To Start the walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, we start off with the controls for the game.



The PlayStation 2 controller

These are the controls for the game.

  • RIGHT ANALOG STICK: Change Camera Angle
  • TRIANGLE: Action
  • SQUARE: Use weapon/throw or choke (when no weapon is equipped)
  • CIRCLE (O): Punch/confirm
  • CROSS (X): Crouch/crawl/cancel
  • R1: First person view
  • R2: Equip weapon/peek right (in corner view)
  • L1: Lock on/aim and run
  • L2: Equip item
  • START: Pause/display map (in Plant only)
  • SELECT: Codec


Pressing up against a wall

By walking into a wall and holding that direction Snake will press up against the wall. This makes him able to get a better view of doorways and Hide in small gaps.


Lockers often contain useful items and can be used for hiding in. A locker can usually be opened by standing in front of it and pressing the Action (TRIANGLE) button. for lockers that can not be opened if you punch it enough times the door will either fall into the locker (blocking it) or out, Allowing you to get inside it (note: falling doors can knock Snake over so get out of its way).

Once the door is open by pressing up against it Snake will automatically close the door. Knocked out Enemies can also be hidden in lockers by dragging them into an open locker and pressing up against the back wall.



By using the CIRCLE button you are able to perform some simple combinations. Tapping it once causes Snake to punch once. Tapping it twice will make him do two quick punches. Tapping it three times will cause him to do the two quick punches and a kick. The kick is different for Snake and Raiden. To perform the different combinations requires practice, as tapping away at the CIRCLE Button usually gets interpreted during the full combination.

Shooting from cover

By pressing up against a wall by a corner and then pressing L1 button Snake will go around the corner and you can shoot as normal by pressing SQUARE. Releasing L1 will make snake return to cover behind the corner


Guards can be grabbed by walking up behind them with no weapon equipped and by holding down SQUARE. Tapping the button will cause Snake to choke them leading to the guard either becoming unconscious or if you do it rapidly enough snake will snap their neck. throws are accomplished in a similar way by pressing square while Snake is moving.

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