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Mei Ling was a doctoral candidate for MIT and a member of Solid Snake's support team during the Galuade Incident.


A bright young woman, Mei Ling was a doctoral candidate at MIT. She incidentally developed the same Codec and radar system that Snake used during his mission to Galuade. She was in charge of recording Snake's mission data, and often read him proverbs or encouraged him after he decided to save. After Pyro Bison, in his death throes, not only revealed the existence of a fifth surviving member of Black Chamber, but also implied that said member was operating among Snake's support team and thus feeding the other members information on his activities, Weasel noted her as a suspect due to her very young age in the military, being a college student.

Personality and traits

Mei Ling believed in being a "well rounded engineer", intentionally taking electives unrelated to her major in order to broaden her knowledge.

She was young and still in college at the time of the Galuade Incident, which Snake noted, saying she did not look old enough to be a soldier.

During the Galuade Incident, Mei Ling would often quote famous figures and works to Snake whenever he asked to save his mission data, the latter being slightly confused to discover she wasn't soley obsessed with technology.

Behind the scenes

This incarnation of Mei Ling appears in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel. She serves much the same role as the canonical Mei Ling, going as far as being the inventor of Snake's equipment and reading him proverbs when he saves.

She will not respond to Snake during Special Missions or when replaying a stage, making saving impossible, although a facsimile of her does appear in one of the Special Missions, later revealed to be No. 4.


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