Mate served with a gourd and straw.

Mate is a form of tea commonly drunk in South and Central America.


Mate originated among the Guarani people in the region that consists of present day Paraguay, southern Brazil, southeast Bolivia, northeast Argentina, and Uruguay. It was attributed to a legend where the Goddesses of the Moon and Cloud visited Earth and were saved by an old man from a jaguar, and in return they gave him a new kind of plant for him to drink, in friendship. It is also known to have been used by Che Guevara and his men. Mate was usually served in a gourd that came with a specialized straw to drink it. It contained several vitamins and minerals.

Peace Walker Incident

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The Militaires Sans Frontières often drank mate in addition to Costa Rican coffee. When MSF commander Big Boss travelled to the AI Lab in Central Heredia, he shared some of his mate with an exhausted Cécile Cosima Caminades, having recently escaped captivity, which she gladly drank in full. Big Boss's subordinate Kazuhira Miller later gave him a hard time in regards to giving up his mate.[1]

Behind the scenes

MGSPW - Mate Tea Icon Large

Mate icon on Mother Base/item menu.

Mate Tea is a recovery item that appears in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Drinking it causes the player's PSYCHE to recover. Much like rations, up to four additional ranks of mate can be researched, with higher ranks recovering more psyche.

"Tea that recovers PSYCHE. Select from the Equipment window and press [R> to drink."
―Mate Tea description from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Notes and references

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