Maniac Cop was a scrapped boss for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Presumably one of the elite mercenaries of Zanzibar Land, he's mentioned in the liner notes for the game's soundtrack alongside various other scrapped ideas. Hideo Kojima and Monkey Oka implied in the same source that the reason he ended up cut (alongside Metal Gear G, the Goliath tanks, and some piranhas, among others) was because the game's mecha designer, Shoulder Nishio, had neglected to pay attention to the ROM limit for the game.[1] His presence in the game code between Black Color and Running Man suggests that he would have been fought as a boss between those two.[2] In addition, a conceptual map of Zanzibar Land indicated that Maniac Cop was to be fought on the first floor of the Zanzibar Building. His codename was most likely meant to be a reference to the 1988 slasher film of the same name,[3] similar to Jungle Evil's original name of Predator being a reference to the film of the same name. Coincidentally, Hideo Kojima will have a cameo in an in-development remake of the film.[4]

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