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This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Dr. James "Jimmy" Harks (a.k.a. Jimmy the Wizard) was the teenage technical genius and chief engineer who was leading the Metal Gear development project that was founded by John Parker, the Army Chief of Staff.


Early life and career

James Harks was considered a child prodigy from an early age, and as such managed to acquire a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in 2000 while he was only 16 years old. He was later recruited by Ramdyne Systems, a contractor for the United States Department of Defense, to head the development Metal Gear GANDER under the cooperation with the United States Army. Although he had an overall stellar record and was accepted to be the foremost authority on the field of robotics, he was also the subject of several complaints by his development team for his immature behavior.[2]

Project Babel

He was held captive in Galuade soon after Metal Gear GANDER was nearing completion. He also cooperated with the Gindra Liberation Front and Black Chamber in finishing GANDER, although largely because he was attached to the mech rather than being fearful of his life, being unaware of the deaths of the rest of the development team.[3] Marionette Owl of Black Chamber, a former serial killer who preyed on women, proceeded to lock up Jimmy in a cell, and remarked to him that he was lucky to be male. Solid Snake later found Jimmy and helped him escape from captivity in return for information about the Metal Gear project. However, soon afterwards, Metal Gear GANDER became operational and prepared to fire a nuclear missile, forcing Snake to leave Jimmy in the care of Chris Jenner (much to her chagrin) in order make it to Metal Gear.

Jimmy was later recaptured after he and Chris were caught in an ambush. Afterwards, his clothing was planted with a transmitter to activate explosives in his handcuffs by Black Arts Viper, as he anticipated that Snake would rescue him.[4] He eventually escaped due to another Delta Force soldier, Lieutenant Smith, being able to free them both and saving Jimmy's life by shielding him from a bullet. It was this event that revealed that Chris wasn't among the Delta Force unit that was sent in at the time of the ambush.

After all he has seen and experienced, Jimmy broke down and lamented his mistakes, wishing that he wanted to start his life all over again. Snake consoled him by saying it was never too late to do that, as long as there was the will to do it.

Jimmy almost revealed more about Metal Gear GANDER, but he did not get the chance as his handcuffs exploded, resulting in his death.

Behind the scenes

His nickname of "Jimmy the Wizard" is a reference to the titular character of the 1989 movie The Wizard, who has an innate skill at playing Nintendo Entertainment System games.


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