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This article is a list of equipment that appears in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

AP Sensor

Main article: Anti-personnel sensor

Equipping this causes your controller to vibrate when an enemy is nearby. The stronger the vibrations, the closer the enemy. If the controller doesn't have vibration settings, it'll make a beeping noise instead. The faster the beeps, the closer the enemies are.


Main article: Bandage

Consumable item which stops player characters from bleeding and gradually losing LIFE as a result.


Main Article: Battle Dress Uniform

Body Armor

Main article: Body armor

Item which halves the damage taken by enemy fire and attacks when equipped.



Main article: Camera

Cardboard Box

Main article: Cardboard box

Cell Phone

Main article: Cell Phone


Main article: Cigarette

Item which can be used to detect the direction of infrared security beams. Do be warned that prolonged use of cigarettes by the player's character will mimic the effects of cigarettes in real life, by gradually depleting the player's LIFE gauge.

Directional Microphone

Main article: Directional Microphone

Item which allows the player to eavesdrop on character dialogue which would otherwise be out of earshot.

Dog Tags

Lv PAN Card


Main article: Cold Medicine

Mine Detector

Main article: Mine detector

Allows the player to detect mines by making them appear on the radar when equipped

MO Disk

Night Vision Goggles

Main article: Night vision goggles


Main article: Pentazemin

Consumable Item which prevents player character hands from shaking whilst aiming their weapons while in 1st person view. Especially useful when the player if wielding the PSG1 sniper rifle.


Main article: Ration

Consumable item which restores player LIFE. When equipped, in addition to restoring health, rations can also prevent the player from dying, when the LIFE gauge falls to zero.


Sensor A

Sensor B


Main article: Shaver

Thermal Goggles

Main article: Thermal goggles

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