Men's cologne is scented or perfumed water which is marketed to men. It is named after the German city of Cologne.

Use by the Militaires Sans Frontières

During the Peace Walker Incident in 1974, the private military group Militaires Sans Frontières, procured design specs for men's cologne from Rio del Jade, Costa Rica, along with a hobby magazine. They then developed a body spray named Tres Bien (French for "Very Good"),[1] for use by its soldiers.

Behind the scenes

Men's Cologne is a recovery item that appears in the English version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which can be used to restore PSYCHE.

In the Japanese version, the item is AXE Body Spray, which was added into the game by director Hideo Kojima as product placement.[2] Additionally, a passcode featured on specially marked AXE products can allow the player to download AXE T-shirts as well as some soldiers. AXE's involvement in the game was first unveiled at a press conference for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker during it development. In addition, Kojima also implied that, in addition to the AXE products, the passcode could also be obtained via a special Peace Walker T-shirt identifiable with it being primarily black with the Peace Walker logo.

The perfume is the only item of product placement (or its English substitute) that is not displayed as a unique polygon model during normal gameplay; it is instead depicted as a blue box, similar to Mate. In addition, although most of the product placement items are discussed in their own briefing files (changed during localization due to copyright issues), the perfume has none.

Men's Cologne item description
Equipment Window: Model Viewer:
Recovers PSYCHE with its alluring fragrance while keeping you at the top of your game. On the battlefield, showers are few and far between. And on that important mission, body odor can be a distraction not only to yourself, but to your brothers in arms. That's where this body fragrance comes in, providing a mild aroma that relaxes both body and soul, allowing you and your comrades to focus on the mission at hand.
Axe Body Spray item description
Equipment Window: Model Viewer:
Recovers PSYCHE with its alluring fragrance. Gives you full confidence while filling your Psyche. AXE is a brand of male cosmetics sold internationally by Unilever, the world's largest manufacturer of consumers goods. With just a light application of AXE body spray, you can enjoy the authentic scent brought you by famed perfumers. Because the fragrance is applied with a thin spray you'll never have to worry about applying too much, making you look cool in any scene.
AXE T-shirt outfit description
A t-shirt with the AXE logo. The basic characteristics are the same as the Jungle Fatigues. Don't miss out if you're an AXE fan.


Notes and references

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