Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater is a pachislot adaptation of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater produced by Konami Parlor Entertainment (KPE). It was the first Metal Gear-related project that was released following the departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami Digital Entertainment (KDE) and the shutdown of the original Kojima Productions studio.


KPE. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater (pachislot) official site. (in Japanese). “東西冷戦下の1964年、米特殊部隊“FOX”に所属する若き兵士、暗号名 “ネイキッド・スネーク” は、科学者ソコロフの亡命幇助のため、ソ連へと赴く。 しかし、スネークの師であり、特殊部隊の母と呼ばれる女性兵士 “ザ・ボス” の裏切りにより任務は失敗。さらにザ・ボスが持ち込んだ小型核弾頭を、ソ連のヴォルギン大佐が国内で使用してしまう。米政府は事件への関与を否定するため、スネークに敬愛するザ・ボスの抹殺を要求した。 祖国アメリカを裏切ったザ・ボスの真意とは? 「メタルギア」シリーズの原点である、伝説の傭兵 “BIGBOSS” 誕生の物語――。”

Differences between the original game and the pachislot version


It was unveiled on June 1, 2016 via a teaser trailer,[5] although its development was hinted at as early as October 5, 2015, when KPE registered for a trademark for their BIG BOSS pachislot machine.[6]

It was announced that the game would be released on a new type of pachislot cabinet known as the "BIG BOSS", which features a 32-inch LCD screen in full HD that covers most of its surface (rather than the usual 12-inch screen used by standard cabinets). Scenes from the original game were remade with updated CGI to showcase the machine's video capabilities. It was released in Japan on October 17, 2016.[3]

On July 14, 2016, a 7-minute promotion movie was unveiled, with the official site also being massively overhauled to give more details about the game. Gameplay modes shown were a chibi-ized version of the Virtuous Mission, Survival Mode (which involved riding on EVA's motorcycle and taking down any enemies in the way), Operation Snake Eater, as well as bonuses such as Big Bonus (with two options being Theater BB and Flower BB) and various Regular Bonuses.



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