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This article is about Kazuhira Miller, a.k.a. Master Miller. You may be looking for his father, Colonel Miller.

"We hold our rifles in missing hands. We stand tall on missing legs. We stride forward on the bones of our fallen. Then, and only then, are we alive. This "pain" is ours and no one else's: a secret weapon we wield, out of sight. We will be stronger than ever, for our peace."
―Kazuhira Miller[src]

Kazuhira Miller (カズヒラ・ミラー Kazuhira Mirā?), also known as Kaz, McDonell Benedict Miller and Master Miller, was the subcommander of both the Militaires Sans Frontières and Diamond Dogs, and the survival trainer of FOXHOUND. He was well-read and possessed a vast array of scientific knowledge.


Early life[]

The child of an American GHQ officer and a Japanese woman, Kazuhira was born in Yokosuka of the Kanagawa Prefecture,[2] Japan, during the country's occupation by U.S. military forces, and was named after the Japanese word for "Peace" (和平) by his mother. Kaz was conceived as a result of his mother working as a prostitute, though his father treated her as a wife. Kaz's early life in Japan was a struggle, as he was born after his father had returned to America, and could not obtain Japanese citizenship due to his father being unknown. Many Japanese children would often mock him for his Western appearance, with his blue eyes and blond hair. Because of these factors, he identified himself more with the United States, the winners of World War II, than with the Japanese. However, his father had left his mother some money prior to leaving, which she used to set up a shop, selling items such as cigarettes to occupation troops.

When Kaz was ten years old, his mother became ill, leaving him to run the shop by himself. While his mother was bedridden, he stumbled upon a picture of his father, and began showing it to the American soldiers who came into the store, asking if they knew who the man was. He eventually learned from one of his father's students that the man was Colonel Miller, who had retired from active duty and was serving as a military instructor. Kaz knew he wanted to go to America as well as meet his father, so he eventually sent a letter to him in the U.S., requesting to travel there.

That wish was eventually granted and Kaz was picked up from his home, left his mother behind, and went to the U.S. to get an education. Kaz soon discovered that he once had a half-brother, though he had recently died in the Vietnam War, which had caused his father to enter a state of depression. Taking on his father's surname of "Miller", Kaz was supplied with money to enroll at an Ivy League school, later graduating from it and receiving his college degree. During his stay in America, he also witnessed the rise of the anti-Vietnam protests that were occurring within America. He then returned to Japan in 1968,[1] only to find that his mother wasn't angry that he had left her behind, but that she had simply forgotten who he was entirely, her mind having been affected by a disease she contracted during her days as a prostitute. Shortly after returning, he joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces, both to pay for his mother's hospital bills, and also as a way for him to get a taste of the battlefield.

Unfortunately for Miller, life in the JSDF wasn't as glamorous as he had hoped. His skills as a policeman were unmatched, but his superiors often feared them and chose not to reward those skills, so he didn't rise through the ranks as quickly as one would expect. Furthermore, he longed for a more active battlefield than what life in Japan typically offered, and by 1970, he decided to leave the JSDF, especially after witnessing The Temple of the Golden Pavilion author Yukio Mishima's coup d'etat and suicide at the JSDF Headquarters. He returned to America, only to learn his father had committed suicide, and was already buried. After his mother died, he began to drift around the world as a mercenary and a well known philanderer who loved the freedom of the '70s.

First encounter with Big Boss[]

In 1972, two years prior to the Peace Walker Incident, Miller's travels eventually led him to Colombia, where he got himself a position as a drill sergeant for a band of revolutionaries, despite never having seen a day of combat. It was during this time that he gained the name "Master Miller." Two months later, he and his guerrillas fought against the Colombian regime at the time, but they were caught in an ambush. Being inexperienced with actual combat situations at the time, half of his unit was wiped out and he ended up sending a soldier to act as bait while he fled. Doing so, he was caught in an explosive booby trap, injuring himself, although not before killing several of the opposition.

In the battle's aftermath, he met Big Boss (Naked Snake), the enemy commander who was fighting for the government forces. Big Boss attempted to get him to surrender, although Miller claimed he was unable to show his hands which resulted in Big Boss informing Miller that his men were already dead. Miller then mentioned that he came all the way from Japan as his place was on the battlefield, and requested that Big Boss act as his kaishaku, an executioner for dishonored warriors as part of the Japanese ritual known as harakiri.

However, Miller had actually intended to distract Big Boss to pull his trump card: Miller prepared to take his own life with a grenade that was concealed behind his back and ensure Big Boss died with him as a last stand. However, Big Boss managed to stop Miller by clasping on Miller's hands thus preventing the grenade's lever from being released. Though Big Boss's men insisted on shooting Miller, Big Boss decidedly ordered the men to stop. Miller then ended up falling unconscious, although not before declaring that Japan won't lose again. Big Boss was impressed with his spirit, likening it to that of a samurai, and had him recovered from the battlefield. Big Boss then placed Miller in a field hospital tent at the government soldiers' base to recover.

After Miller regained consciousness and discovered he was in a tent, Big Boss arrived to negotiate with Miller. Miller, however, did not wish to speak to Big Boss, due to being an enemy. Big Boss revealed not having come to interrogate him (having already found out who Miller was shortly beforehand) nor did Big Boss come to request that Miller join the Colombian government soldiers: Instead, revealing Big Boss was himself a mercenary like Miller and had in fact completed his paid assignment with the defeat of Miller's unit.

Doing so, Big Boss intended to convince Miller to instead join the Militaires Sans Frontières. Miller, however, declined to join Big Boss, especially when Miller was still an enemy. Big Boss then listed the alternative scenarios that might befall upon Miller: Big Boss could let Miller be handed over to the Colombian army, where they would interrogate him with a bamboo manicure (as Big Boss trained the Colombian army in interrogation himself), and then end up executed; he also couldn't return to the guerilla forces he led due to rumors laced by the CIA being spread that Miller had been a government agent sent to sabotage their efforts from within, and thus would probably end up executed by his former forces; and there's little chance of him escaping Colombia, either.

Big Boss also relayed that if Miller were to cooperate, the former could ensure Miller received a pardon from the base's commander, and explained a philosophy about how soldiers like him are to constantly fight on the battlefield. Miller, while not agreeing to join, decided instead to hold a contest to determine whether he should actually join, as he doesn't want to admit defeat. Big Boss agreed, under the condition that Miller not try to escape as the soldiers are temperamental at the base. In actuality, however, Miller's "contest" was a ruse for an elaborate escape attempt, as well as a means to convince Big Boss to join him in fulfilling his own dream of a new form of business.

To this end, Miller had a local peddler, Miel, deliver a letter to his elite soldiers (who weren't present when Miller's unit was attacked) listing a plan to ambush Big Boss and his men at sundown in a specific, Drug cartel-owned area of the jungle, also giving the signal by loudly shouting the final event. Miller and Big Boss then conducted their contest events: knife-fishing (originally spear-fishing, before Big Boss suggested to use knives instead); arm wrestling; fast gun assembling (which was done blindfolded after Miller bragged that he was the fastest one while in the JSDF); speed-eating the raw Arowana they caught earlier; and speed-shooting, with Big Boss beating Miller every time to an extent that Big Boss made it easier for Miller by stating that he only needed to win one event to ensure his freedom.

However, during the final event, after Big Boss finished his turn, Miller's guerillas came into position and surrounded them. Miller then explained his goals and tried to get Big Boss to join him instead, not wanting to be subservient to Big Boss. However, Big Boss refused, and ended up quickly disarming Miller with his field-strip (which one of Big Boss's soldiers had earlier warned him of this by mentioning that he'll pull his "broken gun trick" if Miller tried it). To make matters worse for Miller, his own soldiers ended up restraining him instead of Big Boss's forces, albeit reluctantly. Big Boss then admitted that they joined his forces due to Miel showing the letter Miller sent earlier before it reached its destination, and Big Boss met with them as a result; convincing them to join just by sitting down and talking to them one at a time.

Humiliated once again, Miller left for the forest alone, declaring he'll make do with himself if that's what he can do. Big Boss, however, pursued him, both because Big Boss knew he wasn't well-equipped to deal with the bandits in that area at night and still hoping that he'd join MSF. Big Boss eventually reached Miller, though they ended up getting into a fight, in which Big Boss eventually slammed him down onto the ground. Miller finally accepted joining MSF, deciding that he would fulfill his dream through Big Boss instead, having acknowledged the Big Boss's inner strength (although Miller makes clear he hasn't lost yet and will hold the contest again in the future for real).

However, while making small talk about themselves, Miller and Big Boss were ambushed by some bandits due to the two having wandered into their turf, although Big Boss subdued them and slammed them into the ground. The two then made their way back, presumably also taking over their turf in the process. Years later, Miller would tell Big Boss that he didn't realize until they met that "there's no such thing as an absolute enemy" and how "our enemies are always relative."[7] Miller would later play a vital role in the MSF's management and supported Big Boss's missions in Colombia.

Peace Walker Incident[]

Main article: Peace Walker Incident

In November 1974, Kaz Miller brought Paz Ortega Andrade and Ramón Gálvez Mena to the MSF's camp on the Barranquilla Coast, after making sure that they weren't being followed by "their 'friends' from Langley." Gálvez wanted to hire Big Boss and the MSF to repel a security company that had recently entered Costa Rica. Unlike Big Boss, Miller didn't really feel that the deal was a bad idea, especially with the offer of an offshore plant in the Caribbean to use as a base of operations (as their current base was in disrepair), although he became reluctant upon learning that Gálvez was a KGB agent yet Big Boss eventually agreed to take Gálvez's offer for Paz.


Kazuhira Miller as MSF's subcommander.

From their Mother Base, Miller provided radio support to the MSF forces as they entered Costa Rica. He also briefly thanked Big Boss for accepting the mission, especially when it served as an opportunity to fully enter the mercenary business, although he admitted he suspected that the real reason his commander accepted the mission involved The Boss.[8] Big Boss contacted Miller from a nearby shipping facility, noting the unusually large amount of radiation film badges located there, and the radioman that he had previously interrogated having mentioned something about "spears" being delivered in the cargo. Miller and Big Boss then realized that this could mean only one thing: nuclear weapons were being shipped into Costa Rica, something that Miller found horrifying.

Miller then suggested that they ally with the local Sandinistas that had been ousted from Nicaragua, to help in tracking down the supply route to the facility in Mount Irazu, and gave a status update on Mother Base's repair work.[9] Meanwhile, he and the MSF refurbished Mother Base, personally suggesting to Big Boss to be assigned anywhere on the base's staff that needed assistance, citing MSF's small size. Despite Big Boss's view that being second-in-command was good enough, Miller did not want to feel as though he was just "sitting around."[10] In addition, he also rigged Big Boss's radio so that he could contact Paz who was hiding at Ciudad Colon.[11] The revelation of an unmanned weapon during the interrupted meeting between the FSLN and Big Boss had Miller reacting with shock at the presence of a weapon he only heard rumors about, and agreed with Big Boss to have FSLN comandante Amanda Valenciano Libre followed, as the latter's the only person besides the then-recently deceased Sandinista Comandante who can confirm whether or not the CIA group did have nukes in the region.[12] Miller later had Amanda,[13] Chico, and French citizen Cécile Cosima Caminades[14] extracted from Costa Rica, after Big Boss made contact with them.

Miller continued to propose ideas for the MSF's expansion, including the adoption of a Mess Hall Team,[15] a Medical Team for Mother Base's sick bay,[16] an Intel Team,[17] outside operations,[18] and voluntary recruitment.[19] He also coined the phrase "Pooyan Mission" for operations that involved preventing enemy usage of Fulton recovery, named after a pet pig belonging to neighbors of his, during childhood.[20] With Amanda in crutches due to injuries, Miller initially attempted to stop Amanda from leaving Mother Base's sickbay, citing concern for Amanda wanting to return to the battlefield, only for Big Boss to point out that Amanda wanted to do so for the FSLN comrades, and suggested letting her out of sickbay for the time being as it was also beneficial to the MSF's development.[21] After AI weapon researcher Dr. Huey Emmerich defected to the MSF and was assigned to the R&D Team to develop a bipedal tank, Miller believed that the MSF would need it as a deterrent against other countries, in order to achieve true independence.[22]

At an unknown point, Miller proceeded to enter a mission with Big Boss via the use of a cardboard box, bypassing a truck and even one of the AI weapons, although problems arose from the obviously cramped space between them, plus his use of sunglasses making him effectively blind, which caused instances of him tripping, as well as his becoming disoriented from the residue fumes in the cardboard box (as the box had originally been used to transport onions). Eventually, it got them so fed up that Big Boss inadvertently blew his and Miller's cover while expressing irritation at the latter's complaints.[23]

Big Boss and Miller eventually learned that Hot Coldman, the CIA Station Chief of Central America, was the one behind the invasion and the Peace Walker Project, although Big Boss ended up captured shortly after a failed second-attempt to destroy the Mammal Pod. During Big Boss's capture, Miller attempted to contact Big Boss in vain,[24] explained to the concerned Amanda that there was one thing Big Boss would never allow the Peace Sentinel to confiscate from him (referring to the jigsaw that Big Boss had on his person that was disguised as a scar that was a copy of The Boss's scar),[25] and also had MSF forces aid Big Boss by retrieving his equipment so they can give it back to him when he escaped.[26] In addition, Miller, noticing that he couldn't get into contact with Paz, had an MSF member sent to the school at Ciudad Colon, and discovered from the soldier that while the school itself did exist, Paz and Gálvez were not seen in the school for quite some time, and later relayed these details to Big Boss as soon as the latter escaped from the prison.[27]

However, neither Big Boss nor Miller had known that Coldman was planning on using Peace Walker to launch a nuke towards Mother Base, namely to poison the fish and crops so that mass production could begin, but also to annihilate the MSF. When they learned this, Miller stated that Big Boss had to stop Peace Walker from arriving in Nicaragua. However, after that had failed, he considered evacuating Mother Base, but decided against it as the personnel believed in Big Boss.[28] He did, however, prepare a backup unit in case Big Boss was unable to stop Peace Walker at the U.S. Missile Base in Nicaragua.[29]

Later on, Miller arrived with the majority of the MSF forces into Nicaragua to aid Big Boss in stopping Coldman's plans. After joining forces with Amanda's FSLN group, they took down the Peace Sentinel, arrested Vladimir Zadornov and Coldman (the latter of whom was mortally wounded by the former via forcing Paz to fire a gun). Miller also lectured the distraught Paz in not picking up a gun unless the latter planned to use it. Miller discovered that Coldman activated Peace Walker after hearing the pinging sound from Coldman's activating its nuclear briefcase, and not only was it going to be launched at Cuba (as Zadornov had changed the target earlier), but it would also transmit false missile trajectories to third parties all over the world, including NORAD and the Pentagon. He alerted Big Boss and Dr. Strangelove about what happened, with Coldman dying before giving the abort code (a factor Coldman had taken into account), forcing Big Boss and Strangelove to destroy Peace Walker.

After the fiasco ended, Miller teamed up with Huey and Strangelove to build Metal Gear ZEKE, which was created from the prototype weapons of the Peace Walker Project. He also arranged for Peace Walker's nuclear warhead to be fished out of Lake Nicaragua, both to avoid causing another conflict for the natives, and to provide the MSF with a possible nuclear deterrent. After some thought, Big Boss accepted Miller's proposal to install ZEKE with the warhead.[30]

When Paz came to stay aboard Mother Base, Big Boss tasked Miller with keeping an eye on Paz. However, when Miller attempted to shield Paz from the crude atmosphere of one of the MSF's monthly birthday parties, he failed after becoming drunk himself and began mooning everybody, saying that they should see "the real Kazuhira Miller."

Miller once delivered a package to Big Boss from EVA, after having it checked for explosives. Upon learning about Big Boss's former ties to EVA, he speculated that the two had been lovers, and warned that his commander not get "distracted" by EVA at the MSF's expense.[31]

With Zadornov in MSF custody, Miller considered recruiting Zadornov into the group in order to boost the other Russian members' morale. However, Zadornov's numerous escape attempts from Mother Base forced him to change his mind against it.[32]

At some point during the development of Mother Base, Miller had created a sauna on the base, to boost the morale of the Finnish personnel as well as it being viewed as economical. However, he let his womanizing side get the better of him, with him committing "soap play" with one of the female MSF soldiers, Swan, causing her boyfriend Armadillo to faint in shock at Miller and Swan doing this, resulting in Armadillo being sent to the infirmary for a month. Big Boss eventually deduced what happened after interviewing Gazelle, a witness to Swan and Miller's actions and being one of the women Miller slept with.

In addition, Miller had scratches on his body which implied that Swan scratched him while having sex. Big Boss then reprimanded Miller for his recent behavior due to it setting a very bad example for the personnel, resulting in an argument that escalated into a full-on brawl in the area, which several MSF personnel, including Paz, witnessing it. As a result of Miller's actions, he was sentenced to cleaning up the sauna for a whole year, apologizing to all involved in his womanizing, and being warned to be more careful about his womanizing nature.

After Zadornov escaped captivity for the seventh and last time, Big Boss warned Miller that Zadornov must have had an accomplice, given Zadornov's final words. Miller then noticed that ZEKE had begun to move on its own, implying that someone had hijacked it, and noticed that Paz was acting strangely. Paz then revealed actually being Pacifica Ocean, an agent of Cipher. After ZEKE was disabled and Pacifica was defeated, Miller wondered "which was the real Paz and which was the lie."[33] Miller later apologized to Big Boss because the former knew what Pacifica and Zadornov had been up to all along, and in fact was in on their plot, but didn't tell Big Boss sooner.[34] However, Cipher ordered Paz to launch a nuke at the East Coast, to frame the MSF as being an extremist cult should Big Boss refuse to rejoin Cipher, and thus would jeopardize any chances for MSF expanding. In actuality, Miller had secretly been collaborating with Zero, the two sharing a common interest in the MSF's expansion, due to Miller's belief that the mercenary business would become a new driving force in the world economy after the Cold War's end.[35] However, he considered himself nothing more than a business partner, and thus neither an ally nor enemy.[36] In addition, he had earlier leaked news of Paz's modifications to Zero before Paz had a chance to lie about the progress.[37]

At some point, Miller examined UFO photos given to the press by Sir Eric Gairy, prime minister of Grenada, and stumbled upon an image of the Chrysalis AI weapon, which he then reported it to Big Boss. Big Boss revealed that he had taken the photo and given it to Chico, which he had then sold to a magazine. Speculating that the CIA was involved in recent incidents of cattle mutilations and abductions across the Americas, Miller expressed concern at Gairy's attempt to have the UN investigate the "UFO problem," believing that he may be "digging too deep" and would get himself into trouble.[38] At another point, Miller also gave a proposal to Big Boss about a possible new weapon concept, although because there weren't any volunteers for Subject D to test it out, Big Boss decided to have Miller act as "Subject D" for the weapon, presumably surviving the launch. When Big Boss and the other MSF soldiers were coming back from a mission, Miller initially intended to have a chopper pick both Big Boss and the other MSF soldiers, although Big Boss, largely due to being tired and the soldiers insisting, had Miller send another chopper to get him back while he himself stayed behind, with Miller largely understanding the situation.

Post-Peace Walker[]

Warning: The following events occur in the pseudo-historical Side Ops in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes; its level of canonicity is ambiguous.

Side ops[]

Afterwards, Miller had MSF take various jobs, with Big Boss participating in the missions in person.

On December 3, 1974, at 13:18, Miller and MSF were hired to neutralize an infamous sniper duo who made their mark during the Laotian Civil War as part of a request from the KGB backers Miller had earlier been acquainted with. Miller relayed this aspect of his past to Big Boss, although he made clear that the KGB contacts had no connection whatsoever to Zadornov beyond common KGB affiliation. He also relayed information about the targets, including that they killed innocent civilians, and that their extradition to Laos to stand trial was in the talks for the peace negotiations.[39] After the mission was completed, Miller noted that the two soldiers had been afraid of something even more than that of death itself, causing him to become suspicious of the base they had just infiltrated, Camp Omega. He later had an Intel Team agent infiltrate the base to investigate.

On December 7 at 05:31, one of MSF's Intel Team agents, Hideo, requested an extraction from his assigned location, Camp Omega at the Naval Prison Facility in Cuba, with Miller arranging for him to be retrieved as he was vital to MSF's operations. As they had little time to do the stealth approach, Miller told Big Boss to assault the base. He also relayed orders to the pilot of the Hind chopper that Big Boss used to extract the agent, Hideo. Miller was impressed by Hideo's resourcefulness and skill in hijacking and driving a jeep.

On December 21 at 18:08, Miller had Big Boss return to Camp Omega to retrieve a classified intel from an undercover agent planted at the facility. Their client hired them via a cutout to retrieve the intel, although Miller suspected their client was the Joint Chiefs of Staff, especially as their Chairman owed Snake for his actions in quelling the Peace Walker Incident. As they couldn't risk blowing the DOD mole's cover, they instead had to directly interrogate him. Miller, however, became suspicious of the agent's storage location in the central control tower and warned Big Boss to be careful.[40] True to his suspicions, Big Boss overheard the agent and a bald Marine talk about the central control tower being a trap[41] The cassette tape was placed near a surveillance camera.[42] Big Boss managed to escape with the intel on both the tape from the tower and the actual tape that he took from a bald Marine. The first tape contained information on a agent of Cipher known only as Skull Face. They also analyzed the tape and deduced it to be an interrogation, thus providing undeniable proof that it had been converted to a blacksite.[43] In addition, analyzing the other tape, which had been the true target, supplied a full plan for the black site, making it more apparent the base's black site status, though Miller wondered whether this was the "world without borders" that Cipher alluded to.[44]

Sometime afterwards, Miller, suspecting Cipher's involvement and deciding to get a lead on them, secretly dispatched an Intel Team agent to the base to uncover information. Unfortunately, this decision ended up resulting in the agent's capture.[45]

On January 9, 1975 at 07:01, Miller and the MSF were hired by the United States military's Joint Chiefs of Staff to sabotage one of their own base's anti-air emplacements, as they were preparing a MAGTF to retake the base. Miller guided Big Boss through the mission, informing him to take out three of the four AA guns. He also admitted that he had secretly sent an agent to the base, but he had been captured, and after apologizing for not telling Big Boss earlier, requested that he save the agent, provided he was still alive,[45] as well as informed him that there were several other moles belonging to the DOD who had been captured, and that the U.S. Government unofficially supported the JCS's mission due to it causing a negative diplomatic disaster had the base been uncovered.[46][47] Shortly after Big Boss infiltrated the area and placed a C4 package on an AA gun, Miller reported that the base had undergone a full alert due to the base's defense systems detecting the amphibious assault carrier containing the MAGTF sooner than expected.[48] After all three were destroyed, Miller told Big Boss about an APC with a cannon that would prove to be a threat to the MAGTF choppers, requesting that Big Boss destroy it.[49] Afterwards, Miller was about to send the extraction chopper, but then noticed an unexpected development on Mother Base's radar: Two unidentified aircraft were headed towards the base, and their speed exceeding the 500 mark made clear they were attack aircraft. Disturbed by the timing of their discovery, Miller told Big Boss to get out of the premises,[50] also informing him they were non-friendly after the MAGTF was shot down by the craft and identified their payload as being bombs, meaning the aircraft were going to do a bombing run on the camp.[51] After Big Boss rescued the moles and Intel Team agent and managed to escape (witnessing the destruction of the blacksite during the escape in a bombing run), Miller was nonetheless satisfied that they fulfilled their end of the bargain despite the unexpected ending to the mission. During the debriefing, Miller revealed that the aircraft were of western origin, meaning someone within the United States didn't want the black site discovered and manipulated everything to ensure that it was kept secret. Miller then voiced suspicion that the person or entity responsible for the attack, although unconfirmed, was most likely Cipher.[52]

Side Ops information ends here.

Ground Zeroes Incident[]

Main article: Ground Zeroes Incident

Inspection preparations[]

In February 1975, the MSF received a request for an inspection from the IAEA. Officially, the reason was because they received a shipment of nuclear fuel from Uzbekistani officials, although both Miller and Big Boss knew that this was actually done under the influence of Cipher, as revenge for their earlier defeat and Paz's earlier leaks. The two attempted to write an official letter of refusal explaining that they were a private firm,[53] but Huey, one of the few actually supporting the inspection, ended up sending a letter that indicated that the MSF changed their minds and accepted it. Now with no other options but to allow the UN inspection to come about with media coverage by at least two major western networks, Miller ended up relocating all AFVs save for Metal Gear ZEKE to shore, and have troublemakers go with the vehicles for some mandatory "R&R."[54] He also informed the remaining MSF members the truth relating to the UN inspections to ensure they don't inadvertently reveal ZEKE's existence. He also arranged for Amanda to house the FSLN troops at Cuba due to Amanda being stationed there at the time, and the presence of soldiers that were technically Soviet-bloc would leave a bad impression on the MSF. Except for Huey, all civilians were evacuated from Mother Base, including Cecile, where he prepared Cecile's papers in order to return to Paris. Miller also admitted that he had Strangelove retired from the MSF due to the AI development program not accomplishing much as well as ZEKE being completed anyways while Big Boss was on a mission the prior week.[55]

Rescue mission at Camp Omega[]

Ten days later, Miller relayed reports that Paz had survived and was rescued by a fisherman when Paz lay adrift in the Caribbean. He later planned a rescue mission to retrieve Paz who was detained by Cipher on the Cuban prison facility Camp Omega under suspicions of Paz's allegiance being compromised as the only viable link left for the MSF to track down Cipher and find out their plans and also to find out "what [Paz] really thought of them."[56] Miller found out about Paz's capture from information supplied to them by Amanda. They initially planned to delay rescuing Paz until after the inspection, and had Chico moved to Cuba as a distraction by meeting Amanda there.[57] However, Chico ended up disappearing from the ship being assigned to. Miller initially thought and relayed to Amanda as much that Chico must have simply gotten lost in the city, but then realized to his horror after conversing with Big Boss that Chico must have snuck out of the ship while it was refueling at Santiago de Cuba, which was sixty miles away from the prison facility that Paz was imprisoned at, with it being a three day hike due to mountainous terrain. Miller then had the Intel unit dispatch at Cuba try to find Chico.[58]

They eventually learned that Chico was taken prisoner and received an SOS signal from Chico which also confirmed Paz's location in the same facility, with the Intel unit also confirming Chico's account. Big Boss volunteered to take the mission to retrieve the two, resulting in Miller holding down Mother Base for the inspection.[59] He briefed Big Boss on the details of the military base Chico and Paz were held at, and also stated that while Chico must survive and escape, Paz can be killed if no other option is left, as well as stating that it was impossible to escape the base on foot due to mines. Miller also briefly implied that he only wanted to save Chico to prevent from talking as Chico knew too much about the MSF, earning a rebuke from Big Boss.[60] Because of their current situation, they could only afford to send no more than one extraction chopper once Big Boss has gotten Chico and Paz, although both also noted that the one silver lining was that, because of the stormy weather near Cuba on the day of the mission persisting until sunrise, Big Boss can easily infiltrate the base due to the inclement weather acting as cover.[61] During the mission, in addition to hosting the UN inspection, Miller monitored the situation and gave advice to Big Boss when needed.[62] 40 hours after Chico lost contact with the MSF on Camp Omega, Big Boss was dispatched to Chico and Paz's last known location: an old area of the facility, while he and the rest of the MSF will deal with the nuclear inspections by the UN that were implied to have been sent by Cipher due to Paz's earlier leaks about their possessing a nuclear weapons program.[63] Miller alongside the other MSF members ended up informing Amanda about Chico's current status, with Amanda telling him that, as Chico was her younger brother, she'd know if Chico was lying, and with that said, she was "ready for the worst." He also expressed some disturbance about Amanda apparently being elated about that "readiness."[64]

MSF's destruction[]


Miller looking over Big Boss and a medic.

As Big Boss returned to Mother Base with both Chico and Paz, Miller heard an explosion and went to investigate. Miller and the MSF were soon caught in a surprise attack by the military group XOF, which had used the UN inspection as a "trojan horse." Miller had been wounded by the time Big Boss arrived back at base, and was evacuated to a helicopter with the help of his commander and another soldier. Escaping at the last second before the strut sank into the ocean, Miller furiously informed Big Boss that the UN inspection had been a smokescreen, and proceeded to interrogate the injured Paz, largely out of anger at the MSF's recent losses. Startled awake, Paz coughed up blood in his face and rushed away from him while Miller is restrained by a medic. Paz then opened the door of the chopper and sacrificed herself by jumping out, knowing that a bomb implanted inside her own body would detonate at any moment. However, she was unable to fall far enough for the helicopter to avoid damage from the explosion's shockwave, and it was sent spinning into the path of another chopper.[65] In the aftermath of XOF's attack, Miller, Big Boss, and a medic were hospitalized, with Miller himself suffering lacerations to his face. He was informed that Big Boss had been resuscitated, but falls into a coma. Miller then asked about the medic's status who had shrapnel through the head.

Unlike his two comrades, Miller recovered quickly from his injuries and was contacted by the ailing Zero, who revealed that he had nothing to do with Skull Face and XOF's attack on Mother Base and the MSF. Zero gave Miller financial support, so he would be able to continue his mercenary activities in Big Boss's absence, and Zero also told him about watching over Big Boss for the immediate future. Zero wanted Miller to one day join forces with Big Boss again and assured him that he would be contacted with the code phrase "V has come to", when that time came. While Miller accepted Zero's help, he also made it clear that whether Zero had actually ordered the attack or not, he still held Zero responsible for the MSF's losses and the events of that night, and promised Zero that once him and Big Boss were together again, they would hunt Zero down after Skull Face was wiped out, despite being assured by Zero that he wouldn't be able to find him.

In 1976, Miller went to Rhodesia (presumably to fight as a mercenary in the Civil War). He also bore somewhat of a grudge against Huey, due to the latter's role in the XOF attack. He also lost contact with Strangelove, although he knew that Strangelove had made contact with Amanda regarding Peace Walker in Lake Nicaragua before he lost contact.

Miller and some of the MSF's other survivors eventually reformed as the Diamond Dogs. During the nine years Big Boss was in a coma, Miller spent his time training various dissident soldiers.[66] During this time, he was referred to by the Diamond Dogs soldiers as "Commander Miller."

Phantom Pain Incident[]

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Miller helped by Venom Snake to walk, after being saved in Afghanistan.

In 1984, Kaz Miller was training some Mujahideen soldiers in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion, with his also having the personal motive of hunting down Emmerich, as he had heard that Emmerich was at the Afghanistan Central Base Camp. However, he and his unit were ambushed by the Parasite Unit, which eventually resulted in his unit being killed, him losing his right arm and left leg, and him being captured and tortured by the Soviets. Before his capture though, he told Ocelot to seek out Big Boss at the hospital, both to rescue from a similar attack, but also so he could be saved. Miller was later found chained up in a house by Venom Snake, and helped him to escape the country on March 21st, 1984.

Miller shortly recovered and was given a prosthetic leg and a cane to help him walk. Although Ocelot suggested that he get some Soviet-made prosthetics to replace his lost limbs, Miller declined, stating that he didn't care for his limbs anyhow and that he wanted to at least live with his phantom pain until his comrades were properly avenged. The attempts to destroy the MSF, combined with the suffering endured during captivity, made Miller extremely vengeful towards Cipher, more specifically XOF and its leader Skull Face, and obsessed with its destruction. Although he wanted Diamond Dogs to be based in Latin America over Seychelles, he ultimately accepted Seychelles, as Latin America was doing fine under Amanda.

Miller then began to undertake his duties as Mother Base's XO, being in charge of all of Mother Base while Venom Snake went out on missions. Among his first duties was providing a list for Snake via the iDroid regarding which missions they have accepted they should do first, citing that they'll have to get their hands dirty if Diamond Dogs is to complete their objectives.[67] Miller, along with Ocelot, provided tactical support for Snake whenever the latter was out in the field, giving advice on how to achieve objectives and advising on the multiple courses of action Snake could take. At some point after their new Mother Base received extensive expansions, one of their forward operating bases ended up invaded by a competitor. He later notified Snake of this as soon as he returned upon receiving the news, and requested orders in a way that made clear he was very eager to find the intruder and teach them and whoever they worked for a lesson. After several successful missions in Afghanistan, Miller received a coded transmission from Emmerich, the man he had been hunting for years who wanted to defect from mysterious military group XOF over to Diamond Dogs.

Believing that Emmerich was somehow involved in the attack nine years earlier that destroyed the MSF, Miller insisted that they agree to Emmerich's request so that they could interrogate about Emmerich's whereabouts during XOF's attack nine years earlier. Venom Snake then headed to the Soviet occupied Serak Power Plant where the transmission was sent from, but was sidetracked by the sniper Quiet who began shooting at Snake. Miller, not wanting Emmerich to disappear, advised Snake to sneak past Quiet and return later. Upon arriving at the facility, Snake snuck past the Soviet troops stationed at the plant and discovered a hidden XOF facility housing a Metal Gear, although Miller reminded Snake that the priority was Emmerich. Snake then caught Emmerich discussing the Metal Gear with the XOF commander Skull Face on the facility's checkpoint tower. Overhearing their dispute after Skull Face learned of Emmerich's betrayal, Miller advised Snake to go after Emmerich before being executed.

After Venom Snake managed to extract Emmerich out of Afghanistan, Miller ordered his men to take Emmerich into custody to the interrogation room, where he and Ocelot proceeded to torture for information regarding his former ally's disappearance nine years earlier and affiliation with XOF. While Miller accused Emmerich of being involved in XOF's attack, Emmerich countered and accused Miller of being the traitor, knowing of his previous ties to Cipher. After Emmerich begged of having had lost something, Miller took his frustrations out on Emmerich and grabbed the controller which operated his traitorous associate's exoskeleton, with Miller bending Emmerich's leg out of shape. Because they needed proof of Emmerich's treachery before passing judgement, Snake and Miller allowed Emmerich to stay onboard Mother Base as a prisoner while giving Emmerich permission to work with the R&D Unit, though Miller still suspected Emmerich of betraying the MSF.

Miller became furious towards when Venom Snake had defeated Quiet in a sniper duel but refused to execute Quiet, instead taking Quiet prisoner in an attempt to find out who Quiet worked for. Upon arrival at Mother Base, Miller had ordered a chopper escort for Snake and Quiet so that they could be brought straight to the command platform. There Ocelot and a team of of his own Diamond Dogs waited for Snake's arrival, but Miller, not wanting to take chances with Cipher, ordered them shoot Quiet even though Quiet had prevented a XOF fighter jet from shooting down their chopper, saving Snake's life. He continued to give the order despite Ocelot's objections, constantly reminding the angry Miller that Quiet had saved Snake's life. They were both ultimately stopped by Snake, ordering the men to escort Quiet to the Brig. Miller, angry with Snake's choice of sparing Quiet, said that Snake would regret it in the long run, to which Snake countered that Quiet would have to be put down eventually, and that Snake would pull the trigger when the time comes.

After finishing his interrogation of Emmerich, Miller informed Venom Snake that Skull Face had moved operations to Central Africa and advised that they do the same in order to find out what Skull Face was up to while growing their reputation as a PMC. One of these missions involved in the execution of a group of child soldiers who were being held prisoner by a PF. Not wanting Diamond Dogs to be responsible for the murder of children, Snake instead freed the children and extracted them back to Mother Base. Upon arrival, one of the kids accidentally bumped into Miller, causing him to lose balance and fall. While he did believe that Snake did the right thing in sparing the children, Miller made it clear that he did not like children and that they weren't fit to be on a battlefield or even on Mother Base, proceeding to hit one of the kids with his cane. The kid then proceeds to grab Snake's rifle and pointed it at Miller, with Snake commenting that the kid's a natural until Miller disarms the child soldier, making it clear that he did not like them. Miller then told Snake that the children will go through a reintegration program to help them get actual jobs that don't involve warfare.

Shortly thereafter, after Venom Snake neutralized the commander of Rogue Coyote, Miller, having been given a suggestion by Emmerich about a counterweapon to the various Walker Gears in use by the PFs in Central Africa, notifying Snake notifying this, and requesting that his commander return to Mother Base.[68] Miller then, alongside Ocelot and Snake, went to Room 101 to meet with Emmerich who proposed the designs, also clarifying Emmerich's intended message by telling Snake of intending for a proposed weapon to be customizable. Despite his personal hatred for Emmerich's suspected role in the MSF's downfall, Miller ultimately agreed to the development, mostly because he realized Diamond Dogs needed that deterrent, citing that the weapon had greater turning radius than a tank, making it vital in regional skirmishes, combined with the PFs gaining similar tech, and told Snake as much when the latter mentioned having deja vu from Emmerich's explanation. Miller then asked if they had Snake's approval, with Snake reluctantly complying before leaving.

Soon, Miller had sent Venom Snake to rescue the Mbele Squad's former captain, Shabani, who had been taken to the Devil's House at Ngumba Industrial Zone, who paid the Diamond Dogs with diamonds that the children had earlier been forced to mine prior to their rescue. However, they stumbled upon their arrival a horrific site where people literally had "voices" jammed down their throats via an acoustic as well as the patients having horrific growths on them, with the Intel Team also picking up the chatter nearby. However, due to Skull Face's interference, as well as the involvement of the Man on Fire and the Floating Boy (with the former also being Miller's first witnessing of the entity due to not being present when the hospital was attacked), they ultimately failed to rescue Shabani before the latter died, and were forced to leave his corpse behind in the burning building. They also had confirmation that Skull Face was indeed involved with whatever was going on at the lab due to their brief encounter. However, they couldn't identify the little amount of the experiment Snake brought back (both due to the lack of anything to compare the pathogen with and because the sample itself was almost completely burned off by the Man on Fire), nor could they connect anything regarding the radio transmissions barring that they couldn't find English among the transmissions.

They were later contracted for the assassination of the White Mamba, the brutal commander of a small army of child soldiers who turned against their adult superiors and were now a small band of savages, raiding villages. Miller, not wanting Diamond Dogs to be infamous for the murder of children, insisted that Snake only arm himself with non-lethal weapons and to extract as many as possible.

After a few more missions, including the rescue of two former researchers involved at the Devil's House that confirmed that English was never among the languages present, Miller and the other Diamond Dogs soon had to deal with a massive disaster at the base regarding an outbreak of an unknown pathogen. Left with no alternatives, he and Venom Snake, at the behest of Ocelot, had placed several soldiers into quarantine, with Miller also wondering whether this epidemic was the WMD to surpass Metal Gear Cipher was developing that Emmerich had alluded to earlier when Ocelot reminded them of both the floating bodies at the Mfinda Oilfield and the bodies at the Devil's House earlier.[69] He then dispatched the Intel Team to find the root cause, as well as to either assassinate or otherwise retrieve a human trafficker who had previously been involved with Skull Face's activities at the Devil's House. Eventually, only one of the Intel Team members survived, and was quickly recovered by Snake. The Intel Team member in turn revealed a hint at who they can find to quell the epidemic and his location: Code Talker. Miller then had Snake immediately go to the mansion at Lufwa Valley to retrieve Code Talker. When Snake confirmed and had retrieved Code Talker, he told Snake to order a chopper request, knowing that the latter's advanced age meant he could not risk a fulton extraction. While overhearing Code Talker explain what was occurring on Mother Base, and what exactly it was, Miller realized in horror from both Code Talker's statements and their earlier mission to the Devil's House that Skull Face was most likely planning to wipe out all languages save for English from the face of the Earth. While traversing to the chopper, Code Talker also directed Snake to a mass grave containing victims of the vocal cord parasites, which he neither knew about the experimentations nor could he do anything to help them, with Miller deducing that the remaining MIA Intel Team members were most likely among that mass grave, eventually declaring that XOF will pay for what they did to them. Shortly after Code Talker was placed on the chopper, Miller sent a squad to investigate the mass grave, and confirmed his suspicions that the Intel Team members were indeed among those victims. The rescue of Code Talker, however, ran into a snag when Pequod ended up making a forced crash landing onto Nova Braga Airport due to the Armored Skulls ambushing them via a cloud of Metallic Archaea rusting the chopper. Knowing that Code Talker's survival is their only key to Mother Base's survival, Miller told Snake to fight off the Skulls and their puppet soldiers. Upon Code Talker's arrival, they then managed to cure the epidemic, although at the cost of being sterile as a result.

Ultimately, he and Venom Snake eventually found Skull Face and Metal Gear Sahelanthropus upon dealing with an epidemic via interrogating Emmerich (as they knew Skull Face needed the Walker Gears and Sahelanthropus as well as the vocal cord parasites specifically to allow literally anyone to become a nuclear power thanks to Code Talker). Miller then personally accompanied Snake via the gunship Queequeg alongside Emmerich (who wanted to redeem himself and supply information on Sahelanthropus), some Diamond Dogs soldiers, and Eli albeit unintentionally (who had snuck onboard Queequeg via the supply compartment). Despite the circumstances, however, the official chain of command of Diamond Dogs was still in effect, with Miller relaying any orders to the remainder of Mother Base's staff regarding retrievals and/or developments via the iDroid. He also had Queequeg secretly tail Skull Face after Snake surrendered to the former at OKB Zero, with the intention of shooting XOF on sight in an ambush. However, things entered an unexpected hitch when not only was Queequeg's controls malfunctioning, but Sahelanthropus itself somehow became active (both of these were due to Eli's presence onboard). After Sahelanthropus was taken out, Miller then had Queequeg land to pick up Snake. They then arrived back at the Serak Power Plant just in time to "see" Skull Face after the latter was gravely injured from Sahelanthropus going haywire due to Tretij Rebenok reacting from Eli's presence and lust for revenge. Miller and Snake considered killing Skull Face right then and there using the XOF commander's own lever-action rifle but they chose not to, deciding instead to shoot off two limbs as revenge for the losses they suffered at Skull Face's hand. They had also planned to leave Skull Face to die in agony under the rubble, with Miller, in reference to Skull Face's begging for them to be finished off, coldly saying to "do it [himself]" before tossing the weapon and using his crutch to point the barrel away to ensure Skull Face could not reach the barrel in his current state. However, Emmerich proceeded to kill Skull Face shortly afterwards, much to Snake and Miller's disbelief.

The death of Skull Face left Miller somewhat anguished, largely because he wasn't able to recover his limbs or the losses he had endured. This, alongside lingering suspicions that Cipher was somehow among them, caused him to become a lot more erratic, telling the staff to constantly suspect each other, something that the other soldiers noted.[70] After the Battle Gear's development was completed, Miller, both due to no longer seeing any use for Emmerich (due to Skull Face being killed and the aforementioned completion of the Battle Gear) and due to suspicions that Emmerich was already planning to betraying them in the near future, had Venom Snake find and recover The Boss AI from the Soviet central base in Afghanistan, to see if they could find any evidence pointing to Emmerich's betrayal of the MSF nine years earlier.[71] Upon confirming the AI pod had been launched, Miller, after unsubtly expressing hope at finding evidence pinning Huey with the demise of MSF, then told Snake that he'll be the first to know if they discover anything.[72] What he got when the AI was sent to them and examined was more than even he had bargained for, as Diamond Dogs uncovered a female mummified corpse inside. He and the other Diamond Dogs members then interrogated Emmerich regarding the corpse's identity, and later relayed the information to Snake,[73] presumably also calling Snake back to Mother Base for this reason under the pretense of wanting Snake to take a break from the battlefield,[74] although he was briefly sidetracked from actually delivering the information due to events on Mother Base where Quiet risked her own life trying to retrieve a necklace belonging to the Mbele Squad when it was discarded in a vat filled with chlorine disinfectant, which resulted in hospitalization. During this event, he also wondered why the Mbele Squad let their necklace fall down the vat (unaware that Eli had been involved in this action), and when witnessing Quiet jump in and narrowly alongside Ocelot stopping Snake from recklessly pursuing, thought Quiet tried to scare the Mother Base members. After seeing Quiet survive and successfully retrieve the necklace, Miller stayed behind to ponder what he just witnessed.

Ultimately, the events of Quiet's sacrifice resulted in their discovering Quiet's true identity as the assassin who tried to kill Big Boss at Cyprus via an MRI scan as well as Code Talker, and was also infected with the vocal cord parasites, thus explaining Quiet's abilities.[75] Suspecting Quiet was carrying the English strain of parasites, and angered at Quiet for the attempt on Big Boss's life, he then proceeded to brutally interrogate Quiet, including dousing with seawater knowing full well about Quiet's ability to drink through skin. However, he reluctantly backed down when both Venom Snake (who had earlier called back to base with the discovery[75]) and Ocelot suggested against it, although he was clearly angered at the decision, storming out and shouldering Snake as he left.

In addition, Miller's leadership was later put into question when Eli repeated defied the Mother Base staff, repeatedly causing incidents that brought harm to the staff. He later began to rally the children against the Mother Base staff, claiming that they would not let them return home and that they were only prisoners. While Ocelot repeatedly requested that they isolate Eli from the other children due to considering Eli's rebellious behavior to be contagious, Miller vehemently objected, saying that Eli deserves a chance to change despite Eli's violent tendencies. When a child soldier was seemingly killed in an accident caused by a staff member, Ocelot conveys suspicions that Eli could be responsible for the child soldier's death as the other children no longer trusted any of the staff members charged with looking out for them, although Miller again objected as he believed that Eli was not capable of such machinations.

After a few children on Mother Base managed to escape, Miller requested Venom Snake to find and bring them back. While Snake worked on recovering the runaway children, the relations between the child soldiers and the mother base staff only worsened, with Eli threatening that they will suffer if the last child is brought back. Eli eventually leads the children in a failed revolt against the staff using makeshift weapons, with Ocelot taking charge of the situation as Miller had failed to take precautions as he underestimated Eli's ruthlessness. While Miller admitted that he did fail to act when he should have, he told Snake that he had always heard the phrase "I hate kids" growing up, and now as an adult, he had a responsibility to show them that there are ways to live in this world without war. Eventually, after realizing the full gravity of the situation with Eli's threat, Miller then called Snake back to Mother Base after relaying their discovery of both Eli's role in the children's escape and his masterminding an armed revolt against Diamond Dogs, and also notifying him that Eli's likely to be hiding something else before requesting Snake's return to Mother Base.[76] Ocelot had Eli isolated from the other children and later interrogated Eli, wanting to find out Eli's supposed end game while Snake and Miller watched from the observation room. Eli eventually makes a move and hijacks Sahelanthropus with the help of Rebenok, with the rest of the children hijacking a Diamond Dogs helicopter and taking the pilot hostage. Owing to the unexpectedness of Sahelanthropus being active again, he and the rest of Diamond Dogs then conducted an investigation as to what happened, and eventually learned why it was active again, let alone under Eli and the other escaped children's control: Emmerich had earlier used them to rebuild Sahelanthropus in secret. He then had Emmerich interrogated, and forwarded the recording of his interrogation to Snake, assuring Snake of needing to hear it.[77]

Eventually, Miller reported to Venom Snake that they discovered a radiation leak on the Quarantine Platform, and were currently investigating it. However, while investigating it and trying to evacuate any personnel to another area, they also discovered that there was a second outbreak of the vocal cord parasites, and worse, the wolbachia treatment has no effect this time around. He sent a Level 3 MOPP unit to take care of it, but they had been wiped out by the newly infected staff. He then called Snake back to Mother Base, briefing Snake on what they had uncovered, due to the serious nature of the situation requiring Snake's presence.[78] Although he planned on sending another unit, Snake volunteered to personally go into the quarantine platform to investigate, with Miller ultimately letting Snake.

During the second parasite outbreak in the laboratory on Mother Base, once Venom Snake could identify those who were infected, Miller urged Snake to kill anybody who was infected, as they could neither treat them nor could they allow them to escape and risk spreading the parasite. He later attended the funeral for the personnel that were killed in the incident, also assuring that Snake did the right thing, as otherwise, they would have to forcibly place the soldiers through the incinerator. He believed that their cremated remains would be buried at sea, although Snake instead ordered that they be formed into diamonds, which Miller felt would give the soldiers a "light" even after death. He then acknowledged his reckless pursuit of revenge may have cost people, and wondered whether Snake realized this regarding the pain never going away, and then admitting that he now respects his commander more than ever.

He then investigated the second outbreak's events, and eventually realized what caused it: one of the X-ray scanners used to monitor the parasites had been illicitly modified to emit beta radiation, which caused the parasites and even the wolbachia itself to mutate. Knowing that Emmerich was in charge of delivering the X-ray equipment, he deduced Emmerich must have been the one who modified them to emit beta radiation. This, alongside monitoring Emmerich's calls and learning he had been in contact with one of the DOD's contractors regarding the parasites, had him and Ocelot interrogating Emmerich, and nearly having Emmerich executed. However, they then decided to instead investigate to see if Emmerich was innocent or guilty, wanting to make sure they at least do the justice procedure rather than act rashly. He also sent both interrogations as well as the near attempt at executing Emmerich to Venom Snake as recordings, feeling he needed to hear it.[79] They then uncovered audio within the AI confirming that it had actually been Huey who shoved Strangelove and locked her into the AI pod, not Skull Face as Huey earlier claimed, and presumably uncovered more evidence that proved he was responsible for MSF's betrayal. This caused the Diamond Dogs to grow restless especially due to their discovery of Huey's crimes against Diamond Dogs, which caused Miller to call Snake and request his return to Mother Base to avoid a riot ensuing on Mother Base.[80] He then, after bringing out the AI as a witness, and reviewing the evidence, he then declared Emmerich in thinly veiled anger was guilty on "all counts." Although he wanted Emmerich executed, Snake ordered for Emmerich to be exiled instead. Although he was angry at the decision, he ultimately relented, though he was certain Emmerich would spread lies about them and people would foolishly believe Emmerich due to their "fool's morality." He then had R&D use Emmerich's notes left behind during Emmerich's exile to ensure they can continue without the traitorous engineer being present.

After Quiet escaped in large part because of the second outbreak, Miller strongly insinuated that they may need to kill Quiet to ensure Quiet doesn't become a threat, suspecting Quiet's escape to go kill everyone. But after Quiet left after being forced to speak English to save Venom Snake's life, Miller then talked with Code Talker about Quiet during the debriefing.

At an unknown period of time, Miller eventually discovered Venom Snake's identity as a phantom of Big Boss, meant to act as a decoy on the world stage. He confronted Ocelot with this knowledge, and Ocelot decided to let him in on Big Boss's true plan of the creation of an army as a nation, and asked Miller to aid in Big Boss's coming revolution by continuing to support Snake in growing Big Boss's legend. Miller, however, refused to have any part in said revolution; he felt utterly betrayed by this revelation and gave up on his former friend, declaring that while he would continue to play his role as Snake's business partner for now, but only in order to make Big Boss's phantom and son stronger in order to one day send Big Boss to Hell. Ocelot coolly warned him that if he really decided to go against Big Boss and switch back to Cipher's side, then the two of them would be enemies and he would oppose him by aiding another son. Miller grimly accepted this and told Ocelot that he would be ready when that time came, but for now it would be in both their best interests to just learn to coexist.

Miller would indeed continue to keeping up appearances for a while, but he eventually broke with Diamond Dogs, seeking the employ of official governments once more.

Later career[]

As "McDonell Benedict Miller," he later served as a survival instructor for the SAS, the Green Berets, a U.S. Marine boot camp, and eventually FOXHOUND.[4][5] He also went on to volunteer as a coach in a mercenary school twice a year before his retirement.[4][5] During his time as a drill sergeant in FOXHOUND, he was referred to as "Hell Master" and draftees called him "Master Miller" with the utmost respect.[4][5] It was at FOXHOUND's training camp that he met Solid Snake.[81]

By 1999, Miller was married, and lived with his daughter Catherine.[4][5]

Zanzibar Land Disturbance[]

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In December 1999, Master Miller was hired by Colonel Roy Campbell to serve as a survival consultant for FOXHOUND. Miller thus assisted Solid Snake by radio, providing information on survival techniques, and guidance on how to overcome the various obstacles during Snake's infiltration of Zanzibar Land. Such advice included code breaking[82] and finding alternative uses for any equipment at hand,[83] as well as moral support.[84] During Snake's battle with Big Boss, Miller referred to Big Boss as a "monster" and urged his unarmed protégé to find something to use as a weapon against Big Boss.[85]

Post-Zanzibar Land[]

By 2005, Miller had moved to Alaska to live in solitude, occasionally helping to train the Alaskan Scouts during his free time.

Shadow Moses Incident[]

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In Feburary 2005, Miller was murdered in his home by an assassin.[3] Three days later, FOXHOUND's squad leader Liquid Snake then assumed Miller's identity in order to aid in Solid Snake's mission at Shadow Moses Island, providing information on how to operate within the Alaskan environment via Codec. This disguise also fooled Campbell, the very man that had requested Miller's support in the first place.[86] The truth was later revealed when mission staff member Richard Ames was suspicious, after Liquid as Miller revealed information on Naomi Hunter that not even the DIA were aware of, resulting in Ames sending an agent to his home, and the discovery of the real Miller's dead body.[87] Campbell's Codec link with Miller had also been cut off, though Campbell eventually learned the truth after Mei Ling traced Miller's signal to within the base at Shadow Moses. Before Campbell could give a warning, Liquid mockingly revealed his trickery as Miller, leaving Solid Snake deeply shocked.[3][88]


Miller often wore aviator sunglasses due to having photosensitivity,[89] even in times where sunglasses would not have been appropriate, such as while indoors, at nighttime, while driving during stormy weather, and unintentionally, while showering.[90] Although he wasn't demonstrated to have difficulty in the first two instances, his wearing sunglasses did cause some problems during a mission with Snake where they made use of the Two-Man Cardboard Box, which caused him to trip occasionally (which was also compounded by his disorientation from both the cramped space in the cardboard box and the onion fumes affecting him),[23] as well as affecting him while showering enough that he wondered why the room was dark before Big Boss informed him that he forgot to remove his sunglasses.[90]

He also wore a Rolex watch on his left wrist during his time with the Militaires Sans Frontières. Because of his formerly commanding a guerrilla unit prior to joining MSF, his MSF uniform was a modified version of a guerrilla outfit, complete with a yellow scarf. He continued wearing this uniform after the formation of Diamond Dogs, at least up until his capture and maiming in Afghanistan in 1984.[91] After his capture, he was only seen with his green undershirt and pants, with his boots, BDU top, and neck scarf gone, and also separated from his sunglasses until Venom Snake when rescuing him gave them back to him. He also had a green bomber jacket with the Diamond Dogs logo placed on it, which he used as a makeshift blanket after being rescued from Afghanistan.

After losing his limbs, Miller opted for a rudimentary leg prosthetic and walking crutch, refusing the use of advanced bionics. This decision was so he could remember the pain Cipher had caused him, as a reminder of his desire for revenge. He also wore a green suit with a red tie, as well as a khaki trench coat and a black beret depicting the Diamond Dogs logo.

Personality and traits[]

Proud of his abilities, Kazuhira Miller dreamed of uniting the world as one based on his past experiences as a child of Japanese and American descent. He originally felt that he didn't really belong in Japan, viewing himself as a byproduct of war. He would go on to cherish his Japanese name after his mother's death, understanding her sentiments of peace especially with regards to his father being an American soldier. Because of his experiences during his youth, he vowed to not allow himself to die in war nor become a pauper. On a similar note, he also had issues in terms of tactics with purely defensive measures being adopted by a country, admitting he "itched for a real fight", which was heavily implied to have been a factor in his decision to become a freelance mercenary and his resignation from the JSDF beforehand. Similar to his compatriots in MSF, most notably Big Boss and the various Sandinistas, he was shown to be a massive fan of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. He also had some degree of charisma, as he had an elite unit among the guerilla forces that was very loyal to him to the extent that they did not believe the claim that he had been working for the government as a mole at all.


Kazuhira Miller, circa 1974.

The creation of MSF would cause Miller to place his hopes of achieving his dream through Big Boss. Although Miller did ultimately care for the MSF, he was willing to mercilessly use them to his own ends if need be.[92] He served a vital role in expanding the organization, secretly working as a "business partner" with Zero to further MSF's growth, but regretted hiding it from Big Boss, after his refusal to join Cipher and the resulting mayhem caused by Paz.

Miller was fluent in Japanese, English. and Spanish.[93] His favorite food was curry.[94] He was a trained helicopter pilot, having piloted a Huey over to the U.S. missile base in Nicaragua to aid Big Boss in stopping Coldman's plans, as well as piloting it back to Mother Base afterwards.

During his time with the MSF, Miller was a renowned womanizer, frequently having relationships with multiple female soldiers at the same time,[95] contributed to by his good looks, though he drew the line when it came to underage teenagers.[96][97] On one occasion, two female soldiers reported this to Big Boss, who reprimanded Miller for his behavior, leading to an argument that caused them to get into a brawl in the showers.[90] Although he doesn't really show any particular interest in females by the time he was running Diamond Dogs, he nonetheless still retained enough of an allure that several female Diamond Dogs personnel actually were considering vying for a relationship with him with rivalries with female staff who preferred Ocelot, although there was one who had no preference for either, with Miller in particular largely because he at times frightens her with his constant desire for revenge against XOF.[98]

Miller was an audio enthusiast who enjoyed recording and listening to atmospheric noises, especially steam locomotives.[99] He thus had MSF study and analyze the prototype cassette player supplied to them by Ramón Gálvez Mena.[100] Though Miller was fond of music, he was apparently a poor singer, as demonstrated by his performance of a Japanese lullaby for an ill Paz.[101] His lack of singing ability prompted Paz to join his band in order to avoid letting Miller be the singer.[102]

After the destruction of MSF by Cipher's strike force XOF, Miller developed a hatred for everything relating to Cipher. Initially, Miller viewed XOF's actions as part of Zero's scheme, but Zero would later inform him of how Skull Face had primarily taken over Cipher's outward operations. Largely because of Paz's betrayal and her later circumstance of being involved with XOF, he held some resentment towards Paz.[33] Despite this, he was still curious about what Paz's true feelings for MSF were.[56]

After meeting up with Venom Snake in 1984, Miller's personality had changed drastically. He was significantly angrier due to the pain he harbored after both the XOF Trojan Horse Operation and his torture in Afghanistan; in which he only reverted to his old personality on occasion. He also at times was reluctant to kill any targets even if it was under the guidelines of a mission, particularly if the targets in question were rumored to be extremely skilled in combat. While he still proved himself to be an effective XO, Miller's anger often clouded his judgement when it came to certain matters, treating both Huey and Quiet harshly during their interrogations with Ocelot acting as his voice of reason. Any failings that befell Diamond Dogs affected him deeply, and he often blamed his own inattentiveness as the cause for them. He also implied upon discovering to his shock that XOF was still active shortly after Skull Face's death that he knew about Zero's disappearance and current debilitating condition.[103]

In large part due to the suspected reasons for XOF's successful destruction of MSF and the old Mother Base, and to some extent Paz's earlier betrayal, he also was shown to have disgust towards any treacherous actions by people. This was especially evident with his vowing to be "extra persuasive" towards the Viscount upon rescuing him after learning from the other POWs at Camp Kiziba that the latter sold his compatriots out with the implication that he intended to utilize more intense interrogation on him as punishment for his actions earlier,[104] as well as his disgust when he learned that XOF and Skull Face backstabbed the Soviet personnel at OKB Zero upon Sahelanthropus's completion via releasing the Russian strain of the Vocal Cord parasites.[105]

Although he claimed to hate kids upon the arrival of rescued child soldiers to Mother Base, Miller was shown to have a soft spot for them, requesting that Venom Snake not kill any if he were to encounter them. He also supported Snake's decision to fake the deaths of the Mbele Squad instead of executing them as planned. Finally, he was willing to forego payment to prevent killing any child soldiers. He would not allow Diamond Dogs to use child soldiers themselves, opting to instead give them an education and life beyond being a hired gun. In addition, when he learned about how Huey had planned to use his then-toddler son Hal Emmerich as a test pilot for Sahelanthropus, he displayed clear revulsion towards Huey for this act. He implied to Snake that this was because of his harsh upbringing back in Japan, and in part because of his guilt regarding Chico's death.

Miller was knowledgeable in various sciences, which he later put to use when aiding Solid Snake during the Zanzibar Land Disturbance. Miller was one of the few people Snake deeply respected, being the only person Snake would rather have in a foxhole with him.[86]


Big Boss[]

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Miller and Venom Snake.

Miller originally saw Big Boss as a true comrade and a dear friend, as evidenced by his recollection of how they first met: having initially wanted to kill him regardless of himself after Big Boss destroyed his unit in 1972, Colombia. His conversations with Big Boss would vary from teasing jokes[106] to sincere, moving displays of his heart.[107] However, despite his respect to Big Boss, there were some things that he was unwilling to do even if Big Boss requested it.[108] In addition, when Big Boss was injured in 1975 and forced into a coma, Miller demanded that Big Boss not die on him. This affection for Big Boss naturally carried over to his relationship with Venom Snake, with Miller often conceding to Venom Snake's decisions even if they both disagreed with each other.

Miller later discovered the truth behind Venom Snake's identity through Ocelot. Disgusted and felt betrayed with the deception and that Big Boss left them while Diamond Dogs was left to fend off XOF, Miller vowed that he would aid Venom Snake and Big Boss's clone sons in hopes that doing so would hasten Big Boss's downfall. This would serve as the cause for Miller siding against Big Boss during the Zanzibar Land Disturbance, in favor of Solid Snake.[85]

Huey Emmerich[]

Initially, Miller and Huey got along very well, with Miller learning from Huey about the Peace Walker project mechs, as well as Miller suggesting to Huey that they create ZEKE. However, he did briefly get annoyed with Huey when the latter ensured the UN inspection was to occur at Mother Base despite Big Boss and Miller refusing earlier.

In large part because of Huey Emmerich's role in the downfall of MSF, Miller later held a lot of hatred for his former comrade, as he had spent a lot of time trying to track down Huey's location and even used one of his missions with the Mujahideen to locate Huey immediately before he was ambushed by the Parasite Unit. His hatred was such that he by the time of the 1980s referred to him strictly by last name basis rather than his nickname of Huey, with the only exception being when calling Venom Snake back to Mother Base when informing him of Huey's idea for a counterweapon to Walker Gears.[68] When first meeting him and realizing the truth serums didn't work in revealing his role in the incident, he didn't even consider the possibility that Huey was telling the truth, instead suspecting that Huey either had undergone a prior procedure to increase his metabolic enzymes, or otherwise went through special gene therapy to make him resistant to truth serum-based interrogations. In addition, he also expressed disgust towards Huey when his crimes came to light shortly after the second pandemic of parasites was unleashed on Diamond Dogs and Huey's role in causing it, as well as taking the opportunity to show the Mammal Pod as a witness to Strangelove's last moments with incriminating statements towards Huey killing her. Miller desired for Huey to be executed and was outraged when Venom Snake chose to exile him instead. After the parasitic outbreak, however, he did seem to realize that his desire for revenge may have resulted in his judgment being clouded.

Revolver Ocelot[]

Though they seemed to tolerate one another, the relationship between Miller and Ocelot for the most part was strained. They often disagreed on how to handle situations such as bringing Quiet to Mother Base, using the Honey Bee and Emmerich's new Walker Gear as well as handling the children when they rebelled against the Mother Base staff. This came to a head when Ocelot took over the situation from Miller as he had failed to keep the children under control. Finally, Miller learned of the deception surrounding Big Boss and Ocelot's role in it. When Miller decided that their goals didn't align, Ocelot said that one of them would have to kill the other should they one day become enemies.

Unconfirmed history[]

The following information has been detailed in official Konami-licensed media, written by various external authors. Its status in the Metal Gear canon is unconfirmed.[?]

Prior to joining FOXHOUND, Miller participated in the Vietnam War, and was once placed in a POW camp and tortured by the Vietcong, although he later managed to escape, "blowing the brains out" of the head interrogator in the process.[109] He first met Roy Campbell while serving as an instructor at the Marine boot camp.[110]

During his retirement in Alaska, Miller resided in a three story house close to the Canadian border, with several huskies that he owned. [111] His reasons for moving there was to study various Alaskan legends and folklore, due to it being a subject of interest to him. For three hours a day, Miller worked out in a makeshift gym in his basement, striking his punching bag in order to take his mind off the loneliness he felt. For security, he stored a weapon in every room in case of a break-in, including a Glock 9mm and other handguns behind a clipboard inside the gym. [110]

In 2005, Miller was murdered in his home with a nerve toxin, which he suspected to be sevoflurane prior to his demise. The assailant had apparently approached Miller's home over treacherous terrain without a vehicle, silenced one of his huskies mid-howl, and disabled the circuit box for the house's central alarm system.

According to Solid Snake, Master Miller was not a talkative type, which Liquid Snake attempted to emulate while impersonating him. However, Liquid exaggerated this characteristic, causing Snake to become slightly suspicious, especially during a conversation regarding Nikita missiles.

Behind the scenes[]

McDonell Miller (マクドネル・ミラー Makudoneru Mirā?), also known as Master Miller (マスター・ミラー Masutā Mirā?), is a recurring support character in the Metal Gear series, often serving as a radio contact of the protagonist.


Miller's original given name of McDonell has also been transliterated as McDonnel,[110] MacDonel,[112][113] and McDonnell.[114][115] This article uses the earliest English spelling "McDonell" from Metal Gear Solid, which is retained in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (via flashback), the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database[81], and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (via answer choice in the Déjà Vu Extra Op quiz).

The given name Benedict (ベネディクト Benedikuto?) originated in the English language Metal Gear Solid: Official Mission Handbook, a strategy guide published by Millennium Books.[110] It was later used in Miller's biography (English text only) on the official Japanese websites[112][113] then his entry in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database,[81] before finally appearing in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Miller's birth name was revealed as Kazuhira (カズヒラ Kazuhira?) in the prequel game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, but his use of the European names "McDonell" and "Benedict" in later life was left unexplained.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake[]

Miller Miller (MG2)
Miller's original (left) and revised (right) Transceiver Mode portraits in Metal Gear 2.

Miller first appeared in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX2, where he was originally depicted as an Asian-looking man with black hair (presumably the Japanese survivalist author and military critic Hisayoshi Tsuge (柘植久慶).[116] Later releases of Metal Gear 2, from the 2004 mobile phone version and onward, redesigned Miller's portrait to make him resemble his later incarnation from Metal Gear Solid, in which he is depicted with blond hair and aviator sunglasses. The MSX2 version of Metal Gear 2 is therefore the only game in which he doesn't wear sunglasses.

Supplementary material for Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 4 stated that Miller was a third-generation Japanese-American, with the first specifying that he was born 60 years after his grandparents immigrated to the U.S. However, this account was later changed in Peace Walker.

In the "Master Miller" entry for the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database, the limited information regarding his daughter Catherine is reiterated from the Metal Gear 2 manual.[117] However, it is preceded by a summary of Miller's career up to his retirement in Alaska in Metal Gear Solid, giving the impression that Catherine lived with him during the events of that game, rather than Metal Gear 2.

Metal Gear Solid[]

Initially kept hidden from the player, the Master Miller who joins Solid Snake's radio support team in Metal Gear Solid is actually Liquid Snake in disguise, the real Miller having been murdered prior to the events of the game. His portrait in the game's Codec screen is that of Miller, complete with sunglasses, though Liquid's actual physical resemblance is used during some moments of fourth wall breaking; Liquid physically "unmasks" himself to the player via the Codec screen, upon revealing his true identity, and later asks Snake whether Snake liked "his sunglasses." These actions were omitted from Nastasha Romanenko's book In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth,[118] but retained in the Raymond Benson novelization, which features a video-equipped Codec.

Master Miller

Artwork of Master Miller for Metal Gear Solid.

Depending on which ventilation shaft the player entered from the heliport, Miller's introductory call to Snake will be slightly extended. If the player entered the lower shaft, Miller will talk about the native Alaskan field mice that Snake encounters within, explaining that they will kill and eat offspring that's not their own, to ensure the survival of their own genes, referencing the larger themes of the story.

During Snake's fight with Liquid's Hind D, if the player attempts to contact Miller by Codec, there will be no response, foreshadowing who "Miller" really is. Similarly, if the player tries to contact Miller during Snake's fight with the M1 Tank, there will also be no response.

While Miller (Liquid in disguise) was trying to convey suspicions by pointing out various flaws in Naomi Hunter's backstory, he claimed that he used to work for the FBI. As Snake was unaware of this, and due to his Codec's monitor being turned off (preventing others from disputing the claim), this may have been a lie crafted by Liquid.

Although Metal Gear Solid heavily implies that Liquid was involved in Miller's death, the identity of the person who physically committed the deed is unknown. Prior to the second end credits of Peace Walker, a timeline states that Miller was killed in his home by an "unknown assailant." The "Truth" ending of The Phantom Pain implies that Revolver Ocelot was the assassin.

Miller appears as a hallucination in both the Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel and the novelization, although in a different manner in each: in the former, Miller manages to dispose of Psycho Mantis and get Snake to Metal Gear REX's hangar, only for them to be "ambushed" by Liquid and Ocelot, before Snake deduces the truth; in the latter, Miller also appears before Snake, although after exiting through a door, they somehow end up at the amusement park "Kiddieland" with Miller later disappearing.

Liquid's vocal performance as Miller in Metal Gear Solid (The Twin Snakes in the English version) returns via audio flashbacks in Act 4 of Metal Gear Solid 4. These occur if the player crawls through a ventilation duct in the tank hangar, and when taking the elevator down to the underground base, which reference his introduction in the original game and his suspicions about Naomi being a spy, respectively. In addition, the player can discover a "ghost" of Miller, based on his Codec portrait from Metal Gear Solid, which will apparate in a photograph taken in the lower duct.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker[]

Kazuhira Miller returns to the series as a main character in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. His presence in the game was hinted at with a leak showing his younger self at Playa del Alba on September 20,[119] with Hideo Kojima later confirming that he is indeed a younger version of Master Miller at TGS 2009.[120]

In his upbringing tape, Miller implies that his blond hair among other things left him mocked and ostracized as a child in Japan.[121] This was because blond hair was considered a key feature for Western/American values in Japan, to the extent that any Japanese children dying their hair blond was considered as rebelling from the household.

According to Kojima, Miller's design in Peace Walker was partly based on the flight captain from Westworld per his request, although the development team had never heard of the film.[122] Miller and Vladimir Zadornov share the same motion capture actor: Takashi Kubo.

Miller's view of the Militaires Sans Frontières as being a "new type of business" foreshadows the development of the war economy and the spread of PMC activity across the world, as portrayed in Metal Gear Solid 4.

"We're not mercenaries. We're not a foreign legion. MSF's a business. A new kind of business."
―Kazuhira Miller's soldier profile quote on the Mother Base staff menu.

Miller is a unique staff member at Mother Base, available from the start of the game. He requests Naked Snake assign him to any of the unit divisions as they were initially understaffed. His skill ("Mother Base Deputy Commander") increases morale of all staff on assigned team. However, if he is assigned to the Combat Unit he cannot be used in missions.

If the player rescues a female POW via Fulton recovery, Miller will remark "oooh, all right!" and "nice" instead of his usual comments regarding a successful retrieval, which goes in line with him being a playboy.

Miller's relationship to Snake is portrayed as a romantic/sexual one in several tongue-in-cheek scenarios, such as Extra Ops: 068 "Date with Kaz," and the "Sauna" track from Heiwa to Kazuhira no Blues. "Date with Kaz" has Snake and Miller go on a date to watch the sunset at Playa del Alba, while the "Sauna" audio drama features much suggestive dialogue between the two. In the main game, equipping Snake with the Swim Trunks will initially annoy Miller, though he eventually concludes that "they don't look bad on him." His briefing about the Naked Uniform in the Japanese version includes a suggestion that he and Snake go naked skydiving some day. Paz comments in her diary that, despite his womanizing behavior, Miller only trusts Snake, and describes his attitude toward Snake as "infatuation" in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

In "Date with Kaz," the player can perform many actions that Miller will react to:

  • Miller's Affinity goes up/down according to Snake's actions. If his Affinity keeps decreasing, he storms off and the mission is a failure.
  • Miller's Affinity goes up if you say nice things to him via CO-OPS COMM.
  • Miller reacts when Snake approaches him in any Naked uniform.
  • If Snake wears the Swim Trunks, Miller will wear swim briefs.
  • Performing CQC strikes will boost Miller's affinity. Striking him enough times will result in his sunglasses breaking.
  • If the player knocks Miller unconscious, the Patriot Design Specs can be obtained from him.
  • Miller reacts when Snake faces the camera toward him.
  • Miller reacts when you lay a magazine near him.
  • Miller dances if you play "Koi no Yokushiryoku" on the Walkman, even doing a air guitar pose. If the player bumps him during this time, he'll demand to know what Snake's problem is and eventually threaten to punch Snake and cause a lowering of affinity.[123]
  • Using a Battle Cry will trigger a radio conversation between Cecile, Huey, Amanda, Chico, Strangelove, and Paz.
  • If the player puts Miller to sleep with "Time to say 'Good Night!!!'" and then lies on him, he will briefly mutter "Stop it...I'm not that kind of guy..." and "Oh ho ho... Snake..."
    • Similarly, if the player uses the Codec while lying on him while he's asleep, the rest of the main cast (barring Paz) will comment on the situation.[124]
  • Sometimes, Miller will sleeptalk while asleep, making comments such as not doing something under even Snake's orders, repeating one of the Game Over lines, commenting on his mother's miso soup being too salty, and telling his father about his American nationality, [125]
  • If the player interrogates Miller, he will say, "I hide...", "No my closet...", "OK, OK…there's one thing…I never told you…", and "You were always…my…"

The Miller Uniform is acquired by S-ranking "Date with Kaz," which can be used in both Main Ops and Extra Ops. If the player character calls Miller while wearing his uniform during a mission, he will tell the player that he gave them a dirty uniform, as he goes by a certain fashion routine.[126][127] In addition, some of his calls will have him remarking that it "looks like viewing [himself] in a mirror."[128] and requesting that the soldier not "cause any trouble by dressing up like [Kazuhira Miller]"[129] to Big Boss and a MSF Male soldier, respectively, foreshadowing the fact that Liquid will pose as Miller in order to deceive Solid Snake during Metal Gear Solid.

Miller's role in Peace Walker is expanded in the radio drama tracks released with the CD Heiwa to Kazuhira no Blues. The first five drama tracks, "Snake & Kaz (Encounter)," gave in full detail the circumstances behind Miller's meeting of Big Boss and later joining MSF, something that was previously only given in a briefing tape as a conversation between Big Boss and Miller. The dramas in question revealed the circumstances behind his joining as being a lot more dramatic than the briefing tape implied. Aside from this, the other drama tracks included "Snake & Kaz (Entry Gate)," "Snake & Kaz (Love Cardboard)," "Snake & Kaz (Sauna)" (which elaborated on the events of the fight between Big Boss and Miller in the shower room that Paz had earlier alluded to in one of her diary tapes), "Snake & Kaz (Strongest Armed Duo)," "Snake & Kaz (Mission Complete)," and "Kaz Radio. Outer Ops "Boss Radio."" Tomokazu Sugita reprises his role as Miller in these segments, as well as sang a character song for Miller called "Minato no Yoko, Yohohama, Yokosuka," which is Miller's own take on the Japanese song.

Miller is the only major character other than Big Boss to get his own action figure under the Peace Walker line for Square Enix's toy-making subsidiary Play Arts Kai. Similar to Big Boss's Battle Dress action figure, Miller can also be customized into an MSF soldier wearing his uniform. Also similar to the Battle Dress action figure, Miller's figure does not come with a passcode that unlocks a volunteer soldier. Both Miller and Big Boss's respective action figures were also included in a limited edition set that included the Love Box that was released for Japanese events. Similarly, he's also the only major character besides Big Boss to have a cover for one of the releases for Peace Walker dedicated to him.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Ultimate[]

Master Miller appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, based on "his" appearance in Metal Gear Solid and its remake The Twin Snakes. Characters equipped with Miller's sticker will have their battering resistance increased by 7.

Kazuhira Miller appears as a spirit in Ultimate, based on his appearance in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. His puppet fighter is Ken Masters from the Street Fighter franchise, alluding to how both characters had Western appearances. His ally being Solid Snake is a double reference to how he served under Big Boss/Venom Snake and also trained Solid Snake. It alongside the support type and Encounter being used as the BGM also indirectly references Miller's murder and being used as a disguise by Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid. The stage being Midgar was an indirect reference to Mother Base. The timed battle condition references the 3-day rescue mission of Miller early into The Phantom Pain. Lastly, his stats and third battle condition referenced the loss of his limbs by the time of his rescue, and his becoming commander of Mother Base with further motivation to exact revenge on Cipher for the losses.

E3 Battle[]

Miller later made a reappearance in the Konami-sponsored event E3 Battle, where he faced off against Rat Patrol Team 01. He ended up losing to the combined efforts of Rat Patrol Team 01, despite his extensive combat experience.[130] His bio for the site erroneously lists Miller's first appearance in Metal Gear Solid rather than Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Metal Gear Solid (1998)
Big Boss' second-in-command in the Militaires Sans Frontières, later retained as support staff for FOXHOUND operations.
―Kazuhira Miller's bio from E3 Battle

Versus Battle[]

Kazuhira Miller was featured in Versus Battle on the series' offical website, where he competed against Jonathan.

Guerilla Warfare, Big Boss’s Second
Analysis, Singing, Monogamy
Kaz was a driving force behind building the MSF, Mother Base, and ZEKE
―Kaz's bio in Versus Battle

Metal Gear Solid V[]

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes[]


Miller's appearance in the GDC 2013 trailer.

Miller was hinted in the PAX Prime 2012 trailer to be a returning character for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (then known simply as Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes). At one point, he tells Big Boss shortly after the latter arrives at Camp Omega "Excellent, Snake. Age hasn't slowed you down one bit!", something that Roy Campbell will tell Solid Snake when infiltrating Shadow Moses in Metal Gear Solid, should the player board an elevator quickly.

In the TGS 2013 showing of Ground Zeroes, Miller appeared in two demos: one dealt with the nighttime portion of the game. Miller told Big Boss that the man rescued was not Chico in the ending of the game, although he nonetheless brought the prisoner under the fold as a recruit before telling Big Boss that next time, he'd make absolute certain that he actually rescues Chico and Paz. In the other demo, a special TGS demo covering a daytime Extra Ops mission, Miller had Big Boss be sent to Camp Omega to retrieve classified intel from one of their moles, Brian. After Big Boss escaped from the facility by hijacking a Jeep, due to the original escape plan going awry due to being spotted, Miller commented that he was impressed that Big Boss could "rep a car like that," though he admitted that he shouldn't expect less of his superior, and that they'd analyze the data on the cassette tape, estimating that the results of their findings would be ready "by the time we launch."

The Japanese version of Ground Zeroes features Miller on the cover alongside Big Boss, although he is absent in the overseas covers. According to Kojima, the reason for this was due to the poor sales of Peace Walker outside Japan, resulting in most people being unfamiliar with Miller.[131] He further elaborated on his rationale in a series of tweets on December 23, 2013, explaining that he let the overseas branch of Konami handle the key artwork for the overseas version, which he had been told that Miller, due to the release of Peace Walker on the PlayStation Portable, was likely to be a little known character.[132] When the final overseas cover was unveiled, he discovered, much to his surprise, that Miller had actually been well received, and that people were actually wondering why he was removed from the cover.[133]

Although Miller did not appear in the extended trailer for the DLC mission Déjà Vu, the March 2014 issue of Game Informer confirmed that Miller would appear in the mission, and would quote various lines from the original Metal Gear Solid.

In the trailer for the DLC mission Jamais Vu, Miller briefed Big Boss on a request for the MSF to investigate the naval facility at Cuba due to Body-Snatchers taking over the facility after the crash of a Soviet commuter jet nearby. He then, alongside Big Boss, recruited Raiden, a cyborg from the future, to stop the threat, as his cybernetic body is immune to the bioroids attempts to take over his body. Miller also commented that, in exchange for Raiden's services, he could retrieve the XOF patches from the base that Big Boss found.

In the main mission, if the player calls Miller, he'll recall the event where they first met Paz. Unusually, he implied during this time that he was among those who fell for her cover story that day,[33] despite his admitting to Big Boss in the ending for Peace Walker that he was in fact fully aware of Paz's duplicity beforehand and was ultimately involved in her actions.[34]

In both Extra Ops, Miller mimics the voices of various characters. For the Déjà Vu mission, he mimics Roy Campbell, Psycho Mantis, Meryl Silverburgh, and Gray Fox. For the Jamais Vu mission, he mimics George, Kevin Washington, and Boris. Aside from the main aspects of both missions, he also mimicked and quoted Solid Snake, Otacon, The Boss, and Drebin for Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Gear Solid 4, in addition to quoting his own lines from Metal Gear 2 and Peace Walker. He also used one of Big Boss's quotes from Metal Gear and attributed it as his own. He'll also mimic Mantis after all of the main Metal Gear titles are removed. During the endgame quiz for the latter Extra Op, he will also mimic Liquid, Vulcan Raven, Ocelot, and Campbell.

In the Japanese version of Ground Zeroes, the five part radio drama detailing how Miller and Big Boss met was included among the Mother Base Archives section of the tapes menu. Because of the game possessing seven language subtitles to choose from, it also marks the first time that the drama was released with an English translation.

Aside from the main game, Miller is also an officer character in the Mother Base development game on the Ground Zeroes app for the iPhone and Android devices, available from the start alongside Big Boss.

After the release of Ground Zeroes, many fans have noted Robin Atkin Downes's delivery of Miller's line "They played us like a damn fiddle!" upon his rescue at the end of the game which became a very popular meme. When asked about it, Downes jokingly said, "You’re about to see some major music coming out of Kaz in the next game" and that "Fiddling is just the beginning of it."[134]

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain[]

Miller's appearance in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was confirmed in the GDC 2013 trailer. In the E3 2013 trailer, Miller is revealed to be a double amputee, despite originally being depicted with a full set of human limbs in official artwork for Metal Gear Solid.

According to Hideo Kojima, Miller's role was to give all players a motive for exacting revenge on XOF, as the desire for vengeance would most likely be stronger among those who had already played Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes.[135] He also confirmed that Miller and Ocelot are not friends at all, and like the other Mother Base staff, only work alongside each other because of Snake, without whom their alliance would collapse.

Due to Miller's clouded eyes, as revealed in Episode 1: Phantom Limbs, as well as his constant use of sunglasses, it had been speculated that he had either developed cataracts or gone blind. However, when asked by a user on Facebook, a Konami representative stated that he was not blind, but had photophobia.[136]

If the player triggers an enemy alert and leaves Miller to be spotted by a guard during the Phantom Limbs episode, unique dialogue will be elicited from Miller. Offscreen, Miller tells an unseen person "You sure about this? The Boss is on his way!" and then says "Go ahead... I won't hold it against you. My hatred is reserved for someone else!" before being gunned down. If the player is nearby as this is happening, Miller will also tell Venom Snake "Boss, it's up to you." before being shot.[137] Similarly, he was originally going to have a radio call during the first Africa mission where he tells Snake that, while he was willing to do whatever it takes to get revenge on Cipher, killing children is strictly off-limits as it would result in them losing what little humanity they had left. While the radio conversation itself was cut, one of the lines from the cut call was later repurposed for Reeve in Metal Gear Survive shortly after Chris's rescue, though the dialogue was translated slightly differently.[138]

The concept art for The Phantom Pain indicated him as missing three or all of his limbs and being wheelchair bound and tended to by a nurse.

Miller cannot be seen or interacted with while on Mother Base. Although he himself was not playable due to his amputated status, dummied data for the game indicated that his likeness was planned to have been utilized for DD as a costume, with a description similar to that of Quiet's Sniper Wolf costume.

Metal Gear Survive[]

Miller appears in the non-canon game Metal Gear Survive in the flashbacks of the Ground Zeroes Incident.






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    Kazuhira Miller: Snake, what was that thing?! // Naked Snake (Big Boss): Whatever it was, it looked unmanned. // Miller: Unmanned? I'd heard rumors, but an operational unit...? // Snake: What the hell is going on here? // Miller: Not to quote Amanda, but the hardware they've got here isn't just unusual, it's overkill. Which means one thing: it's nukes. So the question now becomes, why? // Snake: We can't make that call yet. We need more intel. // Miller: How? Our source is dead. // Snake: But his daughter isn't. // Miller: Good thinking. We can follow her... Head for that next outpost, and make contact with Amanda... if she's still alive. // Snake: Roger.
  13. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Naked Snake (Big Boss): Kaz. Can you hear me? // Kazuhira Miller: MSF here. // Snake: One for recovery, she's wounded. // Miller: Acknowledged. // Snake: Kaz. The Cargo on the barge... I was right, it's headed for the mountains. // Miller: You think that's where they're taking the nukes? // Snake: I'm Sure of it. Let's Move.
  14. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: This is Miller // Naked Snake (Big Boss): One for recovery. A civilian. // Miller: Snake, we don't have room for anymore civilians here. // Snake: Not even for a blonde Parisienne [Cécile]? // Miller: A what?! So she's, ah...pretty foxy? // Snake: See for yourself. If what she's saying is true, I think we've found Paz's friend. // Miller: The missing one? // Snake: I'm thinking she's the one that made that tape. Have her listen to it when she gets there. // Miller: So she's safe then. Good news // Snake: I'm sure Paz will be glad to hear it // Miller: You bet. Snake, the ruins are just up ahead, head north. // Snake: On my way.
  15. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: Listen, Boss, we both know you’re the reason MSF’s grown so much. But it’s time we started putting more thought into provisions. // Naked Snake/Big Boss: Good point. A place this big needs a good stockpile on hand. // Miller: The Japanese say, “You can’t fight on an empty stomach.” Something we learned in World War II. // Snake: Obviously. Maintaining a steady supply of provisions is one of the basic principles of logistics. // Miller: So I went ahead and set up a Mess Hall Team. The team members’ numbers and abilities will affect the amount of grub to go around. Without enough food, morale will drop. They get hungry enough, and we could start losing people. Anyway, I need you to assign guys to the Mess Hall Team. Snake: Copy that.
  16. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: Boss, one more thing… // Naked Snake/Big Boss: Now what? . // Miller: It’s about sick bay. Naturally, we can use it for the sick or injured, like we did with Amanda. But we can’t expect people to get better without the proper treatment. // Snake: …Uh huh. // Miller: So I figure we’ll need a Medical Team for that. The number of team members, and their abilities will determine how quickly the sick and injured heal. They can also monitor everybody’s health. // Snake: Right. Prevention is the best medicine. // Miller: You got it. Remember to wash your hands often and gargle twice a day, Boss. // Snake: If only I had the time.
  17. ^ Kazuhira Miller: I thought that with all the new guys we’ve got, we should get an Intel Team going. We’d send agents around the country to scout out different locations. That way we’re better prepared – no matter where we end up. // Naked Snake/Big Boss: That’s actually not a bad idea. // Kazuhira Miller: They could probably develop recon equipment for us, too. We could also have them transport goods and direct the Mother Base support strikes. You can send an item to a Co-Op teammate from the “DELIVERY” Menu.
  18. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: With all the men we have now, it may be time we started sending some of them to other countries. // Naked Snake/Big Boss: You mean dispatching mercs? // Miller: How else are we gonna keep feeding the crew we have? // Snake: I know… You’re right. // Miller: Okay. To deploy troops, select “Outer Ops” from the Mother Base Menu. If it goes really well, we might even get new recruits, weapons design specs, or leads on new missions. We can deploy any vehicles or large-scale weapons in our arsenal as well.
  19. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: Boss, I’m starting to wonder if recruiting soldiers with the Fulton isn’t a little… heavy-handed? [...] I think the voluntary approach could be more pragmatic. Technically we’re not a corporate entity, but at our size that’s not too far from the truth. We can’t keep using guerilla tactics to find new blood. To search for volunteers, select “RECRUIT” from the menu. Or, select “Trade” to exchange soldiers with other mercenary units.
  20. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Briefing Files > About This Mission ([063] Pooyan Mission-[065] Pooyan Mission) > Miller > Pooyan Mission
    "Pooyan" is a reference to the arcade game of the same name produced by Konami.
  21. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: You’ve gotta talk to Amanda. // Naked Snake/Big Boss: What happened? // Miller: She wants to leave sickbay and get back onto the battlefield, but she’s not fully healed. She’s still in crutches – who’d be crazy enough to fight like that?! You have to talk some sense into her. // Snake: Is she with you right now? // Miller: No, she’s in sickbay. She keeps shouting about how she doesn’t want to be there. She won’t shut up about it. She’s driving me- // Snake: Let her go. // Miller: What? // Snake: If that’s what she wants, let her go. // Miller: I’m really not in the mood for jokes, Snake. Snake: I’m serious. Let her go. // Miller: Why? So she can come back in a body bag? // Snake: I’m really not in the mood for jokes, Kaz. // Kazuhira Miller: What are you talking about? // Snake: Amanda isn’t the type to just sit around in sickbay. She has a sense of duty – her purpose in life is to fight. The battlefield isn’t just the best thing for her, it’s the best thing for her compas, too. She’ll be a huge morale boost – that can only benefit MSF. // Miller: You think so? // Snake: You’re good at fighting, Kaz – one of the best… but you’ve got a lot to learn when it comes to people. // Miller: … So where should I put her? // Snake: I’ll think it over and find a team for her. Don’t worry, she won’t let us down. // Miller: Whatever you say, Boss.
  22. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Huey Emmerich: One more thing: our new bipedal weapon needs a name. // Naked Snake (Big Boss): Good point. We can’t keep calling it “our bipedal weapon.” // Huey: I had a talk with Miller, and we came up with “Metal Gear ZEKE.” // Snake: Metal Gear… ZEKE…? // Huey: Yep. As you know, “Metal Gear” was coined by Granin. // Snake: And “ZEKE”? // Huey: It’s a name the U.S. military gave to a Japanese aircraft that flew during World War II. ZEKE was the Japanese navy’s best fighter plane. So are you okay with that, Snake? // Snake: Sure, fine by me. // Huey: Miller was saying that an army without borders will need a deterrent against other countries. He’s right. With Metal Gear, MSF can achieve true independence. // Snake: Here’s hoping.
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    Kazuhira Miller: ...Snake, I hope you can hear me. Word is you've been captured by Strangelove. I'm guessing they confiscated your gear. But I know you've still got something left. Search your memory, Snake!
  25. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Briefing Files > About This ["Torture Chamber Escape"] Mission > Amanda > Escape the Prison!
    Amanda Valenciano Libre: Any word from Snake? // Kazuhira Miller: I can't get through. Strangelove must still have him. // Amanda: No! // Miller: We just have to trust the Boss - and wait. // Amanda: For how long? // Miller: Amanda, you're cute when you're angry, but please, calm down. He's prepared for situations like this. // Amanda: With what? They'll find whatever he has on him. // Miller: No they won't, because this is something a lot more personal than equipment. And Snake would never have gotten rid of it (a Jigsaw etched as a "scar" on Snake's chest).
  26. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: Bad news: the Boss [Big Boss] has fallen into enemy hands. I'm sure he'll find a way to escape. Actually, I'm more worried about his gear. He's gonna have a tough time without it. That's where you [MSF soldiers] come in. I need you to sneak in through the mine's underground passage and recover all of the Boss's equipment. I know you'd like to rescue him yourself, but have faith. This will be more than enough. I'll be watching you. Good luck.
  27. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: Nice work [regarding the escape]. // Naked Snake (Big Boss): What's the situation with you? Everyone OK? // Miller: Yeah... But there's a slight problem. I can't get a hold of Paz. // Snake: Paz? I thought the "professor" was looking after her? // Miller: So did I. Here's the deal. I started thinking, and I sent someone over to the "school" the "professor" mentioned. // Snake: ...And the "school" doesn't exist? // Miller: No, it exists, but Paz has been a no-show. The person at the school said neither the "professor" nor Paz had been seen there in quite some time.
  28. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Naked Snake (Big Boss): Kaz. They're targeting Mother Base. Don't you think you should evacuate? // Kazuhira Miller: Nah... Everybody here believes in you, Boss.
  29. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: We're prepping a few backup units. Don't Let 'em launch, Snake. We're counting on you!
  30. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: There's something I need to discuss with you, Boss... // Naked Snake (Big Boss): Get to the point, Kaz. // Miller: We recovered the nuclear warhead that was loaded onto Peace Walker from the bottom of Lago Cocibolca. // Snake: What? // Miller: Warheads are radioactive, even if they're relatively stable. If we just left it there it would contaminate the lake, or fall into the hands of terrorists... // Snake: ...Creating another crisis. // Miller: Right. So while the White House is figuring out how to cover its ass, I thought we'd take some precautions. // Snake: What did you have in mind? // Miller: Load it onto ZEKE. // Snake: What? // Miller: What else would we do with it? ZEKE is our deterrent. To protect ourselves from nuclear attack, we need a nuclear weapon ourselves. Of course, if you're not on board, we could always dispose of it. But it won't be easy getting another nuke. This is a golden opportunity. ...We could always get rid of it later - load it onto some fishing boat and leave it out in the middle of the ocean. No one would ever know it's there. But if you want to get rid of it, Boss, we'll get rid of it. // Snake: No... Don't. As long as there are nukes out there, we need one ourselves if we're going to be a world power. // Miller: I knew you'd see it that way, Boss! So long as we stand apart from nations, we need something to put us on equal footing. In a way, MSF is a country itself. And we just became the world's seventh nuclear power. // Snake: Nuclear power...
  31. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: Package for you, Boss. // Naked Snake (Big Boss): What? // Miller: Yeah. Looks like a cassette tape. Don’t worry, it’s clean. No trace of explosives or anything. Return address just says “EVA.” // Snake: EVA… // Miller: Someone you know? // Snake: Old… acquaintance. // Miller: Ho ho hooo, the plot thickens. Tidings from an old flame? // Snake: Don’t start, Kaz. Anyway, I’ll check it out later. // Miller: OK, just don’t go running off after this chick. We can’t afford for you to be “distracted” right now.
  32. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Big Boss: You know, it might not be worth keeping him [Zadornov] here. If he's not going to join us... // Kazuhira Miller: You may be right. I thought it might boost our Russian compatriots' morale, but... OK. I'll think it over.
  33. ^ a b c Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: The rain was coming down just as hard the day we met Paz. "I only want peace for my country." I can't believe we ever bought that cover story. After Paz tried to steal Zeke from us, and we watched her get pulled beneath the waves... There was one thing I kept asking myself. Which was the real Paz and which was the lie?
  34. ^ a b Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: Snake.... That name Paz mentioned at the end - "Cipher" - it's code. It means "empty"... It also means... // Naked Snake (Big Boss): "Zero." // Miller: A world of electronic intelligence built on codes. And at the center of it all, a zero... // Snake: Kaz? // Miller: Uh, look, Boss... I owe you an apology. Here me out, OK? // Snake: ...Sure. // Miller: I, uh, I knew Paz and the professor... I knew who they really were, all along. // Snake: (turns around fiercely upon realizing the implications of what Kaz was trying to say) Kaz... // Miller: I used them. // Snake: I suppose you were the one who brought them to Colombia in the first place, huh? // Miller: Guilty as charged. Paz wasn't just CIA, you know. She was working for the KGB, too. And for this Cipher group. In other words, she was a triple agent.
  35. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Kazuhira Miller: This mercenary business we've built - someday, it's going to be the new driving force in the world economy. The Cold War's not going to last forever. Sooner or later, it's going to give way to an era of regional conflicts and terrorism. A paradigm shift from counter-Communism to counter-terrorism. In the new age, armies won't be tied to states, and war will become a business. We'll be a valuable commodity. There'll be clients all over the world who need our services. MSF is only the beginning. What we're creating is a revolution in itself. Am I right? // Naked Snake (Big Boss): Kaz, it's... not going to be that easy.
  36. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010)
    Briefing Files > Library > Secret File > The Phone Call
    Kazuhira Miller: Yes. But I'm only interested in the business angle. Like I said before, I'm neither an enemy nor an ally. I'm merely a business partner. Don't forget it.
  37. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    This is confirmed in both Paz's final diary entry and the secret call
  38. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Briefing Files > Miller > Situation in Central America > Grenada
    1977 was the real life date of Gairy's first address to the UN regarding UFO investigation. However, its reference in the ambiguously dated briefing file makes its placement in the Metal Gear timeline uncertain, seeing as the events of Peace Walker predominantly occur in late 1974.
  39. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014)
    Kazuhira Miller: This job... The clients are KGB contacts from my Colombia days... don't worry, they had nothing to do with Zadornov. They lost a lot of comrades to the "eye" and the "finger." The NVA lost high-ranking staff too... but also their families, their children. To the East, the two were a reason to be afraid of the dark. Their extradition to face trial is even on the table in the peace talks. Now that they're out of Laos, the two are enjoying a relaxing vacation in a loophole - one surrounded by minefields and barbed wire. Even if the war ends, the East fears their return. For our clients, it will only truly be over when these two are dead.
  40. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: The central control tower... Why would he classified information there of all places? Watch yourself, Boss.
  41. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Bald Marine: Are we on? // Undercover Agent: He made contact, and I told him to head to the central control tower. // Bald Marine: He had an eyepatch over his right eye? // Undercover Agent: Yeah, just like you guys said. It was him. Am I done now? // Bald Marine: We're all set up on our end too.. Now we just wait for this "Boss" to show. // Undercover Agent: So you're not gonna touch my family, right? // Bald Marine: Hmph, depends on how it goes. Better start praying. // Kazuhira Miller: You hear that? The central control tower is a trap. Now what?
  42. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    If the player didn't eavesdrop on the Undercover Agent and the unidentified bald Marine
    Kazuhira Miller: A surveillance camera... Is that a trap? Did the agent set us up?
    If the player did eavesdrop on the conversation
    Kazuhira Miller: A surveillance camera... Guess that was part of the trap.
  43. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: Boss, the tape you recovered [Agent's confession] is clearly a recording of an interrogation - proof that the base has been converted into a black site. But according to the client [JCS], there also should have been a record of the full scale of the plan. Maybe there was a tape we missed...
  44. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014)
    Note: this debriefing only occurs if the player succeeded in retrieving the classified tape from the bald Marine.
    Kazuhira Miller: Boss, we finished analyzing the tape you got from that soldier. It contains every last detail of the black site development plan. This is the information our client was after. No surprise, that proposal submitted to the Pentagon was a pack of lies. The refugee camps they proposed to “expand” would actually be converted into interrogation facilities, run by a small army of pros in every form of torture there is. They’ve even purchased a fleet of transports. The facilities’ inmates wouldn’t be limited to just prisoners, but anyone they considered a threat, renditioned from around the world under the designation of “enemy combatants”. This plan goes beyond the current paradigm of nation states. But is something like this really the “World Without Borders” that Cipher wants?
  45. ^ a b Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: There's something else, Boss... It isn't just the U.S. agents who've gone missing. I sent someone from the Intel Team to the base as well, but there's been no contact from him either. Sorry for not telling you. But Cipher is probably behind the development of that black site, and I figured it might get us a lead on them. If our man's still alive... be sure to get him outta there, Boss.
  46. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: The information we previously obtained confirmed that the base is now a black site. Prisoners are being renditioned there only to face “interrogation” with no end… The Pentagon sent several undercover agents to the base, but they’ve lost contact with every one of them.
  47. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: Boss. The problem doesn’t stop at the torture facilities. The abductions on foreign soil are a violation of national sovereignty, and if that gets out, they’re looking at major diplomatic headaches. That’s why the government has given its unofficial consent to the JCS’s plan and this suppression op is going ahead.
  48. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: Boss, the enemy's noticed the Amphibious Assault Ship carrying the heliborne force. That's sooner than expected... Watch yourself. The enemy'll stay on full alert from now on.
  49. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: Boss, there's an armored vehicle headed your way, and its cannon will be a threat to the choppers. You'll have to eliminate that too.
  50. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: All right, you've destroyed the targets! The heliborne assault will commence now. You need to exfil before... (beeping sound) Hm? What is...? (lower pitched beeping sound repeating with smaller blips intermittent) You gotta be kidding me! Boss, radar's picked up unidentified aircraft - two of 'em. They're headed your way. Speed, 500. Most likely attack aircraft. Three minutes until arrival. Dunno what this is about... but I don't like the timing. Get outta there, ASAP! I have a bad feeling about this.
  51. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: Boss, the unidentified aircraft shot down the military's choppers! They're hostile! Also, their payload's been confirmed - bombs. That place is gonna get blown to hell!!
  52. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Kazuhira Miller: We still don't know who sent those aircraft to strike the base. The one thing we can say is the origin was Western. Any evidence of what was going on there was reduced to ashes - along with the enemy combatants. But somebody in America wanted to make sure no one found out about that black site. When you look at it, everything's worked out exactly as they planned. I've heard Washington has given tacit approval to the kind of facility that operated there, and things are moving ahead. Stopping terrorism is the new priority. And the identity of that "somebody"? ...My money's on one name - Cipher.
  53. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Info > Pre-mission Brief: Mission Background & Intel > Brief 1: Nuclear Inspection demand by the IAEA
    Kazuhira Miller: Snake, yesterday we received official communication from the IAEA. It says: “It has come to our attention that your organization recently purchased nuclear fuel from Uzbekistan authorities. We request permission to inspect your facilities.” // Naked Snake (Big Boss): What a load of bullshit. // Miller: Yeah. They’re after Metal Gear ZEKE’s nuclear warhead. I’m betting this is payback from Cipher after Paz’s leak. // Big Boss: Using the UN? // Miller: There’s no telling how much influence they have. But the IAEA can only do inspections in countries that are partied to the NPT. // Big Boss: And we’re not a country. // Miller: Exactly. We haven’t signed a safeguards agreement with the IAEA over peaceful nuclear use, and we’re not obligated to report any nuclear material we have, nor information about any nuclear facilities. The IAEA has no authority to inspect us. // Big Boss: But despite all that… // Miller: That nuke’s our last line of defense. We don’t want to announce we have it until the world is preparing to wipe us off the map. Until then, we let everyone think we’re just a private army with conventional firepower. // Big Boss: What’s Huey’s take? // Miller: That the problem’s how to hide the nuke and Metal Gear. But I gotta tell you, he was all for it. // Big Boss: I see... But there’s no way we can have the IAEA poking around here. // Miller: So what do we do? Ignore 'em? // Big Boss: Send them an official letter of refusal. Say we’re a private organization and we’ve done nothing to attract this suspicion. // Miller: You’ve got it.
  54. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Info > Pre-mission Brief: Mission Background & Intel > Brief 2: Allowing the Nuclear Inspection
    Huey Emmerich: We’ve finished ZEKE’s waterproofing reinforcement yesterday. The day after tomorrow, we’ll be done installing the main depth control tank, the compressed air tank, and the attitude control propeller pod. // Kazuhira Miller: Huey… // Huey: If the underwater test goes well, next week we’ll try the 300 ft. seabed depth. // Miller: Drop the act, Huey. How did we end up agreeing to the nuclear inspection? // Huey: …Because after you sent that letter, I told them “after careful reconsideration, we’ve agreed to your request.” And frankly, we should be inspected. This is our chance. If they come and go without discovering the nuke, we can tell the world we’re clean. Of course, it’s risky, and we’ll have to make sure everything’s perfect, but it’ll be worth it. // Big Boss: Huey, can they do an inspection without going through the Board of Governors? // Miller: We contacted the IAEA’s admin branch, and they said there’s no record of us being brought up at any of the board’s meetings. Huey: I’d say... probably a preliminary inspection to determine whether we should be referred to the board. So it’s bound to be a small inspection team, and they won’t be here that long. Don’t worry, leave everything to me. // Big Boss: Has the media gotten wind of this? // Huey: Yeah. Two major western networks want to do stories on us. I planned on saying yes. // Miller: What?! You want to broadcast this place to the world?! // Huey: That’s why I agreed to the inspection. This is a golden opportunity. We can use the media to “prove” to the world we don’t have a nuke. Besides, even if we said “no,” it would just be delaying the inevitable. // Big Boss: (groans in irritation) Kaz, our hands are tied now. Start getting the place ready. // Huey: Thanks, boss. // Big Boss: Don’t get the wrong idea. You set it up so that any more changes of heart would arouse suspicion, that’s all. Heh. // Miller: ZEKE stays, but we’ll have to move all other AFVs to shore. Any potential troublemakers can go with them for some mandatory R-and-R. Sound good, boss? // Big Boss: Just do it.
  55. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Info > Pre-mission Brief: Mission Background & Intel > Brief 3: Preparing Staff for the Inspection
    Big Boss: About the inspection. What do we tell the men? // Kazuhira Miller: The truth - what else? The one thing we don’t need to worry about is anyone here spilling the beans about ZEKE. // Big Boss: Good point. What about the Sandinistas? There’s still quite a few of them left on the base. // Miller: I hate to say it, but it won’t look good having Soviet-bloc personnel here... The problem is moving a group that size in a hurry will look even worse. // Big Boss: At least Amanda is on assignment in Cuba. They’d recognize her. She should stay put for now. // Miller: All civilians, save Huey, will have to return to their countries. // Big Boss: Even your Parisienne [Cécile Cosima Caminandes]? // Miller: Of course. We’ll get her whatever paper she needs. Dr. Strangelove’s departure came at a perfect time. The less ZEKE-related staff here, the better. // Big Boss: Wait, she left?! // Miller: That’s right, you were away on a mission. She left last week. There’s nothing cooking in AI weapons research, and ZEKE is complete. There was really no reason for her to hang around. // Big Boss: I’m surprised Huey let her go that easily. // Miller: Yeah, his crush on Strangelove was never much of a secret, huh? He followed her everywhere while ZEKE was in development. Boy, would she get pissed. But he does have a lot on his mind right now. “I’ve got bigger issues to deal with.” That’s what he said. // Big Boss: That’s the spirit, Huey.
  56. ^ a b Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014). Kazuhira Miller: When we get our hands on Paz, intel on Cipher isn't the only thing I want out of her. Putting aside her mission, her past, that sense of loyalty they drilled into her... I want to know... What she really thought of us.
  57. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima Productions (2014).
    Info > Pre-mission Brief: Mission Background & Intel > Brief 4: Word of Paz's Survival
    Kazuhira Miller: Ten days ago, we got reports that Paz was still alive. // Big Boss: She survived? // Miller: She was rescued by a Belizean fisherman who found her drifting in the Caribbean. Big Boss: So what’s the plan? Silence her before we’re compromised? // Miller: No, I’ve got something else in mind. Our “friends” at Cipher suspect Paz could be a double agent. She’s being held for interrogation at a camp on the southern tip of Cuba. // Big Boss: Black site. Nice. A slice of American pie on Communist soil. And out of U.S. legal jurisdiction. // Miller: The upcoming inspection of Mother Base has to be connected somehow. The timing’s too perfect. // Big Boss: The UN’s nuclear inspection… // Miller: My guess is they’re trying to corroborate Paz’s leak. // Big Boss: We’re an army without a nation. // Miller: Word of our capabilities gets out, and we’ll have the whole world out to shut us down. Having an American private intelligence agency involved is bad news. Cipher’s the ones who sent Paz to us in the first place. // Big Boss: She knows their true nature. // Miller: Right. Paz is our only link to Cipher. If she’s still alive, we need her on our side. If not us, who else is going to rescue that bitch?! // Big Boss: When do we do it? // Miller: The inspection comes first. We’ll deal with this afterwards. // Big Boss: Do the men know? // Miller: Word has started to spread. The information came from Cuba through Amanda. One of the base personnel used to belong to el Frente. I’ll tell everyone we don’t concern ourselves with the survival of enemy spies. We need them focused on the inspection. And if we get her back here and she isn’t… cooperative, there’s still plenty of room for her in the ocean. // Big Boss: Works for me. What about Chico. He had a chance to stop Paz from hijacking ZEKE and he blew it. He’s carried that guilt ever since. Kid really did care about her. // Miller: Chico… It’s hard to say how he’ll react. // Big Boss: Have Amanda call him out to Cuba. He shouldn’t be here right now. // Miller: Good idea. They haven’t seen each other in a while. A little time with big sis, and he’ll forget all about you-know-who.
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    Round 1, Day 2 of our Konami E3 Battle continues with 8 new match-ups @
    It's up to you to determine which characters will make it to Round 2, so vote now for who you think will win! Will Kaz be able use his experience to defeat the combined force of RAT PATROL 01? You decide!— with Azrael Dumas and Rodrigo Vergara.
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