Did they ever figure out the cause?

Colonel: It's believed that a small group within the government had arranged the incident with the assistance of a notorious group of crackers. The result was a full review of NSA's safety measures, which in turn led to the decision to shift the data-gathering operations to an isolated location that would be safe from physical attack as well as cyber-terrorism.

Raiden: And where might that be?

Colonel: My security clearance couldn't get me that information. But I did find out that one of the key members of the hacker group was none other than Emma Emmerich. Although she started off as a specialist in artificial intelligence and complex logic, Emma is now regarded as a computer genius.

Raiden: That would make her a prime candidate for recruitment in the intelligence community, wouldn't it? And knowing most of the intelligence agencies, I doubt fair play was a major concern in their recruiting efforts...

Colonel: Your assumption's correct. The government played on her weakness -- -- her strong hate for Hal Emmerich, the brother who left her when she was six years old.

Raiden: She hates him that much?

Colonel: When she was six years old, Emma and her father were involved in a pool accident She survived, but her father drowned.

Raiden: What did the police have to say about that?

Colonel: Their report states it was an accidental death.

Raiden: Isn't that about the time that Otacon left his home and family?

Colonel: Exactly. But I don't have any idea why he chose to do so.

Raiden: Does Emma blame Otacon for her father's death?

Colonel: I don't think so. Her hate seems to stem from the fact that she believes Otacon abandoned her. You see, although the two weren't directly related, they were said to be very close. It's rumored that sibling rivalry was what launched her career as a hacker. Four years ago, the government leaked her the details of the Shadow Moses incident. In doing so, they were able to recruit her for the NSA. I also have little doubt... that they also used the NSA hacking affair as a means to 'convince' her to cooperate.

Raiden: You think that her hate drove her to frame Snake and Otacon?

Colonel: That -- I don't know.

Raiden's Skull Suit

Colonel: Raiden, that Skull Suit of yours is designed to minimize drag when you're underwater. Try feeling the suit's skin.

Raiden: Sort of sandpapery...

Colonel: What you're feeling is a series of microscopic grooves. This water-repelling scale structure cancels out the force of the currents. You'll be swimming like a fish -- the technology is extrapolated from the structure of sharkskin. The concavity of the skin surface is designed to cut down on air drag on dry land as well. Same idea as the surface of golf balls, but improved upon.

Raiden: Sounds good. I think I'm ready for the Olympics.

Underwater mines

To initiate these conversations, contact Snake while swimming through the flooded portion of the Shell 2 Core and go near a mine.

Snake: Raiden, watch out for that underwater mine. It'll detonate on contact, so make sure you avoid it.
Raiden: Why would there be a mine here?
Snake: Because someone planted one.
Otacon: What about that guy who was running on water? Could have been him.
Snake: You'd better watch your back. He may be waiting to ambush.

Snake: That underwater mine is believed to have built-in compound sensors for detecting acceleration speed, changes in water pressure, body temperature, and other data. A light touch will trigger one of these... so be careful!

Stillman's body

To initiate this conversation the player must be looking at Stillman's body in first person view when calling Snake.

Raiden: Snake... it's Stillman. Stillman's here...
Snake: Yeah?
Raiden: He was waiting for me.
Snake: Right...

Purified hydrogen bomb explanation

To get this conversation, contact Otacon after defeating Vamp.

Raiden: Vamp mentioned a purified hydrogen bomb. Any idea what it is?
Otacon: A purified hydrogen bomb is a nuclear weapon that doesn't use a nuclear explosion to trigger a nuclear fusion reaction. There are two theories for triggering a purified hydrogen bomb. Of the two, our nation focused its research efforts on the "Laser Inertial Compression" theory. Theoretically, it's the same as laser nuclear fusion. By solidifying deuterium and tritium at an extremely low temperature to create fuel pellets and bombarding these pellets with a high-output laser......the surface of the pellets evaporate. This creates a reaction that results in the inward compression of the pellets. The center portion of a pellet reaches the necessary extreme temperature and pressure conditions for confining nuclear fusion, and thereby creating a fusion reaction. I understand that research in this area continued into the last century. But I'd heard they hit a wall when they couldn't come up with a miniature laser capable of the necessary ultrahigh output... From what you tell me, I guess I'll have to assume they overcame that problem...

Emma's location

Raiden: Colonel, are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Colonel: Affirmative -- that must be Emma Emmerich. You need to go around from the east though. There's no way into the locker room from the present location.

Emma disappears

Snake: Colonel, I'm in the locker room but there's no one here.

Rosemary: Could she have gone somewhere else...?

Colonel: I don't think so. Emma is somewhere in that room. Search more carefully.

If the player calls Snake

Raiden: Snake, I don't see Emma...

Otacon: E.E....

Snake: I can't believe Emma managed to get out of that room by herself. Take a more thorough look around.

Emma can't walk

Colonel: Raiden, how's Emma doing?

Raiden: She's pretty shaky on her feet. Whatever Ocelot drugged her with, it's still having an effect on her.

Rosemary: Poor thing. Look after her, okay?

Raiden: I'll try.

Colonel: She can't even walk by herself because of the drugs in her system. See how she has to sit down when you let go of her hand? If you have to release her hand, make sure she's somewhere safe. Don't let her go in sight of the enemy.

Dragging Emma

Colonel: If Emma loses consciousness, drag her just like you drag the enemy's body around.

Raiden: Unconscious, hmm...

Rosemary: Jack, what's up with you?

Raiden: Oh, nothing.

Rosemary: Hmmph.

Colonel: Don't leave Emma in an unsafe spot when she's unconscious. Drag her if you have to, but get her to safety.

Emma's fear of the sea lice

Raiden: Emma's terrified of the sea lice. She won't move.

Rosemary: I sympathize... I wouldn't want to be anywhere near those things either.

Raiden: But we can't exactly sit here. Arsenal Gear is about to go online...

Colonel: Raiden, you'll have to get through there even if it means forcing her to move. I know it seems cruel.

Emma's not doing so well

Raiden: Oh damn...

Colonel: Yes, Emma's not doing so well.

Raiden: ...

Rosemary: Jack -- you did your best.

Colonel: Raiden, Emma is waiting for you in the B2 level computer room of Shell 1's core. Get over there.

Raiden: ...Got it.

Raiden reaches Shell 1

Raiden: Colonel, I've reached Shell 1.

Colonel: Good. I see you managed to make it across the oil fence.

Rosemary: Jack, hurry. Emma should already have reached the computer room.

Colonel: The only way to stop Arsenal Gear is to have Emma introduce the virus you're carrying into the system. There's not a second to lose. Get yourself to the computer room on the B2 level of Shell 1's core. Emma is... not doing very well.

Rosemary: Jack, hurry...

Emma's injuries

Raiden: Snake -- how bad are Emma's injuries...?

Snake: It's about what you'd expect.

Raiden: ...

Snake: Just hurry.


Colonel: Raiden, you won't be able to Hang, throw, or chokehold anyone in your current state.

Raiden: Why not?

Colonel: Is it really necessary to ask? It's just not a good idea to perform those maneuvers. There could be... complications.

Rosemary: Oh really, Jack. Do we have to spell it out for you? Really!

Raiden: ...?

Arsenal Gear's temperatures

Colonel: Raiden, temperatures in that area appear to be real low.

Raiden: Yeah. Just like a refrigerator.

Colonel: Maybe to keep GW frozen. High temperatures are forbidden for fiber-optic neuro AI processors.

Rosemary: Don't catch a cold.

Metal Gear RAYs

Raiden: Colonel, is this -- ?

Colonel: Right, the famous mass-production Metal Gear. That entire section seems to house a maintenance line for Metal Gears.

Rosemary: Jack...

Raiden: ...I'm all right.

Colonel: Those mass-production Metal Gears are in adjustment phase. They're not a threat. But it's entirely possible that there's an operational Metal Gear somewhere ahead. Stay focused.

Arsenal Tengu explanations

Arsenal Tengu commandos

Colonel: Raiden, be on the lookout. Those soldiers are outfitted with special gear.
Raiden: Roger. Armed with what?
Colonel: Probably Arsenal Gear equipment called Tengu. The suits use exoskeleton technology to augment human strength and improve mobility with artificial muscles. Not the kind of opponent you want to take on without your weapon or other equipment. You'll just have to move about without being seen. Understood?

Can't deflect low shots

Otacon: Raiden, watch your back. Those men have special-issue equipment.
Raiden: These are the so-called Tengu commandos I've heard so much about?
Otacon: They have blades that bullets just glance off of. Fight it with your own blade. You've had time to practice, right? Even if they can bounce bullets back with their swords, they won't be able to deflect anything too low. Use the First Person View and fire at their feet.

Personal weapon

Otacon: Tengu soldiers carry the P90 Personal Defense Weapon. It lies somewhere in between a rifle and a pistol. The designers of the P90 and its ammunition focused on the convenience of a pistol and the penetrating power of a rifle. It fires the new 5.7 x 28 mm cartridge. The lightweight rounds feature a projectile weight of 2.02g and a muzzle velocity of 715mps, and low recoil. Its piercing power is also quite high. It can penetrate an ordinary bulletproof vest at a distance of 100 meters. The body is made entirely of plastic, and perfectly symmetrical, so even left-handed shooters can easily use it. It carries a fifty-round magazine. The magazine is mounted on top, so it doesn't get in the way when firing from a prone position. But the biggest threats are its rapid firing rate and its accuracy. It's probably best to avoid a full-frontal assault. If you use the blade to defend yourself, you should be able to deflect even the attacks of the P90.

Tengu Armor

Otacon: Tengu soldiers wear a special kind of combat suit that was developed by DARPA. It seems to utilize some kind of exoskeletal technology. The suit encases the soldier in a layer of armor, and is outfitted with actuators which utilize artificial muscle tissue to amplify the soldier's strength and increase his chances of survival. Using the Human Strength Amplification provided by the artificial muscle, a soldier can move faster, travel farther, and carry heavier weapons than normal. In other words, he has superior scouting and combat abilities, and can basically dominate the battlefield. Any soldiers you face who are wearing this special kind of suit will be able to move with superhuman agility. Make sure you're prepared.

Pliskin's nightmare

Raiden: He's -- asleep?

Raiden: How much longer is this guy going to sleep...?

Raiden: Wish I were that relaxed...

Pliskin/Snake: ...mumble mumble (Meryl)...

Raiden: ...he's still sleeping...

Pliskin/Snake: Liquid!!

Raiden: Huh?

Pliskin/Snake: ...zzz...

Pliskin's information about Stillman

Raiden: Pliskin, what do you know about Stillman?

Pliskin/Snake: He's a bomb disposal expert. Probably the best in the world.

Raiden: What else?

Pliskin/Snake: What do you mean?

Raiden: Like why he retired...

Pliskin/Snake: Are you here to gossip?

Pliskin/Snake: Then get back to work defusing those C4s. If there's something you need to know about Stillman, go ask him yourself.

Pliskin freezes the first bomb

Pliskin/Snake: Raiden, I've frozen the first bomb. How are you doing?

Raiden: Nothing yet...

Peter Stillman: Pliskin, what was the exact location of the explosive?

Pliskin/Snake: The heliport on Strut H. It was behind some cargo. Thought I was going to have some trouble with the patrols, but it was an easy job.

Peter Stillman: I see...

Peter Stillman: Nothing, really. Pliskin, just don't let your guard down. Don't relax even after you think you've defused it.

Pliskin/Snake: I know that. Raiden, Shell 1's all yours.

Raiden: Sure...

Pliskin's background information on Dead Cell

Raiden: Tell me a little more about Dead Cell.

Pliskin/Snake: Dead Cell was a shadow unit within the SEALS organization.

Raiden: Right. They handled surprise raids on vital government facilities, didn't they?

Pliskin/Snake: Yes. They were originally put together to check the nation's military security system. The unit was the brainchild of ex-president George Sears... Dead Cell was a secret unit positioned at the opposite end of anti-terrorist outfits such as Delta Force and SEALS.

Raiden: Were they always a...

Pliskin/Snake: of madmen?

Raiden: Yeah.

Pliskin/Snake: No. They got weird when Colonel Jackson -- Fortune's husband -- was sent to jail.

Raiden: Sent to jail? For what?

Pliskin/Snake: Corruption. He misappropriated government funds.

Raiden: Sounds like he deserved it...

Pliskin/Snake: That's what everybody else thought. Except for the members of Dead Cell. They felt the Colonel was falsely accused. Fact is, they took the case to the powers that be. But they never managed to reopen the case.

Raiden: Was there any truth to their claim?

Pliskin/Snake: Who knows? Whatever the situation is, Dead Cell's name was tainted.

Raiden: And Colonel Jackson...?

Pliskin/Snake: He was being held at Leavenworth...

Raiden: "Was"...meaning he's been released?

Pliskin/Snake: Well... in a manner of speaking. The Colonel's dead.

Raiden: Oh.

Pliskin/Snake: Apparently he lost the will to live and died in prison. The members of Dead Cell snapped with the loss of their leader. They underwent a radical change and became uncontrollable.

Raiden: And that's why they undertook this terrorist operation?

Pliskin/Snake: Seems as good a reason as any...

Pliskin's background information on Fortune

Raiden: What do you know about that strange woman?

Pliskin/Snake: You mean Fortune? She's the Dead Cell leader. Her real name is Helena Dolph Jackson... known to her friends as Lady Luck.

Raiden: Lady Luck?

Pliskin/Snake: Yeah. She got the name because bullets seem to veer away from her in battle.

Raiden: ...

Pliskin/Snake: People have heard her say that her fortune in battle was payback for the lousy luck she's had in life...

Raiden: Lousy luck?

Pliskin/Snake: The death of her father, the Marine commander... The conviction of husband and Dead Cell leader, Colonel Jackson... These events were followed by her mother's suicide -- the loss of a husband and the idea of a convict in the family apparently took her over the edge... Fortune was three months pregnant at the time and the shock of her mother's death led to the loss of her child. Add to this her husband's death in prison a few months later and... To sum it up, in the six months after her father's death, she lost her family and everything that mattered in her life.

Raiden: Geez, she's had it rough...

Pliskin/Snake: Yeah. The thing is, she didn't grieve long. Instead, she joined the military.

Raiden: Now why's that?

Pliskin/Snake: Do I look psychic? My best guess is revenge. I heard that she firmly believed that her husband was framed... Anyway... by the time she came out of basic training, she'd proven many times over that she was "gifted" with an unusual streak of luck. In fact, some say she sold her soul for it.

Raiden: Her soul?

Pliskin/Snake: Her uncanny luck earned her a reputation that led to her appointment as the head of her husband's unit, Dead Cell.

Pliskin's background information on Vamp

Pliskin/Snake: Vamp is a member of Dead Cell. Born in Romania, his specialty is knives. But I guess you know that by now. When he was just a kid, he lost his family to a terrorist bomb that went off in a church they were attending. His body pierced by a crucifix, Vamp was buried under the rubble for two days before he was finally rescued. During those two days, he survived by feeding on the blood of his family to quench his thirst. That was how he acquired a taste for blood...

Raiden: So that's why they call him "Vamp"...

Pliskin/Snake: No. "Vamp" isn't for vampire. It's because he's bisexual... Rumor has it Vamp was the lover of Scott Dolph, the Marine Commandant who accidentally died two years ago. Scott Dolph was also the father of Fortune, the Dead Cell leader.

Raiden: Fortune's old man? But Fortune and Vamp...

Pliskin/Snake: You noticed, eh? Not bad for a rookie...

Raiden: Uh... right.

Pliskin/Snake: As you say, Vamp and Fortune are very close. Not lovers, but very close...

Raiden: Friends?

Pliskin/Snake: No. There's more to their relationship than that.

Raiden: But Vamp was her father's lover!

Pliskin/Snake: Would it have been better if it was with her mother?

Raiden: Well...

Pliskin/Snake: I don't really think they care what you think. Focus on the mission.

Raiden: ... By the way, have you ever met the guy before?

Pliskin/Snake: No.

Raiden: But he seemed to know you...

Pliskin/Snake: Right. Well, I... no... can't be...

Raiden: What?

Pliskin/Snake: Nothing. I told you that Dead Cell is a group of madmen... I wouldn't take anything they say very seriously.

Pliskin's background information on Fatman

Pliskin/Snake: Fatman... Supposedly he's nicknamed after an atomic bomb, but to me he's just a fat man. Something straight out of a sideshow. If he even has a bit of spare time, he spends it disassembling and assembling his Glock, over and over again. He can't stand to have his hands still. He's extremely vain about his hands -- keeps his fingers as slender and soft as a woman's. They say he's always looking at his hands, giving himself manicures.

Pliskin's lack of sympathy for SEAL Team 10's Bravo team

Raiden: Pliskin, SEAL Team 10's Bravo Team's been wiped out...

Pliskin/Snake: Is that right.

Raiden: Is that all you have to say? I thought they were your comrades!

Pliskin/Snake: Yeah. Too bad.

Raiden: Too bad!? Did you know they were used as a decoy to support my infiltration?

Pliskin/Snake: No. But it doesn't surprise me.

Raiden: Man! You're cold! They were your friends!

Pliskin/Snake:What do want me to say! That you killed them!? Or do you want me to say it wasn't your fault!?

Raiden: I jus --

Pliskin/Snake: Listen, kid. I don't have the time to wet-nurse you or provide you with a shoulder to cry on! You got a problem with your conscience, you take care of it! Don't bother me!

The Navy Captain's handcuffs

Raiden: Pliskin, you seemed pretty focused on the Navy Captain. Something catch your eye?

Pliskin/Snake: Yeah. Remember the handcuffs were cut? There was something on the other end of that.

Raiden: Do you know what it was?

Pliskin/Snake: Well, I... no. Forget it.

Raiden: Whattya mean "forget it"!?

Pliskin/Snake: Just what I said... forget it.

Raiden: I...

Pliskin/Snake: Talk to you later, kid.

Pliskin supposedly being a SEAL

Raiden: Hey, Pliskin... were you really a SEAL?

Pliskin/Snake: That's what I told you.

Raiden: But...

Pliskin/Snake: But what?

Raiden: Uh... nothing.

Pliskin/Snake: Listen, kid, you're on a mission. Thinking about anything else can get you killed...

Strange location of bomb

Pliskin/Snake: Everything's going smoothly over here. I just finished defusing another C4. For some reason, there was one planted on an enemy soldier's back...

Pliskin's background information on Olga Gurlukovich

Pliskin/Snake: Raiden... don't ever turn your back on that Olga woman. Olga Gurlukovich... Daughter of Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich, ex-GRU and former Spetsnaz commander... She's the leader of Colonel Gurlukovich's private army that's been wandering around the Big Shell. Those men were gathered by Colonel Gurlukovich. Following his death, she inherited his command and now exercises full control. Her father's name was widely respected throughout the old Soviet regime and he was the goal of just about every military man.

Raiden: Why would a respected soldier become a leader of those cut-throats?

Pliskin/Snake: The collapse of the republic resulted in a lot of unemployed soldiers. Most found themselves suddenly cast out into the civilian world, hopelessly lost. The Colonel took these men in... He organized a mercenary army, and led his men from battle to battle in various disputed regions around the world... hoping that one day he would rebuild his homeland. Rumor has it that during the Shadow Moses incident, he planned to rendezvous with Liquid Snake's men and assist in their uprising. I assume that the revolt figured into his reconstruction plans for the Soviet regime. I also heard that Ocelot -- Liquid's right-hand man -- was an old friend of the Colonel's back in the old days of the Soviet Union. In any case, Olga inherited her father's military genius and has become a force to be reckoned with. She was born and raised on the battlefield, and she's as tough as she looks. Not my ideal choice for a date...

Raiden: You sound like you've met her.

Pliskin/Snake: No. I haven't had the pleasure. Just remember what I said... don't turn your back on her.

Pliskin's comments about the Ninja

Raiden: Pliskin... do you read me?

Pliskin/Snake: What's up, Raiden?

Raiden: I just ran into a guy decked out like a... a ninja.

Pliskin/Snake: A ninja?

Raiden: Yeah. Do you know anything about this?

Pliskin/Snake: No. Can you trust that costumed freak?

Raiden: I don't know. But the Colonel told me to follow the guy's instructions...

Pliskin/Snake: And like a good soldier, you'll do it, right? I'll let you in on a little secret, kid... The ninja that was publicized in the Shadow Moses incident no longer exists. The guy you met has no connection whatsoever with the incident.

Raiden: And how do you know that?

Pliskin/Snake: Because I do.

Raiden: ...

Pliskin/Snake: Just be careful who you trust. Okay?

Vamp's shadow-binding

Raiden: You can't move once his knife nails your shadow!

Snake: Shadow-binding? Are we talking about some kind of Ninjutsu?

Otacon: I don't think so. It's probably some form of hypnotism.

Raiden: Hypnotism?

Otacon: I'm guessing it's the power of suggestion augmented by his speech and movements, coupled with the manipulation of the light reflecting off the blade of his knife...

Raiden: What should I do?

Otacon: I can't think of any way to break his spell on such a short notice. The easiest thing to do is to make sure his knife doesn't hit your shadow.

Snake: Raiden, if his knife nails your shadow, you won't be able to move for a while. If this happens, your only option is to rapidly press a button and move the left analog stick around to free yourself from his spell.

Women's restroom

Pliskin/Snake: Raiden, where are you?

Raiden: I... um... I...

Pliskin/Snake: What're you embarrassed about? You're on a mission... anything goes!

Raiden: Pliskin...

Pliskin/Snake: I've snuck into similar places in the past myself...

Raiden: Huh...?


Pliskin/Snake: You've got an RGB6. A Croatian- manufactured 40 mm, 6-round grenade launcher. It's a weapon that was unavailable in VR training. The RGB6 has a spring-driven revolver-type cylinder for handling six grenades. It delivers grenades with greater accuracy than throwing the things, and it's effective for taking out enemies with body armor -- not to mention those hiding behind objects. Since a launched grenade travels on a parabolic trajectory, hitting a target depends on your angle of fire.


Snake:The Stinger is a portable surface-to-air missile launcher. Once you lock on to a target and fire, the missile will automatically pursue the target using its infrared seeker. However, the Stinger you have hasn't been updated to deal with countermeasures. The missile's seeker might be thrown off course by flares. Don't forget that.


Snake: You've got yourself a remote-controlled missile. Referred to as Nikita, it's a wireless guided projectile. It's a surveillance missile based on Micro Air Vehicle technology. You control it by watching the image transmitted from the CCD camera mounted on the missile. Although it's primarily designed for scouting missions, it carries a small explosive charge that allows a long-distance attack. You can also trigger the charge by removing it from equip status following the missile's launch. You won't be able to move while controlling the missile. Also, you'll have to be careful that you don't run out of fuel while it's in flight. Unlike VR training, you won't have a bird's-eye view to help you control the missile.


Pliskin/Snake: The hand grenade is an anti- personnel weapon that is manually delivered to a target. Put simply -- you throw it. The blast itself and the resulting shrapnel takes out enemy targets. RDX. You press the Weapon button to pull the pin, and release the button to throw the grenade. Throwing distance varies with how hard you press the Weapon button. After pulling the pin, you have about five seconds before the grenade explodes. Those five seconds combined with the throwing distance gives you a certain amount of tactical flexibility.

Stun grenade

Pliskin/Snake: A stun grenade, huh? It's a non-lethal weapon designed to daze enemies with a blinding flash of light and an ear-splitting bang. When it goes off, it emits a flash equivalent to 2.5 million candles and an explosive sound of over 160 decibels. In simpler terms, that's over 120 times the brightness of a police flashlight and the sound of a jet during take-off. of heat. But that's only at the millisecond level. So don't expect it to ignite anything. The sound emission is also at the millisecond level so there's no permanent damage to the victim's hearing. Used properly, your enemies will lose consciousness... it's not a lethal weapon.

Chaff grenade

Pliskin/Snake: You're holding a chaff grenade -- an electronic warfare weapon designed to disrupt electronic equipment and jam transmissions. Detonated with a small charge, the grenade releases chaff and a miniature active jammer. The grenade should render electronic equipment useless for a brief period of time. It's important to note that radar and other equipment which you might have on hand will also be affected. So be careful with the thing if you're using electronic devices.

Empty ammunition magazine

Pliskin/Snake:What you've got there is an empty magazine for hand guns and automatic weapons. Press the Weapon button for the windup, and release the button to throw it. Hitting an enemy with it won't do much damage. But if used properly, it will provide a distraction. Throwing distance depends on how strong you press the Weapon button. It might be even more useful if you can accurately throw the magazine to a desired spot


Pliskin/Snake:That's a tranquilizer gun with a sound suppressor. Hit an enemy with that and it's good night, sleep tight... The time in which the tranquilizer takes effect depends on where you hit your target. If you want to knock somebody out with a single shot, aim carefully for vital spots like the head or heart.

Raiden: I think I've seen this modified gun before...

Pliskin/Snake: Yeah. It looks like the same gun used by Solid Snake two years ago. Following that terrorist incident, similar models were made and sold among the fans of his exploits. I think that's one of them. That's an American military M9 modified for tranquilizer bullets. When the tranquilizer bullets hit a target, the round uses the force of the impact to mix the drug, also producing a gas in the process. The pressure of the gas drives a built-in piston that injects the target with a powerful anesthetic. It's like firing a small hypodermic syringe. This M9 is a tranquilizer gun that knocks out the enemy... it doesn't kill them.


Pliskin/Snake: That pistol you have is a SOCOM. It's a 45-caliber Offensive Handgun designed for the American Special Ops Command. With twelve rounds of 45 ACP's, it has outstanding stopping power. The SOCOM has a minimum service life averaging over 6,000 rounds, and has a five-round group capacity that extends within a 1.4-inch radius. It's a bit large, but the SOCOM is a gun you can trust. It also comes equipped with a laser aiming module. A suppressor can be attached to the SOCOM to silence gunshots. You should try to find one.

SOCOM suppressor

Pliskin/Snake: Your SOCOM's got a suppressor. The suppressor uses multiple partitions to reduce gas discharge and keep sound and muzzle fire to a minimum. By keeping the internal baffles moist, sound can be reduced by approximately thirty-eight decibels. That suppressor can be screwed and secured to 10 different positions. This function allows you to adjust the gun's impact point. But that doesn't really matter. That's because the suppressor's already been adjusted. You should be able to get the same results you got when you didn't have a suppressor attached. This'll reduce your chances of discovery as long as you don't leave too many bodies around... Your ammo is also limited, so don't go shooting everything in sight.


Pliskin/Snake: Raiden... what've you got there?

Raiden: Uh... nothing.

Pliskin/Snake:Oh, come on... don't play dumb. That kind of thinking might even be helpful on the battlefield.

Raiden: Yeah, but...

Pliskin/Snake: Look... aside from its educational value, you can probably use it to distract an enemy...


Pliskin/Snake: I see you've still got those cigarettes I gave you.

Raiden: I quit a long time ago...

Pliskin/Snake: Maybe now's the time to start again?

Raiden: ...

Pliskin/Snake: Just joking, kid. Those things'll stunt your growth and ruin your health. But in the battlefield, you'll find there's other uses for those cigarettes besides smoking. I'm sure you'll figure out how to use 'em when the time comes...


Pliskin/Snake: I see you're wearing the enemy field uniform (B.D.U.). Looks pretty good on you.

Raiden: Cut it out. It's bad enough that I'm dripping with sweat wondering when somebody's gonna see through my disguise.

Pliskin/Snake: Don't worry. And quit being so sensitive. At least your walk won't give you away...

Raiden: My walk? Whaddya mean my walk?

Pliskin/Snake:Nothing. Forget I said it. I'd worry more about the fact that the uniform's a little small for your size. It just might come off when you bump into an enemy... Normally, a proper-fitting uniform is issued to a soldier. You're just going to have to fit your movement to the uniform...

Cardboard box

Pliskin/Snake: The cardboard box that you have is ideal for fooling your enemies. It's a very important tool for infiltration missions. Of course. I can't begin to count the number of agents whose lives were saved by a cardboard box...

Raiden: You mean everyone's using them?

Pliskin/Snake: Look. I'm not exaggerating when I say the success of your mission hinges on how you use that cardboard box.

Raiden: ...

Pliskin/Snake: But in the end, a cardboard box is only made of paper. Handle it with care or it won't be of much use to you. Treat your cardboard box with care. Take care of the box and it'll take care of you... Don't think of it as just another box. Treat it with love... Don't be rough. Okay?

Raiden: ...

To initiate this part, shoot Pliskin/Snake's cardboard boxes when he is at the CD connecting bridge.

Pliskin/Snake: Y'know... I've lost a couple thanks to you...

Raiden: What?

Pliskin/Snake: Nothing... forget it.

AP Sensor

Pliskin/Snake: You're using your Anti-Personnel Sensor. It vibrates whenever an enemy is approaching your position. The sensor responds to the electromagnetic field and heartbeat of life forms. The closer an enemy, the bigger the vibration. It's a useful device. But remember that if you're equipped with the sensor, you won't be able to feel any other vibrations around you. It's like life... You gain something only to lose something else. It's up to you to decide where and when you want to use it.

Mine detector

Pliskin/Snake: That mine detector that you're equipped with displays the location of Claymore mines that aren't visible to the naked eye. It's not your run-of-the-mill mine detector. It's the latest model to use the technology developed in a private μ chem lab. It isn't a metal detector. It's based more on the various systems used in chemical detectors. In short, it doesn't respond to a mine's metallic casing. It actually detects the elements used in explosives. Basically, it's similar to the sensor that the old man gave you... the one that responds to the "smell" of C4. That's why you can accurately detect the location of mines despite the fact that you're in a metal-based structure. There's no point using the detector without employing the radar.

Sensor A

Pliskin/Snake: I see the old man set you up with a Sensor A unit. Aside from C4, explosives continually release their own specific particles. Based on ion mobility spectrometry technology, Sensor A is capable of detecting particle clusters. Simply put, the detector can "sniff out" C4. The detected C4 appears on radar as a cloud-like shape. The cloud indicates the rough location of the explosive. This sensor looks like it's been specially tuned. It's been specially modified to sniff out the signature odor of C4 combined with Fatman's special perfume that he uses to identify his work. That's why it won't respond to any of the C4 that we've set up.

Sensor B

Pliskin/Snake: You're using Sensor B. It's designed to pick out the "odorless" C4 set up by Fatman. Unlike Sensor A, which detects explosive particles, this unit detects the explosive inside an object sealed by neutron emission. The sensor should be able to detect C4, despite the fact that it's been securely sealed to prevent "odor" or more specifically the diffusion of explosive particles. When neutrons pass through an object, the hydrogen material it contains interacts to produce a rear diffusion. By measuring this rear diffusion with the detector, the resulting value is analyzed to determine the existence of an explosive. Simply equipping yourself with this unit and the sensor will automatically scan the area around you, and will sound a warning if there's an explosive nearby. Always remember that the shorter the intervals between the warning sound, the closer the location of the bomb. This sensor is adjusted to respond only to the C4 used by Fatman. The composition of our C4 and that of Fatman's seems to be slightly different. I think it may be the wax materials that he uses in his explosives. The old man probably concentrated the bulk of his time on making this modification.


Pliskin/Snake: That pair of binoculars is a high-end military model with auto-focus and zoom features. The binoculars will be particularly useful when used outside the "Big Shell." If you can spot an enemy in the distance at an early stage, it'll give you plenty of time to do something. Scouting out the location of your enemy is vital to the success of an infiltration mission.

Digital camera

Pliskin/Snake: Planning to take some pictures? Well, you've got the right camera for the task. With auto-focus and zoom features, this camera guarantees clear pictures. It won't wear with use... so take all the shots you want.


Snake: Those night vision goggles will let you see in the dark. The goggles are equipped with an image intensifier that amplifies even the lowest levels of light to produce clear images. Night vision devices were introduced in the 1940s. Since then, they've undergone several modifications to improve both sensitivity and resolution. Incidentally, the set you're using is a fourth-generation model.

Thermal goggles

Pliskin/Snake: Those Thermal Goggles provide night vision by creating images from heat distribution. The goggles have a resolution of over 400,000 pixels, This performance is largely attributed to the use of a two-dimensional solid projection system with outstanding electric charge transfer capability. With these goggles, you can probably see Claymore mines that are rendered invisible with stealth camouflage. If you look around the necks of enemy soldiers, you can probably make out their dog tags.


Pliskin/Snake: I see you have the bandage equipped. Whenever you're bleeding, select the bandage in the menu display and press the Confirmation button to stop the bleeding. The bandage is an absorption pad made from alginate fiber. As you probably know, when alginate fibers come into contact with blood or liquids, the colloid gels to produce a moist condition for speeding up the healing process. With outstanding absorption properties in terms of speed and capacity, bandages effectively stop bleeding.

Body armor

Snake: I see you're wearing body armor. That's a great way to minimize damage. Your body armor is interwoven with a special fiber made from high-performance polymer materials. The special fiber tangles around a bullet to cushion and spread out the impact to keep damage at a minimum. Bear in mind that the armor just reduces damage. It doesn't eliminate it.


Pliskin/Snake: So, you've got an AKS-74u. If you wear an enemy's field outfit and carry an AK, you can pass for one of them. The AK is an outstanding rifle in terms of precision and reliability. As evidenced by widespread licensed manufacturing -- not to mention large quantities of illegal reproductions -- the AK is in high demand around the world. It is often used as reference for the design of new rifle models. Designs for Israel's Galil, Finland's Valmet, and other rifles are based on the basic structure of the AK. You have a smaller model of the AKS-74 that was designed for use by Special Forces personnel. The stock will only extend to a maximum length of 726 mm... ...a feature that makes the rifle easier to handle in small spaces. The AK can be fitted with a suppressor. With a suppressor, you won't have to worry about your gunshots being heard. Listen up, kid and don't forget this -- only the guards in Shell 1's core are armed with AK rifles. The others are armed with the AN94, the official rifle of the Russian army. If you hope to disguise yourself as the enemy, you don't want to be carrying an AK outside of Shell 1's core.

AKS-74u suppressor

Snake: So, you're using the suppressor. Now you won't have to worry about the enemy hearing your gunshots.


Pliskin/Snake: The PSG1 is an anti-terrorist automated sniper rifle. It features roller-locked action which allows a full free-floating barrel. The end result is an automatic rifle with precision equal to that of a bolt-action sniper rifle. The rifle has a 5-round group capacity of 50 mm at a range of approximately 270 meters. In my opinion, the PSG1 is one of the finest sniper rifles in the world. Although you've probably fired a few rounds in VR training, there are a few differences in handling the rifle you should be aware of. First, that the PSG1 is equipped with a special magnification-adjustable scope. For precision shooting, it allows you to zoom in on your target. And for wide-range viewing, all you have to do is zoom out. Another difference is that you aren't limited to firing from the prone position. In short, you can fire from a crouching or standing position. However, the less stable your position, the tougher it is to hold your aim steady. For accuracy, the best thing to do is crawl up to your target and fire from a prone position.


Pliskin/Snake: The PSG1-T that you have there is a PSG1 with a modified barrel for firing tranquilizer rounds. It handles like a PSG1. The only difference is that it spares lives. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not.


Pliskin/Snake:Looks like you've got an M4. The M4 is an assault carbine favored by the U.S. SOCOM. It's a descendant of the M1 carbine used in World War II. The "4" refers to the fact that it's the fourth carbine to be officially adopted by the American military. Basically, it was developed for the Special Forces using the M16A as a base. The M4 carries thirty rounds of 5.56 mm x 45 SS109s. By the way, carbines are short-barreled rifles originally developed for cavalry use. But as far as you're concerned... you won't need to remember that.

Coolant spray

Pliskin/Snake: The coolant spray that you have is great for freezing the C4 set by Fatman. After you equip the spray, you can discharge the coolant by pressing the Weapon button. When the coolant is exposed to the open air, it changes into a gel and adheres to the C4 and stays at a low temperature. Spray a lot of coolant to cover the C4 and make sure that it won't melt away. This means that once you coat the C4 with this stuff, you can assume it won't explode. You've got enough there so you don't have to worry about running out. It's important to remember that once you equip yourself with the spray, you won't be able to move. If an enemy approaches while you're spraying the coolant, the best thing to do is put it away and hide. On top of dealing with the C4, you can use the spray against an enemy. Don't forget that.


Pliskin/Snake: That's a Claymore mine. The Claymore is a directional mine that can be set up on the ground. It's mainly used for ambush or defense. It can also be used against light vehicles and other soft- skinned targets. This mine goes off when it detects someone approaching from the front. The explosion fans out shrapnel and metal balls to create a fan-shaped destructive zone. An important thing to remember is that the sensor is not selective... the mine will attack friend or foe. What I'm trying to say is -- don't trigger your own trap. You can recover a set Claymore by crawling up to it carefully. That means you can collect enemy Claymores for your own use if necessary...


Pliskin/Snake: I see you've managed to get a hold of some C4 plastic explosive. inert plasticizers, it's a white, claylike material. It's a very stable explosive with over 1.3 times the power of TNT. Immune to heat or shock, C4 will only explode when triggered by a detonator. Since your wireless detonator is equipped with both a scrambler and encryption, you don't have to worry about the C4 being accidentally triggered by other wavelengths such as those emitted by jamming devices. You set the C4 with the Weapon button and detonate it with the Punch button. One other thing... don't get caught in its blast.

Directional microphone

Pliskin/Snake:The directional microphone is a very sensitive piece of equipment that picks up the slightest sound. It's a high-precision mike that's been designed to pick up sounds in front of it. In short, it will pick up sounds in the direction you point it. The microphone comes equipped with a miniature amplifier that will pick up a heartbeat if it's pointed properly at a living target.

Navy Captain's corpse

Colonel: A Navy Captain and the President... unbelievable. Raiden, get to the President. Head for the BC connecting bridge.

Stillman's death

Raiden: Colonel, Stillman is dead.

Colonel: I know. Pull yourself together, Raiden.

Raiden: I can't -- I can't do this alone.

Rosemary: Jack, are you listening? All right, calm down.

Raiden: Stillman is dead. There are no more explosives specialists.

Rosemary: You're fine. I won't let you die.

Raiden: Rose...

Rosemary: All right, then, is Sensor B equipped?

Raiden: Yes...

Rosemary: See if it responds or not. Jack, no matter what, you have to bring an end to this crisis.

Raiden: Okay.


Otacon: We're currently aboard a Ka-60 Kasatka helicopter, a multi-purpose military aircraft of the Russian Kamov Design Bureau. This copter is capable of handling various missions including troop and supply transport, medical evacuation, target acquisition for attack copters, and all-weather scouting. Equip it with the latest avionics and electronic equipment and the Kasatka can handle communication and electronic jamming as well as other special operations. The copter's designed for survival in combat and the main systems are expandable. The rotors are capable of functioning if they've been punctured. In addition, the Kasatka's features a polyurethane-filled fuel tank to minimize the danger of explosion. However, the Kasatka cannot hold its own against a Harrier. It's only suitable for providing you with air support. What I'm trying to say is that it's up to you to take out the Harrier.

Radar not working

Raiden: Colonel, the radar's not working.

Colonel: With Shell 2 in this shape, I wouldn't count on the radar coming back online for a while.

Rosemary: It'll be all right. Hang in there, Jack!

Colonel: With the radar offline, you'll have to rely on First Person View to check for enemy presence. Proceed with extreme caution.

Rosemary's comments on smoking

Rosemary: By the way, Jack, are you smoking?

Raiden: Yep.

Rosemary: I thought you quit smoking! Why did you start again?

Raiden: There are lots of reasons...

Rosemary: Look, I'm only thinking about your health, okay? Remember the last time you quit -- how hard it was?

Raiden: Yeah... it was pretty tough...

Rosemary: Wasn't it? So you should...

Raiden: I've got it, Rose. I've thought of a way to avoid all that pain and suffering.

Rosemary: What are you going to do?

Raiden: Keep smoking.

Rosemary: Jack!

Raiden: Just kidding. I know it's bad for me. I'll quit as soon as I get back.

Rosemary: ...

Rosemary's comments on book

Rosemary: By the way, Jack...what's that you're holding?

Raiden: Uh, well...

Rosemary:Look, if it's bothering you that much, you should just say so.

Raiden: Eh? And if I do?

Rosemary: Uh hn... Just be patient, dear!

Rosemary's comments on cardboard box

Rosemary: What -- I-I can't believe this! What are you wearing?

Raiden: Er... it's a disguise.

Rosemary: A disguise? What kind of disguise?

Raiden: Well, I was hoping I could use it kind of like camouflage... you know, fool the enemy into thinking I was a box..

Rosemary: You'd have to be an absolute idiot to be fooled by that!

Raiden: Yeah, maybe, but there are more idiots in this world than you think.

Rosemary: ...You mean like you?

Raiden: Huh?

Rosemary: Never mind. Anyway, good luck! You'll probably need it with that stupid box on your head!

Rosemary's comments on enemy uniform

Rosemary: You know, that really looks good on you.

Raiden: You think so?

Rosemary: Yeah. Everything looks good on you, Jack. Everything but that stupid box...

Raiden: What?

Rosemary: Nothing. It'd be nice if you were this stylish all the time.

Raiden: It's too much of a hassle.

Rosemary: Well, at least you could care a little bit more about how you look.

Raiden: You care enough for both of us.

Rosemary: Yeah, that's true. But I want to be beautiful.

Raiden: You want people to compliment you?

Rosemary: Yeah... especially you.

Raiden: Me?

Rosemary: Yes. Is that strange?

Raiden: Not at all.

Rosemary: Really? Well then, next time be sure to compliment me!

Rosemary wanting to making dinner

Rosemary: Jack... when you get home, let's have a homecoming party. Just the two of us.

Raiden: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Rosemary: I'll make dinner.

Raiden: Eh?

Rosemary: What's wrong?

Raiden: Well, that sounds good, but how about we eat out at that one restaurant instead? You know, the place that we went to recently, with the amazing lobster... I really liked that place.

Rosemary: Well...yeah, I guess that's okay too.

Raiden: Whew...

Rosemary: Huh?

Raiden: Er, nothing. I-I just love lobster. Yeah. Can't wait. Woo-hoo!

Rosemary: ...? Well then, I'll make a reservation. Promise me you'll come back safely.

Raiden: Don't worry!

Rosemary's loneliness

Rosemary: Jack?

Raiden: What is it?

Rosemary: I’ve always been alone...

Raiden: Huh?

Rosemary: I’m so lonely...

Raiden: Lonely? Rose, we’ve always --

Rosemary: Not always.

Raiden: What do you mean?

Rosemary: You’ve never slept beside me...

Raiden: What are you talking about? I--

Rosemary: After we’ve been together in my room... you stay awake all night or head for the door.

Raiden: Is this really the time to bring this up?

Rosemary: Why, Jack? why?

Raiden: Listen Rose, I’m right in the middle of a mission, and I...

Rosemary: Why!? Why can’t you relax when you’re with me!?

Raiden: Look... the mission... I...

Rosemary: Why don’t you open up to me!?

Raiden: Rose... I... I just can’t!

Rosemary: All I ever wanted was to share your dreams -– to spend a meaningful evening with you... I just wanted to find you by my side when I woke up. Is that asking too much?

Raiden: It’s the night -– I’m scared of the night... it’s got nothing to do with you...

Rosemary: Scared of the night? What’s that supposed to mean?

Raiden: I can’t relax when I’m with someone...

Rosemary: Jack? You wouldn’t even let me in your room!

Raiden: I need privacy... I just can’t be bothered.

Rosemary: Bothered!?

Raiden: Wrong word! What I wanted to say was that there are certain things I have to keep to myself...

Rosemary: Do you remember that time I forced my way into your room? We’d known each other for almost a year... and you blew up! It was the first time you ever raised your hand against me!

Raiden: ...

Rosemary: I was so worried about you...

Raiden: Look... I’m sorry...

Rosemary: It wasn’t your violent nature that scared me. It was your room... your heart...

Raiden: Stop it...

Rosemary: There wasn’t anything in your room –- only a bed and a small desk. It looked like a prison cell...

Raiden: Rose?

Rosemary: No television set... no family pictures... not even a poster...

Raiden: Rose, I only use that room for sleeping.

Rosemary: A lifeless room... almost like your empty heart.

Raiden: That’s why I tried to keep you out.

Rosemary: I thought I was beginning to understand you –- until I saw that room.

Raiden: Would you’ve been happier if I had a picture of you hanging on the wall!?

Rosemary: That’s not what I was trying to say --

Raiden: Enough, Rose. We’ll talk about this later... after the mission

Rosemary: Right... after the mission... I understand.

Rosemary apologizes

Rosemary: Um... Jack, about trying to break into your room...

Raiden: Rose, just forget about it...

Rosemary: No. Listen to me. I said I did it because I was worried about you, wasn't just that.

Raiden: What?

Rosemary: I was suspicious. I thought there might be someone else...

Raiden: Someone else?

Rosemary: Another woman.

Raiden: Rose...

Rosemary: I really thought so...because sometimes, you're so horribly cold.

Raiden: You know I wouldn't...

Rosemary: I'm serious. Sometimes I feel like you're pushing me away. So I...

Raiden: Did you get in?

Rosemary: Yeah.

Raiden: Are you satisfied now? There wasn't anyone there, was there?

Rosemary: No. No, there was no one there. There was absolutely no one in your room. Not another woman. Not me. Not even you.

Raiden: Rose...

Rosemary: I'm sorry. I just wanted to apologize, that's all. Talk to you later.

The Patriots' digital control

Rosemary: Jack, how far do you think the Patriots' digital control extends?

Raiden: I don't really know, but it probably influences a lot of what goes on in our everyday lives.

Rosemary: Even mundane things, like -- which movies and songs become a hit, and what kind of clothes we wear?

Raiden: I think taste would be the easiest thing to manipulate. I mean, think about the kinds of film and bands everyone wants to go to see -- it's whatever's at the top of the charts.

Rosemary: And if the charts are made up...

Raiden: Exactly.

Rosemary: But you can't really control individual taste. It's too closely tied to personality.

Raiden: I don't know about that. Trends have always been about following the leader...

Rosemary: Not necessarily.

Raiden: The age of direct personal interaction is over. So is the idea of word-of-mouth communication. Rose, you have any friends you've met online?

Rosemary: Huh? Yeah, I do.

Raiden: How many?

Rosemary: Well -- if you count only the ones I talk to a lot, I'd say about twenty.

Raiden: How many of those have you actually met?

Rosemary: One or two, tops...

Raiden: Uh-huh. That's how it is for everyone, I guess. And even if your online buddies had fake identities and were circulating false information, you'd have no way of knowing.

Rosemary: Fake identities...

Raiden: Right. And there'd be no way for you to know for sure.

Rosemary: Well, what about people who do meet face to face then -- like us?

Raiden: Us?

Rosemary: Have you ever really shown me the real you?

Raiden: ...I wouldn't even know the real me myself.

Rosemary: But you're being honest with yourself now -- well that's how I see it.

Raiden: Well, how am I being honest?

Rosemary: I've never seen you show so much -- feeling. Fear, anger, even a kind of giddiness... It may seem a strange thing to say, but you're living out loud for the first time that I've seen.

Raiden: I'm just trying to get the job done. This is war, you know.

Rosemary: I do know that. I'm just saying you're different from your usual restrained self.

Raiden: What about you, then?

Rosemary: I always want to be open with you, as much as I can...

Emma vs. Otacon, round 2

"Round 2" refers to the fact that Emma and Otacon briefly argued in a scripted event prior to the calls.

Emma vs. Otacon, round 2 (part 1)

Otacon: Okay, Raiden. Let me talk to Emma.
Raiden: Sure. One condition... no arguing.
Otacon: No problem. Put her on.
(Emma replaces Raiden on the Codec screen)
Otacon: E.E.? Is that you?
Emma: Yes. What do you want?
Otacon: Why did you get involved in weapons development?
Emma: ...
Otacon: A lot of people will get hurt... even more will die! I'm talking about the destruction of homes and cities... radioactive contamination for years to come. You of all people should know the horror of nuclear weapons! You know about our family's dark history! Why, E.E.? Why!?
Emma: You left me... you made my life a living hell!
Otacon: I didn't have a choice!
Emma: Don't lie to me! The pool... You could never look at me in the eye after the accident! You took the easy way out, so you wouldn't have to face me! That way, you could avoid responsibility every day... You ran... you ran away so you wouldn't have to face the pain!
Otacon: No... that's not why I left...
Emma: You left me and took the easy way out...
Otacon: That's not true. I left the house because...
Emma: You're a criminal! Just like me!
Otacon: A... criminal...?
Emma: I know what you did! You manipulated our account on the network...
Otacon: But...
Emma: Look at what you're doing now... You're nothing but a cracker.
Otacon: No. I'm just applying my knowledge for the cause...
Emma: The cause!? What cause!? Justice!?
Otacon: For peace, E.E.! I'm not like Snake... I can't carry a gun and face the enemy... That's why I do what I do best...
Emma: Oh, right! Nice justification, Hal! Forget about being a criminal! You'd make a great lawyer!
Snake: All right already... That's enough!

Emma vs. Otacon, round 2 (part 2)

Snake: What's up, Raiden?
Raiden: Uh...
(Emma cuts in)
Emma: Out of my way! Let me talk!
Snake: You want to talk to Otacon?
Emma: Yes.
Snake: I'll put him on...
(Otacon patches in) Otacon: Yeah... what is it?
Emma: Up to now, scientists have continued to be active participants in war. What's your opinion?
Otacon: There's no doubt that war has been an ideal event that fuels the progress of science. But therein lies the trap... We scientists must establish some sort of work ethic. It's a tragedy that both the government and the military act as sponsors to modern science.
Emma: What are you talking about!? The atom and hydrogen bombs were born from laboratories owned and operated by universities--- and private enterprises... Los Alamos and the Lawrence Livermore Labs were run by universities... There's nothing strange about that.
Otacon: Weapons development and universities... This may come as a surprise but science requires that information be exchanged freely.
Emma: You're referring to the will of Professor Oppenheimer, aren't you?
Otacon: For me, science and weapons always existed at different levels. I never thought my research results would bring about misfortune to others. That was until the Shadow Moses incident...
Emma: I have no regrets...
Otacon: That's where you are wrong. We scientists know the dangers of a nuclear threat. It's up to us to protect the people. We can't allow it to be exploited by nations or their politics... Man and nuclear weapons cannot coexist. Mere mortals were never meant to handle nuclear fusion.
Emma: Science defines me... My government respects me... Can you tell me what's wrong with that!? Can you!?
Snake: Okay. That's enough...

Emma vs. Otacon, round 2 (part 3)

Raiden: Snake...
Emma: (OFF) Let me talk to him!
Raiden: Uh, yeah.
(Emma comes on-screen)
Snake: Otacon's busy right now. You'll have to settle for me.
Emma: What...? O-okay...
Snake: Right. Now, what do you want?
Emma: Hal's wrong. Science doesn't exist to benefit the world.
Snake: Then what is it for?
Emma: Science is for the individual. For me, it is to realize my dreams.
Snake: That sounds pretty greedy.
Emma: You can't realize your dreams without greed.
Snake: And what's your dream?
Emma: Take revenge on Hal... To beat him at his own game...
Snake: Revenge?
Emma: I'm gonna make him regret the day he left me... I'm going to make him realize he was wrong!
Snake: Of all the idiotic...
Raiden: ...I think that's enough.
Emma: Idiotic!? It's my goal! My reason for being alive! Hal is wrong! He is only being used by his country! He's pitiful! Even you guys are using him! Me... I'm using science to achieve my own dream!
Snake: Real bright, lady! That's exactly the line that scientists are never meant to cross!
Emma: Right! I sold my soul for revenge! I will never forgive him!
Snake: I'll pretend this conversation never happened...
Emma: No! You tell my brother exactly what I said! You...
Snake: Emma!
Emma: W-what...?
Snake: You're speaking your mind... not your heart.
Emma: ...
Snake: Just leave it at that.
Emma: Um... Okay...
Raiden: ...


Raiden: Emma, this is about "GW" but -- is it really possible to automate this scale of censorship? Do we have that kind of computing capability?

Emma: Of course we do. And it would be impossible to do this unless it was automated. There's too much information for human beings to handle. Let's take your specialty -- military operation -- as an example, shall we? The U.S. military began to aggressively adopt the digital model in both combat and daily operations at the turn of the century.

Raiden: That's true. Battlefield networking, the Revolution in Military Affairs -- and, of course, the VR training regimen. Information is the deciding factor in the outcome of conflicts. It's because of that reality that the military's invested trillions of dollars in high-tech weapons and equipment. There's no night or day in war or information.

Emma: Right. 24-7. There's nothing that we couldn't see through electronic eyes and ears.

Raiden: And that's what gave us the capability to collect, analyze and understand tactical data in real-time...

Emma: No, just the opposite. What we ended up with was too huge a load. We knew literally everything: From the position of every platoon on both side to the number of clips every infantryman had left. As a result, nobody could figure out what the big picture meant. Not even the most experienced and skilled general could, because we're flesh and blood.

Raiden: Humans can't adapt to the information age, is that it?

Emma: Basically. No human being can make an intelligent command decision in the information overload of digitized wars. So R&D into computerized systems to assist in the process was initiated. The Defense Department tested a large-scale AI-driven system for troop logistics during the Gulf War. Apparently, they got the results they were looking for.

Raiden:...And you're saying that worldwide information censorship can be performed the same way.

Emma: Yes. It's possible, given GW's capabilities. Do you get it?

Snake goes offline

Snake: Raiden? I may have to sign off for a while.

Raiden: Anything wrong?

Snake: Just a small errand... Don't worry about it.

Raiden: What's it about?

Snake: Here goes -- I'm going offline!

Raiden's hair

Raiden: Emma -- about what you said behind that column there --

Emma: Huh? W-what are you talking about?

Raiden: Can I just say something?

Emma: Um, sure.

Raiden: This is my real hair, ok?

Emma: Uh, of course! As if I said anything about that!

Emma's injuries

Raiden: How's Emma doing?

Snake: Not very good. I can't do a detailed examination here, but it looks like the damage to her muscle tissue is equal to the actual size of the wound.

Raiden: What're you trying to say?

Snake: That there's the possibility of intestinal damage. Added to that, she's bleeding bad... losing blood pressure... She needs abdominal surgery! But this ain't the place to do it! I've plugged the wound as best as I can... but it isn't gonna be enough. She's running out of time. We have to hurry!

Arsenal Gear's security system

Otacon: I did a quick inspection... Arsenal Gear's security system is similar to the antibiotic function of a living creature's immune system. Surveillance of the inner system is handled by periodic scans using a number of agents with the capacity for detecting data that doesn't belong in the system. Once the agents detect any invading data, the information is passed on to an antibody production system. From there, a program referred to as an antibody agent is autonomously produced to neutralize or eliminate the invading data. Added to that, there's a solid barrier existing between GW's optic neural net -- -- its physical and logical base -- and the other general nets. Referred to as the Bit Brain Barrier, this wall is a filtering system for preventing the infiltration of foreign data. This security system makes it very difficult to attack the system from the outside. I'm afraid nothing can be done without sufficient preparation...

Emma's disc

Otacon: Raiden, I asked E.E. about the disc you have in your possession. Basically, it's a set of computer worm programs. Each worm is structured to mimic the data units that compose GW. As a result, GW's scan agents are unable to detect the program. In short, the program doesn't trigger GW's antibody production system. What's more, the program can penetrate the Bit Brain Barrier that surrounds GW. Once the worm program enters the neural net, it transforms the surrounding neurons. The transformed neurons become solid and can no longer function as neural nets. As time passes, the neurons transform and perish, stripping the overall system of its power to define and comprehend data. This in turn causes language disorder and memory loss, leading to the shutdown of functions as the system becomes unable to maintain itself.

How Rosemary was brought into the mission

To initiate this conversation, call Rosemary while GW is acting strangely, but before she calls admitting the truth about her being a Patriot spy.

Raiden: Rose, the Colonel is acting strange.
Rosemary: Oh? I haven't heard from him in a while.
Raiden: What do you mean? Isn't he there?
Rosemary: No, I'm by myself.
Raiden: You're telling me you've never met the guy either?
Rosemary: No -- and they blindfolded me when they brought me here.
Raiden: I've never seen his face...
Rosemary: Is everything okay?
Raiden: Yeah -- It's nothing. Don't worry about it.

About the Metal Gear RAYs

Otacon: Raiden, take a look.

Raiden: Hm... Is this the mass-production model Metal Gear RAY?

Otacon: Metal Gear RAY was originally designed by the Marines as a countermeasure against other Metal Gear variations. But the mass-produced model is only based on the Marines' design. It's been redesigned to guard Arsenal Gear. Now it protects another Metal Gear... I heard all this from Emma. It seems that the mass-production model Metal Gear RAYs have Cooperative Engagement Capability, with GW as the primary control system. Several RAYs can connect with Arsenal Gear and mutually exchange data. Within this unified domain, all RAYs can cooperatively manage threats through notification, pursuit, and interception -- all in a lifelike manner. All for one and one for all. There's no weak spot. When protected by a pack of RAYs, Arsenal Gear can move without cruisers or destroyers as escorts. Those mass-production model Metal Gear RAYs look like they're being serviced. I don't think they can move. Keep going.

The Colonel's strange behavior

Raiden: Have you found out anything about the Colonel yet? His behavior is getting stranger and stranger...

Otacon: Nope, nothing yet. Just give me a little more time.

GW weirdness

All of the following conversations take place towards the end of the game in Arsenal Gear.

Game Over

Colonel: Raiden, turn the game console off right now!

Raiden: What did you say?

Colonel: The mission is a failure! Cut the power right now!

Raiden: What's wrong with you?

Colonel: Don't worry, it's a game! It's a game just like usual.

Rosemary: You'll ruin your eyes sitting so close to the TV.

Raiden: What are you talking about!?

Colonel: Raiden, something happened to me last Thursday when I was driving home. I had a couple of miles to go -- I looked up and saw a glowing orange object in the sky, to the east! It was moving very irregularly... Suddenly, there was intense light all around me -- and when I came to, I was home. What do you think happened to me...?

Raiden: Huh?

Colonel: Fine, forget it...

"I need scissors! 61!"

Colonel: I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!


Colonel: You wouldn't be trying to give yourself a bogus score using some ingenious trick would you? That's just about as low as anyone could possibly stoop! I can't believe you sometimes...

Operation Intrude N313

Colonel: ...Infiltrate... ...the enemy fortress... ...Outer Heaven! ...Destroy... ...the final weapon... ...Metal Gear!

Variety Level 13

Colonel: Variety Level 13. Rescue Meryl, the "Return of Genola."

Sniper rifle

Colonel: You got a PSG-1? You can use that against Sniper Wolf. Hurry up and save Meryl!

Breaking the fourth wall

Colonel: Honestly, though, you have played the game for a long time. Don't you have anything else to do with your time?

President Baker

Colonel: President Baker should be somewhere to the south of where you blasted through the wall. Hurry and save him before the terrorists discover his code.

Detonation codes

Colonel: Snake, they've input both detonation codes. The only way to stop the launch now is to use the card key to re-input the codes.

Unfaithful Rosemary

Colonel: Actually, there is something I have been meaning to tell you but I just couldn't... I think you should know, though. On Saturday morning last week I saw a guy leaving Rosemary's room... How should I put it, it was like they were... "intimate." I'm sorry. Sorry to bring this up during the mission, but...

Mei Ling's encouragement

Colonel: Snake, remember what De Gaulle said: "The graveyards are full of indispensable men." Snake, you're all alone and surrounded by bad guys. Try to be careful and avoid getting into a fight whenever you can.

Colonel: Snake, like Shakespeare said: "Nought's had, all's spent, Where our desire is got without content." Basically, it means that your desire can get you into trouble if you're not careful. That goes for items too. Don't get too greedy or you might be sorry. Be careful, Snake.


Colonel: Your mission is to infiltrate the fortress Galuade, rescue the hostages and neutralize Metal Gear before its assembly is complete.

'Colonel: Snake, there's a fork in the conveyor belt. The machine is automatically sorting cargo according to some system. Take a good look at the device.

Colonel: Snake, take the power plant out. Set C4 explosives on four key points to destroy the structure.

Colonel: Snake, destroy the power plant's main turbine. It's located in the B1 floor of the plant. Break into the B1 floor.

"Go home"

Colonel: Even my patience has its limits. I just can't leave this thing up to you any longer. I'll do the fighting! You can just go home!

Financial problems

Colonel: Actually, I am in really bad shape financially. I pay money to my ex-wife as part of our divorce settlement, among other bills... I just had no choice but to make you pay for lunch the other day. I'm really sorry.

Slaughtering the enemy

Colonel: You seem to get a real thrill out of slaughtering the enemy. Are you frustrated about something?

Japanese train stations

Colonel: Kawanishi-Noseguchi, Kinunobebashi, Takiyama, Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki, Tada, Hirano, Ichinotorii, Uneno, Yamashita, Sasabe, Kofudai, Tokiwadai, Myoukenguchi.

Garden variety

Colonel: An Anemone or Clamatis plant's juice can cause a rash. When pruning them it's a good idea to wear gloves.

Former life

Colonel: I was a North American Fall Webworm in my past life. Those were the good old days... What were you in your former life?

Variety Level 7

Colonel: Variety Level 7. Shoot down the space invaders! Training will have to be postponed if we are invaded by UFOs.


Colonel: Communicator Entertainment Program Idea Spy 2.5 (Two-point-five), Episode 1. New York. Here in the city where dreams come true and desires rule, something is being bought, sold and thrown away, even as we speak. But behind the scenes of business as usual, the nefarious J.E. (Junker Expensive) Corporation lines its already bloated coffers with profits from worthless products. As J.E. swindles yet another innocent into purchasing high-priced junk... the FBI mobilizes a top-secret task force to put a stop to the menace. Now, the city's best-kept secret spy is out there, briefed and ready to protect the people from J.E., the catalogue of conspiracy -- just call him 2.5 (Two-point-five).

Big Boss

Colonel: Big Boss here. Enter [sic] the track [sic] on the bridge to the right. Over.

Colonel is eating

Colonel: Munch, munch... Um? Raiden? I'm eating right now. Get back to me later...munch, munch...

Zanzibar Land again

Colonel: I say again. Your duty is to infiltrate Zanzibar Land. And seize Kio Marf, [sic] an abducted Czechoslovakian biologist.


Colonel: That reminds me, I saw Gubayama the other day in Shibomnigee. He said to give you his best.

Socom Level 1

Colonel: Weapon Mode - Socom Level 01: Destroy all targets to reach the goal! Number of targets: 3.

Answering machine

Colonel: I'm not home right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEP!


Colonel: ZZ...zz...


Colonel: La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo! La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo! La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!

Mind the gap

Colonel: Mind the gap.

Solidus' exoskeleton

Otacon: The power suit that Solidus is wearing is a state-of-the-art exoskeleton that makes use of artificial muscle tissue. It gives the person wearing it superhuman motor skill capabilities. It's the same technology used in RAY's engine system and the Tengu soldiers' combat suits. Your skull suit uses a little bit of it, too. A number of sensors stretch between the surface and interior of the suit like a neural network. When these sensors detect an impact, the artificial muscle in the suit reacts instantaneously by automatically contracting and diffusing the damage. So you can't just chop him in half with your sword. Your suit uses the same technology. You could almost say that your suit, Solidus' suit, and Metal Gear RAY are like brothers...

Take Solidus down

Colonel: Raiden, take Solidus down! Think about Olga's child and your Rosemary! You must win!

The origin of Jack's codename

Colonel: Raiden, you have to beat Solidus! This is your last duty!

Raiden: We're not just pawns in some simulation game, you know!

Rosemary: Yes, you are. You're nothing but mere weapons. No different from fighter jets or tanks.

Raiden: What the --

Colonel: The old model destroyed four years ago was "REX"...

Rose: The new amphibious model is "RAY"...

Colonel: Both of these are the same as the code names used by the U.S. Armed Forces to refer to Japanese war planes during World War II.

Rosemary: Your code name "Raiden" too, comes from the Japanese navy's name for one of its interceptors...

Raiden: Stop it! I'm not a weapon!!

Rosemary: Oh really? Do you know the code name the U.S. Armed Forces used for the Japanese fighter "Raiden"?

Colonel: It was "Jack". Both of you are just weapons to be used and thrown away.

Rose: Just weapons to be used on the battlefield. Just pawns in a game -- exactly as you said.

Colonel: And a weapon has no right to think for itself! Now, it's time to fulfill your purpose! Defeat Solidus!

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