The following is a list of maps that were playable in Metal Gear Online. There were five playable maps in the starter pack which came with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Version 1

Image Map Name Description
MGS3 Subsist Map CUS (2) City Under Siege This stage featured a wide open playing area and intermittent skyscrapers. The player had to sure that they memorized the layout of the labyrinthine passages. The top floors of buildings were perfect sniping locations.
MGS3 Subsist Map Mountaintop Mountain Top - Krasnogorje Mountain This stage also appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3's main story. It featured the man-made trenches carved into the mountainside, as well as crawlspaces that connected the trenches with the storage shelters. Memorizing the area's topography was the key to victory.
MGS3 Subsist Map G Factory Ghost Factory The player needed to focus their attention on the abandoned factory in the center of the area. The player needed to make use of all three floors in the building, as well as the ducts that run through the basement. Developing a team strategy made maximum use of the stage layout.

Take note of the cover objects in the environment such as bushes, crates, and trucks.

MGS3 Subsist Map L Forest Lost Forest The player needed to focus on occupying the high grounds located on both sides of the area. They're ideal sniping locations, although the player wouldn't be able to see the center of the area due to low visibility.
MGS3 Subsist Map K House A Killhouse A Bushes provided the only cover in this area. However, the player might stay hidden if their keep low in the corners. Taking a look around revealed that there was an abundance of cardboard boxes.
MGS3 Subsist Map K House B Killhouse B This stage featured a two story building with interlacing passageways. The player needed to adjust their strategy depending on the floor where they're fighting. Using the ducts in this area was the key to success.
MGS3 Subsist Map K House C Killhouse C This area featured four small rooms connected by hallways that form a square. Crates were piled up in each room. Depending on the player's situation, they might be able to use them for shelter or strategic elevation. Narrow passages connected the rooms in this area. These were ideal locations to set up traps.
MGS3 Subsist Map S East Svyatogornyj East This stage appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3's main story. It featureed the cabin barracks as well as the nearby jungle pathways. The player needed to change their strategy depending on whether they're defending or attacking the barracks. The gun turrets found while playing the main game were absent, but the player could still use the trenches.
MGS3 Subsist Map GGL Graniny Gorki Lab In this stage, the player could enjoy fighting in one of the few indoor battle arenas from the main game. A quick judgment call at a critical moment could mean the difference between victory or defeat.
MGS3 Subsist Map PBP Pillbox Purgatory A two story building structure and its basement comprise this area. There were a total of five exits. The player tended to encounter enemies while moving between floors.
MGS3 Subsist Map H Ice High Ice Two elements stood out in this area: a snowy environment and lower visibility due to nightfall. Foliage covered most of the large playing area. The player could find trucks and crates located in the central open area. The player gained a tactical advantage if they acquired the night vision goggles.
MGS3 Subsist Map B Town Brown Town Buildings appeared occasionally in this huge area. The second floor locations were perfect sniping nests. Dust clouds lowered the player's visibility. Victory hinged upon strategy, communication, and overall teamwork.

Version 2

Several of the map names utilized alliteration, resulting in some maps names being changed to fit this theme, the sole exception being Groznyj Grad, which retained its name.

Starter Pack

Note: because this was the only set at the time Metal Gear Solid 4 was released, the Starter Pack maps are the only ones to have officially-given strategies (via Piggyback Guides Metal Gear Solid 4 strategy guide).

Image Map Name Description
Bloodbath Blood Bath A small and crowded map with both above ground and underground options for close to medium battles.
Groznyj Grad1 Groznyj Grad The now abandoned weapons factory that housed the Shagohod during Operation Snake Eater. Contained open areas offering unobstructed views as well as indoor and rooftop locations.
UrbanUltimatum Urban Ultimatum Negotiate buildings of varying height in this urban jungle. This map was a remake of the classic map, City Under Siege.
MidtownMaelstorm Midtown Maelstrom This Middle Eastern battleground featured avenues crisscrossed with alleyways, and is based on an area from Act 1 of Metal Gear Solid 4.
AmbushAlley Ambush Alley A corner of a war-shattered town littered with obstacles, its central intersection branching off into side streets.

Gene expansion

Image Map Name Description
CoppertownConflict Coppertown Conflict City of Sorrow

Wide streets, and rooftop areas. Suitable for close to medium-range combat. This map was a remake of the classic map, Brown Town.

TombOfTubes Tomb of Tubes Underground Waterway

An intricate labyrinth of combat.

VirtuousVista Virtuous Vista South America Power Station

A natural terrain. Suitable for medium to long-range combat. Is was based on the Power Station in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Meme Expansion

Image Map Name Description
ForestFirefight Forest Firefight Forest Zone

A map with limited visibility and lots of blind spots. Suitable for medium-range combat.

WinterWarehouse Winter Warehouse Abandoned Factory

A 3 story building with rooms and connecting passages. Suitable for close to medium-range combat.

SiloSunset Silo Sunset Nuke Silo

Buildings of varying heights and underground passages. Suitable for close to medium-range combat.

This map was based on the Silo Entrance level in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

Scene Expansion

Image Map Name Description
HazardHouse Hazard House The Palace

An enormous 3 story mansion. Suitable for close- to medium-range combat.

RavagedRiverfront Ravaged Riverfront Clock Tower

Made up of underground, above ground, and underwater areas. Suitable for medium to long-range combat.

OuterOutlet Outer Outlet Industrial Wasteland

Made up of buildings and underground/above ground areas. Suitable for medium to long-range combat.


Icebound Inferno

Aged Snowfield

Taken from the Comm Tower section of the famous Shadow Moses Island, this map is made up of Comm Towers A and B and a vast snow field in which it is almost impossible to see through the blizzard. Suitable for Long range combat.

Note: this was not included in the original release of the Scene Expansion. Rather, it was a downloadable content bonus.

Unreleased maps

There were also three unreleased maps that, owing to Metal Gear Online's discontinuation, were found in Metal Gear Arcade, and were later commented on via a panel release by Kojima Productions.[1][2][3] One map, Desert Duel, was a textureless desert area, another was a textureless town that was intended to be an adaptation of the Town area from Portable Ops. The last one was "Lethal Leviathan", which from the content and name, was likely intended to be an adaptation of Arsenal Gear and/or Outer Haven. Given the amount of detail within Leviathan, it was likely cut very late in development.


MGO Unreleased Map

MGO Unreleased Map

Desert Duel.

MGO Unreleased Map 2

MGO Unreleased Map 2

Town in Portable Ops.

MGO Unreleased Map 3 - Lethal Leviathan

MGO Unreleased Map 3 - Lethal Leviathan

Lethal Leviathan.

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