A former Mbele rebel platoon leader was a member of the Rogue Coyote private force operating in the Angola-Zaire border region, 1984.

The platoon leader became a target of the Mbele general, who wanted Diamond Dogs to assassinate him in 1984. According to the general, the platoon leader betrayed his men and joined a local PF, after he and a child soldier squad he commanded were captured by Buta enemies and sent to Bampeve Plantation and Kungenga Mine, respectively.[1][2] However, the platoon leader claimed the contrary; he had sold himself to the PF to save the children's lives.[3]

Behind the scenes

The Mbele rebel platoon leader is one of the targets in the mission "Blood Runs Deep", as well as the only target allowed to be killed (as the other five targets, the Mbele Squad, will automatically be spared by Snake in a pivotal cutscene after he faked their deaths). If the player decides to extract him, Miller will state to Snake with implied disappointment that they were supposed to kill him, before acknowledging that it was ultimately Snake's decision.

The name of the PF that the platoon leader joined is not mentioned by Miller, although the iDroid VI photo reveals that it is Rogue Coyote. In addition, he wears a beret and shirt emblazoned with Rogue Coyote's logo, and soldiers from that PF are present in the area that he patrols.


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