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This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Metal Gear GANDER was a nuclear-armed bipedal weapon created by the U.S. Army's "Project Babel," after the U.S. Government procured the data from the original prototype in Outer Heaven.


GANDER's armament consisted of two nuclear warhead-launching rail guns, two vulcan cannons, six guided missile pods, two automated flying attack pods, a pair of spread fire cannons, and a close -range flamethrower. However, its secret weapon and true purpose of its design was its satellite-based data link system that allowed it to launch nuclear missiles anywhere in the world from seven nuclear-armed satellites. The rail guns were merely an extra and a decoy; they consumed too much power and required an entire power plant to function properly. Like the TX-55 Metal Gear, its feet were its weak point.


Created by Ramdyne, a contractor for the United States Department of Defense, Metal Gear GANDER was to be tested in South America. However, it and the C-5 Galaxy plane transporting it were stolen by the separatist Gindra Liberation Front and taken to their fortress of Galuade (formerly Outer Heaven), Central Africa. The group planned to use the Metal Gear to help win the Gindran civil war.

Solid Snake was sent to infiltrate Galuade in order to destroy GANDER. After disabling its legs, the main body was still operable, necessitating the destruction of all its weapons before it could be heavily damaged. GANDER was ultimately destroyed by Snake.

Behind the scenes

Metal Gear GANDER (メタルギアガンダー Metaru Gia Gandā?) appears in the spin-off game Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, released for Game Boy Color. The code name "GANDER" is not used for Metal Gear in the game itself and is only identified as such on the official website.[1] Its design is based on one of Yoji Shinkawa's unused concepts for Metal Gear Solid.[2]

Metal Gear GANDER.

GANDER was not the first attempt by the United States to create their own Metal Gear based on the TX-55. Another Metal Gear created by the United States was also developed in South America, but it was hijacked by terrorists and later stopped by Black Chamber, which also resulted in their decimation by "Anonymous."

GANDER competed for fan votes against Cocoon in the Versus Battle feature on the official website. GANDER's appearance section lists it as appearing in Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection.

Twin Rail Guns, Vulcan, Flamethrower
Rail Gun Power Consumption; Feet
Inspired by an unused Shinkawa design for METAL GEAR REX, GANDER’s hidden strength was its data link to 7 nuclear-equipped satellites
―GANDER's bio on Versus Battle

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