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This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

General John Parker was the Chief of Staff for the United States Army during the events of the Galuade Incident. He had a bitter feud with CIA Deputy Director for African Affairs Steve Gardner, after an incident where Gardner ended up partially responsible for Parker's daughter's suicide.


Parker founded Black Chamber some time after the Outer Heaven Uprising.[1] At some point in his career, when he was still an Army colonel, Parker's own daughter was one of several suspects under investigation regarding the assassination of a foreign agent and a government VIP. Gardner, at that time a section chief, pursued the investigation with zeal despite it being in DOD hands and not within CIA jurisdiction. The investigation ultimately ended with Parker's daughter committing suicide, with Parker gaining an intense grudge against Gardner ever since, and feuded from issues of politics to military operations.[2]

Prior to the incident, Gardner, CIA Deputy Director of for African Affairs, initiated "Project Babel" in an attempt to resurrect the development of Metal Gear and Outer Heaven, thus turning the U.S. into the sole superpower in Africa. However, Parker took complete control over Project Babel after Metal Gear GANDER was seized by Central African terrorists, at his request. Gardner accepted the request under one condition: Parker must allow Black Chamber to be wiped out. Parker ultimately accepted due to his thirst for power over the project.[1] He also came into contact with General Augustine Eguabon and had him manipulate the Boias to ensure America's control, although he secretly suspected that Eguabon would eventually betray him.[3]

Afterwards, Gardner, now the National Security Advisor, attempted to tarnish Parker's reputation and regain control of Project Babel by using Solid Snake. Parker himself sent Chris Jenner to Gindra in order to erase any records of the project, largely because he feared that Gardner would regain control of the project. He also deployed the Delta Force to the area to quell the situation before Snake was sent in, but Gardner had leaked the information to Brian McBride, wiping the Delta Force unit out in the process.[4] His choice of sending Chris in ended up being proven wise when she managed to effortlessly escape capture from Black Chamber and the Gindra Liberation Front, although at the cost of Jimmy Harks being recaptured and ultimately killed.[5] Snake later vowed to hunt down Parker and Gardner for their part in "playing chess with people's lives and hearts."

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