Snake's muleSnake-ManSnake (SaintLogic)
Snake (codename)Snake (food)Snake Eater
Snake Eater (Abstracted Camouflage) SingleSnake Eater (song)Snake Eyes
Snake TalesSnake camoSnake vs. Monkey
SnatcherSneaking SuitSniper Wolf
Sniper rifleSnuffSokolov's wife and daughter
Sokolov DefectionSokrovennoSolar Bank (MGA card)
Soldier listSoldier quotes in Metal Gear Solid: Peace WalkerSoldier quotes in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Solid EyeSolid Eye (hardware)Solid Eye (technology)
Solid SnakeSolid Snake's HuskiesSolid Snake's parachuting companions
Solid Snake (Galuade)Solid Snake (Lobito Island)Solid Snake (MG) (MGA2 card)
Solid Snake (MG2) (MGA2 card)Solid Snake (MGS1) (MGA2 card)Solid Snake (MGS2) (MGA2 card)
Solid Snake (MGS2) (MGA card)Solid Snake (MGS4) (MGA2 card)Solid Snake (Operation 747)
Solid Snake (Super Smash Bros.)Solid Snake (disambiguation)Solid Sun
Solidus SnakeSolidus Snake's exoskeletonSolidus Snake (MGA2 card)
Solis Space & AeronauticsSoliton RadarSomoza family
Sonic EyeSons of Big BossSons of Liberty
Sons of Liberty (terrorist group)Sons of the PatriotsSony
Sophie N'dramSouthSouth America (Guns of the Patriots Incident)
South American countriesSouth American rebel soldiersSoviet Union
Soviet Union government officialsSoviet bionics engineerSoviet company commander (Da Wialo Kallai)
Soviet engineersSoviet lieutenant colonel (Qarya Sakhra Ee)Soviet officers
Soviet patrol base (San Hieronymo Peninsula)Soviet scientistsSoviet soldier (Russian interpreter)
Soviet soldiersSoviet truck driver (Da Wialo Kallai)Space Race
Special Air ServiceSpecial Camo SoldierSpecial Missions
Special MovieSpecial forces unitsSpecialist Skills in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Spetsnaz commander (Da Shago Kallai)SpiderSplint
Splinter CellSpringfield OperatorSpugmay Keep
Stalked resistance memberStarsailorStealth
Stealth CamouflageStealth GunStealth aircraft
Stealth matStefanie JoostenStephen
SteveSteve GardnerSteven (disambiguation)
Steven ArmstrongSteven BlumSteyr AUG
Stinger (MGS1) (MGA card)Stinger (MGS2) (MGA card)Stormbringer
StrangeloveStrategist (Operation Snake Eater)Stryker
Stun Grenade (MGA2 card)Stun Grenade (MGA card)Stun baton
Stun grenadeStun rodStyptic
SubmarineSuccessor ProjectSuit
Suit (clothing)SukhumiSulfuric acid
SundownerSunglassesSunny Emmerich
Super Bomberman RSuper Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. Brawl radio conversations
Super Smash Bros. UltimateSupercomputer (Operation Intrude N313)Supply depot (San Hieronymo Peninsula)
Support UnitSupport markerSuppressor
Surround IndicatorSurveillance cameraSurvival Game Field Asobiba
Survival ViewerSuture kitSuzetta Miñet
SvyatogornyjSwanSwimmer Delivery Vehicle
Sz.-336 SMGT-shirtT.B.E. - Act 1 - Liquid Sun - Middle East
T.B.E. - Act 2 - Solid Sun - South AmericaT.B.E. - Act 3 - Third Sun - Eastern EuropeT.B.E. - Act 4 - Twin Suns - Shadow Moses Island
T.B.E. - Act 5 - Old Sun - Outer HavenTAPPYTJ
TJ-Chrysalis 6000TNTTOSE
TRTR-Cocoon 7000TT77 NOSOROG
TX-55 Metal GearTaito CorporationTakahiro Omori
Takayuki YanaseTakin' on the ShagohodTamika Rawson
TanegashimaTankTanker Incident
Tap codeTaping kitTara Strong
Tasia ValenzaTeam FullmechaTechnician's assistant (Ngumba Industrial Zone)
Teliko FriedmanTenguTerrorism
TextbookThe American PhilosophersThe Best is Yet to Come
The BossThe Boss' willThe Boss's father
The Boss's horseThe Boss's sleeper agentThe Boss AI
The Boss ExtremeThe Boss Extreme WalkthroughThe Chinese Philosophers
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