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Mbele general's XO was a high-ranking officer in the Mbele forces in the Angola-Zaire border region in 1984.


The executive officer was a Buta who was forced to join the Mbele army by the general when he was still a child. He was blindfolded, given a gun and told to shoot in front of him. When the blindfold was removed, it was revealed that he has killed his own parents. Since that day he served in the Mbele army, secretly planning to one day get close enough to the general to carry out revenge. Eventually, he became the executive officer and finally killed the general in 1984, which he implied involved decapitation.[1]

Soon after that, he was responsible for a group of child soldiers going rogue from the same Mbele army but was eventually kidnapped by them in order to use him to lure the general out. It is implied by Miller that the executive officer offered no resistance.[2]

After the officer was kidnapped, the main Mbele forces contacted Venom Snake and gave him a mission to find the XO and the leader of rogue child soldiers and to bring them back. The mission request claimed that he was the younger brother of the general.[3]  However, when being extracted, the XO revealed that he was not actually related to the general at all, and that the general's true brother was the man who gave them the mission request before begging Snake not to hand him over to the Mbele, admitting his earlier murder of the general earlier, and even offering to supply Diamond Dogs the deceased general's head to prove it. In order to protect them from potential retribution from the Mbele forces, Venom Snake chose to bring them back to Mother Base instead. Afterwards, the XO decided to join Diamond Dogs, also saying he doesn't care if they make him the "No. 2" soldier or the "No. 200" soldier.

Behind the scenes

The Militants' No.2 is a key character in the mission "Aim True, Ye Vengeful" in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Even though his skill is "Troublemaker (Unsanitary)", his extraction is mandatory.


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