John-Dee was a fisherman and the cousin of journalist Gary McGolden, who was mentioned in the latter's book The Shocking Conspiracy Behind Shadow Moses. According to McGolden's report, John-Dee had assisted him during his investigation into the 2005 events on Shadow Moses Island. He was noted to develop a twitch in his eye when nervous or afraid.

The Shocking Conspiracy Behind Shadow Moses

In McGolden's account, John-Dee was present in Alaska when he arrived to investigate Shadow Moses, and hired his cousin to take him to Shadow Moses by boat. John-Dee was extremely reluctant to travel anywhere near the island due to the many instances of sailors being abducted for approaching it, a few of who were his friends. Additionally, he put up the argument that traveling near it may put his wife and family at stake. Nevertheless, he was convinced by McGolden to assist, but John-Dee refused to take him further than within 20 miles.

After McGolden left the boat to swim the rest of the distance to Shadow Moses, John-Dee was abducted by a black square-shaped helicopter and taken to an island. He was later tied to a steel post, which is how McGolden eventually found him, and pleaded to be set free. However, McGolden left his cousin behind after supposedly being shot at by an unseen gunman.

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