Metal Gear Online Shop was a shopping area for Metal Gear Online-related items and options, included on the Metal Gear Online official website.

MGO Extra Character Slot

"Get yourself a new buddy and experience MGO from a whole new perspective!!

The MGO Extra Character Slot allows you to create an additional Player Character.

Why not give your new comrade-in-arms a completely different set of skills? Create specialists in each field of combat!! Join up to a different Clan!! Play MGO from a fresh perspective with every new buddy you add !!"

MGO Starter Pack

To begin METAL GEAR ONLINE, you will need the Starter Pack included with METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS for PLAYSTATION®3.
It includes five stages, as well as the basic multiplayer rules and communication tools.

MGO Codec Pack

"Ever wished you could make your character a bit more sociable ?

Well, now you can with the all new "MGO Codec Pack" featuring 32 additional voice tracks ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Whatever you do, they are sure to make you the heart and soul of every party !!" Phrases included:

Phrase Macros

I'm on the attack! <ONSLAUGHT> <OST> Engaging the enemy! <TAKEFIRE> <TF> Requesting reinforcements! <REINFORCEMENT> <RI> Enemy eliminated! <DESTROYEDENEMY> <DE> Clear! <CLEAR> <CLR> Somebody, come quick! <COMEHERE> <CH> I'll cover you. <ITCOVERS> <IC> Good soldiers make graves. <LAMENT> <LAM> Hey. <WELL> <WL> Bye! <GOODBYE> <GB> Seeya around. <SEEYOU> <SY> Sorry, gotta go. <QUIT> <QT> Thank you. <THANKS> <THX> Leave it to me. <BUYIN> <BI> You brought this upon yourself! <LAMENT2> <LAM2> Hm? What was that sound? <NOISE> <NO> Don't see anybody. <NOBODY> <NB> Hostile sighted! <ENEMYFIND> <EF> My stomach... <TOILET> <TOI> That's gotta be a record. <RECORD> <RE> I'm back. <IMHOME> <IH> Welcome back. <WELCOMEBACK> <WB> Connecting. <LINK> <LIN> Reload! <RELOAD> <REL> Excellent! <GRATS> <GRA> Goal! <GOAL> <GA> Run! <RUN> <RU> One! Two! Three! Go! <COUNTDOWN> <CD> Game on! <START> <ST> Game over! <END> <ED> Laughter 1 <LAUGH> <LA> Laughter 2 <LAUGH2> <LA2>

  • Codec Messages will be added to all current characters as well as any future additional characters.

MGO Codec Pack 2

"Spice up the battlefield with the second MGO codec pack! Sometimes, a single word can have more impact than a thousand bullets. More codec phrases means more power for you and your team. Take the lead in the battlefield with MGO Codec Pack 2!

  • Codec Messages will be added to all current characters as well as any future additional characters.
  • Spoken lines vary according to character.
  • "MGO Codec Pack 2" can be used with all GAME IDs belonging to the KONAMI ID you used to make the purchase."

MGO MEME & SCENE Expansion


This is only for a customer who has "GENE Expansion".

"MEME and SCENE Expansion" comes with both MEME and SCENE Expansion Packs. You can get 6 new maps, 4 new characters, official survival and tournament mode together with this special package.


This is only for a customer who don't have GENE Expansion.

Get the most for your money with this value-priced bundle that includes the first "METAL GEAR ONLINE" expansion pack "GENE," the second expansion pack "MEME" and the latest, third expansion pack "SCENE"! Get nine stages, six unique characters, and tickets (participation rights) to official survival matches and tournaments!

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