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Jungle Evil was a Zanzibar Land mercenary who specialized in ambush techniques and guerilla warfare as the self-styled "King of the Jungle."


Early career[]

Jungle Evil was once an operative for the South African Special Forces Brigade.[1] Before that, he served as a mercenary in Vietnam and southern Yemen. During his time as a mercenary, he single-handedly destroyed two entire troop companies, causing him to be viewed as being more of a beast than a human being.[1]

Zanzibar Land Disturbance[]

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Jungle Evil fought against Solid Snake during Operation Intrude F014 in front of the biological research laboratory, west of the detention camp.[2] Despite having the advantage in the highland, Jungle Evil was defeated by Snake. He also carried two card keys, one of which Snake obtained immediately after he was defeated, and the second when Snake had to search the highland for the other key upon advice from an anonymous fan.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Jungle Evil (ジャングル・イーブル Janguru Īburu?) is a boss character who appears in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. He was originally named Predator (プレデター Puredetā?) in the MSX2 version of the game, after the film and titular character of the same name. His name was later changed in the re-released versions of Metal Gear 2. For unexplained reasons, Jungle Evil and Red Blaster are not featured in the Boss Survival mode, which was included in the re-released versions.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 Database incorrectly attributes the alias, "The Phantom Assassin," and the wearing of high-tech radar-invisible camouflage, to Jungle Evil.[4] These were actually features of fellow Zanzibar Land mercenary Night Fright,[5] whose own database entry omits said details.[6] It is possible that the mix-up occurred due to both being renowned guerilla fighters who had participated in the Vietnam War, as well as the instruction manual of the game referring to Jungle Evil as being known as "an assassin without form."




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