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This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Lt. Leone (real name Jeff Jones) was the leader of the mercenary Leone Unit, which attacked the Lobito Physics and Chemistry Laboratory in 2016.


Early career

Jeff Jones was a member of a unit during the Vietnam War who was caught up in a devastating battle caused by a "mistake." A tip at that time was that a mole was among them—an enemy spy. Jones's unit commander, Roger McCoy falsely deduced that one particular man in his unit was that mole. The other soldiers in the unit were highly suspicious of each other and under a great deal of stress. But McCoy's accusing words were a "breath of a fresh air" to them. Everyone chased after the man accused: Jeff Jones. Jones shot down dozens of his unitmates in retaliation, and managed to get away.

From then on Jones held a great deal of animosity towards the United States and thus became a mercenary; he also formed a massive unit fashioned of soldiers who had lost their countries to U.S. control. During his time as a mercenary Leone developed a grudge against BEAGLE, due to their involvement with the USA and the battles he was participating in.

Lobito Island

In 2016, Leone was contacted by a mysterious voice that told him that, if he was aiming to bring down BEAGLE, he should find and take "Pythagoras" from a laboratory on Lobito Island. The voice also told him that Pythagoras would ultimately sound the death knell for BEAGLE and would be the best option on bringing down American officials. Leone and his unit quickly took over Lobito Island and began searching for Pythagoras, rumored to be kept there; In response, and as desperate bid to stop Pythagoras from being discovered, the NSA sent a covert HRT unit. 

The team were ambushed by Leone's men and nearly wiped out, sparing one Teliko Friedman who was able to witness their leader. Leone ordered for her to be taken captive, as to prevent another bounty hunter, by the name of "Clown", from getting to her.

When Solid Snake arrived on the island to finish the HRT's mission as a last resort, Leone recognized the potential threat, that the legendary soldier posed, and planned to set up a trap using one of his men to masquerade as Dr. William Flemming, the chief researcher for Pythagoras. When Snake attempted to rescue "Flemming," Leone sprang his trap, coldly killing his bait and was about to do the same to Snake when "Teliko" (a disguised La Clown), threw a stun grenade to allow Snake to escape with her.

Leone was infuriated at the loss of both his prey and later intercepted Snake and "Teliko" at the storage warehouse before BRC. Leone explained to them that they shouldn't interfere in his plans and challenged them to a battle. While he proved to be a formidable and deadly opponent, both Snake and "Teliko" were able to outmanouver and wound him enough to escape.

Later, when Flemming revealed himself, he activated ACUA Troops, many disguised as his own men, and took down a majority of Leone's men. Realising that they were from a past haunt, a tragic loss from previous battles, Leone acknowledged the bigger threat and contacted Snake, who had just rescued the real Teliko from Ebro Tower, to help him stop Flemming and the ACUA Troops. They convened at the forecourt, leading into FAR, telling him that Pythagoras was the actual codename for a Metal Gear stored underground, and that a so-called "Neotony" was a being designed to control subjects under the influence of ACUA, a drug that was publicied to be a sleeping powder from BEAGLE.

Leone planned to enter the facility via passcode but it was too well guarded with Gun Cameras and told Snake that the power had to be cut from the connecting power plant should he hope to break in. When the two completed his task, Leone prepared for a frontal assault but was ambushed by ACUA Troops, and Flemming himself made an appearence, having changed the passcode. He was captured and dosed with the drug. Snake and Teliko confronted Leone in a storage facilty, who gets provoked in a illusion that they were trampling pansies growing in his flower garden and attacked them. Having no choice but to defend themselves, Snake and Teliko agreed that only mortally wounding Leone would be enough to snap him out of his trance. After finally felling him, he awakened to tell the two to pass a message to their CO Roger McCoy, that "it wasn't me."

Leone finally succumbed to his injuries, leaving a tranquil face, at peace knowing his commander would know the truth in the end.

The Leone Unit

The Leone Unit was composed of over 100 ex-national soldiers who had lost their homelands; ranging from Southeast Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa and other countries put under United States' aegis, after their civil wars.

While Leone's men did not share a common ideology, they did share a common cause: to overthrow U.S. puppet regimes and restore independence to their homelands and so held extreme anti-American views and sought revenge in any way possible. Leone's experience, as a squadleader, allowed him to bring all of these men, and their hatred, into a single mercernary force. While they lacked sufficient vehicular firepower, they did possess exceptional equipment and training, bearing their past.


The unit was first hired by an anti-government organization in the Moloni Republic to fight in a domestic war. A lot of fighting ensued against government forces but, when Leone thought he was close to a final victory, the enemy's military power suddenly multipled with the introduction of ACUA Troops, being tested at the site.

Leone's unit and his employer's organization were the only ones left after a bloody battle, losing it to the Moloni Government, Leone later found out that Moloni's anti-government militia just wasn't strong enough and combat wouldn't drag on long enough, not enough to draw a reasonable profit.

It did attract the attention of BEAGLE, whom invited his unit into the conflicts to try and make the war last longer but he latere discovered that BEAGLE was led by high-ranking U.S. officials. Infuriated that he was being controlled by the USA that a mysterious voice convinced him that, to enact revenge on America was to take over Lobito Island and attempt to release BEAGLE's secret weapon, Pythagoras to the wider world. Unfortunately, Flemming activated ACUA troops, stationed there and in his unit, and wiped out his men.


Lt. Leone.

Leone was proven to be a considerably powerful commander as he was able to bring many soldiers, whom hold extremist views against America, into his unit and command them with great respect. They're well equipped for a mercernary force and able to take over small regions of land in little time.

Leone himself held great vitality and strength, being able to take in a lot of punishment before succumbing to his wounds, likely due to how rifle and pistol bullets wouldn't be enough to cull his regenerative abilites, as hinted by Snake. The only ways to truly defeat Leone was to either use explosives or sniper rifles to inflict damage. In combat, Leone wields a PTRS-41 chambered with explosive rounds, and is able to destroy shipping crates with it. He uses this to attack Snake and Teliko in their encounters, and was able to wield this with one hand.

Behind the scenes

In Leone's artwork for Metal Gear Acid, a deceased Gurlukovich Soldier, dressed in fatigues from the Tanker chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2, can be seen under his leg.