The Heckler & Koch MP7 (Maschinenpistole 7, "machine pistol model 7") is a German designed personal defense weapon developed along the same concept as the FN Herstal P90. The MP7 was intended to provide military personnel - who are not issued service rifles - with increased fire-power, primarily due to the increased usage and proliferation of body armor; something which most service sidearms perform less effectively against. It can utilize either a 20 or 40-round magazine and it features an ambidextrous fire-selection lever and a rear cocking grip. It can also be fitted with several accessories, such as red dot sights and laser aiming modules. The weapon has been revised several times, before it's final designation as the "MP7A1" in 2003.

Behind the scenes

The MP7 is one of many weapons that are featured in MGS4. It is used by Pieuvre Armement and Raven Sword PMC soldiers and is also available to the player. The MP7 in the game uses 20-round magazines and it's only customizable parts are an (MP7) red dot sight and a 4x scope. It is one of the weakest weapons in-game, the other being MP5SD2 and the Race Gun. In the right hands however, it's superior penetration capabilities will make up for this shortcoming. In fact, it is particularly effective against FROGs, where its penetration combined with a quick rate of fire and low recoil enables the player to quickly take down at least 2 FROGs before reloading.

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