The M202A1 FLASH (Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon) is an American Incendiary Rocket Launcher, designed to replace WWII-vintage flamethrowers.


Its design was based on the XM191 that saw extensive use during the Vietnam War.

Peace Walker Incident

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During the 1974 Peace Walker incident, two design specs for the M202A1 FLASH were procured by the Militaires Sans Frontieres. One was by neutralizing a Peace Sentinel Mi-24 Hind-D unit patrolling the Catarata de la Muerte, while another was procured at an unknown location but the MSF unit[1] that procured it was at near death at the Camino de Lava area before another MSF soldier procured it. The MSF then developed two M202A1s, and later made a third modification.

Post Peace-Walker

By 1978, it entered mass production. By the mid 1980s, it was primarily shelved into storage due to bulkiness and reliability problems, although it was still nominally used by the U.S. Army. By the 2000s, the M202 FLASH weapons started using thermobaric munitions in addition to the pyrophoric weapons, and saw action in the War of Afghanistan.


M202a1 4-300x170

M202A1 Flash Rank 4.

In-game weapons description

"A rocket launcher loaded with four rockets that can be fired one after another, allowing the user to deliver massive firepower in a hurry.
On the down side, its weight and bulk make it quite awkward to handle. As such, it is probably best used to provide supporting fire from a distance.
―M202A1 weapons description from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Notes and references

  1. ^ Although not explicitly mentioned as such, the fact that the near-dead soldiers in Extra Ops 63 had MSF uniforms on indicated that this was a unit belonging to the Militaires Sans Frontieres
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