An Mbele squad of child soldiers was part of a rebel platoon that was captured while fighting in the Angola-Zaire border region, 1984.


This Mbele squad fought in a civil war between the Mbele and Buta ethnic groups, but five of their number and their platoon leader were eventually taken prisoner by Buta soldiers. The platoon leader decided to join the local private force, Rogue Coyote, which he claimed was to protect the children. Meanwhile, the children themselves were forced to work in the Kungenga Mine, where they were led by an older child Shabani. The child soldiers admired Shabani, who looked after them until he was moved to the Ngumba Industrial Zone.

Following the squad's capture, the general of the Mbele rebel forces hired the private force Diamond Dogs to eliminate the prisoners, to prevent them revealing any information. Diamond Dogs neutralized the platoon leader, attached to a CFA security detail in Bampeve Plantation, before infililtrating the mine to eliminate the remaining five soldiers. Discovering that they were children, Venom Snake and Kazuhira Miller decided to fake their deaths, with Snake escorting them to safety, before extracting them to their Mother Base.

Metal gear child soldiers mbele squad kaz big boss snake

The child soldiers are brought to Mother Base.

Although Snake considered having the children continue as soldiers under Diamond Dogs, Miller refused, quickly disarming one of the children after the latter stole a gun. The children later requested that Diamond Dogs save Shabani, giving them their remaining diamonds as payment, although Snake was ultimately unable to save him, returning only with his necklace.

The children later met fellow child soldier Eli the "White Mamba," after he himself was extracted to Mother Base by Diamond Dogs. When Shabani's necklace was lost in a vat of chlorine disinfectant (which the adults suspected Eli of causing), it was returned to them by Quiet, who risked her life to retrieve it.

After the childrens' escape and subsequent return to Mother Base, they assisted Eli in repairs on Metal Gear Sahelanthropus. After becoming part of Eli's militia, they left the base with at least four other children on board a stolen helicopter, eventually forming the Kingdom of the Flies.

Behind the scenes

The Mbele Squad are the target of Mission 18: "Blood Runs Deep" in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

In Blood Runs Deep, the player can optionally leave behind at least one of the children, with the scenes reflecting this decision. However, one child must be extracted to complete the mission.


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