This article is about the demo for the game of the same name. You may be looking for the actual game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a playable demo of the game of the same name. It was included as a separate game disc with the initial release of Zone of the Enders HD Edition as a pre-order bonus, similar to the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Trial Edition that was released with the original Zone of the Enders, and was first shown during TGS 2012. The demo was similar to the E3 demo for the game.

Demo content

The demo contained the demo itself as well as an optional tutorial. The tutorial was largely similar to a similar tutorial sequence from the E3 demo, although the difference was that the training was depicted in an obvious VR environment rather than a photorealistic depiction of Abkhazia. The title screen allowed you to select either story or options, with the game modes Easy and Normal being accessible in the latter.

In the tutorial, after Boris tells Raiden about Doktor modifying the VR to suit Raiden's training, he is then prompted to cut down three cubes in Blade Mode, starting with one and then with two, with four cubes being rendered optional. Afterwards, the player is directed up a hallway to an approximation of a city parking lot, with Raiden entering combat training by cutting down a 2D target of an enemy cyborg. Afterwards, two more soldiers pop up with Boris warning Raiden that they are taking hostages, and suggesting he use blade mode to safely save the hostages from their captors. After taking out several enemy soldier cutouts, Boris tells Raiden enough of the VR training as it is time to start the mission (optionally, the player can also destroy various VR watermelons and cars).

It then gives a story outline of what had transpired before the events of the demo, before cutting to the beginning of the Abkhazia mission, with the gameplay covering the beginning of the mission up to the LQ-84i boss fight.


Differences between E3 and standard demo

  • The VR tutorial was depicted as a photorealistic environment.
    • In addition, Boris is seen in the pre-tutorial commentary.

Differences between demo and final release

  • A previous operations style narrative is shown right at the beginning of the mission in the demo, while in the actual game, this was absent.
  • The exact amount of time since the Africa mission is not specified other than it being weeks in the previous operations narrative. In the actual game, at least three weeks had passed according to the beginning of the Abkhazia chapter.
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