A man portable grenade launcher capable of repeat fire. Holds six 40mm grenades in a revolver style cylinder, providing a significant boost to the average infantryman's firepower. A rail system enables it to be fitted with accessories such as a flashlight or foregrip. The best weapon for eliminating multiple enemies simultaneously.

The B&B Corps member Raging Raven utilized the MGL-140 as her primary weapon. After Solid Snake defeated her as well as soothed her pain, he retrieved the MGL-140, with Drebin 893 also offering to remove the ID tag on the weapon under the condition that Snake give him the weapon itself after Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection was halted, citing that a weapon owned by a former Beauty and the Beast Unit member will make a nice collector's edition.

Behind the scenes

Can be obtained after defeating Raging Raven. It shares ammo with the XM320 launcher, and they both can use the same grenade types. (WP, Smoke, etc.)

Custom parts

  • Foregrip A
  • Foregrip B
  • Flashlight

Ammo types

  • Grenade
  • WP
  • Stun
  • Smoke
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