Little Gray was a hairless pet monkey who accompanied gun launderer Drebin 893. He shared his owner's affinity for carbonated drinks like Narc Soda, and his bed sat beside the vending machine in Drebin's armored Stryker.


Guns of the Patriots Incident

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Drebin and Little Gray.

In 2014, Little Gray accompanied Drebin to a Middle Eastern war zone. His presence surprised the mercenary Solid Snake. He later encountered Snake in South America, where he was captivated by the latter's smoking habit and took up cigarettes, much to Drebin's annoyance. After Naomi Hunter came aboard Drebin's Stryker, Little Gray offered her a can of Narc Soda, which she gratefully accepted. When Snake and Naomi assisted him from the vehicle, after it crashed at a market place, Drebin chuckled at the trio's resemblance to figures from a famous alien hoax photograph.

On board the USS Missouri, Little Gray traded a can of Narc Soda for Snake's last cigarette. Later, at the wedding of Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki, he won the bouquet toss, much to Mei Ling's chagrin.

Personality and traits

Little Gray was shown to be laid back and content with his and his master's way of life. After meeting Snake, Little Gray frequently smoked cigarettes and often wanted Snake to give him some.

Little Gray was generous to people as he offered a can of Narc Soda to Naomi and an apple to Snake, which was coldly rejected by the latter.

Behind the scenes

Little Gray appears in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. He was added to the game because it was felt that Drebin seemed too bland and boring by himself. The idea came about after Raiden's action motion capture actor, Eiji Morisaki, demonstrated that he could do a good monkey impression. Little Gray's cries can be heard whenever the player accesses Drebin's Shop, uttering a different noise for a number of scenarios: when the player accepts or declines a purchase, when the player accesses or exits the store, or when the shop is holding a sale.

According to the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database, Little Gray resembles an alien captured by the FBI. A reference appears during Act 2, when Naomi and Snake assist Little Gray from the crashed Stryker. The player can press X during this cutscene to see a famous photograph of two men with a monkey, purporting to show an alien. Little Gray's name itself derives from that of an alleged race of extraterrestrial beings, named for their skin color.


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