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Konami Computer Entertainment Japan Inc. (株式会社コナミコンピュータエンタテインメントジャパン? abbreviated as KCE Japan, KCEJ or Konami JPN) was a video game development subsidiary of Konami that was active from 1996 to 2005. They were the company in charge of the Metal Gear series during that period. As many as 242 people were employed by the company as of September 30, 2004.[3] They were succeeded by Kojima Productions.[4]


  • 1996 - On April 1, former members of KCE Osaka's Development Division No. 5, which include Hideo Kojima, are relocated to the Yebisu Garden Place building, where they formed Konami Computer Entertainment Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • 1998 - Konami Computer Games Aoyama (KCG Aoyama) is merged into KCE Japan.
  • 1999 - KCE Japan takes over operations of Konami Computer Entertainment Shinjuku (KCE Shinjuku). From this point two divisions are formed. The original KCE Japan in Yebisu becomes KCEJ West, while the former KCE Shinjuku becomes KCEJ East.
  • 2000 - KCE Japan merges with the remnants of Japan Business Consultant, becoming Konami Computer Entertainment Japan Inc.
  • 2001 - The company's abbreviated name was changed from KCE Japan to Konami JPN.
  • 2002 - On February 2, Konami JPN starts listing their stocks on the JASDAQ market.
  • 2003 - On July 7, the Yebisu and Shinjuku offices are merged into one following relocation to the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.
  • 2005 - On April 1, Konami Corporation absorbs Konami JPN alongside Konami TYO (formerly KCE Tokyo) and Konami Studios (formerly KCE Studios) in order to centralize their game development business.


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