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Metal Gear KODOQUE, codenamed Pythagoras, was a nuclear-armed Metal Gear constructed by the Lobito Physics and Chemistry Laboratory in the Moloni Republic.


Standing at over 20 meters tall[1], KODOQUE had two armor-like plates on each of its arms that could form a protective cocoon around the Metal Gear. Each arm came equipped with four missile pods, allowing it to launch 8 missiles at a time. KODOQUE was also armed with a gaseous carbon dioxide laser module[2] comprising "Optical Weapon A" in its head and "Optical Weapon" B in its torso.[1] Its nuclear launch module employed two SLBM Dragonfly III systems rather than any newer technology.[1]

KODOQUE's drive train was equipped with a diesel power generator actuator.[2] All of its power could be temporarily transferred to its leg actuators, allowing it to move rapidly via jumping, but this ability could not be used frequently since it imposed a heavy burden.[2] Its top side was equipped with stealth camouflage in order to hide it from military satellites.[2]

The Metal Gear's interior housed a control room containing various equipment, which was protected by multiple Patrol Bots.



Solid Snake prepares to battle KODOQUE.

During the Lobito Island Incident, Dr. William Flemming used KODOQUE to attack Solid Snake and Teliko Friedman. Having been blackmailed by the psychic Alice Hazel, Flemming threatened to nuke a pristine island in the South Pacific that she had dreamed of, once he had killed Snake. As Metal Gear was activated, Teliko gained access to the machine's interior where she disrupted its weapons fire and warded off Patrol Bots, interrupting the four rods that powered its optical weapon. Meanwhile, Snake used heavy weapons to ultimately disable the towering mech.

After the Lobito Island Incident, KODOQUE's wreck was salvaged and brought to SaintLogic's North American facility. It was kept in the 4-story Metal Gear Prototype building, which was later destroyed by Snake (a clone of Solid Snake) and Venus.

Behind the scenes

KODOQUE's name is derived from Japanese kodoku, meaning "isolation." The mech has a similar head (cockpit) design to Metal Gear REX from Metal Gear Solid.

The card description for "Kodoque" from Metal Gear Acid 2 mistakenly lists three missile pods on each side, contradicting the appearance of four in both this game and its predecessor.




  • KODOQUE shares striking similarities with the Unmanned Gear Gekko units, possibly serving as an inspiration for their 2008 debut.

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