The M134 Gatling Gun, sometimes known as the Minigun, is a 7.62mm multibarrel machine gun with a high rate of fire employing gatling-style rotating barrels with an external power source.



The M134 was developed as a method of scaling down the M60 Vulcan cannon yet still retaining its firepower. It saw use in the Vietnam War via attack choppers such as the UH-1D "Huey" Iroquois.

Peace Walker Incident

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During the 1974 Peace Walker Incident, Big Boss and the Militaires Sans Frontieres procured design specs for the M134 Gatling Gun after capturing a LAV-C Custom. Their R&D, including some M134 design specialists, then developed their own M134 gun.

Behind the scenes

"An unholy terror of a weapon that spits out thousands of bullets per minute from its six rotating barrels.
Its destructive power is the stuff of legend. However, the system's enormous weight makes handling it a nightmare.
If you think power is everything, then this is the gun you've been looking for.
―M134 weapon description from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

The M134 appears in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and is one of the only weapons that cannot be reloaded, the other being the Patriot.

Not only is the M134 actually too heavy and powerful to be used by infantry, it is also the first weapon of its kind to make it into a Metal Gear Solid title. The M134 "Minigun" is especially popular as one of the most offensive fictional firearms ever made.


The M134 is developed as a Rank 5 weapon in Peace Walker and has no additional variants.

The following is required to obtain this weapon:

  • Design Specs obtained from an S-rank completion of Extra Ops 75 against the LAV-C Custom
  • M134 Design Ability obtained from a recruitiable soldier found in Extra Ops 48
  • It costs GMP 447070 to develop this weapon
  • An R&D level of 98 is required to develop this weapon
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