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Drama CD Metal Gear Solid Vol. 1


Drama CD Metal Gear Solid Vol. 2

The Metal Gear Solid audio drama is a spinoff of the Metal Gear Solid video game released only in Japan. It was broadcast in weekly segments on a syndicate radio program called Club db, which aired on the radio station Nippon Cultural Broadcasting (JOQR) and its affiliates. The drama lasted twelve installments, which aired between October 24, 1998 and January 9, 1999. The drama was then collected in two albums, Drama CD Metal Gear Solid Vol. 1, released on December 4, 1998; and Drama CD Metal Gear Solid Vol. 2, released on January 8, 1999.

While the audio drama did not receive an official release it saw an english translation by Juan. With his consent, an updated script was uploaded to MGS TUS by Marc Laidlaw. This script was used years later for a fandubbed version uploaded by Josh Griffiths.[1] Prior to this, Marc had been hoping do his own fandub with an updated translation.[2]

The drama focuses Solid Snake, Roy Campbell, Meryl Silverburgh and Mei Ling as they participate in various missions following the events of the Shadow Moses Incident. The stories are not considered part of the Metal Gear canon, but are instead sidestories depicting hypothetical situations. The drama was directed by Shuyo Murata and written by the series' military adviser Motosada Mori. Yoji Shinkawa also provided the artwork for the liner notes.


Character Voice Actor Fandub Actor
Solid Snake

Akio Ōtsuka

Cliff Thompson[3]
Meryl Silverburgh Kyoko Terase Kristyn Mass[3]
Roy Campbell Takeshi Aono Jimmy Cooper[3]
Mei Ling Houko Kuwashima Yui Hisaishi[3]
Allen Iishiba Toshio Furukawa YongYea[3]
Mark Cortez Osamu Saka Fairfieldfencer[3]
Sergei Ivanovich Kazuhiro Nakata Seraph Nine[3]
Schultz Shinji Nakae Beverly R.[3]
Riley Martinez Kazunari Tanaka Terrance Nicholson
Captain (Mission 1) Tomohisa Asō Stig Sydtangen
Co-Pilot (Mission 1) Sanshiro Niita Chris20855
Controller Toru Inada Josh Griffiths
Captain (Mission 3) Nobuhiko Kazama
Co-Pilot (Mission 3) Nobuo Satouchi
Army Intelligence Officer Takayuki Inoue
IFV Commander Naoki Imamura


Drama CD story 1

Highlights from the first episode.

Episode 1

After Meryl Silverburgh and a crew of U.N. Peacekeepers are forced to crash land on the hostile land of the Basra Republic, Solid Snake is sent by Colonel Campbell to rendezvous with her. Joined by Sgt. Allen Iishiba of Delta Force, the two men must survive the harsh desert to accomplish their mission.

Drama CD story 2

Highlights from the second episode.

Episode 2

In order to help Mei Ling expose a chemical plant secretly under the construction, Snake must help her infiltrate the neo-communist island of Santiago in order to gather the required evidence.

Drama CD story 3

Snake and Meryl, with images of Campbell, Mei Ling, Ivanovich and Cortez at the background.

Episode 3

When Roy Campbell is captured while conducting a top-secret mission in the Republic of Estaria, Solid Snake decides to conduct an unofficial rescue mission with the help of Meryl and Mei Ling.


  • Drama CD Metal Gear Solid Vol. 1 (KICA-7923, 1998/12/04)
  • Drama CD Metal Gear Solid Vol. 2 (KICA-7924, 1999/01/08)

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