Strut A, Deep Sea Dock

When you start at the Deep Sea Dock, the first thing you'll want to do is to jump into the water and swim to the bottom to find the THERMAL GOGGLES, its on the right side of the pool, on the wall, and is quite easy to miss. The second thing you should do in this room is to flip over the railing and climb past the chain link fence, then jump back up and pick up the SHAVER (the SHAVER only appears when playing on difficulty level Hard or above). If you get it, Raiden will give it to Snake when you meet him and later in the game he will have shaved his stubble. Then equip the THERMAL GOGGLES and you should see a red rotating block on the bottom of bunch of shelves (very easy mode, it will be on the other side of the chain link fence on easy mode, it will not appear in any other mode). Crawl to pick it up. It is an M9. Then, go up the steps and open the middle locker to find a RATION. Open the door and listen to the CODEC conversation. Then go down the corridor and enter the room. Walk over the KO-ed guards, if you have the M9, tranquilize them. Log into the Node, which looks like a computer. Once you've finished entering your details, the guards will start to wake up if you didn't tranquilize them, so hurry and hide somewhere, and when the elevator comes down, get on it.

Strut A, Roof

Pick up the BANDAGE and go over to the chain link fence in the upper left hand corner. Crawl through the hole in the fence and go through the nearby door to the south.

Strut A, Pump Room

Go down the stairs and watch the cut-scene that shows you where the Node is. Knock on the wall to distract the guard, sneak past him and go and log in at the Node. If you like, you can tranquilize him or simply kill him by snapping his neck. When you're done, exit through the door on the left. Don't forget to check the lockers wherever you go.

A-B Connecting Bridge

After watching the cutscene, you can do 4 things:

  1. Do what the Colonel said. Simply hang over either railing and shimy across to the other side.
  2. Hold up one of the guards, then kill either one.
  3. Tranquilize both of them when the opportunity arises.
  4. If you're looking for a thrill, tap on the wall when one of the guards are near you and press Square with no weapons equipped and put him in a chokehold. Tap Square repeatedly when you have him in the hold. Then do the same thing to the other guard.
  5. Crouch behind the railing on either the left or right side, depending on which guard you wish to take out. Wait until one of their patrol routes brings them right up to the end of the walkway their on, facing you. Once they turn around, stand up and begin following them. Once you reach the portions of the walkway with pannels that will make noise whenever you walk on them, you'll want to cartwheel over each of them. After you've reached the guard, he'll be facing away from you. If done correctly this gives you an oportunity to put him into a chokehold and take him out.

There is a RATION in this rectangular area in front of you when you are on the bridge.

Strut B, Transformer Room

Walk forward and watch the very long cut-scene. When it's over log on to the node, get the SOCOM bullets next to the node, go up the stairs to pick up the SOCOM SPPR (very easy mode only, can be found in Strut F on any other difficulty). Then go through the door at the other end of the room.

B-C Connecting Bridge

Watch another cut-scene then cross the bridge. You can pick up the CHAFF GRENADES on the remaining stub of the bridge (watch out, you can fall down easily here) that connects Struts B and C to the Shell 1 Core. You should leave the area ASAP, as a Cypher drone will show up if you are still at the bridges for a certain amount of time.

Strut C, Dining Hall

Walk down the corridor and a cut-scene will start. You'll receive the COOLANT SPRAY, SENSOR A and a LEVEL 1 CARD KEY. Once the cut-scene is over, go to the other end of the room and log in at the Node. Take the RATION under the table and then leave the room and go back down the corridor and go into the toilets on the right. Approach the mirror, equip the COOLANT SPRAY, look up into the right-hand corner and spray the bomb until it is defused, check all the cubicles for items, there should be SOCOM AMMO, PENTAMAZIN and M9 AMMO. The bomb can be tricky to see, here's a video to its location. Leave the toilets and go back up the corridor and leave through the door at the other end.

C-D Connecting Bridge

Run across the bridge, but be cautious as there is a security camera, shoot it or use a CHAFF GRENADE. Enter the door into the next area.

You can also hug the wall and go past.

Strut D, Sediment Pool

Go down the steps, shoot the guard and toss him in the water (there are a few places where you can do that). Avoid doing so if you can, as HQ will send an attack team if the guard on the lower level doesn't report to HQ. Now go down the next set of stairs and round to the Node. Log in then go all the way round the other side. Open the hatch to find the bomb and use the COOLANT SPRAY on it, on the hard mode there will be 2 bombs, the second is under the hatch at the bottom of the stairs. Once they're defused, go back up the stairs, round to the right and through the door.

D-E Connecting Bridge

Go down the stairs to the lower level of the bridge to avoid the guard looking down from the opposite roof. Cross the bridge, pick up the STUN GRENADES and SOCOM AMMO, then go up the stairs and through the door that leads into the next area.

Strut E, Parcel Room, 1F

Crawl across the room to reach the Node in the top right corner and log in, pick up the AMMO under the shelves before the node. Now carefully head towards the stairs on the left side of the room and go down them to pick up the MINE DETECTOR. Head back up the stairs and go to the opposite side of the room where you will find some stairs - go up these and go through the door. If you are playing on hard mode there will be a bomb on one of the boxes in circulation on the conveyor belt, stand in any area with the COOLANT equipped and spray it as soon as you see it.

  • Shortcut: Getting the Digital Camera

If you go to the loading area for the boxes (located at the south-most area in the room. It has 3 lights on it), climb on it and put box 5 on (You find it at the north area of the room). The light will change to orange and then blue. Then walk onto the belt and it will take you to another area in Strut E. In there you will find the Digital Camera. You can get out the way you came in. Any other box you find will take you to a different strut like...

  • Box 1 will take you to Strut C
  • Box 2 will take you to Strut B
  • Box 3 will take you to Strut A
  • Box 4 will take you to Strut F

Strut E, Heliport

Walk forward and around the corner to watch a cut-scene. Go up the large flight of stairs onto the heliport. Go up to the Harrier jet and crawl under the landing gear to find the next bomb. Freeze it with the COOLANT SPRAY. Head back down the stairs and through the door back into the Parcel Room. Then go through the Southeast door at the bottom, which will lead you through a short corridor that brings you outside.

E-F Connecting Bridge

Look out for the Gun CYPHERS on this bridge and activate the MINE DETECTOR. Before you get too far across, turn around, look up and shoot the guard looking down before he spots you. Crawl along the ground to pick up the Claymores before going through the door at the other end. If the Cyphers are getting on your nerves, shoot them (you can get them with one shot, if you hit the lower part) or use a CHAFF GRENADE to jam their electronics. Unfortunately this makes your MINE DETECTOR useless. To get around this, simply crawl the entire length of the bridge and any mines you encounter will automatically be picked up. Easy!

Strut F, Warehouse

Look out for the guard and go round the corner to the left. You can see the room below - behind the crates on the left is the next C4 bomb. Flip over the rail above the bomb and drop down between the crates. Now use the COOLANT SPRAY on it then climb out of the stack of crates. Go down the corridor and into the small room on the left to find a Node. Log in. After that look behind you. There will be a ventilation duct. Crawl through that until you reach another room. In that room will be the SOCOM SPPR if you don't have it already. Make sure you don't go straight to the left after exiting the crate heap, or you will find yourself on the F-A CONNECTING BRIDGE, but there is something we need to do first. Anyway, after logging in, pick up the items in the Warehouse. Make sure you visit the upstairs section and search the rooms for the M9 if you don't have it yet. After picking up the tranquillizer, go through either door on the left (one upstairs and one downstairs) into the next section.

F-A Connecting Bridge

Now that we're here, cross the bridge quickly, shooting both the Cypher and the guard on the way. Be sure to pick up the CHAFF GRENADES, STUN GRENADES, and SOCOM BULLET x12 along the way if you need it.

Strut A, Pump Room

Once back in here again, head towards the bottom of the screen and enter the next room. Go down the right-hand side and go over the small flight of steps next to the pipes. Crawl left under the pipes. When you reach a red pipe, crawl down, following the red pipe. Here you will find the next bomb, so use the COOLANT SPRAY on it (video walkthrough to the location). Once you've frozen it, watch the Codec conversation. Once it has finished, exit the room and go through the top-left hand door onto the A-B CONNECTING BRIDGE.

A-B Connecting Bridge

Quickly shoot the guards with your M9. Be sure to shoot them in the head, and make sure you take them both out before you get spotted. Go through the door at the end.

Strut B, Transformer Room

Head down the corridor and into the room where you first met Pliskin. Head to the top of the room near the door and examine the fuse box. You will notice that one of the doors is up against the wall next to the door. Give it a good kick so it will fall down, or just close it to reveal the next C4 bomb (video walkthrough to this location). Once again, use the COOLANT SPRAY on it. After the Codec conversation, head past the next area (B-C CONNECTING BRIDGE) and enter STRUT C, DINING HALL.

Strut C, Dining Hall

Head into the room where you met Peter Stillman and go into the pantry he was hiding in to find SENSOR B. After the Codec conversation, you will have 400 seconds to head over to STRUT A, DEEP SEA DOCK. If you've forgotten how to get there, run back to STRUT A, PUMP ROOM and go up the stairs onto STRUT A, ROOF. Get on the elevator and you will be taken down to STRUT A, DEEP SEA DOCK. Run through the storage room into the very first room you started in (the one where you found the SHAVER). Try and be very quick getting there, because if you don't make it, you'll be sleeping with the fishes. In other words, game over, you're dead! Once there, look under the mini-sub above the pool of water to find the bomb, so use the COOLANT SPRAY on it, on very easy mode, you can try spraying it from the south side of the pool, while crouching, or from the north side of the pool, jump over the railing to hang and shimmy to the east, then jump back up to get the to the small cage with the dive suits and a pedestal, crouch from the pedestal to reach the bomb, be careful not to fall over the pool. Once the Codec conversation is over, head into the storage room (the one with the first Node) for your second Boss fight against Fortune.


Fortune vs. raiden

Raiden Vs. Fortune

This is a strange fight, as Fortune can't be killed, so all you have to do is survive. She'll fire her railgun in your direction that will destroy whatever you happen to be hiding behind, so keep moving at all times. Try to keep out of Fortune's vision as much as you can, and NEVER STAND STILL. There is some SOCOM AMMO dotted about to try and lure you into Fortune's vision, so just ignore them as you'll just get blown to bits. Once you get a Codec call from the Colonel about Fatman, then the fight will be over. You can pick up the SOCOM ammo after the battle if you like.

Strut A, Roof

Once the cut-scene is over and you're on the roof, you will have another 500 seconds to reach STRUT E, HELIPORT. Before you move, however, equip your MINE DETECTOR as mines have been placed on the roof. Make your way quickly to STRUT E (press START to bring up the map screen if you get lost.

Strut E, Heliport

Once you get up here by going through the Parcel Room, head up to the Heliport by going up the stairs. Pick up the SOCOM AMMO and approach the bomb in the centre of the Heliport and use the COOLANT SPRAY on it. You will now be thrown into your next Boss fight with Fatman.


Fatman will randomly place a few C4 bombs around the roof and you must use SENSOR A to find them and use the COOLANT SPRAY to defuse them before the time runs out, so keep on your toes. Once you've finished with the bombs, follow Fatman around. When he stops for a breather, or any time just shoot him a few times until he falls over. Once he's on the floor, as soon as you see him start getting up shoot him in the head thus giving you much more time. If you're quick you may be able to get more than one shot in. When he gets up, he'll skate off and plant some more bombs - so be alert. He will occasionally pull out a gun and shoot at you, so have your RATIONS ready. Fatman likes to put bombs under the shipping containers, also on top of the shipping containers and on the back where you cannot see them without being in first person. ( If you punch him [until he falls down] when he is placing bombs; he will stop at 1 and place NO MORE. This is especially useful when playing on hard or extreme.) Also, you can place some claymores on the floor, so the explosion gets Fatman off his toes and you can attack.

Keep doing this over and over until he runs out of life, a cut-scene will start. Once the cut-scene is over, you will realize that there is one more bomb to defuse. This bomb will be under Fatman. To find it, simply drag Fatman's body away from the bomb. When his body drops, Peter Stillman's Dog Tag will drop. Fatman can only be dragged to a certain distance from the bomb. Once you've found the bomb, freeze it and watch the codec conversation. .

Strut E, Heliport

Head towards the stairs and a cut-scene will start in which you meet the mysterious Ninja, Mr. X. He'll give you a LEVEL 2 CARD KEY, B.D.U., and a CELL PHONE. Once the cut-scene is over, head back to the Parcel Room.

Strut E, Parcel Room 1F

Avoid the guards and head through the door at the bottom onto the E-F CONNECTING BRIDGE.

E-F Connecting Bridge

Avoid or shoot the annoying Cyphers and go through the door on the other side of the bridge.

Strut F, Warehouse

There are now three rooms in here that you can access using the LEVEL 2 CARD KEY, two on the upper level and one on the lower level. Head round the corner to the first room and collect the C4 and CLAYMORES from inside. Now exit the room and head over to the left to find the other room which contains the M4, M4 AMMO and PSG1 AMMO (hidden in duct on the left side of the room - you won't be able to get this yet). Be aware that there are Semtex explosives in the room. The control unit for thr IR sensor will be on top of the locker closest to the door. Alternatively, it is possible to crawl under the IR beams (use the cigarettes or fire extinguisher as a guide) . Head downstairs via the upper right stairwell, and into the northeastern most door on the bottom floor. Inside this room you'll find the AKS-74u, AKS-74u AMMO, SOCOM AMMO and M4 AMMO. Now go back upstairs and through the door to the bridge.

E-F Connecting Bridge

Once again, look out for the Gun Cyphers and when you're halfway across go left towards the core. The bridge panels will fall when you are on them, but as long as you are running, you're safe. If you want to leave the bridge intact, then you can lean on the railing and either shimmy across on the bridge or shimmy across beneath the railing. Caution! If you move slowly through the bridge, the Cyphers coming from South- and North-West might see you, and if they shoot you, you might fall through a trapdoor. If you need to, pick up the AKS-74u AMMO near the entrance. You can equip the B.D.U and AKS-74u now if you like, but this is optional.

Shell 1 Core, 1F

Once inside, you should equip your B.D.U and AKS-74u so you don't have to worry about the camera that's in front of the door. When you have left the corridor, go to the room south of you. There will be a node you can log in from there. Some C4, M9 AMMO, CHAFF GRENADES, and a BOOK will be in that room as well. Once you are done with logging in and scavenging for items, leave the room via the door the your left. After you have left the room, you'll be on the left hand side of 1F. At the midpoint of the straightaway, there will be the door to the B-C Connecting bridge. You won't be able to get to the B-C Connecting bridge from there since the door is shut down. There will be some SOCOM AMMO there if you need it. Once you have passed the entrance/exit to the B-C Connecting bridge, head towards the elevator. You'll be okay if you still have the B.D.U and AKS-74u equipped, as the camera will give you access to the elevator. Once inside the elevator, press the button 'B2'.

Shell 1 Core, B2: Computer Room

Head through one of the doors and down to the computer room. First log into the Node in the top right-hand corner of the room and pick up BOX 4, AKS-74u AMMO and the DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE over on the left and the BANDAGE from beneath the desk. You can also get a lot of BOOKS from the lockers on the left side of the area, just kick the leftmost locker with the BOOKS on top of it and they will drop down. Collect these as they will be important for later on. Now return to the elevator and press the button to get to B1.

Shell 1 Core, B1

Head right into the small room and log into the Node. Exit the room, grab the patrolling guard from behind and drag him over to the retinal scanner. Watch the cut-scene and you'll find yourself in the hall where the hostages are being held. Go downstairs and search for Ames using the DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE to listen for his pacemaker, which makes a beeping sound to accompany his heartbeat. He usually has almost-shoulder length brown hair. Once you find him press TRIANGLE to talk to him and watch the cut-scene, during which Ames will give you a LEVEL 3 CARD KEY. When it's over you'll have ten seconds to equip your AKS-74u (if you get out your M9 and try and take Ocelot's dog tags, it will not work) before Ocelot arrives, but don't move anywhere or else you'll be discovered. Another cut-scene will start and when it's over you'll be back in the corridor, minus your balaclava, so the guards will shoot you on sight. Head back to the lift and go to 1F.

Shell 1 Core, 1F

Shoot or avoid the guards and cameras and head back out to the bridge.

E-F Connecting Bridge

Cross the bridge, which will partially collapse again and head down to STRUT F first (you get the LEVEL 3 CARD KEY from Ames) In that strut search the top floor for LEVEL 3 rooms. Search everywhere and you will find the PSG1 and the RGB6, with additional ammo for both.

Strut F, Warehouse

You can now gain access to the three remaining rooms upstairs in this area. In them you'll find the PSG1 and RGB6 along with ammo for them. The PSG1-T is in the vent in the same room as the standard PSG1 (normal difficulty or below). Once you've picked them all up head back out to the bridge and head to STRUT D.

Strut D, Sediment Pool

Go down the stairs and through the door at the top-centre.

Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge

The whole bridge is covered in Semtex bombs. Take out your PSG1 and shoot the control units to disable them. Use some PENTAZEMIN if you need it. The control units are located as follows:

  • Above the door behind you.
  • Two at the bottom of the stairs in front of you.
  • On the tank on the bridge.
  • On the left side of the door opposite.
  • On the right side of the door opposite.
  • Behind the flag on the left.
  • On the Cypher flying over Shell 2. (DON'T shoot the Cypher before destroying it's control unit or you'll have to start again.)
  • On the left side of the bridge.
  • On the ledge below and to the right of the bridge.

In the Tanker Chapter there is the part where you have to take out 3 IR Sensors for the Semtex, there is a twist this time. You can't move ahead as you take out the first one. To move ahead, you have to take out all of the sensors.

On very easy they were found to be as follows:

  • One at the bottom of the stairs in front of you.
  • On the tank on the bridge.
  • On the left side of the door opposite.
  • On the Cypher flying over Shell 2.
  • On the left side of the bridge.

Once they're all disabled, walk forward and a cut-scene will start. When it ends, get ready for a tough Boss fight.



Raiden Vs. Harrier

Grab the STINGER and STINGER MISSILES then aim for the Harrier and let off a couple of rockets. The Harrier will fly off for brief periods then come back with all guns blazing or do a fly-by (open for an attack), the force of which will knock you down. It also attacks you with missiles and a mini-gun which both need to be avoided to escape serious damage. There is more cover on the lower level of the bridge, but it then makes the Harrier harder to hit. Keep hitting it with rockets until it goes down. Pliskin will throw down some RATIONS and more missiles when you need them. Always make sure you are aiming at the Harrier, so you do not mistake it for the Kasatka (yes, it happens; the game is over if you destroy the Kasatka) and, if you have the time, and skills to survive, switch weapons so Pliskin gives you ammo for free. When you see the cutscene of the Harrier about to blow up the bridge, hang over the right railing and you won't receive any damage. You can also hang on the middle rails and right as the airstrike is about to blow everything up you jump back over and you won't receive damage.

There is a RATION on the stairs to the lower part of the connecting bridge, but it is not a good idea to get it since the stairs fall off. The bridge is now destroyed so walk towards the rail on the right. Flip over it and shimmy along until you're over the pipe. Drop down onto it and walk along it (watch not to slip on the bird 'stuff'), before climbing up the ledge on the right at the end. Another way is to somersault across the bridge and put out the fire with your Coolant. That is how you get a suppressor for the AKS-74u. Then get on the ledge and head round the side of the building on the ledge, but watch out as some sections of the walkway will collapse. Once you get round the corner flip over the rail and drop onto the bridge below.

L-G Connecting Bridge

Shoot the guards with a non-lethal weapon on the other section of the bridge and go along the walkway. Cartwheel over the first gap, then hang from the rail and shimmy past the second one. Climb the ladder at the end. Be careful of this. It is more difficult than it looks.

Strut L, Perimeter

Head along the walkway looking out for the loose sections and avoiding the guards looking through the windows. When you come to the collapsed section around the corner, crouch and hug the wall to get past it and under the obstacle. Round the next corner a short cut-scene will show a guard bursting for a slash. He then proceeds to take one over the side, so hug the wall to avoid the stream (nothing happens if you walk through it, but you can call Colonel for a funny conversation if the stream is hitting you). Go round the corner and flip over the railing to get down to the bridge.

K-L Connecting Bridge

Pick up the AKS-74u AMMO then cross the bridge and pick up the RATION from the other end. Go up the stairs, look out for the Cyphers and pick up the PSG1 AMMO and CHAFF GRENADES from the doorway of STRUT K. Now use a CHAFF GRENADE to put the Cyphers temporarily out of action then go to the bridge leading to the Shell 2 Core. Cartwheel across the first gap, flip over the rail and shimmy past the second one (if you're hardcore, you can cartwheel through this one too) and enter the door to get into the Core.

Shell 2 Core 1F, Air Purification Room

Once inside you'll see some cut-scenes and Codec conversations. When you're in control again go down the stairs on the left and up again on the other side. Go up the corridor and into the room on the right to find the Node. Enter the lift and ride it to B1.

Shell 2 Core B1, Filtration Chamber No. 1

Get out of the lift and log into the Node on the right. Now go down the stairs and into the water. Swim straight down to the end of the corridor and grab the NIKITA and use the air pocket at the top if you need to. Now swim back and return to the lift. Head back to 1F. ( It is also possible to find the corpse of Peter Stillman floating in a room to the bottom right of B1. )

Shell 2 Core 1F, Air Purification Room

Go down the corridor then down the steps. Get up onto the container and fire a Nikita missile into the vent. Fly the missile through the vent and into the room where the President is. Be careful not to hit him. Aim to destroy the transformer in the corner. This will turn off the electricity on the floor leading into the room with the President allowing you to enter. When you do a series of cutscenes will trigger which the President will fill you in on the events so far, he also gives you a LEVEL 4 CARD KEY and the MO DISC. Exit the room and watch another long, awesome cut-scene. Once it's over return to the elevator and ride it to B1.

Shell 2 Core B1, Filtration Chamber No. 1

Get back into the water and get swimming, taking the first right you come to. Take the second left, swim down the corridor and take the next left. Use any air pockets you come to. Go through the doorway on the right then go left, and then right again. Look out for the mines here and open the door at the end. In this room, make your way through the debris, using any air pockets you need to. Be sure to stop at the second air pocket to get the PSG1-T. Open the door at the end. Go up the stairs and through the door for your next Boss fight against Vamp.


First things first - don't fall in the water in the center of the room or else you won't be coming back up. Vamp himself moves around quite a lot and can be pretty hard to hit. First of all, shoot all the four lights which are pointing to the area were you are walking, so Vamp can't catch you with his shadow knives. He will be in one of three places - in the water, on your level or on the catwalk above. Deflect his knives by shooting them in FPV. When he's in the water you can try hitting him with the RGB6 but it's not easy. You can also hit the water with the STINGER weapon to drain his STAMINA and to get him come up faster. When he's on your level, use the NIKITA, STINGER or any other bullet-based guns. Use the same weapons if he's on the catwalk above as well. When Vamp glows red he can dodge bullet-based attacks so stick to rockets. His attacks mainly consist of throwing blades at you but when he's on your level he may charge at you and use his knife. He also has a freeze attack which can paralyze you for a few seconds, leaving you open to attack. Though he can't use them if you have shot all the lights out. Stock up on ammo and RATIONS, dodge his attacks the best you can and you'll eventually beat him. Or, you can beat him VERY EASILY, but it can be quite boring. Plant a C4 by a railing, flip over the side and wait. Vamp will approach you and crouch, ready to attack. He should be right by the C4 so detonate it, blowing him into the water. Flip back onto the catwalk, plant another C4, flip back over and wait for him again. This method can take a while, but you won't get hit very much at all. You can also plant ONE claymore on one side of the "pool" (try not stepping on it) so if Vamp attacks from that side, he goes to the water. Also, shoot from with the RGB6 the instant he comes from the water to your level. If you can shoot a grenade into the "pool" first, and instantly knock Vamp off when coming out of the water, you will deal some serious damage. It is actually easier to defeat him with a stamina kill. All you have to do is shoot him with the M9 when you can, and when he's on your level, do the punch-punch-kick-kick combo. It knocks off almost a quarter of his stamina.

The easiest and fastest way to kill him is to lay down in the corner by the north door, wait for him to start walking towards you and guide a Nikita missile at his feet (and repeat.) Keep an eye on your radar. If done correctly he will never get an attack on you and the battle will be over fairly quick.

Once the fight is over, you need to rescue Emma, so leave the room. Pick up the RATION (flip over the northmost rail to get it) and go down the stairs into the water. Look out for the mines and swim right through the door then go immediately right again. Take the second left and pick up the BODY ARMOUR then go back and right through the next door to find a set of stairs leading out of the water. Go through the door at the top and log into the Node. Pick up the PENTAZEMIN then open the lockers to find a BOOK, some C4 and Emma. Watch the cut-scene, then you have to guide Emma back the way you came through the water - head for the room where you fought Vamp. When you get out of the water before the room where you fought Vamp press and hold TRIANGLE to hold Emma's hand and guide her. Once inside the room watch another cut-scene. Guide her out of the room and head back to the lift. Emma can't hold her breath as long as you, so be sure to stop at every air pocket to restore your O2 gauges. If Emma loses health then wait a while to let it restore.

Shell 2 Core 1F, Air Purification Room

Take out all the guards here and lead Emma back out to the bridge that you used to get into the Core.

K-L Connecting Bridge

Shoot the Cyphers then lead Emma across the now repaired bridge. Go towards the flames and extinguish them using the COOLANT SPRAY. Now head to the door beyond where the flames were and watch the cut-scene in which Emma gives you a LEVEL 5 CARD KEY.

Strut L, Sewage Treatment Facility

Pick up the SOCOM AMMO, and leave Emma here for the next bit. Proceed forward and take out the two guards. Now go back and fetch Emma. Lead her through the other door (not the one that you just came through) and you will see another cut-scene.

Strut L, Oil Fence

You must now provide covering fire for Emma as she crosses the oil fence. Use the PSG1, take some PENTAZEMIN and put on the THERMAL GOGGLES. Shoot the Claymores that are in her path, then concentrate on taking out guards and Cyphers. Emma moves very slowly and it takes her a while to get across so be patient. There are some PSG1-T bullets nearby and if you run low on ammo, then more will appear. When Emma gets to the second fence Snake calls you up to say that he's in position to give covering fire. Call him up and he will say he will show you some 'real sniping'. Any enemy you aim for (guard or Cypher), Snake will blast away at it, but help him if there are too many for him to handle. On the third section of the fence are some more Claymores, so take them out before Emma gets there or it's game over. When Emma gets about halfway across the third fence a cut-scene starts and Vamp reappears. He holds Emma hostage so you need to put a few bullets in his face (it is easier to hit him if you aim for the right shoulder. It presents a much larger target the chest. If you found the place, you can shoot him almost continuously if you aim there). Be careful not to hit Emma. Pop some PENTAZEMIN and get shooting. Once he's dead, watch the cut-scene.

Strut E, Material Distribution Facility

Once the cut-scene ends you'll be back in Strut E with 300 seconds to get to Shell 1 Core, B2. Take the Digital Camera from the LEVEL 5 room and go up the stairs. Pick up the SOCOM AMMO and then go through the door on the left. Go up the stairs into the Parcel Room and use the door on the bottom right to get out to the bridge.

E-F Connecting Bridge

Shoot the Cyphers then head over and into Core. Watch out for gaps in the bridge!

Shell 1 Core, 1F

Head inside and turn on your MINE DETECTOR as some Claymores have been laid. Go into the elevator and watch the cut-scene during which you'll be placed inside Arsenal Gear.

Arsenal Gear, Stomach

More lengthy cut-scenes during which Solidus will try to strangle you. Press TRIANGLE/Y in rapid succession to hold your breath and survive this torture. Eventually you'll be released so pick up the RATION from under the desk, open the locker to find some COLD MEDICINE then go through the door. Log into the Node then head through the next door.

Arsenal Gear, Jejunum

The Colonel will now keep calling you with increasingly strange messages. You can ignore them but some are worth listening to for sheer comedy value. Make your way to the other end of this long room, avoiding guards as you go. Try to be undetected as the guards have the Tengu suits and have superhuman abilities and, since you are naked, you receive more damage from bullets. Go up the stairs at the end, avoid the guards and cameras up here then go down the corridor on the right and through the door at the end.

Arsenal Gear, Ascending Colon

Once in here, answer every Codec call you receive until Rose calls, after which there will be a cut-scene. Snake gives you all your equipment back plus the HIGH FREQUENCY BLADE. You get to have a practice with it for a short while, just make sure you don't slash Snake by mistake (if you do, however, Snake will shoot at you and call you a "moron"). When Snake starts shooting at you, you can practice deflecting bullets. Also, if you like, try knocking out Snake. In the case that you do knock him out, pick up his body and drop it numerous times. Eventually, he'll drop a dog tag. But take care not to kill him as this will result in a game over. After a while, a cut-scene will start.

Arsenal Gear, Ileum

You must make your way through this room while killing every one of the truck loads of guards, Snake will also help you. Use the M4 or AKS-74u and whenever you run out of ammo, Snake will give you more. Also, put on the BODY ARMOUR to give you some more protection. Use the various crates as cover and advance with Snake. At the end, the 'ALERT' bar will go down, after which you can go through the door (The Arsenal Tengu guards can reflect bullets with their swords. This is one of the best opportunities to use the sword that Snake gives you).

Arsenal Gear, Sigmoid Colon

Pick up the RATION and go through the doorway into the circular room. Watch the cut-scene and kill the hoards of guards that surround you. While Snake blasts away at them, use your HIGH FREQUENCY BLADE to kill the soldiers, as it gives you more freedom of movement. At some point, the 'Mission Failed' screen will appear, but it says 'Fission Mailed' instead. Don't worry you haven't died, just continue fighting using the small screen in the corner until it returns to normal. After a few minutes of hardcore fighting, a cut- scene will ensue.

Arsenal Gear, Rectum

The cut-scenes will continue here for a while until some Metal Gear RAYs arrive - this is your next Boss fight.


The only weapon you need here is the STINGER. You'll start against three Metal Gears, which mainly fire rockets and machine guns at you. Chuck a CHAFF GRENADE every now and again to scramble their radars and prevent them from using rockets against you. The best way to kill them is to shoot them in the leg first, making them open their big, metal mouths. Fire a rocket into their mouth (be quick) to do some serious damage. Take cover between a RAY's legs, so that no missile can hit you, but be careful not getting hit by the water jet cutter. Whenever they try to stomp you or jump near you, do a flip to avoid damage. Damage all three equally until one jumps into the centre, where you can finish it off. Do not waste stingers on any RAY you have already eliminated. Another will then jump into the centre. Avoid it's feet as it can stamp on you and kill you. Since you've already damaged it, it won't take too much to destroy it. When one is destroyed, another will appear and take it's place. If you run low on RATIONS and AMMO, more will appear in the centre as the fight progresses. Once you've destroyed the required number (3 on Very Easy/Easy, 6 on Normal, 12 on Hard, 20 on Extreme/European Extreme), another cut-scene will start.

After you kill RAY Olga will come and try to protect you then she gets the torture session but more action after this gruesome death scene this will happen...

You'll have to survive another torture session from Solidus, so tap TRIANGLE repeatedly to hold you breath. If you have a Turbo controller, now's the time to use it. This method does not work on extreme or hard so try it. I just use body armor then just dodge the attacks and hit them with the Stinger. That's the best way to do it.

Federal Hall

After yet another cut-scene you'll end up here.


This is the final battle and all you can use is the High Frequency Blade (If used in non lethal mode, the HF Blade deals the proportional damage as if used lethally). Solidus is very good at blocking and most of the time it's tough to hit him. The best thing to do is punch and kick him, then slash him a couple of times while he's off balance. Whenever you block or avoid his attacks, slash him as much as you can. The cartwheel can also be effective, so use that as often as you can. He has some nasty attacks that you'll want to avoid - he slides across the ground, leaving a trail of fire as he goes (cartwheel if you catch fire), he uses his tentacle arms to strangle you (press TRIANGLE as usual, you can also try rotating R3 as fast as you can to struggle loose which also leaves Solidus open for an attack). He also jumps up, grabs the wall and launches himself back down on top of you, and fires missiles from his tentacles which, fortunately for you, can be easily avoided. When Solidus fires the missiles from his tentacles, keep a bit of distance until he fires his 3rd missile, then cartwheel next to him avoiding the 4th missile and you can easily strike him with your blade and as soon as he falls gain some distance and repeat the process. At some point during the fight Solidus will discard his tentacle arms and start charging across the roof. There is a RATION in the top corner if you need it. Be careful not to fall off the roof - Raiden will sometimes hold on, but not always. Once he's defeated, watch the REALLY long cut-scenes.

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