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Metal Gear D was a nuclear-armed bipedal tank, redesigned from the original TX-55 Metal Gear prototype,[1] featuring a more streamlined design and improved weaponry.


Metal Gear D's standard arsenal was comprised of a 60 mm rotary cannon, a 5.56 mm machinegun and a six-missile pod that could be armed with several different types of warhead.[2] While its main purpose was to serve as a mobile launch platform for short-to-medium range nuclear warheads, it could also function as a weapon of conventional warfare.

It also carried a sensor system that consisted of the main camera, laser sights, an image sensor, and an infrared sensor.

One of its flaws was the method of transport: As it weighed over 60 metric tons, and its overall size was around 6 meters even if it is compacted, it was incapable of being transported by any existing cargo planes such as the C130 Hercules.

Because of its immense size, a new helicopter, the Gigant, was developed to transport Metal Gear D. D would be airlifted to an area 25-30 kilometers from its target destination and then proceed on its own at a maximum speed of 45 km/h.[2]

Standard armament variations[]

  Standard Armament 

  60 mm rotary cannon 

  Multiple barrel types (3) 

  5.56 mm machine gun  

  Shell types:

  • Duplex
  • AP
  • Flex-jet

  Missile pod (holds 6 missiles)   

  Warhead types:

  • Radar Homing
  • Environmental Searching  
  • IR (Infrared) Tailing
  • X-ray Line-scanning



Metal Gear D was developed by Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar for Zanzibar Land in 1998,[2] much like the prototype TX-55 was for Outer Heaven, three years prior. However, unlike its predecessor, Madnar designed D of his own free will.[3] Metal Gear D was later used to raid various nuclear disposal centers across the globe for their nuclear stockpiles, playing a key role in Zanzibar Land's nuclear dominance.[4]

Zanzibar Land had intended to mass-produce Metal Gear D, with a total of 21 units serving within the country's Tactical Army, divided among 3 Special Task Forces.[2] A small-scaled version, known as Metal Gear G (codenamed "Gustav") was also to have undergone mass-production.[2] However, neither of these plans would ultimately be realized.

Zanzibar Land Disturbance[]

Main article: Zanzibar Land Disturbance

Metal Gear D's visual sensors.

Metal Gear D was used during Zanzibar Land's raid of nuclear disposal sites. Gray Fox later used D's missiles to destroy Zanzibar Land's Bridge of Sorrow, preventing his former comrade, Solid Snake, from rescuing kidnapped biologist, Dr. Kio Marv.[5][6]

After Snake reached Zanzibar Land's detention camp via an alternative route, Fox piloted Metal Gear D in battle with him, in an underground complex beneath the facility. Snake exploited the Metal Gear's weakpoint, attacking its legs with fragmentation grenades, and was ultimately successful in destroying it.[7][8] Fox survived the ensuing explosion as well as retrieved the OILIX cartridge from Snake, though Snake lost all his equipment in the fire.[8]

Behind the scenes[]


Metal Gear G

The mecha design of Metal Gear D was chosen through an internal contest between Konami's artists, with the primary criteria being realism. The final design is credited to Tomohiro Nishio,[2] who had created the final design by modifying a pre-existing modeling kit (presumably from the Krote model from Nitto's Maschinen Krieger series).[9] The BGM track "Mechanic" is used as the battle theme for both Metal Gear D and the Hind D.

Metal Gear D made cameo appearances in both Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4, as an obscure blueprint among Dr. Granin's Metal Gear designs,[10] and as a still image during Big Mama's reminiscence, respectively. The cameo appearance in Granin's blueprint was an in-game Easter egg (unlike Metal Gear REX, whose likeness later appears in succeeding prequel games). It should be noted, however, that the director's commentary indicated that the "D" like blueprint was actually intended to be one of Metal Gear RAY.[11]

There were two different designs for Metal Gear D developed. The first, used in-game, featured a six-missile launch pod on its right shoulder. The second depicted it with a massive cannon akin to the Rail Gun later used on Metal Gear REX. The latter design was featured on the final two printed ads for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake,[12] the Metal Gear D cameo in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater,[13] and the resin model shown in the book Metal Gear Solid: Naked.[14], while the former, aside from it being used in-game, was utilized in the first two printed ads[12] as well as another Konami-hosted event.[14]

The September 1990 issue of MSX Magazine featured, in addition to the concept art for Metal Gear D (as well as the Goliath and the Gigant) that was already shown in the manual for the game, an exclusive artwork depicting a size comparison between not only its immediate predecessor TX-55 Metal Gear, but also the Metal Gear Mk. 3 and Metal Gear Petit from Snatcher and SD Snatcher, respectively.[15]

Concept artwork in the Peace Walker Official Art Works book had a design resembling Metal Gear D, and was in fact called a similar name, implying that Metal Gear D was considered to appear in some fashion in Peace Walker.

Metal Gear D also appeared in the Versus Battle section of the series official site.

"STRENGTHS: Rotary Cannon, Missiles, Packs a Nuke
WEAKNESSES: Tough to Transport, Bipedal Only
FEATURED FACT: METAL GEAR D’s development was based on the TX-55, but with enhanced design, functionality & componentry, including improved weaponry
-Metal Gear D on Versus Battle.



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